Chapter 212 Fighting spirit Xu Wanying knows that these people are the Buda Family genuine trusted subordinates, he does not dare to neglect, is busy at going forward to give several people to salute upon meeting, Merine to has not said anything, politeness returned to the ritual, Blockhead with Stone is also same. Zhao Hai looked after several people have saluted, turns the head to Blockhead and Stone said : Blockhead, Stone, is bringing Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow familiar one all around environment, then gets him to arrive at the living room.” Blockhead and Stone have complied with one, leading Xu Wanying. Zhao Hai and Green led Merine to enter the living room, to the living room, Meg has sent to sub to several people, sat, Zhao Hai to Merine said information that obtained from Lycra there, said their decision. Merine frowns, right that calm face said : Young Master said that by our present strengths, but also not suitable spells with Boris hardly, it seems like these time can only hide, hateful.” Zhao Hai they several people of complexion very difficult looked that must say Boris their this, regarding Zhao Hai their attack is very big, now their main source of revenue, in Purcell Duchy here, if they gave up here all business, their equal to broke the source of income, this regarding them, is a very deathblow. Merine knit the brows said : this matter to fear that is will not be simple, we have a grudge with Boris, if Boris presently we have hidden, can run up to Black Wasteland here to look for trouble?” Green the meaning of their understand Merine, although said that Boris don’t know they are the Buda Family people, but Buda Family has a grudge with Boris, if Boris knows that Laura they ran, this fire does not have the place, perhaps will make his under the hand/subordinate run up to Black Wasteland here to look for them, such regarding them, is very troublesome. Zhao Lin knitting the brows head, looked at one outward, presently now outside Seven-colored Poisonous Mist wants compared with former several days thickly, was similar to Carrion Swamp there, moreover linked with Carrion Swamp there poisonous mist their here in together, from the semblance looked that simply could not see to have any different places. In the Zhao Hai brain cannot help but flash of intuition, he he chuckle said : is all right, Merine Grandma, you do not need to be worried that you look at the present, Iron Mountain Fort here by Seven-colored Poisonous Mist sphering, if Boris dares to send for here looking for our troubles, we did not use politely, kept here to be good them directly.”

Merine they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, in looked that outside Seven-colored Poisonous Mist has also smiled, the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, Boris these time was copes with them, impossible to send in hand all strengths, sent to two 9th level Expert at most on Dingtian, possibly 9th level Expert will not send, such, so long as they dare to enter to the range of castle are court death. Before Zhao Hai they will also fear 9th level Expert, but currently they have two 9th level Expert, if opposite party 9th level Expert dares to enter to poisonous mist, Zhao Hai they did not need to fear that presently their trail, directly is given to extinguish them ended. Green makes an effort pounds on the table, said loudly: Good, such manages, if Boris dares the person to come here, makes them come but not return, is we collects an interest to come back first, here is being covered by poisonous mist in any case now, with Carrion Swamp in also similar, even if they dies in inside, nobody dares to say anything.” In this time, Xu Wanying they were also coming back from outside, Xu Wanying now is also happy of face, his too excited, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai Space can be used to improve the land on Black Wasteland unexpectedly, thinks that Black Wasteland area, he wants to smile. Now he already complete regarded itself Buda Family \; first, because of Zhao Hai to his trust, two was because he has gotten down Blood Oath this not to betray Buda Family for a lifetime. The Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying appearance, shows a faint smile said : how Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, is the here environment good?” Xu Wanying nodded said : well, the here environment is really fantastic, Young Master, so long as we will have improved the here land in the future, our Buda Family certainly is on Continent first formidable Clan.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has taken up a cup on table, gave Xu Wanying said : to drink this.” Xu Wanying puzzled look at Zhao Hai in hand cup, in that cup attire is the clear water, meaning of his do not understand Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying appearance said : gathers round these seven color fog of castle, is poisonous, with Carrion Swamp there poisonous mist is an appearance, can be poisoned slowly, this water is used for Detoxification.” Xu Wanying one hear of Zhao Hai said that hastily the water in cup drinking, suddenly, he just felt own chest is somewhat stuffy, this water get into the stomach, that stuffy feeling vanished, he only knows, oneself unknowingly unexpectedly already poisoned.

