Chapter 220 Radiant Church profession, one, but was been isolated by all people, he did not have the means to exist, is doomed to perish, because profession thinks that was inheriting, what need was the person, most important was also the person, one, but nobody favored this profession, nobody is thinking that join this profession, lost inheritance profession, looked like passes on inheritance Clan to be the same, sooner or later will perish. Because of this, therefore Marut they present the gravity of matter, the inheritance of Dark Magician actually wanted appears to divide into periods, is willing to study Black Magic in nobody, this regarding them, was not good information. After Marut then said : we present this situation, immediately starts to investigate, on Continent not appears such rumor with no reason at all, certainly some people specially for it, after we investigate carefully present, all these back, are the Radiant Church person are promoting.” To be honest, this answer Zhao Hai their anticipation, on Continent Dark Magician has not been isolated now, but Light Magician earned many respect, reason that Light Magician will have such status , because they capture and kill the Dark Magician reason in all directions. If these rumors with these Light Magician it doesn't matter, feared that is at nobody meeting believes that but regarding these people in power, this matter looks like does not have what fault, the Radiant Church religious doctrine, is makes these ordinary commoner know one's place, even if in cannot painstakingly the rebel ruler, reason that because in the Radiant Church religious doctrine, you will suffer hardships, to let you after dying can on Heaven. Where is Heaven? Nobody has seen, in the Radiant Church religious doctrine, that is the world is the most beautiful place, has been able anything not to need to do to the there person, has the good food of not being able to finish eating, has to wear the endless pretty clothes. Without a doubt, such religious doctrine regarding ruler advantageous, therefore various countries' ruler does not oppose Radiant Church to do missionary work, suppresses Dark Magician to them, has the manner that one type of lets matters drift.

Marut looked that Zhao Hai they do not have the appearance of accident, and has smiled bitterly, self-ridiculed secretly after own these people also are really suffices, to know, think that Zhao Hai their appearances, clarify already had guessed correctly this result, but oneself these people have actually used that long time present. Marut has smiled bitterly next step: Because present this point, on Continent some Dark Magician of insight, from organized, has established Dark Magician Alliance, the Dark Magician Alliance main point had two, one was to resist Radiant Church, another was to let Black Magic can inherit.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at Marut said : „, therefore you did look for me? To let my join Dark Magician Alliance, because I am also Dark Magician?” Marut nodded said : well, because you are also Dark Magician, Dark Magician like you, Radiant Church will certainly find the time to cope your, in the past coped with your Zhao Ga, actually was also Radiant Church, he was Radiant Church sends to cope your, but what your don’t know was, the Radiant Church strength, displayed them was much more formidable.” Zhao Hai their look at Marut, Marut looked at several people of one, deep voice said : „you have not thought that now on Continent has plenty small duchy, already by Radiant Church to control, but Southern King Boris, was Radiant Church Protector Knight, reason that Boris coped with you, besides the Carlos reason, meaning of Radiant Church.” This to stems from Zhao Hai really their anticipation, they have not thought that by the Southern King Boris that big power and influence, unexpectedly will become Radiant Church Protector Knight, this surprised people. Marut looked at Zhao Hai one, then said : „should not be surprised, Radiant Church is actually comprised of three parts \; first, Pontiff Commander various Archbishop, second is Knights of the Round Table meeting comprised of Protector Knight, the third part is traveler meeting that in teaching bitter cultivator comprised, these three some although with belonging to Radiant Church, but actually the relative independence, Pontiff Commander various Archbishop, main duty manages the daily operation of Radiant Church, but Knights of the Round Table Union Master must on be to protect Radiant Church, the traveler can most important duty on be does missionary work.” Zhao Hai their static is listening, looks detailed that such Marut said that obviously they the investigation to Radiant Church were not a day or two, it seems like most understood that your person was your enemy these words really has not spoken incorrectly.

