Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2140

Chen Zhanggui let out a long breath, he has then put the seal, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother, I must well thank you, not wrong, I must look is this seal, I have not thought really that you suddenly found him, moreover such prompt, good, fantastic, tomorrow I leave with me, our together gives Clan to offer birthday congratulations.” Zhao Hai one hear of Chen Zhanggui said that he then relaxed, then forced smile said : you are don’t know, to find this seal, I almost gave to lose the life, you to that map that I provided, simply was useless, I penetrated in Demon Mountain finally, in the seal that one crowd of Naughty Monkey in hand found, moreover with the lives of other dozen of seals the conflict, almost did not come back.” Chen Zhanggui one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : what's the matter? Said quickly well?” Zhao Hai nodded, sorted in the nameless small town and Demon Mountain there situation him Chen storekeeper who can say they told, several people of although saw that Zhao Hai safely came back now, but heard Zhao Hai to speak of the thrilling place, was still extremely worried. To the Zhao Hai lecture, Chen Zhanggui they then relaxed, they have not thought that finally found the way unexpectedly such specialness of this seal. Liu Wei let out a long breath said : has not thought that Demon Mountain there really so is unexpectedly dangerous, I also want to go to Demon Mountain there to transfer the extension before, now seems like is impossible.” Chen Zhanggui actually frowns said : so looks like in Clan finds the person of this seal also really much, moreover it seems like sometime, my these time had feared that was swindled, but fortunately, what finally wins is I, the Brother Zhao younger brother, I have not joked with you, your tomorrow attended the Patriarch birthday party with me, so long as I can the superior, I certainly not treat unjustly you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : on me the superior to not to say. The key is the Bree Group matter, Chen Zhanggui you may probably help Bree Group well.” Chen Zhanggui laughs said : that is natural, does not have a look at me with Old Liu Big Brother relationship. The Bree Group matter is my matter, your feel relieved was good, right Brother Zhao younger brother, this seal I first took away. yesterday you come the full moon porch to look for me in the morning.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, asking Chen Zhanggui feel relieved to be good, yesterday my.” Nod of Chen Zhanggui, then deep voice said : I cannot in here too long time, otherwise likely bring to others' attention dull. I first walked.” The Liu Wei three people set out, Chen Zhanggui packing off.

When Chen Zhanggui walks, the Liu Wei three people sit in the living room, Liu Wei then look at Zhao Hai said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother, I must, you come the Bree Group time to be shortest thank you, but is actually most, if Old Chen real superior that Bree Group does. Then regarding our Bree Group. The advantage was too big, I must, your words, that consequence real don’t know be thank you what kind.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be what kind, at the worst has also maintained the beforehand appearance, but I to think now. Had my join, don’t know is the good matter or the bad matter. Chen Zhanggui can help us, but he after is only an average person. If he will have any matter in the future, that Bree Group feared that became, also for this reason, therefore I who they suppressed can think wanted join to that Great Clan, if I can stand firm in that Great Clan, even if did not have Chen Zhanggui, Bree Group will not be suppressed by them at will.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Liu Wei cannot help but stares, then he cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: „The profoundness that you think, I have not thought of these, no matter what, the Brother Zhao younger brother, I must thank you.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, we said that some, come, our drinking well, tomorrow I must walk, but also the don’t know result is what kind.” Liu Wei one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately nodded, Lishan actually one stood got up said :my immediately to arrange the food and wine, said that outward walked, before long one table of food and wine prepared. After Liu Wei and Lishan have drunk entirely in a big hurry, Zhao Hai returned to own in the room has then rested, a returned to own room, his immediately has related Laura they, making Laura they monitor entire Bree Group, he wants to have a look in Bree Group to have nail/saboteur under others arrangement, if any, can reveal the matter of seal, if made others present really the matter of seal, they reckless will certainly come to rob, when the time comes Chen Zhanggui was dangerous, one, but the seal was robbed, before him the plan on must be defeated. However is good because of the worry of Zhao Hai is unnecessary, Chen Zhanggui before passed through often come Bree Group here to discuss the matter of convoy, therefore he came Bree Group here not to cause anything to pay attention, nobody thinks that a Zhao Hai person will run up to Demon Mountain there to seek for the seal unexpectedly, this looked like in other people is really too frantic. Chen Zhanggui who actually these people most have not thought of will send Zhao Hai to look for the seal unexpectedly, Chen Zhanggui in hand is raising a batch cultivator, these cultivator strengths, there are much is Soul Fusion Stage, normally he should believe these cultivator that one raise are right, has not actually thought that finally Chen Zhanggui rather believes Bree Group does not believe these cultivator that he raises. In adding on the Bree Group here situation is somewhat special, Bree Group is different from other Gang, initially Liu Wei finds the person comes his together to form Gang the time, looks is the people who some can believe absolutely, but they afterward recruited the in the gang person , is the Bree Alley here person, therefore nobody will betray them, can say that present Bree Group, must unite compared with Tyrant Blade Sect. Because of this all sorts of all sets, therefore Zhao Hai and between matter Chen Zhanggui, and nobody knows that nobody knows Zhao Hai had found that seal.

A night does not have the words, Zhao Hai imagination surprise attack has not arrived, but Chen Zhanggui to is anxious one night has not rested, his too excited, there are some team of fears, therefore that night he has not rested. Not only Zhao Hai was worried, Chen Zhanggui is worried about this matter, therefore his night has not rested, but he has not actually sent the manpower in his door in addition, because of Chen Zhanggui very clear, if he has done, only remarkable. Next morning, Zhao Hai after Bree Group there has had the breakfast, went to the full moon porch, he saw top two dark circles in there, in the eye has been covering entirely the Chen Fengchen storekeeper of blood thread. Chen Feng sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: Made you be laughed, yesterday was too anxious in the evening, therefore has not had a good sleep, let's go.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, he knows certainly how Chen Zhanggui yesterday crosses in the evening. They arrived at full moon porch backyard in the room, to in the room, Chen Feng has adjusted the ground Transmission Formation, then they got up Transmission Formation, flash of white light, they disappeared in Transmission Formation. Waits for next quarter their appears time, was actually already appears in small town, they stood in the small town Transmission square. Zhao Hai look at this small town, this small town before him has seen small town looks like does not have what difference, if has anything to be different, that is small town has a very big house, moreover that house also healthy ten points grand, looks like looks like the imperial palace is the same. Chen Feng leads Zhao Hai to walk toward Transmission Formation, while to Zhao Hai said :here is Coiling Dragon City, is Main City in Clan, does not have the bystander in this in the city, all residents are Clan branch staff, or was some have worked for fifth generation above old person for Clan, to the Clan absolute center, therefore ginseng here, do not offend any, an old man who because on the here avenue took a walk at will, possibly was the Patriarch brothers, if you offended them on to be miserable, every year only then our these talented person can here, besides us, only be able on this day belt. Guard of absolute trust, in cannot lead the person, otherwise will immediately be struck to kill by Clan Expert. Zhao Hai nodded, he looked on street these people, now on street many people, these person of has plenty have not put on warrior cloth, some old person leisurely and carefree is walking on the street, greeting that young man will also be all smiles, but some child in hand take the wooden blade singlestick to wield to dance in there is playing. However Zhao Hai actually does not dare underestimated these people, because of the strengths of these people, on these streets is walking old person, several are Expert of Teleportation boundary, in these young man also Expert of several Teleportation boundaries, even if ordinary, that also mostly arrived at Doppelganger Stage or Soul Fusion Stage.

But these child although look like probably in taking the Blade and Sword chaotic dance, but Zhao Hai looked at a while, actually presently these children brandish a sword unexpectedly very organized, Sword Technique or Blade Technique that also in other words, they study, is not at will the chaotic dance, this presently makes Zhao Hai be startled is not small. Zhao Hai looked at this small town, he presently in this small town, minimum can stay hundreds of thousands, this was toward being short said that this figure will only increase will not reduce, moreover these hundreds of thousands people that Zhao Hai said that but was only the Sir, was is not the child. What concept is this? Also in other words, this is minimum has Great Clan of hundreds of thousands adult population! Does Clan have hundreds of thousands population? Did this also make the person live. This Great Clan, has is not lower than any Great Sect absolutely, even also wants the formidable strength compared with some Great Sect, but until now, Zhao Hai has not known that this Clan name, this is he most surprised place. Zhao Hai and Chen Feng just walked out from Transmission Formation, walked a person of wear waiter clothing, this person holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai and Chen Feng said : Chen Zhanggui, you come this year late, the room has prepared to you, please come with me.” Chen Fengke does not dare to neglect, is he holding the fist in the other hand to that person said : today is one's turn Second Young Master you experiences the life? The clothing/taking share that but my Old Chen the ancestors cultivated, can make Second Young Master serve for me unexpectedly, later I must tell my posterity this matter, this was one can write down the important matter in genealogy.” Was called Second Young Master waiter by Chen Feng, one hear of Chen Feng said that cannot help but laughs said : your Old Chen, your this will open mouth to be possible really to say.”( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }