Chapter 219 Dark Magician Alliance Laura is taking the in hand information, to Zhao Hai forced smile said : situation compared with person, Boris this Southern King makes Purcell Family do not take care tonight matter, Purcell Family has to agree , the Grand Duke Evan person is luckily good, otherwise his hypocrisy works with us at the same time, has helped actually Southern King cope with us, we have Elder Brother Hai Space, feared that is also difficult to run away this tribulation.” Kun nodded, the meaning of his understand Laura, although has Zhao Hai Space, if not because Evan has not been allying with them, Zhao Hai will not arrive at Casa City here, if not because these many matters pushed in together, Laura and Zhao Hai such will quickly not have the result. Sentimental matter needs a process, falls in love this matter, feared that only exists in the legend, even if has, also will not live in the body of Zhao Hai and Laura. However what is undeniable, because Zhao Hai has to save a life great kindness to Laura, therefore Laura has the favorable impression to Zhao Hai very much, because Zhao Hai Laura looks like Taylor, is the heart has the favorable impression, is adding on Laura to help him sell crops that Space comes out, this equal to has helped Zhao Hai one in a big way, the favorable impression of Zhao Hai to Laura was deeper. They have the favorable impression mutually, because the time is short, therefore has not revealed that but this time matter leaves suddenly, they must be forced to leave native place, are facing the future of completely ignoranting, at this time the person was the frailest time, person in frail, was often easier to have the one type of fervor, one type of was impulsive, that feared that was a small emotion, by infinite enlargement. Zhao Hai and Laura have the favorable impression mutually, in adding on this mood about, they sparked the spark finally, had revealed mutually the heart mark, can arrive today this step. Now deciding of matter, Zhao Hai and Laura have been able confident facing the opposite party, their sentiments had the home to return, at heart the recognize opposite party is own lover, naturally can also face confidently. The people are this, the matter lived, when has not faced directly, will be on nettles at heart, will flinch, when he has faced truly, has solved after the matter, was naturally confident. All these are the chance coincidence four characters, if not Carlos they presses on step by step, these possibly will not live, even if lives, so will not be quick, can say that Carlos their motions, played doing of catalyst to use, to make all these fresh sped up. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this also no wonder Evan, he has Great Clan to manage, can achieve this degree, was very good, after all he impossible like us, gives up here all, leave Aksu Empire, so long as he in Aksu Empire one day, he has to a Boris several points of face, but this does not have anything, we can deal with this attack.”

Laura shows a faint smile said : „, we can deal with, happen to foul air, these days my this tone, but did not have.” Kun they have smiled, they did not fear attack that not only will arrive, what even if comes is 9th level Expert and can be what kind, but their here two 9th level Expert, so long as with the Dark mist technique a Faith Mansion cover, outside person cannot see what's the matter, starts in here and that's the end. However Boris does not dare to send 9th level Expert to come Casa City to chase down them, if he dares to send 9th level Expert to come, then has had no consideration for face with Purcell Family on equal to, Purcell Family 9th level Expert will be impolite. This is also on Continent unwritten regulation, the city that has 9th level Expert to guard, other 9th level Expert may not enter for no reason, will otherwise be regarded as the challenge. Although entered Carrion Swamp to be uncertain of one's fate in present Purcell Family Wind Saint Buffy, but also had Origin Sword Saint to assume personal command, this Sir Sword Saint, the fame on Continent was very big, the average person does not dare to stroke the tiger to lightly. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai they were not worried, so long as is not 9th level Expert, had Green to deal with, their simply did not need to fear. In this time, suddenly Green complexion changed, deep voice said : anyone, came out, otherwise do not blame my impolite.” A gloomy sound conveys said : fruit to come fiercely, worthily is 8th level Peak Expert, can see through my spectre Stealth Technique unexpectedly.” Heard this sound, Zhao Hai their immediately moved, Meg has put out to seal|confer Motie to curl, on Zhao Hai were many Light Element to have protected Magic, Kun also protects Laura after behind. Green is actually staring at the corner of room, cold sound said : 8th level Dark Magician, suddenly is fierce, was a pity that your spectre Stealth Technique is not proficient.” spectre Stealth Technique, is one type of Advanced level Black Magic, this Magic mainly does to use, is used to assassinate, can be used for the avoid enemy, is Dark Magician special-purpose, other Magician have not managed magic studies.

spectre Stealth Technique one, but uses, is similar to spectre is the same, invisible shadowless, making people feel that not his existence , because of this characteristics, therefore was called is spectre Stealth Technique. But this spectre Stealth Technique, Green had seen before, in the battlefield, hostile both sides is the killing opposite party of stopping at nothing, but Green will be the spirit wind that became famous will fight at that time, the assassination naturally will not be short, this ominous spirit Stealth Technique, he also saw has not been once or twice, therefore was very experienced, otherwise also really presently comes the person. As soon as that person listened to Green saying that he he the chuckle two, although is smiling, but the gloomy air/Qi in that laughter, has not actually weakened, making the person sound especially was uncomfortable. With the laughter, that person also slowly has appeared the personal appearance, black Magic Robe, looked like somewhat sinks old, in hand was taking wooden Magic Staff, although this Magic Staff in wooden, but the black, had more than 2 meters to be long all over the body fully, seal carving on Magic Staff unusual symbol, but stick there has actually made a very unusual shape, looked like strange. Green coldly look at that person of said : „are you who? Who sends for?” That Magician, shows a faint smile, bows said : „to allow me to introduce oneself to several people, below is the Dark Magician Alliance elder, Marut.” The straight sea they puzzled look at Marut, Dark Magician Alliance this called them is first hearing, do not say Zhao Hai, information quick Laura they have not heard on Continent also to have a such alliance. Marut also saw their puzzled obviously, Marut has shown a faint smile said : I to know that everybody has not heard Dark Magician Alliance this organization, but this was not strange, the Dark Magician relation establishes now, altogether also five years of time, moreover besides some Dark Magician in pledge, knew existence of this organization in nobody.” Green knit the brows said : do not say that these wasted breath, explained your purpose in coming.” Marut has not been angry, but shows a faint smile, turns the head this time I am invites Mr. Zhao Hai join Dark Magician Alliance to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Marut saying that gawked, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Marut said : why must invite me?”

Marut shows a faint smile said : „to allow me to sit down to say.” Except that has not come most from the beginning beside, Marut speech very polite, looks like a gentleman has been same, this made Zhao Hai their vigilant heart also reduce much, was having Green in addition, Zhao Hai did not need to be worried that own security, made Meg receive protecting of Angel/Emperor's Emissary, asking Marut to sit. After Marut sits down, Meg gave him to pour one cup of sub, expression of gratitude of Marut very politeness, this made Zhao Hai feel to him curious, from just to the present, the performance of Marut, looked like Noble compared with him, as graceful as incorrect Noble. Marut has drunk a sub, puts down the cup, looked at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, certainly can feel that now Dark Magician on Continent, had been isolated, walked very inconveniently outside, most people compared with mercenary that we imagined, Assassin, the thief, the swindler also want fearful existence, probably we were the devils, momentarily met eats human.” Regarding this point, some Zhao Hai feelings touch, although said that Dark Magician looks like the scenery, arrives at there nobody to dare to annoy, such that but said just as Marut, Dark Magician on the person by Continent isolating, in the eyes of Continent person, Dark Magician is the evil synonym, this is not the good deed. Looks at Zhao Hai to nod, Marut then said : actually most from the beginning, the people on Continent in the Dark Magician cognition are not this, the Dark Magician although behavior is strange, some Potion and Black Magic that but our research comes out, is very helpful regarding people wound treatment, moreover our Dark Magician, because can summon Darkness life form, is various Great Noble and major influences, essential fighting strength, had us, nobody dares to be wild in the nighttime.” These time was one's turn Kun they to nod, Kun they lived one in a big way the person of age, those who knew Marut to say was real, before many Noble and countries, liked inviting Dark Magician, because the Dark Magician characteristics had decided they in nighttime fighting strength formidable, then Dark Magician was various ** in team essential existence, that looks like now, in various countries' army, almost did not have Dark Magician. Appearance that Marut looks at the people, smiling face even bigger on face, but was quick he to receive own smiling face, to Zhao Hai their said : „, but this situation slowly changed, when don’t know started, on Continent started to spread Dark Magician is the evil symbol, was Incarnation of devil, people slowly started to isolate Dark Magician, we had not realized most from the beginning this issue, waits for afterward presently this issue time, the people on Continent were isolated Dark Magician.” Speaking of here, in the Marut sound is bringing a heaviness, was very obvious, serious of issue left his imagination, therefore he such serious.