Marut then said : although said that Pontiff is managing the daily operation of Radiant Church, but he does not have the authority to manage Knights of the Round Table to be able with the traveler meeting. The Radiant Church Knights of the Round Table meeting, although called the Knight meeting, actually inside many were some various countries' real power characters, each status was not simple, they have composed the management of Knights of the Round Table meeting, was managing Radiant Church some armed forces, but Pontiff in hand besides various Archbishop, but also control Radiant Church some not for person the strength, some Assassin organizations, some Mercenary Group, relatively these two, the strength of traveler meeting was for example weaker, they could be said as in Radiant Church, the most reverent believer, they slowly put on coarse cotton clothes general, year to year walked in various Continent places, at the same time disseminated the Radiant Church religious doctrine, at the same time did some. Matter that teaches the person to treat an illness, their bodies do not have Yu Cai, things to eat by going hunting, bestows by others, therefore the traveler generally will be comprised of Magician, because the present Radiant Church day gets better and better, therefore, is willing to be the cultivator person to be painstakingly getting fewer and fewer, now true bitter cultivator already few.” Speaking of here Marut also cannot help but to reveal the color of admiration, was very obvious, he very much approved to cultivator painstakingly, although they now with Radiant Church are the enemies. Zhao Hai first time heard that ascetic does this profession, this profession sounds probably is Monk, but somewhat is also different from Monk, sounded to want much better compared with Monk. Marut sighed said : „, if Radiant Church like painstakingly cultivator, that Continent had the luck, what a pity, now few Magician can endure hardship cultivator such pain, now Radiant Church can be said as by Pontiff and Knights of the Round Table meets control, they resorted to all means is thinking the means enhanced status of Radiant Church in Continent person heart, using an alternative made money toward own in hand, was greedier than Merchant, wanted the black heart compared with the politician.” Speaking of here Marut to clench jaws, was very obvious, to the suppression of Black Magic, was taken the lead by Pontiff and Knights of the Round Table Corps. Marut calm a mood, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : you possibly unable to think that copes with Laura undead Mercenary Group most from the beginning, actually is also Radiant Church control, copes with your three Assassin with Zhao Ga together, their genuine backstage manipulators, is Radiant Church, but nobody knows that snort|hum, the appearance that Radiant Church, outside ships out bemoaning the state of the universe, is doing secretly actually compared with the devil also evil deal.” Zhao Hai they were shocked, this information regarding them, had the impact, they did not have the means undead Mercenary Group, shadow Assassin Group such organization and Radiant Church relate in together, moreover Marut can know these information, has carried on the investigation of very detailed to them very much obviously, it seems like that this Dark Magician Alliance was not the friendly stubble. Marut look at face shocking Zhao Hai, showed a faint smile said : these matters to have us afterward to look up, if did not have such strength, we did not match with Radiant Church have spoken the last words, reason that this Boris they will cope with you like this \; first, because of benefit, to obtain your in hand Haven product, two because of your Dark Magician, they feared you already join Dark Magician Alliance, if your join Dark Magician Alliance, had your financial support, that Dark Magician Alliance formidable, to their threats on even bigger.”

Zhao Hai and Laura one stares, then they with mutually looked at one, Marut this saying although did not have anything superficially probably, but actually looked like Zhao Hai to disclose an information, that was the fund, Dark Magician Alliance possibly lacks the fund. They are not the fool, Marut can Zhao Hai performance confidential of such, certainly has the reason, most from the beginning Zhao Hai also don’t know is any reason, but knew now, to put it bluntly on a character, money. Marut looks at their appearances, knows that they are thinking anything, Marut look Righteous Path: Asked Mr. Zhao Hai do not misunderstand, I invited your join Dark Magician Alliance, for your money, our Dark Magician Alliance although did not say that was an alliance organization, but did not have the division of what upper and lower layer, the alliance did not have alliance leader, only then Elder Assembly, Elder Assembly strong order that Magician will not make anything, even if were makes that Magician do, must listen to that Magician own opinion, these time asked mister to participate in Dark Magician Alliance, the most important reason, because mister was Dark Magician, on Continent all Dark Magician, except for Radiant Church control these, other's we will invite the join alliance.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : „the join alliance, what there is to request?” Meaning in Marut one hear of Zhao Hai words, knows that this matter has the gate, his immediately/on horseback said : not any excessive request, main request, only then two \; first, later meets Magician in alliance to have difficult, wants make a move to assist, second, finding the way to collect Radiant Church all materials, can tackled Radiant Church voluntarily, only then these two requests.” What did Zhao Hai nod said : that alliance to be able for me to provide? Naturally, I do not mean about fund, but is the help in other aspects.” Marut shows a faint smile said : this naturally to have, the alliance can provide the help in information for you, can provide the manpower to help you for you, naturally, has provided the manpower for you, you need to pay part of money to the alliance, moreover must pay these person of commissions.”