Chapter 221 join alliance Zhao Hai nodded, such condition he to is acceptable, if Dark Magician Alliance so is really loose, his join to does not have what issue. The Marut look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : „, so long as join the alliance, the normally some ordinary information, the alliance has been able to provide, if you want to make the alliance help you investigate some quite special situation, or you assign to look up who, the alliance must charge certain fee, with according to the matter difficulty that you must look up, the status of person the fixed price money, naturally, the alliance will have some duty to want the cloth, for example some Magician want to know that some assigns the situation of person, how you helped to look up, the alliance can pay you commission, if there is Magician to need these Magic Beast, you. Helped to grasp, the alliance will also pay you commission.” Zhao Hai has smiled, this Dark Magician Alliance also is really interesting, sounds likely is on Earth in the novel common mercenary Guild, the matter that they do also really very much looks like with the Mercenary Union dry matter, the objects but who they aim are Dark Magician. Smiled, Zhao Hai then asked that said : wanted the join alliance, what procedure needed?” Marut one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows Zhao Hai was excited, his quickly said: Does not need any procedure, so long as you agree with the join alliance, has been OK, later cannot spread the matter of alliance, cannot betray the alliance on the line, if you agree, is taking this, even if were Dark Magician Alliance official member.” Was saying while has put out a small badge, this badge be only one Yuan coin size on Earth, was dark cloud obstructs directly the date the design, the back was actually small brooch type thing, can this badge don't on the clothes. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this simple badge, gains ground such simple a badge to Marut said :, did not fear that was fabricated?” Marut smiles said : not, this badge although is common, but manufactures the metal of badge, is actually an elder in our alliance, when performs the Magic experiment to obtain, this metal is not hard, but after plastic very strong, setting, if received external force attack to distort, oneself can also slowly change the original appearance, moreover on this badge has the serial number, others were against cannot make.” Memory Metal!

How Zhao Hai listens to think that this thing likely is Memory Metal, has not thought really that in Ark Continent here, meets appears this thing unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has taken up that small badge, carefully looked, but he cannot certainly see anything to come, put the badge to put on the table, turned the head to Marut said : „, if alliance really not that many regulation, I agreed with the join alliance.” Marut cannot help but one happy, he has certain finding regarding Zhao Hai, he knows that the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, Zhao Ga their time copes with Zhao Hai, result inexplicable disappearance shadowless does not have the trace, the undead Mercenary Group person, after attack Laura Zhao Hai repels, on Continent vanished, this had proven the Zhao Hai strength, has such powerful Magician join to arrive at Dark Magician Alliance, they were many a strength, this is Marut most happy. Obviously, Dark Magician Alliance compared with Radiant Church, saving essence some, their point very simple, like Marut told Zhao Hai \; first, to help Dark Magician, letting Black Magic must inherit, two were to resist Radiant Church. Compared with Radiant Church, the organization of Dark Magician Alliance is loose, but has actually been short of a utility , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai meets join Dark Magician Alliance. Looked at Zhao Hai to receive badge, Marut then feel relieved, smiles said : to Zhao Hai well, later you may be our Dark Magician Alliance person, our alliance most important point, was helping Dark Magician and resists Radiant Church, other times was busy own, you did not need to worry that was restrained by anything.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good, did not say that this, Marut mister came, we must entertain mister well, Laura, making the person prepare, a while I asked mister to eat meal, finished eating the food, was asking mister to see a play.” Laura shows a faint smile said : well, I make the person prepare, happen to also several Fire Fish, brought to entertain Marut mister.” Said that told Ni'er prepared. Marut look at their appearances a little are strange, the Laura given name he had already heard, now looks like Laura with Zhao Hai relationship, not only collaborator, is the benefactor is so simple, they display was extremely intimate. What most important is, Marut also heard that Laura must ask him to eat Fire Fish, this Fire Fish although is not Advanced level Magic Beast, but actually is also very difficult eats, Marut is only Dark Magician, has not eaten Fire Fish to the present, one hear of Laura said that he to is straight was somewhat surprised.

