Chapter 207 Blood Oath However the matter has not ended, these small fibrous roots jab into that Assassin within the body, like taking root, starts to go all out attracts that Assassin flesh and blood, only skill of a twinkling, that Assassin unexpectedly vanished at the scene! Zhao Hai they believe firmly that they have not misread, that Assassin vanished, only the remaining tattered clothes with almost transparent Rapier, completely vanished, no matter the skin that remained, the bone, the blood or the meat, vanished clean, as if among Heaven and Earth did not have appears a person to be so same. Zhao Hai they dull look at there, after these vines attract that Assassin did not have, one curls up that Rapier, then vanished in Space rift. That Assassin minimum has the 8th level Expert strength, 8th level did Expert, among in the blink of an eye attracting vanish by Cai'er? even/including Gentou have not stayed behind, this, this also too formidable? In Zhao Hai their heads almost simultaneous has flashed through these words, if that Assassin does not arrive at 8th level , simply is impossible to hide the truth from Green, but 8th level Assassin, to assassinate intentionally, even if Green cannot shunt. Such strength, in the Cai'er front, but two put in an appearance vanishes in Heaven and Earth, a dregs did not have remaining, such strength was to really let Zhao Hai they felt that the heart was startled. Zhao Hai turns the head the look at Cai'er adorable little guy, felt that she momentarily can grow tail two sharp horn probably, turns into a small devil. Cai'er look at Zhao Hai appearance, puzzled said : Young Master? Has any wrong? Zhao Hai calm a mood, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you that Assassin eating?” Cai'er look at Zhao Hai, puzzled said : what was eats? He died, naturally turned into fertilizer, I am colored, what incorrect absorbs fertilizer to have? In Demon Realm there, after life form in Magic Beast and Demon Realm died, except for turning into Undead Creature, general will be attracted by me, moreover they initiative makes me absorb, strangely what does this have?” Zhao Hai is dumbfounded, regarding Cai'er, but also is really such a matter, her main body is plants, plants that can divide any good and evil, they must seek the nutrition to grow.

Zhao Hai does not want to go saying that with Cai'er he such does not do right, itself that because Cai'er makes does not have what mistake, in this time Xu Wanying probably also present that Assassin killed matter, his complexion cannot help but changes. That Assassin is this time employer sends to help his, for must complete this time duty, but commission that he obtains, is ten thousand gold coins, but this ten thousand gold coins do not want the Zhao Hai life, but to help that Assassin is attracting Zhao Hai their attention, gives that Assassin to create one one to strike to kill Zhao Hai opportunity. Assassin is not a fool, has money that the life makes dies to spend, they will not gain, the Zhao Hai strength, Xu Wanying before meeting duty has inquired, minimum has the 8th level strength, moreover his side also with several 8th level Expert, if ten thousand gold coins must buy the Zhao Hai life, Xu Wanying will not meet such duty, the risk is too big. However hires good that his person said that this ten thousand gold coins make him help the attraction attention, Xu Wanying then received this duty, now that Assassin died, was this time duty failed on equal to, he does not want to remain to go all out with Zhao Hai. But at this time Zhao Hai also from Alien within the body walked out, on his shoulder sits Cai'er, the head is going against Zhao Wen, this will not have the matter. He just one walked from Alien within the body, sees with Xu Wanying and his minute of shade of hawk war, unexpectedly disappearance slowly, first is being these Doppelganger reductions, before long Xu Wanying vanished from the battlefield. Zhao Hai stares, immediately understand, just these Xu Wanying on the scene, are Doppelganger, but his main body don’t know hides in there. Green also saw this situation, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, cannot make him run, making him run, the bystander knew our here matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Zhao Wen said : Little Wen, found him, catches him.” Zhao Wen has complied with one, flew, then the flashes body vanished in same place. Meaning of Zhao Hai understand Green, if today made Xu Wanying run, he can the Earth element Magic matter, others know, is adding on him also to be able the hawk of command(er) space, but also in Cai'er make a move, all these will expose, but these thing, actually all were the Zhao Hai cards in a hand, did not want absolutely can not, should better not to know. Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, do't just can take that person of that sword? Puts out to come to see.” Cai'er has complied with one, a sword one on appears in Zhao Hai front, this material quality very special of sword, has seemed like probably transparent, but actually does not reflect light, moreover is extremely thin, what most important is, this sword unexpectedly is a soft sword.

Zhao Hai is taking this almost transparent soft sword, cannot believe really that in this world will really have such thing, even if on Earth, wants to make such sword to come not to be easy, big Ark Continent here, this does make the sword? Looks at this appearance of sword, probably is very sharp, Zhao Hai cannot help but took in hand Ghost Staff to knock this sword, has not actually thought that he just had knocked that sword two with Ghost Staff, saw on Magic Staff that Skull two eyes red light flashes, then Skull mouth suddenly opened, has bitten that the sword, when Zhao Hai has not responded, that sword biting a piece, was one after several other, has eaten that sword giving. Zhao Hai their dumbfounded standing in there, don’t know this is any situation, in this time, Cai'er is turning the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, just Space had analyzed, this sword is one type of unknown beast bone makes, that beast bone not only very sharp, but also tenacious is full, the degree of hardness also comparing favorably with steel and iron, after Magic Staff eats, Magic Staff can at any time turn into the appearance of soft sword, even if you do not want to turn into the soft sword, Magic Staff can also become may be possible to be soft hardly, tenacious was full.” Is this to a pleasant surprise, Zhao Hai great happiness look at Cai'er said : really? This does Magic Staff have such ability?” Before Cai'er smiles said : does not have, since I entered Space with Little Wen, in Space had this ability, in Space had this ability, Magic Staff naturally also had, he he.” Zhao Hai great happiness, unhappy took up Magic Staff to look, Magic Staff that appearance, could not see had anything special came, his cannot help but two hands was taking Magic Staff, bent, has not actually thought that look at was hard, the Crystal same stick body, actually one bent the arch. Zhao Hai gawked, loosened hand, Magic Staff changed the original appearance, Zhao Hai has taken up Magic Staff, knocked knocking toward nearby Alien on, dāng dāng has made noise, appeared very hard. Zhao Hai satisfied nod, this Magic Staff with changes according to his regard stiffens softly, is really good thing, at this time Zhao Wen flew from the distant place, but Xu Wanying, was being grasped by increasing Zhao Wen in her former claw. Before long before Zhao Wen arrived at Zhao sea surface, a loose claw lost the ground Xu Wanying, she changed is young, fell the head of Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this fellow was really sly, his main body to the here almost more than 1000 meters, moreover hid in forest, was not really good to look.” Zhao Hai smiles said : he , if good to look, that did not use our Little Wen personally make a move, said Little Wen, what today wants to eat?” Now Zhao Wen eats is Blue Eye Rabbit that in Space produces, she eats to is not many, moreover these Blue Eye Rabbit flavors are also very good, now that turned into Zhao Wen most to like things to eat. Rabbit!” The Zhao Hai expected answer, Zhao Wen is more like a child compared with Cai'er, Cai'er with are not many, therefore appears somewhat naive, but Zhao Wen actually really likely child who the person contacts.

Zhao Hai complied with Zhao Wen, this turns the head to look to ground Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying fainted evidently, has not died, Zhao Hai turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, what to do did you look to want him?” Green somewhat is also awkward, making Xu Wanying live, this that his very much protect secret, like this, might as well has killed him, turns into the security that him Undead Creature comes, thinks of here, Green two eyes Limans flashes said : Young Master, only then the deceased person can keep secret, has killed him.” Zhao Hai some are at heart uncomfortable, he to is not strange Green is stingy, but also not too the custom kills this type person who does not have the rebel ability. In this time, in allow Wanli who the ground lay down is actually turning over, knelt asks mister do not kill me to Zhao Hai said : on the ground, I am willing to become the mister slave, asking mister to forgive me.” Zhao Hai and Green have not thought that really Xu Wanying such quickly awoke, did they look at one mutually, Zhao Hai turned the head look at Xu Wanying said : become my slave? You are the sincerity? Under can want Blood Oath?” This Blood Oath is not chaotic, after Blood Oath, cannot in violating the pledge, otherwise is punished, this not like Earth on, oath such as eating together cabbage, this Blood Oath one, but, cannot violate, otherwise the whole body blood will flow backwards, finally heart suddenly to crack dies. allow Wanli hesitant, then clenches teeth, has broken by biting the finger with the mouth, has gotten down Blood Oath at the scene, when allow Wanli ends Blood Oath, Zhao Hai felt one and between allow Wanli were probably many relation of one type of mysterious, allow Wanli became was probably same as these Undead Creature, he made allow Wanli live allow Wanli to live, he made allow Wanli die, allow Wanli cannot live. Looked that allow Wanli vowed, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, after you, with me, walks, we go to Stony Mountain.” Said that turn around entered Alien within the body, allow Wanli also followed, arrives at Alien within the body he to be startled, he has not thought that Alien within the body unexpectedly is this appearance, but he has not said anything, honest sitting to Zhao Hai, lowers the head does not dare to make noise.