Chapter 218 Etc. After these person of although sets are good, Zhao Hai has packed off them, but Faith Mansion here only kept Laura, Green, Kun, Ni'er, Meg was accompanying him. They, to are not and other, but is waiting for Carlos their people to come, how many mercenary now wasn't had to come Casa City? They must tidy up these people, then. This time they were being compelled leave Casa City, leave Purcell Duchy, their is suppressing at heart all at once, if this air/Qi does not exit, they are really uncomfortable. Zhao Hai they know that over the two days these mercenary will arrive at Casa City, when the time comes feared that must move, they over the two days they completely honest, lives in seclusion and declines visitors, the Faith Mansion gate has closed completely, nobody exits, does not have anybody to come, compared with situation that couple of days ago heavy traffic, simply looked like at two world is the same. These influences in Casa City, although feels odd, but before there are, several days Laura dispatches the matter of person before, they do not have too many surprised, but thought that Laura they already secret leave, but these hauled in the Faith Mansion commodity to go to there, these big Trading Company people did not care that big Merchant of each like Laura, will have own Secret passage, had Secret passage on, not only family two clans, these commodity they can definitely pass Secret passage to move away. Big Trading Company has the big Trading Company livelihood, on Continent in the first big Trading Company headquarters in shape city market, almost all have to toward outside the city Secret passage, this is almost public secret, but nobody knows their Secret passage deeply, to there. It can be said that Secret passage is these big business the [say / way] of final maintaining life, is existence of Clan most secret, in the member of most core except for Clan, nobody knows that passage in there, therefore regarding the whereabouts of these commodities, these big Trading Company simply nobody cared. Conversely, Laura they make such manner, lets these big Trading Company people, has thought another point, must know, this Secret passage is each Clan most important lifeline, does not arrive at the life and death time cannot move lightly, now Laura they moved this Secret passage, that represented them to arrive at the life and death moment, this let these and don’t know has Boris to participate in Great Clan of this matter, was really felt that could not feel the brains. These Great Clan think that Laura such does , because Purcell Family has not been supporting Laura, Laura cannot stand off Markey Family, therefore Laura must give up here all preparing to travel.

However these big business have not moved Laura, in their opinion, Purcell Family although will not help Laura cope with Markey Family, however present Laura is not that affable, first several days Zhao Hai entered Faith Mansion not to come out, these people saw, the Zhao Hai strength was very formidable, this was the recognition, they do not want to annoy powerful Dark Magician. But the business in Laura shop, still normal is carrying on, nobody captures the there business, because of Laura and Purcell Family the public foreign statement, Laura had already forwarded to Purcell Family Magic Lily Store, from now Magic Lily Store is Purcell Family. Regarding this information, these big Trading Company relatively attach great importance, Magic Lily Store control is giving people a hard time now the Purcell Duchy about 40% daily necessities market shares, this share was really too high, before Magic Lily Store in Laura in hand, Laura cooperated with Purcell Duchy, regarding them not extremely in suppression, but now is different, now these shops in Purcell Family in hand, in other words, in Purcell Duchy here, equal to was national control the big end of daily necessities market, later they want to make wind and rain in the daily necessities market, to be are impossible. Because knows that Laura must walk, therefore they did not have the mood to pay attention to Laura, paid attention to Magic Lily Store, now the Bana commodity has turned over to Purcell Family, what change that later Purcell Duchy daily necessities market will have, but also was very difficult to say. But these mercenary have not let Laura they and others too long time, in Zhao Hai comes Casa City the 15 th day, these mercenary entered Casa City. These mercenary entered Casa City staring by Purcell Family, what movement they had, Purcell Family know, moreover told Laura them this situation, Evan felt to Laura somewhat guilty, therefore wants to compensate a Laura point in this aspect. Laura regarding Evan the good intention, is very grateful, now her in hand Intelligence Network although can use, but Laura has not actually moved, after all now Magic Lily Store has given Purcell Family, if will make Purcell Family present her petty action possibly not happy, therefore Laura wants to wait for the gust to cross, was using oneself in hand the Intelligence Network. In this several days time, Laura they have not been idling, these is willing with her person, to deliver to Iron Mountain Fort there, Stony Mountain there Zhao Hai has not prepared to keep the person, Cai'er received the there rainbow flower cane, there Dark mist also diverged, because there is the Zhao Hai domain, not having Zhao Hai allow, the average person not to dare to go. Dark Magician has stayed the place, few has the guts to go really personally, they fear there poisonous, on adding on Continent regarding individual property, has definite orders regulation, like Stony Mountain that Zhao Hai buys, if some people rush carelessly, Zhao Hai the person killing, the matter did not have. Has delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there these people, did not fear them in running, even if were in these people have spy Zhao Hai not to fear that in Iron Mountain Fort there, outside had Undead Creature to defend, the space had the hawk to go on patrol, even if were these people knew Iron Mountain Fort that situation, impossible to pass on information.

