Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2146

Chen Feng calls on!” As roars the bright high call, finally must be taken to the threshing ground to Chen Feng. Chen Feng reorganized own clothes, walks toward inside with Zhao Hai, in this palace is very attractive, the ground in entire palace is spreads by white marble stone, looks like magnificent incomparable, goes nonstop to by the main road in main shrine, wears two rows of hands according to cultivator of hilt, but this cultivator cultivation level unexpectedly is water Earth Monarch Stage, such strength, is not absolutely weak. These people are one hide cyan warrior cloth, in hand weapon is also a long blade of water, their long blades wear in the waist, one is hand-held the hilt, their eyes do not have look at Zhao Hai and Chen Feng, but Chen Feng felt that all around air temperature one dropped several degrees probably. Chen Feng although is not cultivator, but he has also seen the person of magnificent scene, he knows that this is because of these cultivator killing aura, he also knows that this killing aura does not come to him, but can also keep cool. Zhao Hai stands by Chen Feng, he looked at that two rows of cultivator one, does not have any response, regarding Zhao Hai, these cultivator killing aura, compared with him came, to miss far, his complete not any feeling. But Zhao Hai such facial expression, made these cultivator note, they somewhat puzzled looked at Zhao Hai one, must know that stood in here cultivator, although has not achieved the Teleportation boundary, however their strengths were actually not bad, because they were the Dragon Family foreign corps, all year round was almost fighting, they compared the experience of general cultivator fight to be rich, even if to general Teleportation boundary Expert, they cannot win the opposite party , can be inescapable. The war that because they fight were too many, killing aura was too full, general cultivator to they, by their killing aura the fear, will become gingerly, do not look at Chen Feng now probably calm of face, actually his at heart actually not calm. Because he is also afraid. However Zhao Hai actually static present very calm, can say complete regards these people , if no thing to be ordinary, like this calm temperament. Also affected Chen Feng, Chen Feng unexpectedly also miracle calm slowly. Quick they arrived in a big way front, before Great Hall, is a piece of very enormous square, here is martial arts training ground. Also can be to guard the Great Hall last defense line, must enter Great Hall from the square, but also needs to walk up five Level 10 stairs, on the stair is a small platform, there gathers round the parapet. They stand firm under the platform. Chen Feng turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you cut in here wait a while, my line calls on Patriarch.” Zhao Hai nodded has not spoken, but micro closing one's eyes stands in there, probably must fall asleep was the same. But at this time, Chen Feng has arrived in the platform toward the stair on, then a sound conveys said : Chen Feng to call on.” Chen Feng immediately/on horseback accordingly said : is!” Said that then walks toward Great Hall.

To Great Hall in front of the door, the Great Hall gate was opening. In the hall is setting out several tables. On the table anything does not have, several people of cultivator sit in there, but Chen Feng is clear, that several cultivator, is the storekeeper in Dragon Family business. But in the hall, there is high platform. This high platform has three meters fully six high, on high platform. Is suspending a chair case, on sits a person in the chair. The body of this person is not very tall and big, looks like the age is not small, white, is hanging down the eye, probably must fall asleep was the same, but is such looks like some are gradually old person, is actually Dragon Family Patriarch, the Dragon Family genuine helmsman, Long Zhan. Chen Fengjin Great Hall, bowed to Long Zhan said : Chen Fengjian Patriarch, wish the Patriarch luck Xinghai, the longevity like the livelihood!” old person beckoned with the hand, has not said anything, Chen Feng was also used to it, he has stood up the body, then opened own Space Bag, has put out a small yellow cloth wrapper from inside, then both hands were holding the cloth wrapper, proceeded to send. All around person looked the appearance that Chen Feng cannot help but stares, because they must give any gift generally time, will say, moreover their gifts generally are unique all kinds of, that like Chen Feng, will be only a small yellow cloth wrapper, will look at the size of that cloth wrapper, inside feared that will install also a piece Crystal Stone, naturally nobody believes what Zhao Hai in hand will be taking will be can be Crystal Stone, if he dares to deliver a piece Crystal Stone, that Patriarch will expel Dragon Family him absolutely. Vision look at Chen Feng of all people, Chen Feng have not said anything, but holds that cloth wrapper to stand in there, Chen Feng such movement, to is makes Patriarch somewhat accidental, he has opened the eye slightly, looked at Chen Feng one eyes, beckoned with the hand, immediately had cultivator to arrive around Chen Feng, received that cloth wrapper, then has attained on the stage, put to settle a case on. Patriarch looked at a that small yellow cloth wrapper, the beat that the brow thinks, the gift that these many years, Patriarch received has many, he has recorded is unclear, some fellows of thinking oneself clever, will give some common gifts, wants to bring to the attention of Patriarch, but these fellows finally by Patriarch matching, Patriarch have disliked the person of that thinking oneself clever, if thing in Chen Feng this packet, cannot be satisfied by him, he does not mind directly on Chen Fengti Dragon Family. Patriarch has taken up that cloth wrapper gently, has pinched pinching, he felt that in cloth wrapper is square thing, he has gawked, then slowly opened the cloth wrapper. When the cloth wrapper opens completely, Patriarch one was shocked, then his two eyes fierce one has opened, he is taking a look at in hand the Fang Xiaoyin carefully, then he turned inside out little seal, looks in an seal has been carving thing, saw in seal is carving that coiling dragon, Patriarch facial expression cannot help but one sad, he used the hand feeling seal gently, the tears in one under on the class coming out. Chen Fengzhan below, unemotionally, he knows after one deliver this seal, will live anything, therefore he has not been startled, but static standing is waiting in there. Some little time Patriarch calm, has he put down little seal, look at below is standing Chen Feng, deep voice said : when looked?”

Chen Feng deep voice said : returns to the Patriarch words, five days ago.” Did Patriarch nod said : who to look?” Chen Feng said : Bree Group Guest Official Elder, Zhao Ming, he stayed for three months in Demon Mountain there, finally in thorough Demon Mountain , helping busy of one crowd of Naughty Monkey , Naughty Monkey express thanks by a snake, seal in snake skin.” Patriarch deep voice said : „can Zhao Ming arrive?” Chen Feng deep voice said : waits outside the palace.” Is noisy he to come in!” Chen Feng in making noise, because now is not he must speak, in Great Hall naturally some people shouted loudly said : Bree Group Guest Official Elder Zhao Ming to call on.” But the people in this big time palace listened to understand what's the matter, these fellows were Dragon Family old person, regarding Dragon Family several sensitive words they were very familiar with, one was Demon Mountain . Dragon Family almost will send for Demon Mountain there every year, for seeks for that seal, can say that Dragon Family can contact with Demon Mountain to the together matter has one, that is a seal. But now Patriarch mentioned Demon Mountain , moreover Patriarch is taking also obviously is a seal, at this time was the idiot also knows what Chen Feng this delivering was any gift, all person look at Chen Feng looks changed. At this time Zhao Hai also entered Great Hall, after entering Great Hall, Zhao Hai also held the fist in the other hand said : to see Patriarch to Long Zhan, wish the Patriarch luck Xinghai, the longevity like the livelihood.” Long Zhan look at Zhao Hai, deep voice is said : you looks the seal from Demon Mountain there? Said carefully you enter to the Demon Mountain process, do not have losing dew.”

Zhao Hai has complied with one, entered oneself to the Demon Mountain process said that but he had not said one were looks for the seal with the Liquid Silver dust, he said that he was Monster Beast that used one type of he to subdue looks for the seal, therefore he can in three months, looked for that several routes, finally because of anything not presently, this toward the Demon Mountain deep place. Waited for Zhao Hai saying that Long Zhan deep voice said : release your Monster Beast came, showed me.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, release small Insect Race. Long Zhan look at this small did Insect Race, cannot help but knit the brows said : how many you to have like Monster Beast?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : don’t know, now cannot count, what I subdue is a queen, reproduction this bug that the queen can keep, I can command(er) these bugs, the queen, so long as has Crystal Stone, has energy, the fresh bug that he can keep, many bugs, I could not count now.” Long Zhan nodded said : that you to think that can go to the demon deep place? These years, I make people pass on intentionally that map, hopes that looks for this seal with the strengths of all people, what what a pity is they have disappointed me, nobody can find that seal, moreover that several routes, but is regarded as the place that the seal is most likely to have, why you think that there couldn't find the seal?” Heard Patriarch saying that Chen Feng all of them gawked, they have not thought that map was Patriarch makes person release go unexpectedly, but this was unimportant, more importantly the seal had found now. Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to grasp, does not recognize the seal not in there, but I know, I, impossible to look everywhere there all places, moreover these many years, there don’t know had looked for by many people, feared that was there each inch land for building is crossed, this could not find the seal, can only explain that seal not in there, in having was, at that time my time were not much, if I did not take risk to walk one toward Demon Mountain in time, that I on will have achieved nothing, and its wasted the time outside, was inferior to Demon Mountain , perhaps. Will have opportunity, to be honest, I gave up finally, I am only thinking with Transmission Formation returned to Raging Flames City, but some are not finally willingly, is adding on me to like collecting some plants, I want to collect some plants in Demon Mountain there, has a look at Demon Mountain there plants with outside world has any difference, why there Monster Beast will turn into the demon, this kept several days, finally rescued Naughty Monkey , obtained the seal.” Long Zhan selected has selected said : to have the stratagem bravely, calm calm, good, and you dined in Great Hall.” Said that Patriarch beckoned with the hand, naturally some people come, welcome to sit to a position in Great Hall in them, caused that in Great Hall other people cast their bodies the vision.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }