Chapter 208 Shock of Xu Wanying Zhao Hai has not managed Xu Wanying, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, it seems like our beforehand guesses are correct, they want to besiege a stronghold in order to strike at the reinforcements, so long as it seems like we go back, the Stony Mountain there warning can relieve.” Green nodded, turns the head to Xu Wanying said : Xu Wanying, these does time hire your is Markey Family?” Xu Wanying nodded said : „, these time hires my is Markey Family five Young Master Carlos, just that Assassin was also Carlos sends to me, duty that my lord wanted was helps that Assassin attract the Master attention, then quite made Assassin begin to Master, asking Master to forgive.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : at that time we are an enemy, the standpoint is different, does not have anything, later asked me Young Master to be OK, I did not like some people calling me Master.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, at heart is actually a loosen, he also really feared that Zhao Hai looks for his true with this matter, now he Blood Oath became the Zhao Hai slave, Zhao Hai has the authority to handle him, this is he biggest a piece worry. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to the Xu Wanying mood, in any case after them, must buy the slave, Xu Wanying has gotten down Blood Oath, such slave ratio buys is loyal, therefore Zhao Hai was also trusts to Xu Wanying. Zhao Hai then looked like to Green said : Markey Family really must begin, that Assassin I looked not necessarily am Markey Family, possibly was the Carlos person, this possibly was a probe, true attack also in behind.” Green nodded said : is Carlos is not perhaps willingly such gives Clan this to the fat of mouth, therefore wants to carry on last time diligently also perhaps, the person who this time he sends in any case, besides that Assassin, did not have no Expert, but Xu Wanying was he spends to invite, regarding Carlos, that son money simply, no matter anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, sneers said : he to send for me making him send, he wants to ask the person to make him invite, I to am have a look at some of his how much money to spend, just wait, waited for this time us to tidy up him conveniently, made Laura receive the entire Aksu Empire business, Markey Family, snort|hum, has annoyed us, do not want to feel better.” Green sneered said : Markey Family is sight long time too, but also regarded itself a character, what Clan was Purcell Family that? That is pure established Noble, Clan has own duchy, has own army, these were Markey Family can compared with resulting in? said it, these year of Markey Family offended many people, these people wait eagerly to look for their troubles, in this during, they also dares to offend us unexpectedly, but must put right with Purcell Family, really courts death, after this time, Markey Family is undead must dig up the skin, but looked that we can obtain many advantage.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : advantage we not to need to think, this advantage gave Laura and Evan they, like this they can closer related with us in together, he he, said it, we did not have the manpower to snatch these advantage are not.”

Green nodded said : also well, he he, so long as Young Master marries Laura, that was the person wealth two results.” Zhao Hai not bears to Green said : Grandpa Green, this saying do not speak irresponsibly, made that resembles us is the Fig. Laura wealth is the same.” Green smiles said : we to attempt their wealth to do, Laura can have had also been lucky today we, others don’t know, she is very clear, otherwise such will not take seriously Young Master, right Young Master, we should notify to Miss Laura, avoid he was worried.” Zhao Hai nodded said : and other returned to Stony Mountain, was giving Miss Laura to write a letter, now we go back to have a look at the situation.” Green nodded, but Xu Wanying continuously in Zhao Hai static is listening to several people of words, to be honest, he did not know about these matters that he is only Assassin, moreover in Assassin of Purcell Duchy here activity, did not complain about him not to have the mood to know regarding graciousness grievances of here surface. However now he is the Zhao Hai slave, situation that naturally must understand the here surface. Now one hear of Green their dialogs, Xu Wanying feels the heart startled, the here surface involved Markey Family and Purcell Family unexpectedly, these two Clan on Continent were very famous Clan, did not do well the consequence to be inconceivable. Thinks of here, Xu Wanying is not only not angry, instead to feeling rejoicing, if this time he copes with Zhao Hai to be successful, making Purcell Family know, he ended, Purcell Family will be impolite with him, even if he were Divergent Warlock , finally feared that was also difficult to run away dies. Was speaking, they were not far from Stony Mountain, war cry Zhao Hai that Stony Mountain there transmitted has been able to hear, Zhao Hai to did not have anything special has not made Alien stop, straight overran toward Stony Mountain. Cai'er sat on the shoulder of Zhao Hai at this time, the hand wields, monitor projection in appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai they careful look at that projection, complete has not noted Xu Wanying that shocking appearance. But Xu Wanying first time sees monitor projection this thing, moreover this supposes the shade in the screen compared with Space Villa be much bigger, above person each and every one has the size, looks clear. Zhao Hai has sized up situation in the battlefield carefully, the people of these mercenary appearance, the strength is not very strong, simply cannot overrun to the mountain, now died many people.

Zhao Hai looked at the projection above map, has several green points to stay on the Stony Mountain opposite mountain has not moved, evidently is command(er) that these time moves. Zhao Hai has selected green that several, a projection revolution, that several green point enlarging, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, position that several green point institutes are, unexpectedly appears three Dark Magician. Three Dark Magician, the person who in adding on two makes the mercenary appearance stands on a Stony Mountain opposite mountain, look at Stony Mountain there, look at Alien. Xu Wanying dumbfounded look at all these, all these left his imagination, he has with Magician has contacted, conversely, by having to complete duty, he has the cooperation with many Magician, but has not actually seen Magic like Zhao Hai. He has thought what Zhao Hai use is Magic, on this Continent Magic was really too mysterious, what ability no matter the people had, only if were extremely Yu Chang, generally will be considered as Magic. He also sees some Magician to use scout Magic, but that scout Magic only then Magician know, moreover listened to these Magician saying that thing that they saw was also fuzzy, was not very clear. But Zhao Hai the is actually complete is different, that person is the same with Daoist/actual person, looks including their movements clear, Xu Wanying even saw fine body hair on the Dark Magician. Zhao Hai careful look at that three Dark Magician, Green shouted tone said : this Carlos really to be attentive at this time, these time looked for three Dark Magician to cope with us unexpectedly, it seems like they want to make that three Dark Magician find the way to trig Young Master Undead Creature, he he, the idea was good.” High level Dark Magician, can snatch low level Dark Magician summoned creatures, especially Undead Creature of that native place, but wants level to suffice to be good high, because must snatch, he not only need deal with that Dark Magician, must be able to trig these Undead Creature, equal to is dealing with Spiritual Attack of two people. But Carlos these time looks for these three Magician to come, to cope with these Undead Creature obviously, they were calling Zhao Hai leave time copes with these Undead Creature, because Zhao Hai is not, therefore these Magician must cope with these Undead Creature more relaxed. However Zhao Hai was actually not worried that his these Undead Creature common these are different from Continent on, moreover level is very high, even if had not been subdued by him, that several Magician when meeting such level Undead Creature, can teach the clothing/taking them not necessarily, do not say now.

Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to want not to stay behind them? Let them they keep company what kind of Drunk? Now Drunk they have sent with Laura, our in hand available person has been short.” Green smiles said : first to put, making them say to Carlos our here situation, avoid Carlos returned unwilling to give up, made the Markey Family person know, we were not affable.” Zhao Hai smiles said : also well, such person could not produce anything to threaten to us, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you exited, repelled these mercenary.” Xu Wanying stares, has not thought that Zhao Hai will select his name at this time, but he has not hesitated, has complied with one, exited from the body of Alien, after outside, has picked up mercenary Great Sword conveniently, melts Doppelganger, kills toward these mercenary there. Green puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, enabling these Undead Creature charges to solve these mercenary, sending Xu Wanying to exit to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Xu Wanying is Carlos sent to cope our, now his suddenly begins to these mercenary, you said that makes Carlos know thinks? Carlos thinks certainly that was Xu Wanying betrayed them, he will not let off Xu Wanying, in this case, Xu Wanying can only with us, otherwise only then died, although had Blood Oath to restrain him, but must cut off his all rear guards, made his relieved was good with us.” Green stares, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai thinks, but thinks that Zhao Hai such does also right, because Xu Wanying although the Blood Oath reason will not betray Zhao Hai, but if not strike him, he can have the disloyalty, even if he does not dare to betray Zhao Hai, but works to be present at work does not strive or has the possibility, such words Zhao Hai will also be very bothersome.