Chapter 217 Poisonous Ten days, entire ten days , the Casa City person presently, commodities various one after another keeps toward the Faith Mansion lira, entire Faith Mansion looks like giant beast that can never eat to the full, is swallowing these thing, sees only into, does not see. Casa City person although feels odd, but has not said anything, but thing that Laura chooses also very has the discretion, in original thing besides Faith Mansion , other thing are on some Beastman Prairie application thing. Must know that suits thing that Casa City here uses, not necessarily suits the Beastman Prairie there person to use, thing that Beastman Prairie there needs needs with Casa City commoner is different. Because of this, therefore they do this, has not caused the price fluctuations of Purcell Duchy daily necessities market, these big Trading Company are also willing to sell to Laura these thing. These big Trading Company trick/hand and foot also not necessarily clean, does business with Beastman, the smuggling, this matter they also often do, therefore looked these thing that Laura they buy, they know Laura must do, these people have not prevented, buys thing for Laura in any case, but little gains, but brings in money quickly, moreover these thing they can quick transports from the rear area, does not have what strange place. After Zhao Hai arrives at Casa City tenth day evening, Zhao Hai, Laura, Kun, Green they centralized to Laura study room. Laura in hand is taking a situation, „was just receiving the Purcell Duchy situation to people said :, today after suddenly has several commissions, entered Purcell Duchy, is moving toward Casa City here, the situation is unknown.” Kun coldly snorted said : has anything to be unclear, is not copes our, Zhao Hai to the Casa City matter, they definitely also knew, this time they want to give to have it all us.” Green nodded said : I to look is also, snort|hum, comes, tidies up their, our immediately removes, I to have a look at them to be able we to be what kind.” Did Laura turn the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, they to solve? Why these days are you motionless they?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „to solve, these days they know were too many, puzzled is not good, I do not want to kill these not anything the person of strength to hit back, but has to kill now.” A Zhao Hai saying, Laura their understand, Zhao Hai this is to find an excuse to oneself, has to kill their excuse. This behavior looks like probably is very laughable, is burying head in the sand, but this behavior in some sense, has his good point, the most minimum this can make Zhao Hai they feel better at heart. In the evening after having had the dinner, their returned to his room, their weapon was taken away, through the observation of these days, knows that Laura they have gotten down have killed their determinations. However does not have means that they do not have weapon, their surroundings had been sphered by these Undead Creature stubbornly, nobody can run away. They can do now, honest staying in own in the room, if Laura wants to kill them, they can only go all out with Laura. Sorrowful, loading to the unprecedented sorrow, thinks before , he is high-spirited how, in entire Aksu Empire, no matter he arrives at there, so long as he revealed that the Carlos under the hand/subordinate Steward status, that person dares underestimated his eyes, but he actually falls this situation now, waited for the death, probably was these is imported Blue Eye Rabbit of slaughter house, only waited for others to give itself a blade, this taste, was really too uncomfortable. He has to think wants rebel, but is useless, regardless of their normally how restless, these Undead Creature will not come to manage them, so long as they approach these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature immediately meet attack they, will not kill them, but breaks their double-breaks, then in throws into them courtyard, such simple. If the person, can try to contact them, can try to them the advantage, making them put his life, but unfortunately, they now face is not the person, but is Undead Creature, one crowd of simply will not waste breath with him, Undead Creature that not bought, has all kinds scheme, does not have the means to display. these days lets probably one old ten -year-old to the spiritual suffering, he does not have to think really one will have such one day, has not thought Laura can do such certainly, unexpectedly has raised them, prepares to slaughter at any time. However these days also faith in supporting him, he believes that Carlos will send for rescuing his, is Carlos under the hand/subordinate trusted aide Steward very clear, Carlos does not have Markey Family, Southern King Boris, at crucial moment, Carlos certainly will invite Boris make a move, this is the spiritual prop that can insist.

these days has been collecting the Laura there situation diligently, so long as they do not leave courtyard big gate, can move in the Faith Mansion yard freely, wants to collect some Laura situations, with the aim of using in the future. Laura these days has done anything, is clear, because saw Laura these movements, boosts the confidence that oneself must go on living, these that Laura makes now, expressed obviously they must travel, they must run, only then an explanation, the enemy must come. The Laura enemy has one, Carlos, because saw this point, will therefore strengthen the determination that oneself must go on living. Meanwhile also noted Faith Mansion backyard several Warehouse, that several Warehouse forever could not pack to be the same probably, thing one after another drew, emptied the car(riage) to come out, but will not have in that Warehouse to be presently full, probably that Warehouse was a bottomless pit. Has not thought in that Warehouse will have Space equipment, he thinks in that Warehouse has certainly Secret passage and so on thing, transported thing in Warehouse to outside went, these situations he writing down of secretly, prepared to tell Carlos these. However also knows that this is very difficult, Laura will not let off their, especially noticed that commodity one after another hauls in Faith Mansion , but Laura has not avoided their times, knows that Laura will definitely not let off their, but is holding a luck, hopes one can go on living. That night with was the same in the past, has counted to cross, started to transport thing from Laura toward Faith Mansion to the present in large numbers already entire ten days, these thing that normally transported, even if piled up with entire Faith Mansion is not overrated, but unusually strange, these thing entered Faith Mansion to vanish, real don’t know, Laura got so far as that these thing. Static lying down on the bed, has been thinking Laura these days actions, his understand Laura why suddenly such does not do, suddenly dares to speak the last words with Carlos, what she depends on is what? Only depends on Evan a few words? Is unlikely? Is thinking these times, suddenly smelled a fragrance, the fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, his actually suddenly felt that own breath is getting more and more difficult, fierce awakening, wants to jump to remind all people from the bed, Laura poisons. However his head issues the order that jumped, his body has not actually carried out, his body resembles thousand jin (0.5 kg), simply does not listen to his command(er), he wants to shout that actually presently continually open mouth uses energy, exclaimed in surprise that this is any toxin, so is unexpectedly fierce, this is also his last thought. This toxin naturally is the rainbow colored toxin, Zhao Hai makes Cai'er put, they must die, but cannot use the too big sound to come, therefore Zhao Hai let the color and has put the toxin.

Now rainbow colored toxin, the reason that because Space strengthens, compared with former formidable, the rainbow colored toxin could only be the one type of chronic toxin before, but he merged Space pesticide toxicity now, turned into one type of deadly poison. That night, their silent deaths, have not turned are up points spray, Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature them, thing that but knows are not many, besides knowing Carlos has relationship with Boris, many that even might as well Lycra they know. although he also said the situation about Carlos, but these were unimportant, compares Boris this formidable Southern King, Carlos at best is also jumping clown. 11 th day, Laura they in have not transported the commodity toward Faith Mansion , the commodity that these days they transport were too many, will possibly affect the Purcell Duchy daily necessities market in the transporting words, Laura does not want also to offend Purcell Family in this final time. Dispatching person who Laura also starts try, therefore wants to work as the free commoner person, Laura apportions their money, making them go home, remaining was some dies the loyal person, these people must follow Laura, Kun already the number crossed, these person altogether 54, 22 were Warrior, remaining was some children of domestic slave Magistrate, is Laura came the Purcell Duchy show time on bringing. These people are not Steward, the matter that they handle is also not very heavy wants, but has saying that they are actually the Laura under the hand/subordinate most loyal a batch people, meeting carpenter has three people, meeting blacksmith has three people, six look after Magic Beast that Laura raises specially, in the Earth words, these people are the grooms. Besides these people, the remaining people were their family members, these people had the male to have the female, male generally was family's servants, female was the maidservant or the female cook. Is adding on Laura, Kun, Ni'er, Karen, Kiel, Sean altogether 60 people of join Buda Family, starting today, they are not the Markey Family people, but has become the Buda Family person.