Chapter 204 Karen dirty look That night Zhao Hai must go to the Casa City matter they to say to Merine oneself, Merine they to had not opposed that conversely, she returned completely support. Before continuously Merine that various Great Noble dealt with, very clear, Noble, if did not contact with the person, always closes oneself in own domain motionless, that will not have any show, before Buda Family although did not have the who [lineage/vein], but had the contact with various Great Noble, for was the management convenience. But before Zhao Hai, because of status relationship, therefore had not contacted with others, this regarding their future exhibitions is very disadvantageous, Merine hopes that Zhao Hai goes to Casa City, many with these honored and popular character contacts. Actually some Merine also another plans, are Laura, Laura now by Merine decided but not yet announced is the Zhao Hai wife, as the matter stands she naturally is hopes Zhao Hai can more contacts with Laura, the training sentiment well, good can soon completed the study fruits of virtue. Next morning, Zhao Hai is leading Meg and Green comes out from Stony Mountain, directly soars Casa City, these time comes out, Alien that Zhao Hai makes, Alien sits comfortably, moreover is also quick, is very steady, rides the automobile more comfortable than on Earth Zhao Hai simply. However Zhao Hai or release several Wind-Chasing Horse followed in Alien, waits for quickly to Casa City time, Zhao Hai gets down from Alien, then rides Wind-Chasing Horse to enter a city. Zhao Hai comes Casa City information, almost in he entered that flash of city gate to spread over the big or medium influence in Casa City, must know that Zhao Hai regarding the major influences in Casa City, was existence of very mysterious, all people want to look for opportunity to contact with him, but he has hidden on Stony Mountain, therefore they did not have opportunity. Now Zhao Hai actually suddenly came Casa City, not only these big business, Evan has alarmed, but the Evan too extreme performance, although he does not want to see Zhao Hai very much, but he after is Purcell Grand Duke, lord of the country, if such sees Zhao Hai, that really did not have the face. Laura naturally also immediately received information, heard that Zhao Hai came, Laura stares, yesterday she just made the hawk deliver the letter to Zhao Hai, today does Zhao Hai come? However now does not allow her to think that her immediately/on horseback to Ni'er said : Ni'er, called Grandfather Kun quickly, informed my father one while convenient.” Ni'er complied with one, turn around ran. Laura immediately/on horseback has stood, said loudly: Sergio.” Sergio although is Laura security Captain, however his strength really not much, but wins in loyally and devotedly, moreover grew with the Laura time, is not that type Warrior that does not have the brains, now can also be Laura handles something, must, he look like exceeding of Steward to look like security Captain.

Sergio immediately ran from outside, on him has not put on full body armor, but puts on simple warrior cloth, after coming, immediately/on horseback bows to Laura said : young lady.” Laura nodded said : to go quickly, opens the main entrance, prepares to greet mister to arrive at any time, was right, immediately/on horseback told that kitchen, making them prepare delicious, how regardless of today must keep mister to have a food in here.” Sergio complied with one, immediately/on horseback went to explain/transfer, Laura has also stood, half step walked toward own in the room, to the room, her immediately opened own closet, chose the clothes in inside, elected some little time, to select a lunar white princess skirt that oneself have most liked finally, put on the body. Kun and Karen arrived at Laura study room, has not actually seen the person, asks that the servant knows, Laura went to own room, they were the characters who the person always became a ghost, one hear of servants said that immediately understand what's the matter, Kun cannot help but with a smile to Karen said : Karen Young Master, it seems like we must a bit faster give the Laura preparation dowry.” Karen smiled, actually said : I must have a look at the person to say first.” Is the father so, sees own pretty competent daughter, for his simply has not seen smelly youngster appearance, Karen somewhat is at heart sour. Kun naturally knows the Karen psychology, the initially Laura mother gets married, Kun also has such psychology, although was saying that Kun is not the Laura Mother father, but two favours with father and daughter, therefore Kun then idea was almost same as Karen. One hear of Karen said that Kun cannot help but laughs, said : this may be beyond control you.” Was coming out from in the room in this time Laura, a white joined bodies princess skirt, this skirt has high grade spider's silk fabric becomes, seemed like attractive. Karen looked at the Laura appearance, on the face also has cannot help but shown the smiling face, but thinks that Laura was because Zhao Hai put on this, complexion cannot help but sank. Laura has not actually noted these, she arrives around them, transferred said : father, Grandfather Kun, looked that my this skirt is pretty? To trade one?” Kun said : with a laugh does not need to trade, our small Laura this was most attractive.” The Karen calm face has not spoken.

