Chapter 213 46 divides up money To worrying of Zhao Hai there, Laura their here has been able to describe with the abyss of suffering, after Laura receives the Zhao Hai letter, she has tarried, she has not thought that can be this. Ni'er looked that Laura silly sitting did not say in there motionless, immediately/on horseback was scared, fast ran to look for Kun, has informed Karen. When Kun entered Laura study room, is seeing Laura dull on sand, but her in hand is taking a letter, but is obvious, her present simply has not been reading the letter, that look is dull, does not have an appearance. Kun one startled, immediately/on horseback walked, in a soft voice said : Laura, small Laura, your What happened? If Laura were stepped on the tail cat to be the same, one jumped, two eyes said : with tears Grandfather Kun, what to do, should we what to do?” Kun was given to have a scare by the Laura appearance, his quickly said: What matter did What happened? live? Small Laura, no rush, said to Grandfather Kun.” Laura in the Kun consolation sound, slowly calm, her tears actually flowed, sobbed has been giving Kun the in hand letter. Kun received the letter carefully to look, exceed looked that complexion is uglier, he has not thought that can be this, original Markey Family enough has let their headache, now has added on Southern King, no wonder Laura can that lose self-control. Has read the letter slowly, Kun then has put on the letter tea table, look at Laura, sighed, just when read the letter, Kun has been measuring the advantages at heart, finally presently, Purcell Duchy here they feared that could not stay, not only Purcell Duchy, Aksu Empire they could not stay. Kun arrives by Laura, has patted Laura shoulder said : gently well small Laura, now is not crying time, what to do thinks us to.”

At this time Karen also walked from outside, looked at Laura to cry that appearance, cannot help but startled said : Laura, did What happened? cry? Who bullied you?” Kun has smiled bitterly, gives Karen that letter, after Karen has read the letter, is complexion changes, thing on his very clear this letter is also representing anything, although his not too tube outside matter, but he has understood Southern King, a such strong character, suddenly meddles in this matter, really lets person of very hard to deal with. Karen put the letter to turn the head to Kun said : uncle, what view did you have?” Kun knit the brows said : „the present saying that anything is useless, even if our three gathers, cannot fight Boris, I thought we must as soon as possible told Evan this matter, then prepared, immediately/on horseback evacuated Purcell Duchy, should better also leave Aksu Empire.” Karen frowns said : leave Aksu Empire we to go to there, leave Aksu Empire we can evade chasing down of Boris, but Markey Family? Continent of Markey Family north entire, has very strong influence, we left Aksu Empire, is difficult to run away their chasing down, do not forget, we removed the bottom had a falling out now with them.” Kun nodded said : this I to know, but arrived at other countries, so long as we dealt with Markey Family to be good, did not need to fear Boris, this to us went to the enemy.” Karen thinks, nodded, compared with facing two formidable enemies, without doubt, will be more relaxed facing an enemy, moreover in other countries, Markey Family is not omnipotent. Laura at this time also calm, she has dried tears waterway on face: My immediately/on horseback goes to the Grand Duke palace, told Grand Duke this matter, Grandfather Kun, you prepared at home.” Kun nodded, Laura stands up, making Ni'er prepare horse carriage, she must rush to the Grand Duke palace in the shortest time, told Evan this situation, Evan was very good to her, she cannot hide the truth from Evan such important matter. When Laura to the Grand Duke palace, Evan received information, his immediately Laura welcome to his study room, when Evan sees enters study room Laura, has gawked, the eye of Laura now also red, obviously just had cried, the Evan don’t know anything matter can make Laura cry this appearance. His quickly said: Small Laura, What happened to you? Had an accident?”

Laura look at Evan has smiled bitterly, to Thaksin told Evan content of Zhao Hai, Evan is listening to the Laura words, cannot help but frowned, he has not thought of the matter thornily such. After Laura said that look at Evan said : Uncle Evan, this time matter is really very troublesome, we have planned, prepares temporary withdrawal Purcell Duchy, you did not use in have Markey Family to get up to conflict with Boris, did you look?” Evan look at Laura, sighed said : small Laura, the uncle cannot deceive you, this matter our Purcell Family was incapable of participating , was also incapable of preserving you, your leave was also good, but you can feel relieved, you be able to remain others shops, I will send for taking over, each month income, I still to you, even if was my temporary helped you look at the shop to be good.” Laura has gawked, she has not thought that Evan will have such proposition, she cannot help but move, she knows, Evan this saying to not seize her these shops, if Evan wants to seize her these shops, simply was needless to speak these words, so long as they walked have been OK, obviously he said that this saying was the sincerity. Laura knows that Evan such does, that will take very big risk, this not only will possibly offend Boris, will also offend Markey Family, she does not think, because this will make Evan awkward, therefore she shook the head said : not to use, Uncle Evan, your present although was Patriarch, but you such did, these Elder Assembly opposed that such did, did not have the advantage to Purcell Family, only then the fault, they will not agree.” Evan snort|hum said : my Evan never when the friend has difficultly hits a person when he is down, your feel relieved gives me the shop, so long as your leave, I have been able saying that you sold to me the shop, measures them unable to say anything to come, Southern King although is formidable, but the high position invites criticism, is adding on our Purcell Family is not the putty pinches, he does not dare us to be what kind.” Laura one hear of Evan said that does not have the means that if she in does not comply, Evan thinks that she looked down upon him, she must nod said : that well, I went back later to arrange, discussed with mister while convenient, making mister do not break the supply of Haven product.” Evan stares, then nodded said : this to be also good, I to have a look at you to evacuate, this shop turned over to our Purcell Family to handle, did they also hold true by snatching, if they also dare to act unreasonably, that do not blame me.” Laura showed a faint smile said : we to want leave, the shop naturally was turns over to Uncle Evan to handle, but the uncle cannot in vain handled for us, even if were you have bought stock, I looked at this, later the income in shop, how did we 46 divide up money? We take four, Purcell Family takes six.” The Evan face sinks said : small Laura, what do you mean? Do you look down upon your Uncle Evan to be inadequate? I help you look at the shop, how can also collect your much money?” Laura smiles said : „my to look down upon Uncle Evan, but the uncle do not forget, you now are also Purcell Family Patriarch, if you for the Purcell Family plan, these people will not gossip, you do sit to help us in the Patriarch position not? I handle these shop give you, in giving your six layers income, what these elders in your Clan could not say to come like this, avoid I have sold out the shop low price not?”

Evan calm, he also knows what Laura said is right, he now was the Purcell Family genuine hierarch, must be Purcell Family considered that in fact he decided to help Laura cope with Markey Family, these elders in Clan somewhat were discontented, thought this very unworthy, if he now in helping Laura is handling the shop front, an advantage could not obtain, these elders in that Clan will certainly not agree. Thinks of here, Evan cannot help but are at heart many to have not borne, although he was really in power now, but actually presently, the has plenty matter he cannot take responsibility, after all Purcell Family now is not the practice of " what I say goes ", these elders have certain authority, he cannot complete does not care about the feeling of these people. look at that Evan looked at smile his Laura, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, said : well, let's do it according to your advice, if some day you returned to Purcell Duchy, these shops I have met give you.” Laura nodded with a smile, her actually hurts at heart, her simply does not believe one will have returned to Purcell Duchy one day, in Aksu Empire here, offended Southern King Boris, besides like Purcell Family Great Clan, the person like them, simply does not have the means of livelihood, later she impossible in returned to Purcell Duchy, feared that was Aksu Empire she does not come back. Discussed this matter with Evan, Laura on leave Grand Duke palace returned to Faith Mansion . Faith Mansion has not displayed a point flurry now, is mainly the majority of servant and don’t know this matter, must know now Laura control Purcell Duchy daily necessities market nearly 50% shares, if their here one flurried, that entire Purcell Duchy daily necessities market will have the fluctuation, that is not Laura wants to see. Waited for Laura to enter study room time, saw Kun to write a letter in there, the letter that writing, on place by, Laura took up the letter to look, the shop owners to various Magic Lily Store shops, it seems like Kun really must give to dismiss entire Magic Lily Store. Laura puts down the letter to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, did not need to write, I have reached an agreement with Grand Duke Evan, gave him to handle, the benefit that gained the shop we 46 divides up money, we took four, he took six.”