Moreover this several days they well have also arranged Iron Mountain Fort there, Laura moved Faith Mansion thing, Faith Mansion area was not small, good thing to be also many, before Zhao Hai simply had not arranged Iron Mountain Fort there, but has put some simple furniture, was very rough that one type of, now Laura puts toward Iron Mountain Fort in thing in Faith Mansion , but also let alone, had a little Great Noble rich noble aura rest. This several days Zhao Hai also led Laura they to visit the Iron Mountain Fort surrounding situation carefully, tarn, the mine tunnel rabbit farm brought them to look, what Kun and Laura they looked was sighed again and again that has not thought that Zhao Hai they can complete this within such short time here unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has not hidden the truth from them, got them to go to Space Ranch there to look, now Zhao Hai Space Ranch rose 5th level, must say that Space Ranch can rise 5th level, but must thanks a lot Laura, before this Laura them, some Magic Beast that raised brought to enter Space much, some these full insects and long live hogs. Had these thing, therefore Zhao Hai Ranch promoted, moreover can raise 100 animal, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel happy, immediately has raised some long live hogs very much. This long live hog in level that in Space evaluates is 4th level, but outside Space depending on deciding level has 1st level, does not have no aggressiveness, is on Continent most common carnivorous animal. Long live hog Zhao Hai here has not raised too, now Magic Lily Store there is not considering as finished that Laura said that cooperates with Purcell Family has inconvenient, therefore Zhao Hai raises these long live hogs, the main point saves \; first, provides the meat for them, two will use for the future. these days Laura they regarding Space also some very good understanding, regarding Space all sorts of magical things, they are also became accustomed, but now most free and unfettered on was Karen. Karen since obtained the Space Villa underground room after Laboratory, little came out, everyday is busy in inside, has only bothered time, will come out to sleep, or arrives at outside Prairie to go to relax the mood, free and unfettered that the day passes is comfortable. It looks like in Zhao Hai, Karen on nerd compared with this Earth also wants the dwelling simply, is all right almost does not leave the room, except for eating meal to sleep is staying in Laboratory, really dull has been tired, walks to the villa outside, has not actually raised had said that must leave Space. In his words is, he does not like seeing that many people, in Faith Mansion , he did not leave the palace, stayed in the room has been tired, transferred the extension in courtyard, had good long time not to leave Faith Mansion big gate.

Zhao Hai hear of he said that is also speechless, Karen can call simply is Top Grade nerd of different realm version, wants Top Grade compared with Zhao Hai many. Zhao Hai also not bears very much, wish makes nerd contact the world, that is very difficult, do not say that Karen is wholeheartedly for research the nerd, looks like a total involvement invests in a person to enterprise, wants to change, was too difficult. However Zhao Hai has not thought must change him, area in Space increases in any case now, he wants the exiting extension to exit to transfer the extension, does not want to transfer to stay in the room, the Space here air is good, he does not have the danger in here, has the advantage to the body. Can research leave anything to come regarding Karen, Zhao Hai had not inquired, even if inquired he cannot understand, Karen research that thing, is Magic Formation, but beforehand Adam, although knows that has Magic Formation to exist, east the disposition of but by his having neither learning nor skill, how possible to contact Magic Formation, Zhao Hai daily is busy busy west, does not have the time to contact that thing, simply does not understand. However is this, everyday Faith Mansion here will also keep person of look at, because Evan meets occasionally sends the information to them, Zhao Hai they are counting on these information. The information that today they receive on very simple, these mercenary will cope with Laura in the evening, moreover these mercenary had greeted with Evan, making Evan should better not tube tonight matter. Original Evan wants scolding runs these fellows, but for Purcell Family, Evan endured this tone, but has also reached an agreement with them, cannot make the too big move, otherwise his impolite.