Chapter 201 Heart The Farm here liter two ten 1st level, have made Zhao Hai they obtain many advantage, if Ranch there is rising Advanced level, what advantage they can obtain? Thinks beckoningly. Even if they cannot obtain any advantage, but can raise some Magic Beast, can promote their fighting strength, even if only raises Blue Eye Rabbit, can make them gain selects gold coins. Green also nodded, they also know now most needs is Level Up, in their opinion, Ranch there Level Up is also not anything, relationship is Farm here Level Up, so long as Farm here can Level Up, wait till three Level 10, they can give Zhao Hai Detoxification. Now the Zhao Hai side had Zhao Wen and Cai'er, about the Zhao Hai security they were not worried that they want to let Zhao Hai quick Detoxification, when the time comes can find a wife to give birth, blooms a loose leaf. If Zhao Hai knows that Green their such ideas, will not certainly know whether to laugh or cry, put the proper business not to be dry, a skylight is thinking these matters, Zhao Hai also not bears. However they looks like in Green, making Zhao Hai find a wife to give birth, is the biggest proper business. Actually Zhao Hai now is some headaches, to be honest, he to some Laura feelings, after all Laura is very very attractive . Moreover the disposition is also very good, but Zhao Hai somewhat cannot put down Meg, other first did not say that is only Meg can accompany him to go facing Zhao Wen this 9th level Expert, Zhao Hai is very affected. Must say Zhao Hai is moved to Meg at heart, that is also deceiving people, after Zhao Hai since waking, Meg has been taking care of him, moreover he presently Meg is also interesting to him, is adding on this time matter, wish makes Zhao Hai give up Meg is impossible. Zhao Hai is one believes person who love, he is also a perfectionist, he believes that a love of person impossible to be blown the minute by too many people, that was not the love, so-called universal love, but was another one type of quite elegant view that the back sentenced. When the love came, really by his control, you more is actually not wanted in control, more to be control does not live, this looked like the narcotics, in unknowingly will let your perishing. When you have met love truly, with own view of love completely different, what choice you will actually make? Regarding a man, this is possibly very good to choose, the Ark Continent here not good monogyny, that all married was good.

However regarding an idealist, this choice was a little difficult, Zhao Hai wants a perfect love, however his heart actually does not love his control. What this world most can restrain person is what? It is not the law, but is the person own heart, when person had a standard at heart, you were finding out this standard is very difficult. Zhao Hai is so, he has his view of love, because of such view of love, lets him , on Earth, over 20 years old, is a virgin. In Earth such mortal world, Zhao Hai can also defend the conscience, this looks like in many people, is Lunatic adds the aggregate of fool simply, but regarding Zhao Hai, others' appraisal has any relationship with him, he has his one set of conduct standard. This is the Zhao Hai disposition, light, temperate, has the sense of responsibility, but actually shows such one to be arrogant. Speaks, Zhao Hai they while entered Space, then went to Stony Mountain from Space there, the Cyan Stone Villa there situation with Iron Mountain Fort, Flower City here is similar, turned into the rainbow colored world, Zhao Hai they now already some custom sceneries, therefore not extremely in surprised. Has sat down to the Cyan Stone Villa living room, Zhao Hai has related these with Undead Creature that Laura goes back, having a look at Laura there this several days to have any matter. Those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, there really nothing, very honest, these with the person, is more honest, dares to cause trouble without one, on the day of Casa City also calm, leads Undead Creature to go back except for Laura, has caused beyond the small stir, does not have to live any matter. Such result to unexpected of Zhao Hai, he thinks really Carlos these under the hand/subordinate, will make the point matter, or the symptom people they save, now looks like, probably absolutely does not have this matter, why is this? Is the person who Carlos should not be good to deal with right? Zhao Hai told Green this situation, face of Green actually gloomy, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, feared that was this time matter cannot be friendly, if Carlos they early moved, that represented him not to want this matter to give Markey Family to be solved, he thought to begin, he had that strength, his business to Purcell Duchy nearest/recent, to send, feared that can begin in couple of days ago, but they to the present sound, this on the explanation, Carlos had not told Markey Family this matter possibly, wants to give. Markey Family has solved, in this case, they cannot begin, after must adjust the person from Markey Family there, requires the time.” Zhao Hai nodded, meaning of his understand Green, if this matter is only Carlos wants to be solved, their simply does not need to worry, the Carlos strength, he has not paid attention, but if this matter gives Markey Family to process, that matter somewhat was thorny.

Markey Family this stretched across half Continent formidable Merchant Clan, conduct although very overbearing, the enemy are more, but they have their one means that moreover their strengths are also very formidable, if not this, they are impossible to have today's status. although said that now he and Laura also had Evan three alliance, but must put with Markey Family really to words, finally who will be the winner, but also still do not know. The person on Continent, does not dare easily with Merchant Clan puts to the basic reason is, Merchant Clan was too rich, they can spend money to be battered to death the person. General Great Clan, even if rich, will not spend money like Merchant Clan convenient, will therefore little have Great Clan to do against with Merchant Clan, naturally, Merchant Clan also little had with Great Noble does against. Merchant Clan is rich, but the status and was inferior that these Great Noble are high, moreover person who they associate, many with their same Merchant Clan or some middle-and-small Noble, these top Great Noble, will not lower the sale price to associate with Merchant Clan. Said simply that is both sides has the scruples, therefore not beginning easily, but this time matter, is actually relationship to the stability of Purcell Family, therefore Evan they have tied the pledge with Zhao Hai, prepares together to cope with Markey Family. But obviously Carlos has also thought of this point, therefore he meeting has not moved heedlessly, but has registered the Markey Family headquarters this matter, asking Thompson to decide. On Continent almost all people know that 9th level Expert cannot move lightly, even if Clan wants to invite, must pay the price, therefore two Clan spell, 8th level following Expert that finally depends on also has a Clan economic strength. Compared with economic strength, Purcell Duchy and Laura possibly ratio Markey Family, but will Markey Family put together a fight in which both sides perish with them? The answer, Markey Family in overbearing, is not Merchant Clan, the Merchant high interest, the war most will console the people the poor wealth in the final analysis, Merchant mostly does not like, makes Markey Family put together mutually wounded that with Purcell Family is really impossible, Thompson that old fox will not do. However Markey Family can cope with them, did not begin that is not Markey Family, if presently they are the soft persimmons, Markey Family will certainly extinguish them, but if they are very presently difficult to gnaw, that Markey Family will possibly cope with them with other means.

Now looks like, before they thought possibly becoming true, so long as Carlos told Markey Family the matter, that matter will be unfriendly. Fortunately, currently their here had Zhao Wen and Cai'er, did not need to be worried about the attack of Markey Family, even if were Markey Family goes all out desperatily, invited 9th level Expert make a move, they did not need to fear. However does against with Markey Family, Zhao Hai does not want, the present situation is, he is not willing not to have the means that said accurately this time matter, Purcell Family and Laura, received their implication. Zhao Hai frowns to Green said : Grandpa Green, you looked that what method Markey Family through will cope with us? Can use the commercial action?” Green shook the head said : this to fear cannot.” Zhao Hai stares, the meaning of do not understand Green, Merchant Clan, they most are good at certainly comes the attack enemy through the method of commercial, coped with Purcell Family not to have with this method well, not only can make Purcell Family badly battered, but can also obtain the advantage. Green looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that what he is thinking, he shows a faint smile said : commercial action to make Purcell Family suffer a loss, but was impossible to extinguish them, moreover Markey Family one, but such did, then offended other Great Clan on equal to, Markey Family, can cope with Purcell Family with this method, won't cope with other Clan with this method? If Markey Family dares to do, they did not use on Continent have done business, all Great Noble will suppress him with joint forces, to them thinks that he did not have the threat to drop, this was these Great Noble conduct methods.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really can be this, on Earth, some big financial groups even can economical direction of left small country, control some small countries through the economic means that has not thought that in Ark Continent here, is actually completely invalid. In the final analysis, Ark Continent here takes the strength as Venerable, the law regarding these Great Noble, without any binding force, that is only they are used to restrain others' tool.