Chapter 209 Status Xu Wanying exits Zhao Hai not to care that he is still paying attention to that three Dark Magician, he wants to know that three Dark Magician will have anything to move. Can be sent to cope with them by Carlos, that level should not be low the meeting, what method will they have to cope with him? Just is thinking, Alien suddenly was actually in a tumult, Zhao Hai stares, then immediately understand, the opposite party thinks control Alien, then in copes with them, this arrives stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but he changed mind one to want also on understand, the opposite party definitely was knows them in Alien within the body, therefore thinks that must cope with Alien, so long as these person of control Alien, has been able to cope with them through Alien. Hits is really good scheme, but this can scheme be able to fire does not say, first did not say Zhao Hai has Space such big cheating, on the light is Alien, is not good to cope, Alien is spiritual variation Undead Creature, these fellows look for Alien to calculate that they have bad luck. However to be safe, Zhao Hai was bringing Green and Meg entered Cyan Stone Villa from Space, sat in the living room look at outside situation. Alien very violent is hot-tempered obviously, obviously his also present opposite party must cope with him, moreover Zhao Hai leave, Alien can also feel relieved bold coped with that three Magician, therefore and other Zhao Hai leave, Alien immediately threw in that three Magician direction. Zhao Hai look at Alien sound, has not said anything, if that three Dark Magician drop, that all easy to do, if not drop, that has not done right by, keeps this to give Zhao Hai to work as the slave. Meg put out the pot to be possible sub to come up to Zhao Hai and Green, then sat in there, with Zhao Hai their static was staring at the screen, now these mercenary had more than 100 people of casualties, moreover they cannot attack now including the Stony Mountain foot, this also made them feel an intermittent fear. Zhao Hai feared the opposite party knows are too many, therefore has not made these hawks help, but makes these Undead Creature deal with. Zhao Hai they in situation regarding battlefield, but also has not cared, they want to take a look at Alien whether to can have tidied up that three Dark Magician. That three Dark Magician have not thought obviously, Alien unexpectedly present they, moreover directly soared them to come, their don’t know Zhao Hai they walked, thinks that Zhao Hai they still sit in Alien within the body, cannot help but somewhat flustered at once. Their this hurried, naturally dropped to the Alien Spiritual Attack strength, the Alien itself spirit is Magic, one presently this situation, immediately knows how should do, his immediately/on horseback strengthened own spiritual force, then Spiritual Attack has counter-attacked to that three Dark Magician.

Must say that Alien is very intelligent, how fight Zhao Hai has not taught him should, his learn defensive counter-attack this move. He before by attack time, has not displayed too strong spiritual force, but defends itself not to be defeated, then overran toward that three Magician there, in that three Magician, because is flurried, reduced attack time, he came a force in suddenly at this time attack, these has created that three Dark Magician spiritual backlash. Spiritual backlash regarding Magician is most fearful, the light spirit is damaged strength plummeted, cultivation level is complete, becomes disabled person, heavy turns into the idiot, or the body dies at the scene, does not have one in any case lightly. But Alien this Spiritual Attack may a point be also heavy, numerous came to that three Magician, that three Magician personal appearance shook, are sweeping soft pouring on the ground, stood in that three Magician mercenary looked that this situation immediately ran, held to look at three people that three people have bled profusely from the head, do not have the aura. This lets that two mercenary greatly surprised, in looks at Alien that aggressive throws, was startled, without demur, immediately/on horseback ordered to retreat, after leading these commissions, ran, did not have to tidy up including the corpse of ground. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : looks like this time we were also many three assistants, Meg, called Xu Wanying.” Meg has complied with one, walks toward the mountain, Meg knows, if no agreement of Zhao Hai, Xu Wanying was on impossible to result in the mountain, let alone he was 7th level Warrior, even if were he is 8th level Warrior, was adding on his 1000 Doppelganger not to be impossible to attack climbs mountains. Xu Wanying looked that the enemies ran, received Doppelganger, stands in mountain low grade Alien, Alien on the mountain, Xu Wanying is also thinking Zhao Hai now also in Alien within the body. When are not many Alien from mountain, his mouth has been holding in the mouth that three Dark Magician, to at the foot of the hill, Alien has spat toward the ground that three Dark Magician corpse, shut up to lie in there, this arrives is made that Xu Wanying don’t know does not know what to do, must stand motionless in Alien side. In this time, a mist fluctuation on Stony Mountain, Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback is looking toward the mountain on, wants to have a look on the mountain is who gets down. When sees clearly the person time, Xu Wanying was actually shocked, his ten thousand never expected, unexpectedly is Meg that walks from the mountain. Meg looked at Xu Wanying said : Xu Wanying, Young Master in mountain high grade you, walks.” Said that turn around walks toward the mountain on, at this time Alien actually ran several steps, follows in Meg, Xu Wanying although is puzzled, but has not said anything, follows in Meg walks toward the mountain on. Walks Xu Wanying toward the mountain on while is sizing up all around situation, all around is Dark mist, his anything cannot see clearly, in don’t know that Dark mist hid many Undead Creature, this makes his does not dare to have the change, tight following in Meg. Before long arrived at Cyan Stone Villa, sees Cyan Stone Villa time, Xu Wanying was shocked, that Villa beautiful left his imagination, he also thinks Cyan Stone Villa here, like Stony Mountain other places, Dark mist covers, the gloomy terror, that thinks that here unexpectedly is piece of Flower Garden.

That vine, that seven color flower, gave people one type of such as the aesthetic sense in dream, Xu Wanying cannot help but stopped the footsteps, dull standing outside Cyan Stone Villa. Meg one hear of behind sounds of footsteps stopped, cannot help but turned the head to look at one, looked at the flower on Xu Wanying dull look at Villa, she cannot help but showed a faint smile, drank said : lightly Xu Wanying, looked at anything, came in quickly, Young Master was waiting for the person.” Xu Wanying one recovered, is busy at complying with one, entered courtyard with Merine, to be honest, manner of Xu Wanying to Meg somewhat was discontented, in his opinion Meg was also a maidservant, had anything quite horizontal. But he does not dare to display, he now just with Zhao Hai, what temperament his don’t know Zhao Hai was, offended Meg not to have the advantage at this time. After crossing courtyard, Alien found a place to lie on oneself, Meg was leading Xu Wanying to the backyard living room, entered living room Xu Wanying to stare, because he saw Zhao Hai with the Green appearance. Zhao Hai has picked the hat with Green, in Stony Mountain here, they do not use in the belt hat, moreover they did not fear that Xu Wanying dares saying that he dares to say violates the pledge, that is courts death. What Xu Wanying is surprised is the Zhao Hai age and Green present appearance, Green and Zhao Hai is sitting facing each other now, their is taking one cup of sub, drinks while chats, such that looks like Magician and is following, to likely is the whole family. Zhao Hai looked at Xu Wanying, faint said : came back.” Xu Wanying one recovers, bows to Zhao Hai hastily said : is, Young Master, what is short of him to tell?” Zhao Hai remote shook the head said : not to have what instruction, your work pretty good, since you followed me, I must make you know my status.” Xu Wanying lowering the head stands in there, however his calm, to be honest, does not let him at heart such with Zhao Hai, his some have not been glad, Zhao Hai is who, does, he was totally not saying, but the situation compared with person, he also can only become the Zhao Hai slave, Blood Oath that but also establishes. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Xu Wanying cannot help but some suspect whispers, he can hear at heart, the meaning of Zhao Hai this saying, was said probably he also had another status, he really cannot think that Zhao Hai was any status.

Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying said : you already present Blood Oath, later with us was grasshopper on a rope, I did not fear to tell you, if my status said that could not stay in Aksu Empire one day, did you fear?” Xu Wanying cannot help but jumps at heart, single knee kneels down hastily to Zhao Hai said : invites Young Master feel relieved, my Xu Wanying although is Assassin, actually also means what he says, I said that must with Young Master, after me, naturally must be utterly loyal to Young Master, invites Young Master feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, remembers your words, now you listened, my beforehand name was called Adam Buda, now changed name to call Zhao Hai Buda, I am present Buda Family Patriarch.” Xu Wanying stares, gaining ground look at Zhao Hai that then cannot believe that he never expected, Zhao Hai actually said that he is Buda Family. Buda Family is very famous on Continent, not because of others, because Buda Family was matched Black Wasteland there by Aksu Empire, these many years, first time had Noble fief to arrive at Black Wasteland by the minute, Buda Family because of this, even if thinks that is not famous difficultly. Moreover he also hears Young Master of Buda Family only remaining playboys, but also drinks Water of Nothingness, such person possibly sits in there, puts on Magician, is going against the Dark Magician reputation, will actually use Earth element Magic Zhao Hai? The Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying appearance, then said : you do not need to suspect that I am Adam Buda, but I call Zhao Hai Buda now, this is our Buda Family Chief Butler, Wind-Spirit War General Green Buda, this is his granddaughter Meg Buda.” Xu Wanying has believed now, he gives Green to salute hastily, before Green, is 8th level Expert that on Continent became famous, he had already heard the Green reputation, but had not seen Green. Same he also looks like Meg to salute, he also knows that Meg so was why arrogant, she has the arrogant capital.