Chapter 210 Southern King Xu Wanying although don’t know Meg is 6th level Magician, but he actually knows that Meg is the Green granddaughter, this she was proud enough. Green regarding the Buda Family importance, on Continent is individual knows, if not because has Green and Merine, feared that was Buda Family already made the person extinguishing, because had such idea, therefore heard that Meg was the Green granddaughter, Xu Wanying that small disaffection immediately vanishes at heart. Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, I told the you and I status, has regarded the person on one's own side you, you have gotten down Blood Oath, this life cannot betray me, but I hope that you can become my true trusted aide, I did not fear to tell you, my although has drunk Water of Nothingness, but I now was also Divergent Warlock , moreover I had the means to solve the Water of Nothingness toxin, in the future my Buda Family will certainly promote, so long as your sincerity helped me, in the future I will not treat unjustly your, but if you want to be present at work do not strive, was loaf to act slippery, that should not be strange I. impolite.” Xu Wanying bows said : Young Master to ask feel relieved, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow to vow must with you, naturally fully will help Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to come with me to Xu Wanying said :.” Said that stands up beyond the communication to walk. Xu Wanying although understand Zhao Hai is not any meaning, but with Zhao Hai walked out, before long walks large quantities of Undead Creature from outside, reason that these Undead Creature are Zombie, Xu Wanying sees these is Undead Creature , because on their faces surface very stiff, some Zombie in injury, simply do not have the blood stream to come out, each and every one face wooden standing in there. However in their hands grabbed one to two corpses, Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, first to that three Magician corpse, has used Spirit-Trapping Technique, that three Magician turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, then flushed these ordinary mercenary corpses to use Bone-Forging Technique, turned into Inferior level Undead Creature these mercenary. The meaning of Xu Wanying do not understand Zhao Hai, why Zhao Hai makes him look at these, Zhao Hai often smiles, received in all Undead Creature Space. Xu Wanying sees in courtyard flashed with brilliant rays, then all Undead Creature vanished, when he stares, these Undead Creature appears , but actually greatly changed. Just Zhao Hai use, no matter Spirit-Trapping Technique or Bone-Forging Technique, are the human corpse body turn into the skeleton, but Undead Creature that this release came all was Zombie, there had wound Zombie, was already restored such as beginning, this made the Xu Wanying heart startled not by.

Does Zhao Hai turn the head your three to name to that three Dark Magician said :?” And Zombie Dark Magician immediately/on horseback goes forward one step, bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I called Lycra, these two were my Junior Brother, he called Trey, he called Mike.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to come in me, I have the matter to ask you.” Said that turn around entered the room, Xu Wanying actually face shocking look at these three Zombie Dark Magician. Zombie Xu Wanying has seen, he, when Assassin, one time cooperates with Dark Magician, that Dark Magician summoned creatures is Zombie, but that Dark Magician Zombie may not have Zhao Hai this Zombie to be so intelligent, this looks like simply likely is not Zombie, if not the expression is wooden, two eyes will not rotate, simply is the same with the normal person. Xu Wanying suddenly understand Zhao Hai has made him come to see the meanings of these Zombie, these Zombie are similar to the person . Moreover the loyal aspect absolutely does not have the issue, will not be loaf to act slippery, Zhao Hai this is telling him, if he dares to be loaf to act slippery, that must turn into Zombie him. Thinks of here, a Xu Wanying cannot help but heart startled, look at these Zombie, in looking to enter Zhao Hai of room, a shiver that Xu Wanying cannot bear, in has not dared to have any idea, puts the light footsteps, has arrived at Zhao Hai gently, honest standing in there, is cleverer than these Undead Creature. Zhao Hai noted the Xu Wanying movement, he showed a faint smile, what has not said that was only to Lycra said : Lycra, whose under the hand/subordinate were you?” Lycra bows said : to return to Young Master, we are Southern King Boris Aksu under the hand/subordinate.” Zhao Hai and Green they had, Lycra the answer really have stemmed from their anticipation, they have not thought that Lycra they unexpectedly were Southern King Boris under the hand/subordinate. Must say that this Southern King Boris, really very much has the origin with Buda Family, this Southern King comes Imperial Family, heard that he is direct line bloodline of Aksu Empire founding a country emperor. Aksu Empire founding emperor, altogether has the child 21 people, only then two are direct personnel, is the empress lives, first is emperor third son, is Aksu Empire second King, but another is the emperor 11, is first Southern King.

Aksu Empire old King likes the emperor actually very much 11, has wanted to pass to the emperor the throne 11, because of the opposition of empress and minister, he must pass to the emperor the throne third son, but old King 11 sub- considers for the emperor, south the Empire general areas, assigned to Southern King, hereditary felt frustrated, can inherit. Passed through these many years exhibitions, the place that Southern King has jurisdiction over, has become independent King, has army several hundred thousand, because with Continent first powerful nation Rosen Empire is the neighbor, some once for a while small friction, therefore fighting strength very formidable, has become all previous Aksu Empire King heart a piece sickness. Originally Aksu Empire old King wants to cope with Southern King Boris, therefore found an excuse first, has given Buda Family Boris a piece fief, has become Buda Family fief, wants to settle nail/saboteur in south there, but has not actually thought that soon after he died, Buda Family was also rushed to Black Wasteland here, fief had given Boris. Green they had thought that the old King death, has illegibile relationship with Boris, but Buda Family to today's this situation, is certainly related with Boris. Now they heard the Boris name, Green complexion cannot help but changes, killing aura appears intermittently, Zhao Hai complexion is not quite attractive, although said that he to these matters, is not many, but this matter Adam some impressions of knowing, Zhao Hai also knew. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at one with Green mutually, besides killing aura of face, they also saw a shock of opposite party face, this matter pulled relationship with Southern King, that was not good to solve. Zhao Hai hastily to Lycra said : you, since is Southern King under the hand/subordinate, how to help Markey result in Clan? This what's the matter?” Lycra said : returns to Young Master, we are Boris under the hand/subordinate, Markey Family Carlos are also, Carlos since enters Aksu Empire not long after, has hired oneself Boris, helping Boris amass money, this time matter, will be Carlos rescues Boris there, Boris will send us to help Carlos cope with Young Master with Shadowless Sword.” Zhao Hai guesses knows that Shadowless Sword punctures certainly the type his Assassin, originally these four people unexpectedly are Boris under the hand/subordinate. Green Bang pounds on the table, silently said: Good Boris, good Carlos, we really to be also predestined friends, this does not let off us unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai although complexion is not quite attractive, but is not excited, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, does not use that excitedly, what Boris also don’t know this coping is we, otherwise he only will not send these 8th level people to come, should send the 9th level person to come to be right.”

Green snort|hum, sat, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Lycra said : Lycra, how many Expert you know don’t know Boris under the hand/subordinate to have, are these influences his under the hand/subordinate?” Lycra said : Boris currently under the hand/subordinate Expert has many, is only 8th level Expert has about hundred, 9th level Expert I knows, five, influence after Carlos, probably also several Mercenary Group, these I am not very clear, if my time we do not coordinate Carlos to move, feared that will be he will not tell us the Carlos status.” Zhao Hai nodded, this arrives conforms to the Boris style, he waved, making Lycra they draw back, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, this matter we must tell Laura and Evan, this time match was too formidable, we must find out the law of strain.” Green nodded said : Boris not to be good to deal with, he is a villain of seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, our Buda Family to today's this situation, all because of him, this time we extinguished their these many people, he will certainly not give up, we must prepare to be good ahead of time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to help the preparation, was right, my immediately/on horseback writes a letter, sends to Laura, told this matter, what response will then have a look at them to have, if really the incorrect words, it seems like we also can only make concessions temporarily.” Green nodded, his is also very sad, the Boris in hand strength was too strong, 9th level Expert that to know has five, is adding on more than 100 8th level Expert, such strength were more than Purcell Family several times, even if he adds on them, can't compare with Boris, moreover in the Boris surroundings, but also is winning over big pile of Great Noble, these Great Noble strengths do not accommodate underestimated, in this case, they do not do well must make concessions, this must look at the Purcell Family manner. Purcell Family after is Aksu Empire Great Noble, perhaps they do not want to do against with Boris, if Purcell Family withdraws, possibility that this time matter, they have not won, they, only then makes concessions, not only they draw back, feared that must draw back including Laura. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai felt that very aggrieved, oneself here just had improvement, finally actually presently, oneself annoy the character who could not stir up, this feeling really holds the egg.