Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2143
Chen Feng to settle down good Zhao Hai, came out from the shop, he to not Zhao Hai rushes to any calamity, are not many, but he who although he and Zhao Hai contact actually knows that Zhao Hai is not the person of that causing trouble, after adding on him leads Zhao Hai to come here, said to Zhao Hai this Clan situation, he believe Zhao not in this city optional acting unreasonably

Chen Feng very clear, like the Zhao Hai type person, most important can know own position, they not like these Great Sect cultivator optional stirs up trouble, this is all Rogue Cultivator general character Because knows this point, therefore Chen Fengcai dares feel relieved visits own friend, Chen Feng very clear, what oneself this year is late, his friend should arrive now although Chen Feng believes that with that seal, he can superior easily, but Chen Feng is actually knows that if under few individuals can support itself, then he was the superior, will not feel better in that position, therefore he needs some people to support him These time met with Chen Feng, is the full moon porches, the storekeepers in other cities, the authority closes not much with him big, moreover many are the people who some cannot practice , because of this, therefore their these talented people will become the friends After these people met, Chen Feng then toward own pub in walks, his side also with several people, these people is also his friend, wants that hotel there that goes to him to live to sit Several people are proceeding, the suddenly front surface walks one group of people, saw that group of person Chen Feng their complexion changes several people of complexion is not quite cannot help but attractive That several people who Chen Feng their opposite walks, Chen Feng also really knew that several people are also the storekeepers of full moon porch, when with their different, that several people are cultivator, place that in True Spirit Realm here, calculation that cultivator said after all, therefore his some cultivator storekeepers, have looked down upon them Naturally, Chen Feng they also looks down upon these fellows between they and these fellows does not have any common language, although they are a full moon porch system because of the difference of status, both sides normally will also carry on some fight openly and maneuver covertly, but both sides do not dare to rush too because of their very clear, their futures and destinies, is Dragon Family gives excessively, one, but they rush goes too far, Dragon Family only needs a few words, will make them not have a thing in the world, even is possibly with one's family broken up and decimated The opposite party also noted them, saw Chen Feng they, these people also drew back, several people were separated by the street about 20 steps, distant opposition Chen Feng their this aspects take Chen Fengwei as, because the ability of Chen wind in these people are top existence, therefore other people very takes him, but opposite party actually by one called Lu Fang artificial, this Lu Fang did business is also a skilled person, moreover he was cultivator, in Dragon Family, his status be higher than Chen Fengshao, but did not miss to there

The both sides pair walked several steps toward together, was separated by about ten steps to stand firm personal appearance Lu Fang look at Chen Feng, laughed said : Chen Feng, this time you also prepared any birthday present to fly like previous disgraced said that also laughed, but these people of his side also laughed with his together Birthday present that actually Chen Feng previous time prepares not with not make a move, but compared to Lu side the birthday present to miss a point, because this Lu just now will therefore ridicule Chen Feng with this matter Chen Feng look at Lu Fang, coldly snorted said : this not Lao Lu Zhanggui worried, but don’t know Lu Zhanggui these time has prepared any birthday present, should not be inferior by me is good Lu Fang look at Chen Feng appearance, coldly snorted was said : inferior by you? Chen Feng, you have a dream, why my don’t know Clan must work as this storekeeper with you , the waste like you, already should be pursued Clan to be right Chen Feng look at Lu Fang appearance, sneers said : „, your Lu Fang also dares to think that the decision of Clan is wrong inadequate? If you think, your Lu Fang can submit a written statement, making Clan exempt my position, expels Clan me Lu Fang listened to Chen Feng saying that coldly snorted, Chen Feng this saying was not cannot help but good to reply, because of Lu Fang very clear, Chen Fengneng sits to his present position, has big relationship with his ability, Chen Feng ability was, the decision of Clan not wrong, moreover Clan like the decision, was not a he young storekeeper on can change, even he said one many, was possible to have is wrong, Lu Fang will be will not violate like this wrong, therefore he has not said At this time near Lu Fangbang deep voice said : of storekeeper Chen Zhanggui oneself, Clan had regulation, gift that if ten times offered continuously, was very ordinary, cannot obtain the Patriarch favor, after that you in the Clan status, but not other Chen Feng coldly snorted said : this work you did not worry Appearance that Lu Fang looks at Chen Feng, but also thinks that Chen Feng has not grasped, is only in obstinate argumentative, Lu Fang cannot help but sneers said : I to want to take a look at you, can not get after the birthday is so obstinate argumentative In this time, Chen Feng eye look at Lu Fang behind, is actually moving also motionless, this makes Lu Fang they somewhat strange, looks following the vision of Chen wind, actually presently their walk two people, must all white old person, another actually be appearance very ordinary cultivator, that old person they have not contacted, did not know that but that cultivator looks like also very unfamiliar, they have not seen, several people are really some not understand, why Chen Feng will use that type damn the same expression look at that two people

But Chen Feng at heart actually turns the dreadful rough sea waves now, these two people who because his opposite walked, he knew that Zhao Hai that old person his although did not know, but Chen Feng can actually affirm that old person certainly was the Dragon Family person Chen Feng really understand, why Zhao Hai does not come in this Coiling Dragon City less than one day, knew Dragon Family person, this is he most surprised matter At this time Zhao Hai also saw Chen Feng, he held the fist in the other hand to Chen Feng said : Chen Zhanggui, you in here, I were just about to seek you, today my something, must late go back a while, invited Chen Zhanggui did not use Chen Feng somewhat wooden nod, his look at Zhao Hai, was really don’t know must say that any was good, his understand, how Zhao Hai is not the Dragon Family person knew that this was too strange But with Zhao Hai that old person, looked at Chen Feng, shows a faint smile said : originally this is Chen Feng, I have seen you, but has not spoken to you, young man, does is very good, I must, receive Coiling Dragon City to come a such outstanding person thank you thank you, today Old Man entertains you, and you go old person spoke and impolite to Chen Feng, but Chen Feng did not have point disaffection, although his don’t know this old person in Dragon Family was any status, but listened to the expression of person, actually probably was the person who was the high-ranking, what most as the main was, this old person look he felt somewhat looks familiar, but has seen in there, he actually could not think Chen Feng does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback Sir was too polite to old person said :, that has a need for you greeting youngster, Sir did as you please is old person nodded, leading Zhao Hai to enter in nearby small restaurant Chen Feng looks at this situation, not being able to feel brains, but by him these people, are actually look at each other in dismay, in the eye is the none remaining sparkles, even if Chen Feng opposite Lu Fang, is the two eyes twinkle, if don’t know wants anything At this time side a Chen Feng storekeeper, to Chen Feng said : Old Chen, who just that is flew Chen Feng knows that what they asked was Zhao Hai, was not that old person, that elder no matter any status, was not they should inquire that therefore Chen Feng deep voice said : that came with my together, Raging Flames City Bree Group Guest Official Elder, Zhao Ming, he has helped my busy, therefore I led him to come Clan here, just I came out, but also made his in the city transfer the extension in all directions, how actually don’t know he knew with that Sir

One hear of Chen Feng of that storekeeper said that cannot help but deep voice said : Old Chen, it seems like that this is opportunity, wants to come is that Zhao Ming has been any matter person, making that old person settle on, if were really such, Zhao Ming reached certainly, this relationship, you must grasp Chen Feng deep voice said : this you to do not need, Zhao Ming is not the person of that Wuqing/ruthless non- righteousness, was good, let's go, to the place that I live, when Zhao Hai comes back, all revealed the truth several other people to nod, walked toward Chen Fengzhu place, as for Lu Fang they, after already by Chen Feng forgetting brain, Zhao Hai and that old person entered restaurant, waiter immediately ran over, sees old person, that waiter has cannot help but gawked, then immediately/on horseback said : two grandfathers, did you come? What wants to eat? My immediately told that they do old person smiles said : young seven is your youngster is on duty today that just right, lets kitchen, makes several nice vegetables to me, today I must ask the person to eat meal, if makes is not good, I must kick your buttocks Small 71 hears of old person said that complied with one hastily, turn around ran, before long ran one tea set to arrive at Zhao Hai one table, gave them to arrive at one cup of tea, carefully looked at Zhao Hai one, this turn around walked old person puts out a hand said : little elder brother to have tea to Zhao Hai, it seems like these youngster are attentive today, before good that this tea steeps good tea does not have the entrance, is smell sharp aroma , because of this, therefore old person will say that this tea is good Zhao Hai said : is being this tea flavor is really good, this should be the secret recipe sinking tea, this fragrant flavor passed a sincere vicissitudes feeling, the tea leaves should over hundred years, truly good tea leaves, but this water, should be at the beginning of the plum the melted snow, the water was joined to this tea, let the tea in the sincerity, was passing Zheng lofty character, the good tea, good water!” Zhao Hai in Space, but special research sado, therefore this tea takes, he does not need to drink, heard that almost knows what thing this tea is, but is his this saying exit / to speak, makes old person two eyes bright said : little elder brother you also understand the tea? How do that please little elder brother you taste this tea?”( To be continued, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket monthly ticket, { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }