Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2142

Uncle, I give you these thing, do you teach me to be good?” Dragon three was saying, while gave his these thing to give Zhao Hai in hand Zhao Hai, this movement, immediately stirred up all around people laughing, these thing were Zhao Hai gave him, now he must give Zhao Hai, it is estimated that only then the dragon three such children were competent this matter. Zhao Hai one hear of dragonets three said that cannot help but laughs, said : did not need to give to the uncle, the uncle taught you, you must study well, was good?” Nod said : that the dragon three makes an effort good, Uncle, dragon three certainly earnest study.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile has suspended Fist Technique the hand signal, Fist Technique that the dragon three uses, can with be True Spirit Realm here Fist Technique that is used to lay the foundation, without any special place, Zhao Hai looked that one will hit, because of this, therefore this Clan will allow others to look that the children practice martial art. Has suspended one hand signal, to dragon three said : dragon three, you saw clearly, you when show this posture, inspiration that must make an effort, when the fist, must make an effort spits the air/Qi, simultaneously shouted loudly, ha!” Said that Zhao Hai exhibits that influence in a fist, a forcibly fist strike leaves, simultaneously said loudly drinks said : „!” Then Zhao Hai to the dragon three explanations, when inspires, when exhales, when to let the dragon three more direct-viewing understanding inspires, when exhales, he with attracting the pronunciation shouted sigh in the inspiration lowly in expiration, shouted to clear the way ‚’, along with sigh the sound, Zhao Hai one set of Fist Technique fired off slowly. The dragon 31 looked that the Zhao Hai first successive must shout probably very interesting appearance at the same time. Begins to smile in the one side racket. After Zhao Hai fires off, comes to dragon three said :, the dragon three, you hits.” The dragon three nodded, has hit a fist, but he is was only shouting simply shouted, according to breathing, Zhao Hai has bit by bit corrected him. But other children see the interest that the dragon rehearses a play, with the dragon three together practices, Zhao Hai looks at this. Also just right convenient, together instructs these children to practice. These Sirs hold amusing mentality look at Zhao Hai to instruct these children to practice martial arts most from the beginning, has not been serious, some guardians also stand in there laughing cracking a joke. However looked these children practice vigorously. Some guardians somewhat could not sit still, their children practiced martial arts already sometime, if casual practiced randomly, to their child not point advantage. However they have not gone to prevent Zhao Hai, but leave quietly, in the returned to family, oneself have pressed the Zhao Hai method to practice, they want to take a look, according to the method practice of Zhao Hai, has any danger regarding the children. If no what danger, makes the child practice according to the Zhao Hai method does not have anything not to be good, most at least like this looks like very has the advantage.

