Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2145

Chen Feng and Zhao Hai slowly was walking, was not they do not want to walk quickly, but was their simply does not have the means to walk quickly, because now the person on street are too many. Regarding Dragon Family, on this day possibly is during one year liveliest a day, grudge does not have to be so lively on this day, because today is the Dragon Family Patriarch birthday. In this day, in this small town pushed countless people, Chen Feng in Dragon Family, although was a storekeeper, but he was only in the Dragon Family industry in an industry a storekeeper in shop front, must mention the authority, he in Dragon Family, but also really not being able to stand in line number. These person of each have independent sees right in front of one Patriarch opportunity, simultaneously offers own birthday present, then Patriarch will make the person give you to arrange the seat, but this seat does not arrange at will, the birthday present that if you deliver is very ordinary, then you can only sit outside several room dine, only one side can see with Patriarch, exits from the main hall. If you deliver birthday present very good, Patriarch likes very much, he will make you dine in the main hall, this expressed you must receive Patriarch was important, feared that was immediately wants get promoted. Position that Chen Feng they are at now, is not very good, after medium grade, this is representing similarly also Chen Feng in the Dragon Family status, lines up to see the Patriarch situation like, your position cannot fight randomly, if you incautiously stood a status the person who in front of you were higher, you waited to be suppressed by him. Dragon Family raises the smooth competition, so long as within they permit the competition, they will not go to manage, but the premise, that cannot destroy the Dragon Family benefit. Must say that Dragon Family the Patriarch also really makes Zhao Hai feel admiring, generally the big influence, their Sect Master or Patriarch, the true strength will not be strong, in the influence that most at least in he is not topest existence, because of topest that a batch person, generally is Supreme Elder, Supreme Elder has very big authority. However does not have that Supreme Elder coming out chaotic manage things, only if this helmsman noisy too does not make sense. But Dragon Family is actually different, but Dragon Family Patriarch strength very formidable. He is not Dragon Family first Expert, absolutely is Expert that the Dragon Family mileage results, like big Expert, does not close up the practice unexpectedly. Also is governing Great Clan, processes some common customs the rope matters, this is really makes the person unable to think through. However no matter you think unable to think through, the Dragon Family situation is this, this old Patriarch is the Dragon Family Pacifying Oceans Pillar same character. Therefore every year his birthday, regarding Dragon Family, is a huge matter. In front of Zhao Hai look at long crowd, some little time he deep voice said that said : although I did not have join to arrive at Dragon Family now, however speaks the truth, can look from the population, the Dragon Family strength, is very strong. Moreover these are also only the strengths that they suspend. They hid many strengths, nobody knows.” Chen Feng looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : what? thought that had not heard Dragon Family did feel odd?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : this world our don’t know matter has plenty, hidden world Clan like Dragon Family, my although don’t know also has, but I can affirm. Dragon Family can exist currently, certainly has their fortes. Therefore had not heard they do not have quite strangely what.” Chen Feng listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : you to pass thinks that was best. A while we can see Patriarch, I believe this time you certainly to be able join to Dragon Family.” Zhao Hai smiled, has not made noise, not far away of coldly snorted from them transmits, Zhao Hai and Chen Fengshun prestige goes, stands in front of them not far away Lu Fang. Words that they just spoke, not pulling down sound desirably, therefore their surrounding people also heard, although these people somewhat feel strange their dialogs, but does not have what to indicate that after all they calculate the Dragon Family person, regarding Dragon Family their not anything two hearts. However they regarding them said that Zhao Hai can join to the Dragon Family words, actually very much suspect, but still nobody said anything, because of their very clear, made noise at this time, that offended, even if were these status compared with Chen Fenggao person, will not go to offend Chen Feng easily, after all Chen Feng was not small in the Dragon Family influence. Chen Feng in the Dragon Family overall system, it can be said that a new person, but this new person is actually a very able new person, although Chen Feng gave the Patriarch gift for these years, is not losing face thing, full moon porch that but Chen Feng had jurisdiction over for these years, the achievement in year after year enhancement, this point will be any Dragon Family person will not deny. Because of this, the person who therefore in Dragon Family is favoring Chen Feng are many, Chen Feng also because of this, had many backers in Dragon Family here, if you want to play cloudy coped with Chen Feng, was not that easy. But this coldly snorted sound, was lets Chen Feng and Zhao Hai notes, not only they noted, other people also noted, all people have aimed at Lu Fang the vision. Lu Fang looks at Chen Feng and Zhao Hai look at he, his coldly snorted said : big word was not then remnant, Chen Feng, you, when you are Dragon Family who, you want to make who join arrive at Dragon Family, can join Dragon Family? Really an idiot same fellow.” Chen Feng look at Lu Fang, complexion gloomy, his coldly snorted said : Lu Fang, I do not want to quarrel with you, how the matter, must be able to know afterward that today is the Patriarch birthday, if you and I quarrelled in here, that too lost face.” Lu Fang look at Chen Feng, coldly snorted said : Chen Feng, you still does not make every effort to succeed, continually how many mouths quarrelled if wants that many, like you such incompetent fellow, how possibly became the Dragon Family storekeeper? Really disgraced.”

Chen Feng coldly snorted said : is not likely is certain does not have the brain, does fellow who any matter does not think, heard shop that he is, today's achievement, was on a par with last year, impartial, was really the great result, I may unable to achieve.” Lu Fang listened to Chen Feng saying that the face one was green, his shop several years of achievement has been impartial, this point he thinks that somewhat blushed, now Chen Feng takes this matter, this equal to was in front of these many people to hit his face, if he can also maintain complexion, he was not a sage is an idiot. Very obviously Lu Fang is not a sage, is not the idiot, he and Chen Feng are the enemy, although has not been in the undead continuous situation, but among them the contradiction, entire Dragon Family knows, but Lu Fang truly does not have that strength now, can suppress completely Chen Feng. But result that Chen Feng therefore results , is also Lu Fang most is jealous, therefore he everywhere in view of Chen Feng, the final two talented people will make to present this aspect. As soon as the surrounding person listens to their this to be in sharp opposition, cannot help but wants to smile, among them naturally does not have one politely, but compares, Chen Feng to appears compared with Lu Fang has imposing manner. However also just as is such that Chen Feng said that here is Coiling Dragon City, here is the Dragon Family domain, if they stir up trouble in here, will only make Dragon Family take lightly them, therefore they will not do. Zhao Hai did not have the receptacle, he looked at Lu Fang one eyes, then has regarded the air Lu Fang, the silence of Zhao Hai, in some people eyes, possibly too does not make every effort to succeed, because just Lu Fang quarrelled with Chen Feng, because of him, his present silence, worry makes the person somewhat look down upon him most from the beginning. But only these leave the meaning of Zhao Hai very near talented person understand Zhao Hai, they are near to Zhao Hai, can see the expression on Zhao Hai face, can see clearly the Zhao Hai look. Zhao Hai does not bicker with Lu Fang, has not feared him absolutely, because he does not think that necessity, in other words, is Zhao Hai simply has not paid attention to Lu Fang, in his eyes, Lu Fang is an unimportant person, such person, really does not match for his enemy. Not wrong, the person who all short distances see the Zhao Hai expression, understand, Zhao Hai simply has not paid attention to Lu Fang, Lu Fang does not match for his match, looks like King, he will not regard the match to be the same a beggar of not having a thing in the world, this is the difference on one type of status, is the disparity in one type of strength. Chen Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : what? aren't you really angry?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that necessity, the fact will not have proven all.” At this time the team started slow moving forward, person who this team had the status except for these most from the beginning many will discuss beside a few words in with Patriarch, other almost can only go, offered the gift, then wanted leave, almost did not have the means to speak with Patriarch, therefore this called on was not slow. All person empty-handed, they now their gift shining, can know how way that finally their gift delivers, can only look at their seats. Along with time past bit by bit, to about 10 : 00 am time, Chen Feng arrived at in front of the door of main dwelling finally, this main dwelling could not be a house, this is a giant palace group, naturally, in this palace group and common custom King palace group was different, although in this palace group was also calculation that a Patriarch person said that but here did not have the court eunuch, only then some maidservants of taking care. Moreover is also occupied by many people in this palace, the characters of some Dragon Family Supreme Elder ranks, being in direct line descendants live in here, can say person who in this palace is occupied by, is the core of Dragon Family true authority is. But must call on the Patriarch person, needs to wait in in front of the door of palace, when the previous person called on to complete, the next person can go. But Chen Feng waited now in palace in front of the door there, in other words, so long as his previous person has completed calling on, after being arranged the seat, Chen Feng can go to call on. Person like Chen Feng, when calls on, can lead a person to go, but another person can only wait in square there, if Chen Feng gift obtained the recognition of Patriarch, Chen Feng can keep main shrine there to dine, then Zhao Hai will also be arranged to a good position, if Chen Feng gift is ordinary, that Zhao Hai also can only cope to eat on one in a corner also to calculate that was not the wrong birthday feast on must leave, Dragon Family worked is always so.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }