Chapter 205 Sudden change Has not waited for Laura to begin, Karen first has taken up Space Bag, carefully looked, this Space Bag looks like looks like the ordinary cloth sack, the dust color, in the bag mouth place is a yellow small hemp rope, does not look like a point extraordinary place, on some manufactures compared with Continent fine women many were inferior with the handbag. Like the bag, if you throw him to a Madame Noble or the young lady in front, did not tell them this is Space Bag, they feared that will be sorts will not sort, had a liking for one unable. But Karen looks is actually not this, he in looking for this Space Bag Magic Formation in there, Karen is Magic Formation researcher, he most likes Magic Formation on various research types of Magic apparatus, but the general Space thing, above has exquisite Magic Formation, moreover this Magic Formation needs Space Magician be able to activate, but also is good in level very high Space Magician, otherwise has Magic Formation a little with not having spatially. But the so-called activation, was actually a process of seal, after Space Magician to Advanced level, can use own Magic strength, divided Space to come, then got up this Space seal, this was the process of activation. But Magic Formation on Space equipment, to put it bluntly is one type of very special seal Magic Formation, the most important function, Space seal activated that Space Magician divides, letting the person can use at any time. For this reason, therefore on Continent general Space Magic apparatus, with made of metal, moreover by many made of metal, because of that seal Magic Formation, is very high regarding the request of metal, is very difficult to manufacture. Like is actually Space Bag that Zhao Hai takes, the Space Magic apparatus of this bag sample, on Continent never have appears , listens not to hear, Karen is certainly curious. Karen took Space Bag to size up carefully, does not have presently a point special place, took up is rope of bag mouth carefully was looking, anything does not have presently, cannot help but the knitting the brows head, hit turned on the bag mouth. His dozen of long bag mouths, Magic Formation projection suddenly appears in bag mouth there, this Magic Formation projection is the blue color, probably blue light of firefly firefly. Karen has pondered, he bag mouth one revolution, that Magic Formation projection is also rotating along with the direction of bag mouth, Karen covers Magic Formation on a chair, then said : receives!” That chair immediately vanished, Karen said : puts!” That chair appears in original position.

Karen nodded said : „, this Magic Formation is not used for the seal, but is used to gather with release, good thing, how this to make?” Was saying while was lost in thought. Zhao Hai they dumbfounded look at Karen, Zhao Hai also wants to Karen to explain that this Space Bag uses, has not actually thought that Karen so is unexpectedly intelligent, one makes unexpectedly understand uses, but was this response too also strange? Laura looks at the Karen appearance, knows that he fell into Magic Formation research to go, now is you fires a gun in his ear, he could not hear, cannot help but smiled bitterly Elder Brother Hai do not care to Zhao Hai said :, my father was this, he liked research Magic Formation and Magic thing, research got up anything to forget.” The Zhao Hai look at Karen appearance, looking pensive, the Karen appearance too like these frantic scientists, for research their topics, they can forget oneself, the person is worth admiring. Zhao Hai shook the head said : uncle's such person is really rare, because had uncle's such person, Magic on Continent can unfold to this degree.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai quart Karen, cannot help but sweet smile, put out a hand to take up Space Bag, in hand careful look at, Zhao Hai smiles said : usage just you also to see, this Space Bag was not very big, be only about ten cubic meters, crossed thing of this volume unable to install.” Laura delighted said : was very good, currently Space equipment on Continent almost in these Great Noble in hand control, where our will be having, moreover hears their in hand Space equipment, is not very big, this is very good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to like well, this thing for me, is not difficult to obtain, but cannot take too, such was too conspicuous.” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, this thing I will not reveal that easily, Elder Brother Hai today for this matter?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is, today for this matter, wants while convenient transfers the extension to Casa City, was right, do I want to ask you to help me buy some fries, don’t know this have the whereabouts?” Laura knit the brows said : this fry to be easy to buy, I have the method, the issue in this transportation, fry very fragile, the place that from buying, to Stony Mountain there, fears is only one out of ten survive, therefore I had not bought.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : originally because of this, that did not have the issue, you contacted with the good buyer, subscribed the goods, when the time comes sent for looking for me, I took.