Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2141

After Zhao Hai and Chen Feng arrive in the hotel to settle down is good, Chen Feng very respectful that waiter packing off, after closing, Zhao Hai look at Chen Feng said : Chen Zhanggui, that person of status?” Chen Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Clan direct personnel two Second Young Master, Clan has a very special tradition, in the Clan juniors, must carry on the smelting trial to Clan various shops, moreover thinks that the most common partner/shop assistant status goes to the smelting trial, this is makes the Clan juniors better to understand the difficulty that does business, learn how doing business, is one time builds up the process of heart.” Zhao Hai nodded said : also is really special regulation, but this arrives is very interesting, that now we what to do?” Chen Feng smiles said : not anything, leaves home Lord of Life Chen also to have the several days time, this several days time, I with several other with my some friendship meeting of storekeeper, this several days although have come the birthday to Clan first every year, but also is we reports the work, with opportunity that other storekeepers exchange.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that I? With goes with you?” Chen Feng shook the head said : „the present not to need, if I lead you to go, instead attended the meeting to cause their suspicions, your in the city playing well, this in the city every year meets has plenty Clan manifestation disciple to come back, therefore the in the city what shop has, so long as Clan mansion there, goes to other place is nobody manages your, was right, a place was unable to go, is martial arts training ground there, naturally, martial arts training ground of child you have been able to look that you even can give these child to eat. In any case outside same was OK. So long as writes the place of forbidden area you not to go not to have the issue.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, I also just want to take a look at this small town to have any different place.” Chen Feng deep voice said : has remembered, do not queer in here, otherwise these people kill you, with pressing dead a ant to be the same.” Zhao Hai nodded. Ended here Chen Feng explain/transfer Zhao Hai several, on turn around leave, but Zhao Hai returned to own room, in the room has also been possible a while, on leave the room, to go out of the inn. But at this time, Chen Feng visited other with his some friendship these storekeepers. A Zhao Hai person roves in small town, but the in the city person to does not have dislike Zhao Hai, appearance that also has not exhibited keeping aloof. Somewhat curious look at Zhao Hai, even some children will also follow in Zhao Hai runs all over the place. Zhao Hai walked a while, presently behind follow small tail of troop, Zhao Hai very has liked the child, he cannot help but turned the head to look at these child one eyes, but also has made an ugly face to these children. Has not thought that these children do not fear him, look at him to make faces, instead to with happier, each and every one chirp following in Zhao Hai behind. Walked was less than a half hour, Zhao Hai not bears stopped. Because of him now behind with dozens children, but these Sirs in small town, actually look at Zhao Hai of each and every one face smiling face. Zhao Hai this stops, that these children roar ran far, was only distant look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at one toward all around, presently not far away small squares, in this small town, small square has plenty, are these children are used to practice martial arts like this. Zhao Hai has arrived at small square there, these children also followed. Zhao Hai to small square there, the hand has wielded, has put out a chair, sat in the small square. Then beckons to these children.

These children look at the Zhao Hai appearance, he stopped. Their some understand Zhao Hai does not want to do, then face puzzled look at Zhao Hai, several courage quite big walked two steps toward Zhao Hai, when to the Zhao Hai about ten steps, stopped. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but show a faint smile said : not to fear, all right, my eats human, I do not hit you, do you want to eat delicious? I also in brought much.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his front appears a table, on the table has suspended several trays, in the tray is thinking of some fruits and dried meat. These fruits each and every one look like juicy, very beautiful, but dried meat color also very beautiful, but also is dispersing the intermittent attractive fragrance. Not only Zhao Hai such movement attracted the attention of these children, the small square surrounding Sir also noted here, Zhao Hai actually doesn't manage these Sirs, but turned the head look at these children, showed a faint smile said : what kind of? Come, tastes.” Said that he took up fruits to eat first, that ate called a fragrance. These children look at the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but swallows the saliva, but they have not moved heedlessly, but all around Sir has not cared, they believe that Zhao Hai does not dare to have any illegal to these children, can arrive at this small town person, many to their Clan strength have some understanding, whose person no matter Zhao Hai is, no matter also he is that influence, he does not dare to be what kind to these children, because they believe that without any influence, can resist the retaliation of their Clan. Finally a child cannot bear greedily, before running up to the body of Zhao Hai, worked on a fruit to gnaw, ease in doing of lead, other children also ran like crazy this to come, you grasped the fruit, he grasped the dried meat, has eaten. These thing that Zhao Hai takes, may be the high-quality goods that Space produces, that flavor naturally was needless saying that these child each and every one ate shouted continually delicious. happy that Zhao Hai look at these children eat, he also laughs, put out many fruit laws to drink to them, these may be serious, the small square here child more gathered, Zhao Hai has counted, such a while, this small square here, unexpectedly gathered more than 50 children, this made Zhao Hai be startled. However he has not cared, he has not made these children eat to the full, the greedy time of when these children eating, presently thing did not have, each and every one eager look at Zhao Hai. The clothes that Zhao Hai presently these child although on them wear are similar, but Zhao Hai can actually obtain from their temperament. These children's status are different. Some children's family circumstances are possibly better, some child family circumstances must almost, some children's status want high, some status must lower. Naturally this is not Zhao Hai pays attention to these children's keys, the key is, he presently these child that strict level divisions, these status tall children, have not used their status to bully these status low children, these status low children, child who also has not seen status tall. Appearance that on acting servilely, this is the place that Zhao Hai most pays attention. Perhaps others don’t know this on behalf of anything, some people possibly is also believing that this did not have well-mannered. However Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai saw the education of this Clan from these children's bodies is success how, Clan wants in the long-term work was maintaining the vigor, cannot too be high, making his friend who own child status lifted not have, such words Clan slowly more and more will ossify, finally will only train a fool, was leading one crowd for the money pouch chart, only knows that welcomed holds to pat the lackey, in that case. This Clan is impossible to have any show, sooner or later one day will be eliminated. But educates like them now, this Clan maintains a vigor, will have the continuous talented person, such this Clan can be prosperous, can unfold to present this scale. Looks at these child eager look at he, does Zhao Hai cannot help but show a faint smile said : what? also to eat?”

