Chapter 211 The blood is not cold Zhao Hai and Green stand in Cyan Stone Villa courtyard, look at flies Blood Hawk in sky, in the eye not bears completely, the potential oppresses others that greatly, they do not have the means. To does not have shade that Blood Hawk flies, Zhao Hai they returned to the living room, Meg has sent to sub, Zhao Hai and Green does not have the mood to drink, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you looked that this Purcell Family can also help? I thought that we should better not to spell with Boris now hardly, now our strength just a little, does not spell hardly.” Green nodded said : „, now has not spelled hardly, therefore this time I think us am temporary making concessions for good, if made Boris know our status, we could not stay in Aksu Empire really one day, but Purcell Family to will not have the matter, they after all were Great Noble, must move them to affect is too big, but I feared that Miss Laura there will have the matter.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: This time we really have also made the big trouble to Laura, the light was Markey Family suffices us to choke, now adds on Southern King, Laura had feared that could not stay in Purcell Duchy.” Green has also smiled bitterly, Xu Wanying stands in Zhao Hai, feels somewhat strangely, he presently Zhao Hai although to Southern King in appears , although was worried suddenly very much, but majority are was being worried for others that about appearance that they are not worried about probably, what's all this about? Do they have the [say / way] of self-preservation? Zhao Hai suddenly has stood, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, I thought that we go to Casa City to be quite good, the light is writes a letter to fear that is very difficult write clearly, this matter was too big, relationship aspects.” Green nodded said : I also to think that this matter face to face talks clearly quite well, good, we walk, goes to Casa City.” Meg looked at weather said : grandfather, Young Master, now the weather late, I thought that we are tomorrow are going, had any matter not to miss this evening.” Green and Zhao Hai watched weather, truly not early, if they catch up toward Casa City now, to Casa City, the day should also be black. Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, it seems like that is going on tomorrow, happen to also gives Laura a they evening's time, making them arrange well, I think that Laura will also tell her these information to tell Evan us, our tomorrow goes, almost can know the response of Evan.” Did Green nod, turns the head to look at Xu Wanying said : „to take Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow?”

Xu Wanying puzzled look at Green, don’t know Green said that this saying is any meaning, but Zhao Hai actually knows that he also looked at Xu Wanying one, deep voice said : personnel has not doubted, doubts the person not to use, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow Blood Oath, later is our family, this matter tell him to well.” Green nodded, Xu Wanying made that was more muddled, but he has not actually made noise, he knows the meaning in Zhao Hai words, in other words, Zhao Hai their there also has even bigger secret. Xu Wanying has some affected at heart, he is a commoner family background, afterward went to school, learn Martial Skill, but when he became fourth level warrior, in his family actually had the accident, his family by Noble seizing the family property, his father had been killed at the scene, mother projected on to spit blood, but his sister was caught in the palace by that Noble, suffers lethal, Xu Wanying knows that this afterward, must go all out with these Noble, finally also made into the severe wound, after returned to, his mother has to drag the sick body to take care of him, finally dies of exhaustion while still alive. Also is when his mother dies, Xu Wanying was stimulated, suddenly had Divergent Technique, is his present Incarnation Technique, but he at that time was also not that Noble match, therefore he ran, has become mercenary, made duty to make money, while practice of frantic, finally when he became 6th level Expert, at homicide in that Noble family, at that time he was not only 6th level Expert, moreover had 400 Doppelganger, that Noble was only small Noble, in hand not too strong Expert, was given to kill by him. After having revenged, he has become Assassin, slowly rushed out own reputation, has plenty Noble has won over him, he has not complied, he hated these Noble However wanderer several years later, Xu Wanying also present unmarried Warrior difficulty, therefore he also tried to make some friends, including Magician with his being better. Afterward opportunity, Xu Wanying knows that with that Magician that he was on good terms is also Noble, these Magician invited allow Wanli join his Clan, allow Wanli thinks that finally agreed. However what he has not thought that after his join that Magician Clan, actually presently that Magician very does not trust him, the matter in Clan did not tell him that also sends for monitoring him unexpectedly. allow Wanli is in a rage, leave that Clan, from new has become free mercenary, is from then on, he was not believing anybody, he was only a person go it alone, even if needs the coordination, temporarily forms a team, will not become his forever teammate. However Zhao Hai that words personnel did not doubt, doubts the person not to need to persuade his heart, although he was forced with Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai these words made him be moved really very much. If wants allow Wanli is really cold blood Assassin, dark, he will remember at heart, oneself will be Blood Oath Zhao Hai such will trust his, before he will also remember Zhao Hai, to his striking, he so will not be affected. However he was not a cold blood person, although he has worked as Assassin after all, however his blood, was hot, otherwise he will not let off that not to trust his Magician.

Also because of this, therefore he said regarding Zhao Hai personnel will not doubt, doubts the person not to need these words to be moved. Zhao Hai looked at Xu Wanying one, deep voice said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, my truth told you, Stony Mountain here, but was we temporary residence, was we extends to a tentacle of Purcell Duchy, our roots in here, a while I will not lead you to go to a place, there was our Buda Family root, that place was forever secret, you must remember, do not mention with anybody, that feared that is you had a dream, cannot say, understand?” Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback changed to Zhao Hai front, single knee has knelt said : to invite Young Master feel relieved, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow is dies will not say, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow thanks Young Master trust.” Zhao Hai stands said : that place, except for Grandpa Green these our Buda Family old person, these slaves who only then we buy know that these slaves are impossible to betray us, besides them, only then you, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, after our Buda Family, can reach, looked at that place.” Nod of Xu Wanying makes an effort, Zhao Hai then held him, turned the head to look at living room one, nodded said : to Green let's go.” The intention moves, several people of appears in Space. Xu Wanying felt one at present a flower, then on appears in a mysterious place, here is piece of big Prairie, in their front actually villa, big lands, the land was divided into many blocks, is planting many thing. The Xu Wanying dull look at present all, the Zhao Hai sound conveyed „the place that said : here was I says at this time, was my Divergent Technique, this was my Space, in here, all listened my.” Xu Wanying puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile Divergent Technique that said : here is I obtains, this Space can plant thing, can raise some Magic Beast, these Undead Creature that you see, is this Space transform, in this Space, I am the god.” Xu Wanying shakes, face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you were said that this Space did look like Space equipment such subspace?” Zhao Hai smiles said : almost, but is different from Space Equipment, can say that here is one has oneself unique Law independent Space, is not subspace, this Space exists because of me.” Xu Wanying face pleasantly surprised look at Zhao Hai said : fantastic, had this Space, that Young Master does not need to fear that by attack, is really a good place.” Zhao Hai speechless, Xu Wanying wants in the idea, they most idea from the beginning is the same with Green, first thinks hides with this Space, but some Zhao Hai actually happy, he knows at heart Xu Wanying can say, represented his heart really toward him.

Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good, let's go, goes to our domains to have a look first.” In the Xu Wanying puzzled vision, they arrived at Iron Mountain Fort. One to Iron Mountain Fort, Xu Wanying puzzled looked at all around said : Young Master, where is this? Why does here have this to plant flowers?” He refers to naturally is Hell Rainbow Flower. Did Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : you to forget our Buda Family fief in there? here is Iron Mountain Fort, outside is Black Wasteland.” Xu Wanying is surprised said : Young Master, you said that outside is Black Wasteland? Our from Casa City to Black Wasteland Iron Mountain Fort?” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, we were one ran up to Iron Mountain Fort from Stony Mountain, HaHaHa.” Meg they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has smiled. Xu Wanying has not actually smiled, he was really too surprised, from Casa City there to Iron Mountain Fort, even if with fast horse, must walk almost one month of time, but skill of their such a twinkling arrived, This is too incredible? At this time Merine and Blockhead they also walked, Merine looked at Xu Wanying one puzzled, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this is?” The expression on Xu Wanying face was too rich, Merine look at him is not Undead Creature, therefore such asked. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying, present was our people, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow has gotten down Blood Oath, will not betray our, Merine Grandma feel relieved, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, this was Grandpa Green wife, Merine Grandma, that two were Stone and Blockhead.”