Before Laura, brings these Fire Fish that from Zhao Hai there, did not give a present has eaten, simply has not sold, therefore Continent in hand so many Fire Fish on person also don’t know Laura. Marut to somewhat feels extremely flattered regarding such allowance, must know Fire Fish, but high quality goods, by the present Dark Magician status, but is straight is few has eaten personally, has not thought that today to had the luck of having good things to eat. Regarding asks him who Zhao Hai said to see a play, the meaning of his also understand Zhao Hai, before he comes, has adjusted checked, over the two days Boris has sent for Casa City, it seems like must cope with Zhao Hai they, his understand Zhao Hai their meaning, does not look at Zhao Hai their appearance, now probably specially keeps here to wait for anything, said in one hear of Zhao Hai that Marut immediately understand, Zhao Hai kept here is these people who waits for Boris to send. However Marut has not said anything, remains to remain, in any case Boris is also the Radiant Church person, tidies up them well one. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Marut said : Marut mister, how many people can I know currently in the alliance to have?” Marut nodded said : naturally, now our alliance part-owners more than 13,600, although this digit look like many, but you must know that our alliances invited on Continent all Dark Magician join, although to have some Dark Magician not to relate, some did not want join, but we also almost related to about 40 Dark Magician Continent over a hundred meeting, finally only then such selected the person, our days did not feel better.” Zhao Hai nodded, the Ark Continent here situation his although is not completely understand, but light looked that Purcell Duchy here knows, the Ark Continent here population are many, moreover area also has big compared with Earth on probably, the population should not compared with Earth on few, in this case, like Dark Magician Guild in an organization of entire Continent nature, actually has more than 10,000 people, this proportion was really too few. Zhao Hai turns the head to Marut said : our alliance not like Radiant Church, control several Mercenary Group what?” Marut smiles said : you also to know that we are an alliance organization, turns over to the alliance direct command(er) strength truly is not very big, but some Magician have actually established their influence, like your this, you presently in hand had not the small influence, if , the alliance has been able to ask you to help you when necessary, your strength actually is also the part of strengths of alliance, but we do not look like Radiant Church, orders directly, our please that Magician handle matters general, must beforehand notice that Magician, solicit his suggestions, if you do not want to help., We will not exempt.” Zhao Hai curious said : „that if always does not help, the alliance will also provide the information to him? Didn't that alliance owe?”

Marut he he chuckle said : alliance is not Merchant, the alliance is founded, the most important point helps Dark Magician, making Black Magic inherit, resists Radiant Church , helping the alliance is tells Dark Magician to be voluntary, does not demand.” Zhao Hai to somewhat admired Marut they, matter that this alliance so far, does, but also was is very favorable for Dark Magician, moreover utilitarian was very low, could look, these people also really wholeheartedly to help Dark Magician. Zhao Hai serious nod, to Marut said : Marut mister, please help me pass on to the Elder Assembly elder, if there is any need I to help, sure, can help, I will help.” Marut laughs said : well, I passed certainly on, Zhao Hai, our Dark Magician has been compelled in the dead end now, if everyone/Great Clan did not give the vigor to cause toward one, what finally was bad luck was we.” Zhao Hai nodded, although he is not true Dark Magician, but helps Dark Magician busy, what most important is , helping the Dark Magician gang, his equal to had the backer, if in the future will have any matter, can ask Dark Magician Alliance to help, this will be very important to his later show. At this time meal also preparation was similar, Zhao Hai they stepped the dining room, Meg their immediately took the meal. Actually these meals prepare in Space, they are prepared by Merine, before Laura them, said that makes the person arrange, but uses a pretence, although said that Marut invites Zhao Hai join Dark Magician Alliance, does not have evil intention to Zhao Hai, but this Space Zhao Hai may not have to prepare to tell Marut, that is he biggest secret, except for looking like Laura their these will most be intimate with will not betray his person, he at will not tell other people. Reason that these slave Zhao Hai have not been concealing the truth , because they are impossible to betray Zhao Hai, in adding on these slaves is impossible to arrive at Continent to come up, if they under not having the leadership of Master ran up to Continent, that will certainly be regarded the running away slave to grasp, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that they will exit to speak irresponsibly. The meal is very sumptuous, main course naturally is Fire Fish, the beef, the pork, the rabbit meat, various types of Magic vegetables, Marut looks at the dish of this table, cannot help but the secret swallowing saliva, these years because of the suppression of Radiant Church, the Dark Magician day does not feel better, he was the days has not eaten such meal.