But when in these guardian returned to families according to the Zhao Hai method practices, they were shocked, they have Spiritual Qi, according to a method practice of Zhao Hai, they unconscious own Spiritual Qi, presses that to shout frequency to put forth Spiritual Qi, then may be serious, they presently Fist Technique Might. minimum increased a thick strength, but the Spiritual Qi amount of use, must little use about one layer compared with originally. This presently lets these guardian greatly surprised, they have not thought that will encounter this situation. Because adjusts to breathe, will really have such effect. This was too astonishing. Before long these go home person of practice, returned to small square here, some of their look complex look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought understand, why, a simple breath change, will make Fist Technique live such big change. But these children in this way, presently they practice Fist Technique time, felt that was not tired like before, conversely, hits while shouted, but also appears is much more interesting. Before long suddenly must all the white old man arrive around Zhao Hai, held the fist in the other hand said : little elder brother to invite to Zhao Hai, whether please the little elder brother come together.” Zhao Hai held the fist in the other hand said : Sir to be polite to old person hastily, youngster naturally did not dare, since.” Said that smiles said : to be good to these children, goes home, do not forget according to the method practice that I said that goes.” These children are knew obviously that old person, one hear of Zhao Hai said that to old person gave a salute, then turn around ran. Zhao Hai then turns the head to hold the fist in the other hand said : to invite to old person.” old person not, because Zhao Hai goes to chat to be angry with these children first, but shows a faint smile said : to invite to Zhao Hai.” Said that led Zhao Hai to walk toward side. Before long they arrived around a yard, this yard looks like very ordinary, the gate of yard is opening, courtyard inside is spreading Cyan Stone, in corner/horn there of yard, is suspending stone table stone chair. Now stone table stone chair there is suspending a pot of tea and fruits, dry fruit. After old person invited Zhao Hai to stone table there sat down, to Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : Old Man to be somewhat muddled, but also did the don’t know little elder brother you arrive in this Coiling Dragon City with whom?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Was youngster forgets, youngster with Chen Feng Chen Zhanggui of Raging Flames City full moon porch arrived at this in the city, today just, Sir you just said that youngster also don’t know here was Coiling Dragon City.” old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : originally is Chen Feng, that youngster old man knew, his although practice, but does business to is a skilled person, does not know that what relationship the little elder brother you with Chen Feng are?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to fear that Sir you know, youngster this book is the coming out smelting trial, but his Raging Flames City there, has actually met one group of very good cultivator, they have composed small Gang, to help own hometown, youngster look at their moral behavior are good, therefore on join to that small Gang, has not thought that small Gang Gang Master actually with Chen Zhanggui understanding, happen to below under the chance coincidence, knew Chen Zhanggui, therefore Chen Zhanggui on the belt in the here experience one, is hoping that Sir should not be strange. What Chen Zhanggui is good.” old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that none remaining cannot help but flashes said : in eye „the dull little elder brother's meaning, you also stem from Great Sect? Then you teach child's method, but stems from your Sect?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : that to arrive is not, I teach child's method am want to come out, is not self- Sect.” old person nodded, he had not asked that Zhao Hai stems from that Sect, because he looked that the meaning of Zhao Hai does not want to say probably, therefore had not asked. old person look at Zhao Hai said : „does Old Man want please the little elder brother you to work as these children's initiation teacher, the don’t know non- elder brother you may be willing to answer should?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that old person met suddenly to say unexpectedly, he has hesitated next step: Was open about the facts Sir you saying that when this teacher to did not have anything, but Sir you also know that youngster had Sect, all must make some Sect duty by normally, but must look after Sect there, feared that did not have the too much time to teach these children.” The old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : little elder brother to fear that is not because does not have the time, you feared that is because wants join our Clan, feared that what our Clan has to conflict with your Sect, therefore does not comply?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not spoken, the old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : little elder brother not to need to be worried that our Dragon Family does not have what conflict with any influence, moreover these influences also know saving of our Dragon Family, no matter the little elder brother you are come from that influence, will not be our Dragon Family enemy, please little elder brother feel relieved.” Zhao Hai one hear of old person said that cannot help but stares, the words that this old person spoke were too full, hasn't conflicted with any influence? Is this possible? If they do not have the conflict with any influence, be only two possibilities, one is they are formidable, dares to annoy them without any one Sect, therefore they not with, no matter what the influence of insurance has the conflict, second is, they disdain to any influence in small and weakly provoking them, but obviously this situation is very impossible to live. Dragon Family strength Zhao Hai can look, did not say other, is only looks at the person in this Coiling Dragon City, Zhao Hai knows that who Dragon Family will not assume the post to bully the situation absolutely small and weakly, that was another one type of situation, was Dragon Family very strong, strong is not willing to provoke them to any influence. Thinks of here, a Zhao Hai brow cannot help but wrinkle, his then said : asked Sir to excuse me, youngster cannot immediately promise you.”

old person smiles said : little elder brother to be too polite, this matter little elder brother does not comply to be also normal, to was Old Man appears has somewhat taken the liberty, was right, the little elder brother just said that this method was you wants to come out? Said that little elder brother's your Sect was don’t know this matter? The little elder brother may think can teach your Sect this method?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to hide the truth from Sir saying that youngster has not passed on now this method, Unofficial Disciple that but received below, his learn this method, other people have not studied, but my disciple study this side magic studies to is very good, therefore then teaches these children below.” old person nodded said : so that's how it is, Old Man in one time thanks the little elder brother you, today the little elder brother helps our such big busy, our Dragon Family naturally cannot treat unjustly the little elder brother, later will thank the little elder brother well, today makes Old Man enter the meter of this landlord, please the little elder brother you have a food, does not know that the little elder brother you can accept this invite?” Zhao Hai one hear of old person said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to wish for earnestly, is open about the facts Sir you saying that youngster did not have other hobby, was good this to eat, not in the words will not be bringing that many eating, today on thank your for your hospitality Sir.” old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that appears very happy, his immediately/on horseback laughs said : not to guard, has little elder brother these words to be good, the little elder brother please come along with the old man.” Said that has stood, to hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation. Zhao Hai immediately has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to old person, this outward walks along with old person, the entire process he appears not burnt is not dry, neither arrogant nor servile, making old person to his impression excellent. Before long old person left the yard, in restaurant toward Coiling Dragon City walks, restaurant area in this Coiling Dragon City is not very big, the restaurant that they go , a known as city hall, looks like area is not big, tidies up is actually very clean.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }