Chapter 216 At this moment...... Laura dull look at Zhao Hai, she has not thought that Zhao Hai actually will say such words, this surprised her. However, she also is very similarly affected. May not have legal regulation in Ark Continent here, the monogyny, if Zhao Hai likes, the women who he can definitely liking marry to go home, Laura is completely acceptable, because Ark Continent here is this. It looks like in Laura, Zhao Hai spoke these words , because he likes her, because he likes her, loves her, therefore thinks one also think of others at heart, is to the betrayal of Laura, will therefore feel guilty, this is the Laura most affected place. Laura has stood gently, has arrived around Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, like this, I do not blame you, to be honest, I also really a little feared that you do not accept me, after all Meg knows you since childhood, me knew that you must be early more, moreover you are Buda Family Patriarch, now entire Buda Family on your successor, will consider for the Buda Family future, you impossible, only then my wife, I did not oppose that you married Meg, to be honest, Meg will feel emotion to you, this I already looked, I already had the preparation, you. Does not need to be worried about anything.” Zhao Hai look at Laura, he tells Laura these today , because he cannot cross oneself that ridge at heart, his world outlook has formed for nearly 30 years on Earth, did not say that changes to change, is adding on Zhao Hai to feel emotion to Laura, therefore he felt that is unfair to Laura. Now one hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai felt better at heart a point, his look at Laura, suddenly gently held Laura in the bosom. Laura has gawked, does not have rebel, but gently the head by the chest of Zhao Hai, they had not spoken, but at this moment actually appears that warm. Some little time Zhao Hai to Laura said : Laura, sorry, making you lose the business, here was your effort, if because of me, you will not fall to today's this situation.” Laura sat from the Zhao Hai bosom has set up the body, look at Zhao Hai, said : Elder Brother Hai, do not say, I can have now such scale, not all because of you, if were not you, I am impossible to achieve today this situation, said it, I now am your fiancee, my was also not your, if you are so polite with me, I may probably be angry.” The appearance that Zhao Hai look at Laura that disguises to be angry, at heart actually one type of called warm thing adding full, the beauty of Laura, the intelligence of Laura, being with good intention of Laura, all these all, made Zhao Hai feel that warm, then move. Zhao Hai cannot bear closely holds Laura in the bosom, probably must rub in own body her, Laura also felt excitement of Zhao Hai, she in the Zhao Hai bosom, sweet has smiled, at this moment their heart, the tight successive in together, will not have separated.

The intention of Zhao Hai moves, he with Laura on appears in the Space villa, Laura suddenly felt the own surrounding environment changed, in not in own study room, Laura curious has sized up one, truly not in own study room. Elder Brother Hai of her restless neutral tone to Zhao Hai said :, we resembled a strange place.” Zhao Hai loosened Laura, shows a faint smile said : here is not the strange place, here is our Buda Family biggest secret, here is my domain.” Laura stares, looked at all around one puzzled, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, pulling Laura has stood, went out of the villa, look at outside land and Prairie. Laura look at all these, she saw in these Oil Fruit trees, Bamboo rice, these radishes and other crops, what most important is, she saw these Fire Fish in Hot Spring. Sees these, intelligent Laura immediately understand, here is Haven products habitat, but her really don’t know, where here is. Zhao Hai look at Laura smiles said : to know why I have said that only then you marry me, do I give to tell you and I biggest secret? Because here is I biggest secret, this is Divergent Technique that I obtain, this entire Space is my, I am the here god, the here type Oil Fruit, so long as the several days time can be mature, here type Bamboo rice, a day can mature good several times, the here water and earth, can make the Black Wasteland there land turn into the farming, can grow plants, puts in Undead Creature this Space, they will turn into my summoned creatures, here on is one is having the infinite possible world.” Around Laura puzzled look at, the Zhao Hai words although first character she can understand, but gathers in together is any meaning, her actually some not understand. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, smiles said : to say simply, here looks like the Space same place in Space Bag, this Space does not only have oneself independent Law, and is not subspace, here and outside world Space coexists, outside world Space cannot affect here, here will not affect outside world Space, in this Space, I am the god.” Laura look at high-spirited Zhao Hai, she now finally the meaning of understand Zhao Hai, this pleasantly surprised regarding her was really too big, her some have not been able to believe. Zhao Hai looked at her one eyes, smiles said : „should not be surprised, this Space produces the Haven product place, only if obtains my agreement, otherwise the bystander cannot come, here is our Buda Family biggest secret, if one, but here has exposed, entire Continent will not have my place of taking shelter.”

Laura nodded said : „, if were known this place, you really did not have the means to stay on Continent, your feel relieved, I will not say.” Zhao Hai looked at Laura one, smiles said : you to say that also late, do not forget, you now are my fiancee, he he.” Said that grasped Laura. Laura ill-humored white Zhao Hai, anything had not said that but has smiled, she knows that Zhao Hai accepted him. Zhao Hai is leading Laura simply has been familiar with the Space situation, went to Ranch to look, they then left Space. They arrived in Laura study room, they called Green, Green they, as soon as enters the room to see the different appearance, is the understanding smiles, they had not asked that Zhao Hai and Laura said anything, that is their secret. Because Laura knew the Zhao Hai ability, has had confidence now, afternoon time, immediately convened her these under the hand/subordinate, these are Manager of various shops, so long as is clear with their explain/transfer the matter, Magic Lily Store can revolve normally. Actually wants the explain/transfer matter is very simple, tells them, later had any matter to look for Evan to be OK directly, to contact conveniently them, Laura told them the Imaginary Beast Hawk matter, if Laura had any matter, will make Imaginary Beast Hawk look for them, if they had any matter to look for Laura, can go to Stony Mountain there. Ends these matter explain/transfer, processes person in the Faith Mansion , person Laura in Faith Mansion was impossible to carry off, besides Kun, Karen, Ni'er and Kiel, only took away part of most loyal servants, if other people think, when commoner, disbanded on money, if wants then to work in Magic Lily Store, Laura gave Evan to be OK them. Remaining was tidies up thing, later Faith Mansion here they will not be occupied by the person, these year of Laura they accumulated many good thing, naturally cannot remain to others, must carry off itself to use. Has eaten dinner to the evening, Zhao Hai Karen, Kun, Ni'er they had called study room, led in them Space, in any case after them, with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had not feared that they released secret. Was shocked one to Space Karen, the environment such good place, he first time saw that this lets him who the dwelling performs the Magic experiment daily at home, immediately liked this place day, without demur, gave to occupy the Space Villa underground room, there has become his Laboratory.

Zhao Hai did not have the means that Karen to occupy occupies, to be honest, Zhao Hai very much admired Karen, although in others' eyes, Karen research these thing, was useless thing, however in the Zhao Hai eye, the Karen value was actually anybody can't compare with. Now Ark Continent here, is in the Magic machine literature the initial period, but thinks that will be unfolding in the future, depends is Karen such person, therefore Zhao Hai to Karen such procedure, does not have point dislike. Then Zhao Hai also brought Kun they to go to Iron Mountain Fort there, after all after here, was their rear bases, must tell Kun them to be good. After leading they visit, several people also returned to in the Space villa, discussed thing that they must bring, Laura proposed must carry on a big purchase, Zhao Hai they to had not opposed. If no Zhao Hai Space, Laura they are impossible to carry off these many thing, because there is Zhao Hai Space, Laura is confident, saw that any thing does not hate to lose, moved out thing in Faith Mansion has not calculated that then started in some outside massive purchase living materials. Naturally, Magic Lily Store here thing is impossible to remain, in Laura by intent, start one after another was moved toward Faith Mansion , then took in Space by Zhao Hai. thing that as the matter stands must prepare were many, therefore they require the leave time to push are pushing. However was good because of Laura has given Purcell Family Magic Lily Store, now Magic Lily Store has given Purcell Family to handle completely, but these thing that Laura took away, must deduct from the Laura income. Laura takes away these thing, does not use for oneself, but to attain Beastman Prairie sells, Zhao Hai had asked Laura, Laura really had the business in Beastman Prairie there, the matter that therefore Zhao Hai wants to do business in Beastman Prairie there oneself told Laura, Laura naturally agreed that the commodity that as the matter stands their color buys were more.