Chapter 215 Do you hate me? Kun implored the tone, although he already thinks that will have such one day, when this day approaches, he felt that is not quite at heart comfortable, after all Laura is he is growing up from underestimated, now suddenly complied with the Zhao Hai engagement, probably must forever leave he be the same, this makes him very uncomfortable. Some little time Zhao Hai calm gets down, what look at Laura said : that your does here have not to prepare? Has these thing to carry off, can say one to me, I help you carry off.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also calm, said : family's thing tidies up was similar, thing that must carry off also really many, lifts to have several Space Bag that mister gives, but needs in putting on several car(riage)s can all carry off, moreover family's matter must confess, feared that is several days is good.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : that good, I live in several days in here, you arrange the room to us, the wait for you here matter processed, our together leave.” Laura has gawked, but nodded said : well, in the palace has the guest room, this several days you first live in the guest room.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to say to Evan, after our leave, making his every other five days go to Stony Mountain there to take a time cargo, after arriving at Stony Mountain there each time, in knocks three grounds that in Stony Mountain courtyard makes an effort, next day they can arrive in the following storehouse to take the goods, if they do not knock, I will not give them the goods.” Laura nodded said : well, I will inform his, was right, Carlos also has many under the hand/subordinate to be buckled by me, these person of I think that give you place crime, do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : „, you do want to process? To eliminate a potential informant?” Laura look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : I not to extinguish their mouths, but has put them, the threat was too big, these days they looked like very honest, but had to our here has understood, my not feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, my understand, has given me to process.” Laura nodded, turns the head to Ni'er said : Ni'er, bringing Elder Brother Hai to go to the living room to rest, looks at Elder Brother Hai to have any need.” Ni'er has complied with one, has arrived at side Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai stood got up here the matter to Laura said : to solve as soon as possible, now Boris and Markey Family are staring at here, we must walk as soon as possible.” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai then followed Ni'er. When Zhao Hai walks, Laura turns the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, in the family must tidying up as soon as possible be good, when these shop owners came, we with their explain/transfer, then immediately leave, right that Elder Brother Hai said that now here is unsafe.” Kun nodded said : feel relieved, tidied up the thing matter to make Kiel their these trustworthy person do absolutely, they were also determined that must follow us, can absolute feel relieved, be right, we also forgot to ask Zhao Hai, his time can lead many people to walk, the person went were many good.” Laura wrinkled under brow said : I also to forget to ask, the time that waited to eat meal was asking that he must live in several days in here in any case, did not worry.” Kun nodded, then shows a faint smile said : I to look that Zhao Hai to is careful to you very much, actually you just did not accept his request, he will also lead us to walk.” Laura white Kun, then sighed said : to speak the truth, I to the Elder Brother Hai impression really good, this time we had also met misfortune, at this time only then Elder Brother Hai can help us, only then he is willing to help us, moreover this several times contacted with Elder Brother Hai, you were not also present, he cannot speak, the words were not many, will not say that the word of praise coaxed the girl, that condition that actually he put forward, was proposing in disguised form, by his disposition, can achieve this degree to be good, why I did not comply.” Laura to was calm, to be honest, because of all the year round doing business, had to do with the person, the Laura disposition be more open than Zhao Hai this nerd, in love, she be braver than Zhao Hai, dares to like daring to hate, therefore she will accept the Zhao Hai condition. Kun shows a faint smile said : I also to fear that you cannot look at this point, good that you said that Zhao Hai cannot be together with the person, this arrives does not tally with the rumor, passed on a message he is playboys, now looks like actually not like, the person, you married him, he will certainly be good to you, compared with marrying these playboy much better, I also on feel relieved.” Laura snort|hum said : I rather looked for one not to have the skill honest man, does not look for these playboy, Zhao Hai is honest and has the skill, I elected certainly him.” Kun laughs said : „your young miss not to be shy, actually said such words to come.” Laura instead to calm, he he has smiled said : this to call capture opportunity now, if I have missed, that called the injustice, you had not noticed that Meg has been eying covetously at the same time.” Kun has smiled, Laura has also smiled, because at heart that wants the leave depressed mood, vanished much.

Over the two days Laura had felt very depressed, the base industry that the laborious many years hit, was actually compelled to be forced to leave native place, that taste, how can depressed be able to describe with one. Also by this mood influence, therefore Laura will comply with Zhao Hai rescues the marriage in disguised form, will say such words, now such smiles, she is suppressing that tone, has disappeared most probably, changed mind is thinking that oneself originally intended to Zhao Hai, now complied, to did not have the fault. Some little time their calm, Kun turned the head look at Laura said : small Laura, you agreed with the Zhao Hai condition, but you may , to be clear, Zhao Hai is the Buda Family sole successor, Green they will certainly make Zhao Hai find a wife to give birth, this Buda Family can bloom the show leaf, is popular to look, in the future you must snatch the husband with many women.” Laura sighed said : I also to know, but the man on Continent had several is lifetime on a wife, especially these Noble, I liked Elder Brother Hai, he also liked me, if one day, he will not like me in the future, my person earned a living, did not have the man in any case, I same can also live was very good.” Kun sighed, this was a woman not bore, although said that in Ark Continent here, the woman also had the right of inheritance, was similar to the status of man, but, the status of woman wanted to be lower, this did not have the matter of means. They also chatted a while, has the shop owner in Laura shop, arrived at Casa City, yesterday Laura is makes them gather to Casa City to the letters of these shop owners today, has the important matter to tell them. Casa City these big business know that nearest/recent Casa City is blustery, has the important matter fresh, therefore regarding Laura such procedure, to has not felt strange. These shop owners are true trusted aide that Laura these people train, Laura have great kindness to them, therefore they are also dead set on with Laura, they also knows the nearest/recent fresh matter, therefore one hear of Laura called them, no matter were far from Casa City, caught up, some far, hurried along from yesterday in the evening, moreover they rode was Wind-Chasing Horse, rode one belt several, this change horses did not change players all the way, finally when to noon, all shop owners rushed to Casa City quickly. Laura does not have immediately/on horseback to see these shop owners, but makes them eat meal the rest, waited to say in the afternoon. At noon Laura asked Zhao Hai they to go to the dining room to eat meal. To Laura here, was really different from Stony Mountain there, what here they eat is the high grade small beef steak, the emaciated look is also very good, the liquor is also the high grade nice wine. However Zhao Hai somewhat cannot eat these thing, has eaten the a piece beef steak, has eaten meal, Laura asked Zhao Hai they to arrive at the living room, after how many people sat down, can Laura to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how many people your time help me take away? How many thing? Like this I also well have a preparation.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, thing you want to bring many to bring many, the person is also same, but a little, the person needs you be completely trustworthy.”

Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face happy said : feel relieved, is I completely is certainly trustworthy, otherwise has exposed Buda Family secret, that did not trouble.” Meg smiles said : Miss Laura not to get married tenderly, started is the Buda Family plan? Is getting married anxiously, when Young Madame that?” A few words said Green and Kun they have smiled. Laura face one red, stared Meg said : „, you were speaking irresponsibly, I did not make Elder Brother Hai marry you.” The Meg face one was red, she has not thought that her small thoughts looked at unexpectedly by Laura, Zhao Hai to has not thought that Laura will tease with this matter Meg, he was a little also embarrassed, looked at Green their said : Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, you exited first, I want with Laura independent chatting.” Green they looked at one mutually, saw a happy expression from the opposite party eye, turn around exited, in room only remaining Zhao Hai and Laura. Laura or first time like this with Zhao Hai independent staying in room, unavoidably somewhat anxious look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai must say anything. Zhao Hai somewhat infatuated look at Laura, that look lets Laura heartbeat in addition, some little time Zhao Hai said : Laura, do you hate me?” Laura has gawked, what meaning don’t know Zhao Hai this saying is, they are became engaged now, how did suddenly speak of hate? The Zhao Hai look at Laura puzzled appearance, sighed said : „, if my appears , will not live these many matters, you will not be being been compelling leave Casa City, leave Aksu Empire, but also gave up own all, were you very much certainly angry? Moreover right that just you said that I will marry Meg in the future, we grow up from small together, when my most trough with, Meg in my side, has taken care of me carefully, I did not deny that I feel emotion to Meg, but I also feel emotion to you similarly, making me give up your, I am impossible to achieve, was I too greedy?”