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: Good, my immediately gives you to relate, when here related, I was sending for looking for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, just about to says anything, actually suddenly complexion changes, gains ground to Green said : Grandpa Green, some people of attack Stony Mountain, our immediately/on horseback goes back.” Green stares, then complexion changes, said : that two eyes cold light sparkles good balls, really to come.” Said that has stood, wrapped own head the hard helmet conveniently, Zhao Hai has also taken Magic Hat, three people have stood. Zhao Hai turned the head to Laura said : Laura, Stony Mountain there to have an accident, I wanted immediately/on horseback to go back, cross several days, if had the time I to come to see you, was right, your here was also careful, I feared that this time person was Carlos sends.” Laura and Kun had also stood at this time, their complexion also very difficult looked that they have also thought Markey Family will possibly send, but has not thought that so will be quick. The Laura nod to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, my here will not have the matter, you are careful.” The Zhao Hai nod has complied with one, was leading Green and Meg leave Faith Mansion , rides a horse leave fast Casa City. One to Casa City outside, they found a nobody's place, entered Space with horse, then flashes body appears in Cyan Stone Villa courtyard. Villa here to is also calm, after all Villa here currently has Cai'er to assume personal command, these come the attack person really to attack to climb mountains, resulted in Cai'er that pass/test to enter courtyard, let alone they now have not been able to attack to climb mountains, is ripping to kill with these Undead Creature at the foot of the hill. Zhao Hai three people of appears in Villa, immediately walked toward at the foot of the hill, Zhao Hai also release Zhao Wen with Cai'er, Zhao Wen same has lain simultaneously in the head of Zhao Hai, Cai'er sits on his shoulder. Then Zhao Hai release Imaginary Beast Hawk, he to has wanted to have a look, these time comes attack they to have many people. Three people to have not worried, slowly has arrived at the foot of the hill, has not actually gone out of Dark mist, but stands in Dark mist, Cai'er wields, screen same projection appears in Zhao Hai their front, because now monitor area was also big, therefore Zhao Hai can very clear seeing outside situation.

Outside is the person who some makes the mercenary appearance, is fighting with these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai keeps here Undead Creature is not many, but mostly is some Expert, like Zhao Ga, Zhao Shi Zhao Jie they, these person of that is not affable, what most important is, currently here also has Buffy and beforehand attack Laura by these Undead Creature that the hawk grasps, the population are also many. The Zhao Hai release hawk, wants to have a look, the opposite party also has any reinforcement not to have, these hawks encircle in the airborne scout suspect, from Casa City there to Stony Mountain here, Zhao Hai suspected that the opposite party will possibly besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements, gathers round Stony Mountain here to carry on attack, but true Assassin actually ambushes them who hurries back from Casa City in the halfway, but the opposite party has not thought that Zhao Hai they have Space, can in a flash on returned to Stony Mountain here. The quick these hawks have report back, in their present halfway has not had the ambush, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, although outside encircles attack Stony Mountain mercenary to have many now, enough about thousand people, but does not have what true Expert, how many Magician there are, level is also not very high, how many large-scale Magician put, Magic a little could not follow, what therefore simply they have not constituted to threaten to Zhao Ga, by strength like this attack Stony Mountain here, obviously was impossible, what's all this about? Zhao Hai told Green own guess, Green shook the head said : Young Master, I thought that we are inferior to outside returned to Casa City there to go, then bit by bit the round trip walks, having a look at them to have the ambush, do you look?” Reason that Green said that is because in this world had too many means to evade scout of person, did not say other, was only a magic of making oneself invisible can not make these hawks see, if the opposite party wanted to ambush them, can think that completely safe means that will not look like previous time to ambush Laura to be so careless. Reason that the previous time is to ambush Laura is so careless , because they are underprepared, has not thought that Laura dares to begin, these time has the desire stratagem obviously, that certainly will have the completely safe preparation. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we go back, round trip slowly walks, I to am have a look at them also to have the subsequent party.” Said three people of returned to in courtyard, added to Casa City they to enter to Space there, then sat on the body of Alien, fast walked toward Stony Mountain here. Reason that must such worry , because Zhao Hai wants to set an appearance to come, making these people think that they sharply are going back to rescue, therefore observes all around without enough time, makes one to ambush his opportunity to these people.