Chapter 202 Beastman Third Grade However this arrives is makes Zhao Hai relax, Markey Family will not cope with them with the commercial action, they do not have what to be good to fear are, the light is spends money to buy their lives, feared that not so is easy. This world can be said as mercenary Assassin everywhere, these mercenary and Assassin, are some outlaw, any matter dares to do, so long as gives them money on the line. However mercenary does not have brain, they also know that some people cannot annoy, when meets duty, they will also do what one can. Moreover in mercenary, does not have too strong Expert, these Expert were already provided by Great Noble, who will be all right, daily went into outside the resort to go to that type to live outdoors, momentarily lost the life of life. However is in present mercenary does not have too strong Expert, but these mercenary methods are actually many, Warrior that generally Noble Clan trains, although Martial Skill is very high, there is an experience of actual combat, but they with these mercenary after all are not the people of same world, Warrior that the method that therefore some looks like traps of these mercenary meetings, intoxicate and so on, these Noble train, actually cannot. Before this looks like Zhao Hai, has read the novel is the same, these mercenary are these does not have all sorts of people character who not sends, but Warrior that in these Noble families trains, is the apprentices of these famous family big factions, that allowance is naturally different. Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I thought that we do not need that to be worried now, now we had Cai'er and Zhao Wen, had two 9th level Expert on equal to, if Markey Family, does goes too far, we can definitely let Cai'er and Zhao Wen cope with them, do not forget, 9th level Expert of our family is different from other Clan 9th level Expert, other Clan 9th level Expert, must ask them to begin to pay the price, our family does not use.” Zhao Hai smiled said : „is also, actually my lord must be worried that Miss Laura they, this time matter noisy is so big, in the final analysis because of us, I always felt that somewhat feels sorry.” Green smiles said : I to think that this is not the misdemeanor, no matter what, through this matter, we tight the relation with Laura and Purcell Family in together, this is the personal connection, personal connection sometimes is also very important, before our Clan was because did not have the who [lineage/vein], therefore in the crucial time, nobody helped us, but also was because we were the old King under the hand/subordinate reasons, such as was we have that strong personal connection, old King will not entrust with heavy responsibility us.”

Meaning of Zhao Hai understand Green, before Buda Family, is an orphaned feudal official, is an old King in hand sword, this can only grasp the sword in old King in hand, if this turned into huge relationship net sword suddenly, that old King can also trust them? When the time comes does not need these Great Noble to begin, old King first tidied up Buda Family. Zhao Hai nodded said : this to arrive is, so long as our three have fought shoulder to shoulder, that relationship naturally is not general, Grandpa Green, I looks , if all right, two days we have gone to Casa City to have a look, do you look what kind of?” Green nodded said : to go to Casa City there to have a look also well, in the past we in that courtyard that Casa City there bought also, Young Master, you looked that we can also make Transmission Point in there?” Zhao Hai thinks that shook the head said : not to want, our here is very near to Casa City, is making Transmission Point in Casa City, a little has owed, now we most can only establish ten Transmission Point, now has constructed four, but also remains six, we, avoid the point uses.” Green thinks also right, now them must go to Casa City is very convenient, no matter Alien is also good, is Wind-Chasing Horse is also good, can in a short time arrive at Casa City, facilitated more than with Scaled Wildebeest before. Only for the half-day road, must set up Transmission Point, they did not have to this situation extravagantly, Green is very clear, doing of this Transmission Point uses in a big way, Transmission Point representative, but money, when necessary, even can save a life. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : after this time matter, we must go to Beastman Prairie, we can buy some slaves to there, buys in some many grain for them, we must suppose Transmission Point in there.” Before Green nodded said : Beastman there me , went to several times, but is going to war time, there has Slave Race, although these Slave Race fighting strength are not strong, if makes them work is actually very good, these Beastman Slave Race, want compared with the ordinary Human Race slave strongly many.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows Beastman Slave Race that Green said what's the matter, in Beastman there, all races was divided into Third Grade, most high grade is War Clan, so-called War Clan is the fighting strength formidable race, for example, Lion Race, Tiger Race, Wolf Race, Hawk Clan, Snake Clan wait / etc. these fighting strength formidable races, the second type is the nationality, this race including some fighting strength is not very strong, but also has certain fighting strength race, for example Ox Clan, Goat Race, Pig Race wait / etc.. The third race is Slave Race, fighting strength of these races in Beastman are weakest, for example looks like the rabbit clan, the chicken clan, Mouse Clan wait / etc., but Slave Race also wrapped to expand with Human Race fought the time, prisoner of war who caught, these prisoners of war were similar to the Slave Race status, after Beastman there, some Human Race married Slave Race Beastman, has given birth to a new race, half Beastman Race, half Beastman Race lived is Slave Race. However Beastman Race Slave Race, the status compared with the Human Race slave on high many, less than half Beastman Race is actually not, half Beastman Race status, in the slave with Human Race is similar.

Naturally these are only the surfaces, reason that Slave Race in Beastman Race was called Slave Race , because they have Master, so long as Master wants, these Slave Race can sell out at any time. However on Continent few people will actually go to Beastman Race there to buy the slave, because the Beastman Race there slave is not quite same as the Aksu Empire here slave. Beastman there almost will not plant any thing, they to herd give priority to, therefore the slave will not farm, will only herd, but Aksu Empire here actually by farming give priority to, little has big Prairie to herd, they were buy the Beastman Race slave also to ask the person to teach them to farm, but may also not plant, this compared with bought the slave to owe in the Continent local area. However this regarding Zhao Hai them is actually not the issue, now their paddies are not in any case many, making them with these slaves well study study, should quick be able learn. farming this matter, said that simple also simple, said difficultly also difficult, so long as there is a old person direction well, many several years, should not be a problem. Zhao Hai to wants to go to Beastman Prairie to have a look very much, Beastman Prairie there Magic Beast type has plenty, suits are more, they who the person uses if went to there, can obtain many Magic Beast, can perhaps let Ranch Level Up. In this time, in sky a hawk cry, hawk come down from the sky, Zhao Hai is giving the Laura hawk, but this hawk has not passed through Space obviously in transform, therefore has not turned into the red, Zhao Hai beckons, that hawk entered the room gradually, on the claw of Zhao Hai present hawk is a small bag, in the bag is thinking of many thing. Zhao Hai solves to look at the bag that inside is putting one stack of red papers, the marriage lines that Zhao Hai wants, Zhao Hai looked, let alone, the craftsmanship is very good, Zhao Hai has given Green the marriage lines, Green also received carefully to look, purification that very made . Moreover the quality of paper was also very good. Also the paper in the bag, this paper is Laura to the Zhao Hai information, about Purcell Duchy here, Laura present influence majority of centralized in Purcell Duchy here, the information of other places, although she can also obtain, but is not very detailed, Laura has not sent to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai carefully looked at a that information, very detailed that information writes, in Casa City the response between each clan, Laura writes above now, although in Casa City does not have what important matter now, but Zhao Hai from the information, actually saw meaning that an undercurrent surges. Obviously these big business in Casa City also knew Laura their there sound, these people are not the fool, Laura have their Intelligence Network, they have, was adding on Laura to make that big move in the past, if these people did not begin to have suspicions, did not find out anything to come, will not give up. In this world originally does not have what true secret, so long as looks up attentively, certainly can find out the clues, these big Merchant Clan people, there are much are knew that must know, but Carlos under the hand/subordinate honored and popular character, now actually such by Laura covering, the fools knows that between Laura and Carlos lived certainly anything. Regarding Markey Family, on Continent these Great Clan have certain finding, knows that what status Laura and Karen in Markey Family are, this Laura and Carlos speak the last words, these big Merchant Clan originally have the thoughts of watching the fun. However afterward their present matter a little did not suit, this matter Purcell Family resembled to participate, this let these big Merchant Clan very puzzled, although Laura has helped Purcell Family, but she will not have such big face normally, can please Purcell Family make a move? Along with their investigations, their immediately present Carlos this time target is anything, this was too obvious, added to the Casa City second day, went to Grand Duke palace visiting, he visited the Grand Duke palace second day to be deducted, then Laura went to Stony Mountain, has met then attack, then led Battalion Undead Creature to come back, if their understand what's the matter, they have not used in Casa City like this have based.