All children nodded, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but laughs said : „to eat also good, but I must test you. Looks at your appearances, learn martial arts? Each of you performs have studied martial arts, good that if you practice, I reward eating, what kind of?” One hear of Zhao Hai said. These children cannot help but stare, then bang has complied with one. In any case these child study is some most basic Martial arts, did not fear that was looked, but these Sirs heard Zhao Hai saying that also has encircled, wants to have a look at the children of oneself family to practice how. Looked that these kids agreed that to perform to dispute for whom, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback waved said : not to fight, come, first dispersed, resigns the a piece place, then from the young start, the big kid should make small, first since childhood came.” As soon as these children listened to Zhao Hai saying that bang called one, has dispersed instantaneously, then encircled large circle, went out one about three -year-old child from the crowd, on this kid nose was also hanging two nasal mucuses, but kid long to was the tiger's head tiger brain, was very adorable. Actually these child each not harelips, but the child, is gluttonous, is adding on Zhao Hai to have the one type of affinity regarding the child inborn, is adding on these children, now already, not only to eat thing, they have regarded an amusing game this matter, therefore such will listen to the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai look at this kid, cannot help but shows a faint smile, his look at this kid said : kid, What is your name? Several years old?” The fellows have wiped nasal mucus, stares big eye look at Zhao Hai said : I to call the dragon three, I am three years old, my fighting with the fists was best, father frequent quart I.” One hear of this kids said that all around Sir cannot help but he he the chuckle, Zhao Hai also showed a faint smile said : well, the dragon three, you hit one set of fist to show me, I had a look at your what kind of fighting with the fists.” Nod of the dragon three makes an effort, then small face one positive, poses the posture to stand in there, this Little Thing exhibits the posture, but also looks like that matter , because of age too small, therefore still appears very adorable, tendency is somewhat insufficient. Then this kid started to shadowbox, good that his Fist Technique hit, followed a prescribed pattern, nod that Zhao Hai look at kept, when the kid fired off, the Zhao Hai actually present kid small face passed practices, started to gasp for breath greatly. Zhao Hai although knows that this kid has not started to study the operation of Spiritual Qi now, is Inner Strength Cultivation Method, however his physical strength was actually too bad, what most subscribed, this kid, simply will not adjust own breath in the shadowboxing, but this side shadowboxing adjusted the breath at the same time, actually studies fist most basic thing. Naturally, this most basic thing, refers to Earth, in Cultivation World here, what the people pay attention is the practice of Spiritual Qi, issue that therefore nobody will pay attention to breathe, in their opinion, so long as has practiced Spiritual Qi, can utilize Fist Technique with Spiritual Qi, simply does not use fee that many matters. However Zhao Hai actually knows that simply is not that a matter, adjusts the breath in practicing boxing, can make your mental state complete calm get down, whole person slowly ties combine together with Fist Technique, your breath will produce with the change of Fist Technique changes, Spiritual Qi when you practice, your Spiritual Qi also with the change that your breath will keep, such your Spiritual Qi with your Fist Technique, complete union in together, by your Fist Technique many many changes, can by Fist Technique formidable of person. The dragon three have fired off the fist, eager look at Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai is actually frowning to sit in there, but small square all around Sir, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai is thinking anything, in their opinion, the dragon three at three -year-old age, can make such Fist Technique to come, this was very good, Zhao Hai should reward dragon Three Forces to be right, how not to have responded to the present that is unconscious, all around were many sounds of many discussion.

Zhao Hai also calling to recover by these discussion sounds, his look at eager look at own dragon three, his immediately/on horseback laughs is very good, come, the dragon that said : hits three, these gives you.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out paper-insulated, several fruits, jar fruit juice, has given the dragon three. Dragon three now no matter how Zhao Hai thinks, looked that has thing to eat, his immediately happy, has grasped Zhao Hai to his thing, turn around has wanted to run. Zhao Hai immediately stopped by calling out, the dragon three is opening one big eye, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at dragon three, smiles said : dragon three, I asked you, did you like shadowboxing?” Dragon three somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, then he actually shook the head said : not to like, the shadowboxing is very tired, but I said do not like, the father will spank my.” Dragon three this saying exits, stirs up people laughing. Does Zhao Hai also smile said : that dragon three to like playing?” Nod said : that the dragon three makes an effort likes, the dragon three most liked playing.” Zhao Hai look at dragon three said : dragon three, actually, this shadowboxing is in this world the most amusing matter, you shadowbox will be tired , because you hit is not right, you play is not tired , because you play was right, but you shadowbox have not hit right, therefore you will be tired.” The dragon three stares look at Zhao Hai said : not to be impossible, the father is makes me hit, I hit is very good, the fathers said good that right that I hit, hits.” Zhao Hai smiles said : uncle not to say your father teaches is not right, did not say your father said is not right, the uncle wants to teach you one type of, becomes the shadowboxing the amusing method, do you want to study? If you learn, your fist can hit is better, your father happy, what kind of? To study?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that dragon three is staring big eye look at Zhao Hai said : really? Uncle, don't you deceive me?” Does not deceive you, the uncle definitely does not deceive you, what kind of? To study?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }