Chapter 203 Cai'er ability To be honest, these in the Casa City big Merchant Clan branch, has to have the idea of Zhao Hai, their business itself in Purcell Duchy here, compared with Carlos earlier knows the opportunity of Haven product representative. However these people have not begun, their very clear, the matter of this grain, their plans were destroyed by Zhao Hai, although said that matter that Zhao Hai has gone bad them, but equal to has actually given Purcell Family great kindness, regarding Purcell Family, Zhao Hai is very important, feels embarrassed Zhao Hai hits the face of Purcell Family on equal to, if they also want to do business in Purcell Duchy, cannot go to Zhao Hai. In adding on these big Merchant Clan does not dare to annoy Dark Magician, Dark Magician on Continent is hard to deal with that became famous, if you have annoyed him, will not do well him with your undead continuous, their although big enterprise has lots of assets, if were entangled by Dark Magician, will lose is also unavoidable, Merchant most is not willing to suffer unexpected financial losses, exquisite friendly disposition leads to wealth. To be honest, these big Merchant Clan do not have what favorable impression regarding Markey Family, but the Markey Family potential is now big, the crest of wave vigor, they do not want to get angry with Markey Family. Regarding this time matter, these big Merchant Clan want to watch the fun give priority to, but they have made the preparation, these big Merchant Clan people do not think that Purcell Family will defeat, had a duchy is fief Great Clan, will lose to Merchant Clan? That is impossible, this is the unprecedented matter. Great Noble has an own circle, Merchant Clan that circle does not have the means compared with the Great Noble circle, because Great Noble that circle reliable, the strength is stronger, was not Merchant Clan can compared with resulting. If Merchant Clan is grasping money, that Great Noble grasps is the power, sometimes you spends money unable to buy the power, but had the right actually to get so far as money, matter so simple. Because has this idea, therefore these big Merchant Clan have made some preparations, they to do not prepare to cope with Purcell Family, the polarity, what they must cope is Markey Family. Do not visit them is Merchant Clan, but Markey Family works extremely in overbearing, the reputation in business circle is not very good, now Markey Family must put unexpectedly right with Purcell Family, this is good opportunity, tidies up Markey Family good opportunity, they will certainly not let off.

Laura to the Zhao Hai information, not these situations complete writes, Laura Intelligence Network , is also impossible to pry such secret thing, Laura pries these big Merchant Clan probably a little petty actions. Zhao Hai this matter after Green said that Green to has thought these big Merchant Clan target possibly are not Purcell Family, they just offended Purcell Family, if this time is coping with Purcell Family, that offended Purcell Family, later they do not want to do business in Purcell Duchy, therefore Green thinks that these Clan target possibly were Markey Family. Zhao Hai to also agreed that Green words, they also chatted a while, Zhao Hai has written a thank-you letter to Laura, hawk bleeding off. After having bled off the hawk, Zhao Hai all appears several Space Bag, has apportioned Green they, before these Space Bag are, Zhao Hai buys seed to remain, there is nearest/recent to buy seed to remain, now land area in Space is very big, Zhao Hai made Cai'er plant that many thing, Space Bag had much, Green each of them, but also remaining many. These Space Bag Zhao Hai preparations all appear, naturally is impossible to use, to prepare to give Laura several, must know Space equipment on Continent is very marketable. although Space Bag inside Space is not very big, but wants them regarding square, enough has used, if such Space Bag attains Continent to come up, each minimum also several thousand gold coins can buy. After having bled off the hawk, Zhao Hai they returned to in Space, went to Iron Mountain Fort there, to Iron Mountain Fort, Zhao Hai left in the fort with Green, planned that the outwork has a look. Has gawked one to outwork Zhao Hai, he has not thought really that the outwork is more attractive, now outwork here that he imagines, all houses by rainbow flower covering, what most important is, all window there, by rainbow colored small thin cane blocking, daytime time, these small thin canes curl, to evening's automatic putting down, likely the each and every one automatic curtain screen, to is felt very happy by Zhao Hai. Saw these small thin canes, Zhao Hai immediately called Cai'er, Cai'er liked staying in Space, she was Plant Sprite, Space there most favors plants growing, she naturally also liking stayed in Space. Cai'er one was called by Zhao Hai, puzzled said : Young Master, did you call me to do?”

Zhao Hai has referred to these thin rattan: Cai'er, these thin canes are very good, but to winter what to do? Have't can ruin by freezing to winter these thin canes?” Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiles said : Young Master your too underestimated I, I come from Demon Realm, the Demon Realm environment was worse than here were many, there was much colder than throughout the year here, my will fear frozen, moreover you did not want underestimated these flowers, not only these flowers in the evening can the light, to the frozen time, but can also disperse certain quantity of heat, therefore castle here to the winter, the temperature will not be low.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but has gawked, he also real don’t know, Cai'er really also has such ability, the Cai'er look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : Young Master, you did not understand that Demon Realm there situation, the Demon Realm there environment was really too bad, if I did not have these many abilities, how possibly to obtain the respect of Demon Realm life form? I told you, not only I also had these abilities, some Demon Realm life form, but must by eating the leaf of my grow out to live, therefore the there person to my very respectful.” Zhao Hai nodded, idea appears in inside his mind, Cai'er had such ability, that winter time, can he cause a greenhouse with the Cai'er flower? If this became, that winter time, not only he meeting can plant in Space, outside also same. Zhao Hai shaking the head of gently, flung the prow this idea, now has not thought these times, was in any case far in the winter, so long as had Cai'er, thinks that was using that greenhouse to be too simple. Zhao Hai and Green slow pace went out of the castle, one looked to the castle outside, outside in the castle place, these slaves are busy. small side dish that now they plant, just growing Little seedlings, needed look at to eliminate few, but must capture unnecessary Little seedlings, such remaining these vegetables rapidness of President, long big. Green that look at ground that braves, Zhao Hai Green mood especially good, Green is two eyes with tears, he has thought just when came Black Wasteland, that despair, he did not have other idea at heart at that time, only thinks that protect Zhao Hai life, who can want to obtain, they will meet also today. Then Zhao Hai and Green urged to go faster canyon there to have a look, there corn already long was very high, because had the special person attendance, therefore long was very good. Zhao Hai very satisfied. Then Zhao Hai went carefully to look at these Blue Eye Rabbit, these Blue Eye Rabbit long very water were also wrong, possibly has eaten relationship of Space radish leaf, therefore these Blue Eye Rabbit long quick, have been able to reproduce quickly, this was Zhao Hai most happy.

Now Black Wasteland here was also steps onto right track, they at present these people, now the Black Wasteland here land, almost can support them, this is very good result. After seeing these, Zhao Hai and Green on returned to the living room in castle, after they sat down, Meg to sub that they sent. Zhao Hai has drunk a sub, sighs is a little goal that said : present this day passes, he he, Grandpa Green, you said yes or no? Green nodded, is smiling said : „, the day of present a little goal, he he, just came Black Wasteland time, has a dream cannot think to have today, if not have Young Master your Space, our Buda Family ended.” Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, tomorrow we to go to Casa City, sees Laura, I want in delivering her several Space Bag, then in letting her help us buy a fry, puts moat there, now we had Cai'er, moat there can definitely make fence with the Cai'er vine, this will not have the matter, tarn there, reason that because there is Crystal Horn Insect, can breed the fry, like this, we can eat the fish.” Green nodded said : „, Young Master, you looked whether to make Zhao Wen go to Swamp to grasp Magic Beast, in any case she to Swamp in very familiar, should not have the matter?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should not, but we must be careful a point to well, if makes other Magic Beast in Swamp know that our situations, to us, are one greatly troublesome, Zhao Wen did not say, he knows that in Swamp 9th level above Magic Beast had ten, if these Magic Beast looked for our troubles, that was the ratio faces the person on Continent also to the danger.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai said : lets Zhao Wen in Swamp there, the small scale grasps some Magic Beast, will wait for the matter to go from now on, we will go to Beastman Prairie, there meet has plenty Magic Beast, believes that Ranch level certainly can when the time comes rise.” Green nodded, he to Beastman Prairie there, but have some understanding, knows on there has plenty Continent unique Magic Beast, if can make Space these Magic Beast, that Space thinks that Level Up is not difficult.