Chapter 214 Young Madame Did Kun stare to put down the in hand pen, look at Laura said : Evan said really? Did he comply?” Laura nodded said : „, Grand Duke Evan complied, he said most from the beginning must help me look after the shop, I think his appearance, probably is very earnest, likely do not snatch our shop fronts, therefore I proposed that wants 46 to divide up money, he also complied.” Kun thinks that nodded said : this to be also good, but you must talk clearly with Grand Duke Evan, Manager in this shop, is our trusted aide under the hand/subordinate, if later we must choose a person, he must release people.” The meaning of Laura understand Kun, regarding Merchant, the talented person is also very important, but they wanted leave Purcell Duchy, leave Aksu Empire, to other country, will take doing business as to live, wanted to do business their in hand trustworthy person not to be good, therefore Kun such a saying. Laura nodded said : feel relieved Grandfather Kun, I with them will say that but as the matter stands, the content on this letter must change.” Kun nodded said : that to make their tomorrow immediately/on horseback come Casa City on changing one to be good, after here, we want explain/transfer their these matters, making them have a preparation, I have made Sergio tidy up our national treasuries, tidies up thing that must bring, has mister luckily to our several Space Bag, otherwise we could not have installed these thing.” Laura has smiled bitterly, turns the head to Kun said : my father?” What thing Kun forced smile said : has in his eyes, can be more important than his these treasure? He tidied up his these treasure.” Laura has cannot help but smiled bitterly, she knows certainly what Kun said is anything, treasure that Kun said that is Karen these years acquired the book about Magic Formation, his some experimental notes, are adding on some experimental things, these thing are important in Karen eye anything. Laura look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, you said that our time does need to walk toward there? Direct leave Purcell Duchy here?”

Kun has put down the pen, thinks that said : direct leave is not certainly good, now we have two roads to walk, one is to go to Beastman Prairie, we have some business in there, this time we directly go to Beastman Prairie there, no matter Markey Family or Boris, are not strong in the Beastman Prairie there strength, we go to there they not to dare to send out Expert to cope with us, we were also safe.” Laura nodded said : to go to Beastman Prairie there to not to have the issue, but we impossible in Beastman Prairie there dull for a lifetime, wants to go to other countries on Continent from Beastman Prairie there, only then three roads, one is Purcell Duchy here, another is Elf Forest, last was sea route, Purcell Duchy here we definitely cannot, that only be able to walk Elf Forest or walk sea route, Elf Forest there was the Elf domain, they regarding other's race were not unfriendliness, thing of our time belt affirmative cannot be few, walked to fear from there is invalid, Walked sea route to be too dangerous, other although countries also had the Beastman Prairie caravan, but these caravans momentarily can be a guest performer the pirate, was not very safe, this road feared is invalid, another?” Kun look at Laura showed a faint smile said : another to be simple, was Zhao Hai, this time matter Zhao Hai definitely cannot stay in Purcell Duchy here, their status being probable not exposed to light, heard that in the past Buda Family met misfortune, because of Boris, if made Boris know him in here, they danger, therefore they also met leave, Zhao Hai in hand had certainly a treasure to be able leave, otherwise in the past he bought for the Purcell Family grain time, presently, our these time will not look for him, he can certainly the belt we. Safe leave here, but I think that his in hand thing, certainly is their Clan most precious thing, even if uses to us, will have the condition.” Laura one hear of Kun said that cannot help but face one red, she remembered Zhao Hai also truly to put forward the condition with her, wanted to know that Buda Family secret, must marry Zhao Hai, thought of here, the face of Laura cannot help but redder. look at Laura that Kun actually smiles, Zhao Hai with the condition that Laura puts forward, Kun is knows that Laura contacts with Zhao Hai, how Kun can not pay attention, after all Zhao Hai is Laura for these years, the man who only one by one can have a liking for the eye, therefore Laura every time comes back from Zhao Hai there, Kun will look for opportunity to ask that Ni'er Zhao Hai said anything to them, the condition that Zhao Hai put forward, Kun naturally also knew. Laura sees the Kun look, the face was redder, she looks at the Kun appearance, knows that Kun definitely knows anything, but can tell Kun also has Ni'er. She to is not strange Ni'er tells Kun these matters, she feels shy, after all she is a girl, moreover to Zhao Hai also really interesting, therefore fears the Kun look. However Laura clenched teeth said : that to go to Elder Brother Hai there to be good, like this we can follow Elder Brother Hai together, moreover can with Elder Brother Hai discuss that our later whereabouts, after all after us, must cooperate with Elder Brother Hai.” Kun one hear of Laura said that is actually two eyes one bright, his understand Laura said that is any meaning, it seems like Laura to Zhao Hai is really very some feelings, she said that accepted Zhao Hai that condition on equal to. Kun very much likes Zhao Hai actually, he knows that Zhao Hai obtained certainly one type of mysterious Divergent Technique, such person future show of will be limitless, moreover Laura will also like him, Kun will be also happy. Laura looked at Kun one, Kun has shown a faint smile said : well, that our here tidied up, we went to Zhao Hai there, but the young lady should better or gives Zhao Hai to write a letter, other Zhao Hai walked first.”

Laura nodded, but she looked at weather said : tomorrow to write, now the day late, our also earlier has rested, was right, Grandfather Kun, we have forgotten a matter.” Kun has said : what matter forgotten?” Laura two eyes flash of cold light said : has forgotten they.” Kun one hear of Laura said that stares slightly, then the face sank has gotten down said : well, forgot also to have them, but these person of I want to remain first, waited to relate Zhao Hai saying that Zhao Hai now is Divergent Warlock , don’t know his Divergent Technique was anything, but looked that his under the hand/subordinate so many Undead Creature knows, he possibly had the means to turn into Undead Creature these people, if we really could not use these fellows, made Zhao Hai turn into Undead Creature to be good them.” Laura to had not opposed that she has a mortal hatred of Carlos now, while convenient they also hated, naturally will not oppose the Kun words. They also discussed several, went back to rest, after all they cannot display now extremely in the flurry, all must only hold the normal appearance, will otherwise possibly be seen the flaw. Next morning, Zhao Hai their early got up, after having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai is leading Green, Meg and Xu Wanying directly soars Casa City. When they arrived at Casa City time, Casa City just open the city gate, Zhao Hai their immediately entered a city, directly soars Faith Mansion , now the matter was imminent, they do not make the best use of the time not to be good. Zhao Hai they arrived at Faith Mansion time, Laura knew, she was just preparing to Zhao Hai writes a letter, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai arrived. They welcomed study room Zhao Hai, Laura puzzled look at Xu Wanying said : Elder Brother Hai, this was?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Person Becomes a Thousand Xu Wanying, Carlos invites copes my, but he has gotten down Blood Oath now with me, Miss Laura does not need to be worried.”

Laura has gawked, but immediately/on horseback to Xu Wanying gave a salute, Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback returns a courtesy, was similar to the shadow same station Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai turns the head I to ask you to Laura said : to know your here preparation today how? Has talks clearly with Evan the situation, what do you have to plan?” Laura looked at one with Kun mutually, this has talked clearly with Grand Duke Evan to Zhao Hai said :, Grand Duke also said that this matter he cannot participate, but we can keep the shop, he helps us look, I have reached an agreement with Grand Duke, the income of shop we 46 divide up money, his six we four, but I hope that Elder Brother Hai do not break with the transaction of Grand Duke, then provides Haven product to him.” Zhao Hai shouted tone said : that to be good, provided product this not to be a problem, your shops can retain that are best, I was worried for this matter.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai complied, complexion also cannot help but one happy, but her then said : this time we prepared to evacuate Aksu Empire, but must ask Elder Brother Hai to help, delivered to a safe place us, didn't know Elder Brother Hai what do you think?” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but stares, is looking at the Laura face red appearance, why also she said on understand, Zhao Hai cannot help but wants to tease funny Laura, he shows a faint smile said : to deliver to the safe place not to have the issue you, my condition does Laura comply?” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Green they have closely is staring at Laura, is waiting for the reply of Laura, the face of Laura was redder, but she is brave gaining ground, looked at Zhao Hai said : to ask Elder Brother Hai to help me.” Her this saying exit / to speak, Green cannot bear laugh said : well, fantastic, after it seems like us, wanted changing a statement to manage Miss Laura to call Young Madame.” The face of Laura was redder, the face of Zhao Hai was also red, he has not thought that really Laura will comply, therefore is somewhat awkward, but awkward is bringing excited, even if Laura does not comply, he will also tell Laura his secret, but Laura complies now, that was better.