Zhao Hai also just thought that they have drunk the Space water, can therefore pass and out the freedom in poisonous mist, not by the influence of poisonous mist, but Xu Wanying has not drunk this Space water, he in this poisonous mist stays is not short, feared that is already poisoned, therefore he hurried to give Xu Wanying to drink Spatial Water. Merine looked at several people of said : to be good, Young Master, I prepared food, you chatted first.” Said that led Meg to walk. Zhao Hai waved said : to sit, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, says to Blockhead and Stone the present situation.” Xu Wanying knows that the long and short of the story of matter, making him should better. Xu Wanying has complied with one, said to Blockhead and Stone the matter, they pass through these many matters, was getting more and more calm, calm is listening to the Xu Wanying words. Said to Xu Wanying that Blockhead turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, is your meaning?” Zhao Hai sighed said : only to draw back, not only we must draw back, must draw back including Miss Laura, if Boris he dares to send for here looking for our troubles, we kept here them, drew back after Casa City there, when we cut can only go to Beastman Prairie there to unfold.” Blockhead nodded said : this to be also good, Young Master tomorrow do not go to Casa City? Told well Miss Laura this matter, I think him should in Beastman Prairie there some business, but I thought that we should also look for way out on Continent, the Beastman Prairie there commodity is deficient, we cannot obtain too many thing in there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think this little, if no Space, we go to other national show, lost Black Wasteland here on equal to, but currently we had Space, so long as we established Transmission Point to be OK in other country, moreover our enemies were centralized in Aksu Empire, so long as we went to other national show, little lots of troubles.” Green nodded said : I also to agree with the Young Master words, by our present strengths, no matter that country, has been able live is very good, but Black Wasteland here we are impossible to lose, does not have that place, was more suitable than we to unfold Black Wasteland here, but other country wanted Beastman Prairie, from Aksu Empire, we actually has not used, so long as my Space, us can in any place and Beastman Prairie the world relates in together, this was we biggest superiority, Young Master, I thought us should the Rosen Empire show, although Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire near, However when both countries has the friction, relationship is not very good, we in Rosen Empire there, should very be safe.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that tomorrow we to go with Laura to discuss, must have a look at Purcell Duchy is any meaning, if Purcell Duchy wants to put together with Boris really hardly, we do not walk, spells with Boris, but I think that Purcell Family will not do, not only after all our time enemies Boris, Markey Family.”

Green nodded said : is present Purcell Family is Evan is in power, he with the Boris proceed boldly, let alone will not be adding on Markey Family, for the Purcell Family benefit, Evan will certainly withdraw from our alliances, only remaining we and Laura, do not have the means to block Boris and Markey Family two groups of people.” Zhao Hai sighed said : how issue is Laura they thinks that making her give up entire Purcell Duchy here, did she give up, here all, but her establishment, regarding her, gave up here, was too difficult.” Green they had silent, they also know that gave up giving people a hard time the Purcell Duchy business, means anything regarding Laura, that equal to all that gave up her having now, this regarding a person, was really too difficult. Zhao Hai sighed said : „, if really did not have the means that has to receive our here to come Laura, no matter what, Aksu Empire Laura could not stay, not only now Markey Family must catch her, Boris, Markey Family possibly was not strong in the Aksu Empire strength, but Boris was different, he was Southern King, dares with character that King spoke the last words.” Green nodded said : „the present looks like also can only like this, this time was we have implicated Miss Laura, no matter what cannot make her have the danger.” Zhao Hai sighed, said : our strengths were too in the final analysis weak, if we had Boris such strength, who dared us to be what kind of? Snort, just wait, sooner or later one day, I must make on Continent all people not dare underestimated our Buda Family, must make them hear our names to be scared.” The Green look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, he to thought that this time matter is not the misdemeanor, most minimum Zhao Hai is in high spirits now, has plenty of fight in one, this little sees on the body of Zhao Hai. Green presently Zhao Hai wakes up after unconscious, although in the management is very calm, has actually been short of an impulse, appears some are conservative, this is disadvantageous regarding a Clan show, Green has been thinking can make Zhao Hai sharp with any method, actually has not thought that this desire achieved unexpectedly.