Laura also presently Karen does not suit, her puzzled to Karen said : father, your What happened? complexion so is ugly? Who annoyed you to be angry? Experimented is defeated?” Karen snort|hum said : I have been all right, good.” The board a dirty look was entering study room, makes Laura to be confused, how don’t know Karen this was. In this time, outside neighing is transmitting, then the Sergio sound conveys said : Mr. Zhao Hai, in mister is quick requests personally, the young lady is in wait for you.” Laura one hear of Sergio said that immediately/on horseback has put in order the skirt, before big gate walks, before she arrives at big gate time, happen to Zhao Hai and Green they walk from gate, three people have not ridden in immediately/on horseback, the horse have given the servant in Faith Mansion , Sergio have been directing three people to walk toward inside. Laura moved forward to meet somebody hastily, collects skirt ritual said : to welcome mister to arrive to Zhao Hai, Laura greets late, asking mister should not be offended.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : Miss Laura was too polite, today I emerge for a while, but comes in the city to transfer the extension, and nothing, instead to disturbs Miss Laura, the young lady please excuse me.” Laura smiles said : mister to come, is Laura has been honored, Mister Green is good, in Miss Meg is good, is quick requests personally.” Green and Meg also give Laura to salute, then gives Kun to salute, this went to Laura study room under eagerly anticipating of Laura. Enters study room several people cannot help but have gawked, Karen face smelly sitting in there, two eyes tight is staring at Zhao Hai, probably Zhao Hai is his personal enemy is the same, this arrived at makes to be shocked Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked down own body, anything has not suited, carefully looked at Karen, has probably not seen, where also really don’t know offended Karen at once. Zhao Hai cannot help but stopped footsteps, turns the head to Laura said : Miss Laura, this is?” Laura presently Karen complexion is not right, but at this time, is not inquisitive Karen, but with a smile to Zhao Hai said : this is my father.” Zhao Hai one hear is the Laura father, at heart one tight, walks up hastily, respectful Zhao Hai has seen the uncle to Karen gave a salute said :, takes the liberty visit, asking the uncle should not be offended.”

Karen although is angry, but that is also when father to daughter does not abandon, does not have a grudge with Zhao Hai, now looks at the Zhao Hai such low attitude, moreover is so polite, his immediately/on horseback is somewhat embarrassed, has stood hastily, held said : mister to be too polite Zhao Hai, your several times has rescued Laura successively, I must well thank you were right.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : uncle to cross shape, was only Lu Jian is uneven, the uncle do not care.” Laura looks at Karen such performance, this relaxed, quickly said: Father, you such have not stood with Elder Brother Hai were speaking, sits quickly.” Now in the room does not have the bystander, therefore Laura very natural calling Zhao Hai is Elder Brother Hai, one hear of she such called, Karen complexion was also ugly. However Karen has had the Noble education after all since childhood, very politeness asked Zhao Hai to sit down, Zhao Hai to was somewhat anxious, careful sitting to Karen side. Laura looked at several people in one room, turns the head to with Sergio said : Sergio, you draw back, calling two Undead Creature to defend the gate, other people did not permit to depend, you paid attention to a point, if there is any specially urgent situation, personally was called me by you.” Sergio complied with one, turn around has gotten down, but also gently was Laura doorkeeper closes. Karen some look at Laura of being perplexed, Laura looked at Sergio to draw back, this turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, here not to have the bystander, picked the hat, Grandpa Green was also, Meg, be not standing, sat quickly.” Zhao Hai and Green he he the chuckle, has picked the hat and hard helmet, Karen somewhat shocking look at Zhao Hai, he really has not actually thought that Zhao Hai is younger, wants to come in him who he imagines, Zhao Hai in young, over 30 years old should also have, over 30 years old, can reach the Zhao Hai altitude, that is extremely talented, has not actually thought that looks at the Zhao Hai age, probably also not be less than 20 years old. Laura also sat, how many people Ni'er to arrived in sub, this has fallen back on Laura, Laura look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Elder Brother Hai today, not only to stroll? What matter has?” Zhao Hai smiles said : today not to have what matter, wants to come to see, was right, while convenient in giving your several small gifts.” Said hand one revolution, three Space Bag appears in Zhao Hai in hand. Zhao Hai puts on Space Bag the table, smiles said : to Laura this is to give your gift, Space Bag, inside has ten square meters Space, you have a look and do not use.” Laura they have gawked, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai so is unexpectedly natural, make a move is on Continent Space equipment of valuable non- city, this stemmed from their anticipation.