Chapter 206 One Person Becomes a Thousand Proceeds to catch up, Zhao Hai while is paying attention to all around situation through monitor projection, Green and Meg are also paying attention, these anything magic of making oneself invisible, even if can hide the truth from the excellent eye, cannot hide the truth from monitor to be right. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, they walked for two hours, does not have existence of existing enemy, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, in proceeding for about a half hour, soon arrived at Stony Mountain there, there obviously was not a best ambush place. Green is a little also in doubt, he also with Zhao Hai is the same idea, thinks that the enemy will ambush them in the halfway, now simply does not have the present person, this arrives stems from his anticipation, his puzzled look at screen said : they have not thought can ambush in the halfway?” In this time, on suddenly screen appears a piece green, moreover rapid increase that the green point may look up by the naked eye, this makes Zhao Hai their several dumbfounded, don’t know. Before long these green points have surrounded them unexpectedly, Green has thought of anything probably, suddenly complexion changes said : Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying!” Zhao Hai and Laura stare, they puzzled turning the head look at Green, don’t know this saying was any meaning, Green looks at their said : Young Master not to need to look, actually outside present only then a person, but also it can be said that had 1000 individuals, this person was very famous on Continent, he was on Continent very famous Assassin, drew cash the management, what most important was, this person was 7th level Warrior, simultaneously he was Divergent Warlock !” Divergent Warlock ?” Zhao Hai and Meg have simultaneously called out in alarm, first several days they just said that own Divergent Warlock , has not thought that today has met Divergent Warlock , copes with their Divergent Warlock . Zhao Hai cannot help but made Alien stop, but in Zhao Hai their surroundings, minimum has encircled 1000 individuals, what was strangeest, this 1000 individual long, wore the same clothes, was taking same weapon, the posture that but their in hand assumed was different. But Green at this time also calm, his coldly looked at all around these person's shadow one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : well, Divergent Warlock , Xu Wanying has one very unusually, Doppelganger that also enviable Divergent Technique, Doppelganger Technique, his Doppelganger Technique divides is not the stuffed dummy or Illusion Technique, but really the person, with was been same by his attack by his Doppelganger attack, his Doppelganger has with his same strength, most important is, this Doppelganger Technique, is can continually weapon also together Doppelganger, heard that he can branch out 1000 Doppelganger many, therefore. Called Person Becomes a Thousand.” Zhao Hai said : really has not thought that will really have such Divergent Technique, was too great, no wonder the opposite party such has confidence, 1000 individuals cope with us, if before , really can make us be thrown into confusion, but now? He He Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has smiled, truly, if before , they have met Xu Wanying such Divergent Warlock , truly is the headache, but now their actually headache, first do not say that Zhao Hai Portable is bringing two 9th level Expert, even if in their top of the head is flying the hawk, quantity also not only 1000.

Green smiles said : Young Master, must go to see this Xu Wanying, this person of although is Assassin, but works is also frank, moreover does not injure and innocent, is the good person, sees well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, he knows that in Ark Continent here, general Assassin is actually mercenary, they are was not very disliked, only then these notorious, does all kinds of evil, by the person the shame, otherwise general Assassin will not be nobody will manage. Three people from Alien mouth walked out, saw outside battle formation, 1000 people, put on leather armor, in hand are taking weapon coldly look at Zhao Hai. These 1000 people long is the same, body in 1.8 m about, but actually very strong, chaotic, has handled probably never, an eye is actually the silver-gray color, this makes his look look like not in part of ones duty cold. His in hand weapon is actually Two-handed Hatchet, looks like very heavy, looked that Zhao Hai they came out, cannot help but two eyes twinkling brightly. Green stands in the Zhao Hai side, look at Xu Wanying, deep voice said : Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying, has not thought that has run into you in here, what's wrong, our these person value how much money?” Xu Wanying already thinks that he will be recognized, therefore he has not been startled, is only coldly look at Zhao Hai their said : ten thousand gold coins.” Zhao Hai cannot help laughing said : not think that we are very valuable, what? do you such have confidence us keep here?” Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai, coldly smiles said : 1000 : 3, I cannot see me to have the possibility of losing.” Who Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „saying that was 1000 : 3? You gain ground to have a look.” Xu Wanying stares, in the gaining ground bygone days looked that actually presently in sky circles many dot to be black, these small black spots dense and numerous one big looked that looks at 1000 numbers, Xu Wanying cannot help but complexion changes. Does the Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying appearance, whose person cannot help but show a faint smile said : what? to be now many? Won't you think my command(er) they?”

Xu Wanying lowered the head look at Zhao Hai, shook the head said : I to believe you to be able command(er) they, but I by taking others wealth, must naturally handle matters for others, kills!” Said that calls out one to throw toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not waited, the Meg in hand to seal|confer demon iron volume turns, Angel/Emperor's Emissary protects instantaneous appears on the body of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not been idling, Earth element Magic Earth Thorn Spell of big shape has caused. This Earth Thorn Spell is Earth element attack Magic of wide scope, the attack range can be the original 100 meters, but the lethality is not very high, general Warrior, so long as jumped to hide. However now is used for the anti- enemy in good not to have, was calling Xu Wanying by the anti- flash, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff was wielded continually, each and every one Stone Giant appears in the Zhao Hai surroundings, has blocked attack for Zhao Hai. Green does not have make a move to help Zhao Hai, this is rare actual combat opportunity, Green wants to make Zhao Hai try the hand, currently the Zhao Hai side also has Zhao Wen and Cai'er in any case, his security Green will not be worried. But at this time these hawks in sky, to Xu Wanying make a move, these hawk each and every one was screaming from airborne swoops, their present fighting strength are not weak, this throws is really the power and prestige is strict, Evil Qi is steaming. Xu Wanying never expected Zhao Hai unexpectedly such hard to deal with, what most important is, in information that he obtains, but only said that Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, had not said that Zhao Hai also meets Earth element Magic, moreover can command(er) Magic Beast fight, that Magic Beast all over the body blood red, looked that is not good to deal with. After these hawks throw, Xu Wanying regretted, he has not thought that fighting strength unexpectedly of hawk such, moreover their claw return very strange, oneself axe blocks his claw, feeling own Battle Qi outflow fast, unexpectedly quick several times has continued compared with normally consumption, this makes Xu Wanying not complain of hardship at heart secretly by. However at this moment, suddenly Alien face upwards a keenly blowing, fierce throws toward Zhao Hai on, don’t know, he turned into a Zombie big alligator, that throws fast, saw that Zhao Hai that strikes has not evaded. Green and Meg are one startled, they have stood in the Zhao Hai side, simply do not have protection behind Alien, has not thought that Alien will have changed at this time. In shouting angrily of Green just resounded, Alien threw the body of Zhao Hai, but Alien actually opens mouth, swallowed Zhao Hai, moreover don’t know, he turned into the skeleton appearance, when he just swallowed Zhao Hai, his head suddenly appears a sword, straight thorn on his skull. Clang!, sword mark appears in the head of Alien, this sword effort , the head of Alien cannot help but downward sank together, one of the bang pounded the ground.

Green and Meg to this time understand, just Alien simply do not injure Zhao Hai, but must rescue Zhao Hai, they have not thought that nearby this is hiding unexpectedly also fierce Assassin, suddenly stuck out suddenly unexpectedly to Zhao Hai moved attack, if were not Alien prompt make a move, the consequence also was really inconceivable. Actually Zhao Hai Green they not presently, when Alien just about to moves, Cai'er already appears on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, Zhao Wen also appears in the Zhao Hai top of the head, even if Alien does not throw, Zhao Hai will not have the matter, but Cai'er and Zhao Wen are not big, therefore nobody presently. But at this time that suddenly appears Assassin, does not feel better, Alien just may, not only has rescued Zhao Hai, meanwhile has used attack for these Assassin, must know that Alien is spiritual variation Undead Creature, this Spiritual Attack originally is his specialty, such suddenly has given that person, these somewhat cannot certainly bear. However that person is to have the strict training, presently after attack is defeated, immediately wants to retreat, but Green there to this opportunity, spirit wind sword make a move, will actually attack to that person. Zhao Hai now is also cold sweat, he has not thought, that Assassin Stealth Technique unexpectedly such fierce, unexpectedly including Laura not presently he. Thinks that here Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one tight, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er , helping Grandpa Green, certainly cannot make that Assassin run.” Cai'er has complied with one, does not see her to have any movement, but in suddenly appears of Green side to these Assassin of war Space rift, then several vines has actually been extending from inside, toward that person of draw off. This highlights attack that it decides to make these greatly surprised, the personal appearance dodge continually, has let with great difficulty, but has not actually thought that several vines actually among suddenly vanished, when he is startled, he behind silent appears Space rift, then several vines have extended, one gave to entangle strong/sturdy him, on the vine the tiny fibrous root looked like a root root steel needle one under jabbed into his within the body, bountiful was the tolerance of that person is astonishing, pain stuffy snort|hum a sound.