Chapter 222 Turns into my slave This meal Marut eats is very happy, moreover he also present an astonishing matter, is on the table is suspending these meat, all like Advanced level Magic Beast beast meat, the content of Magic element is very unexpectedly high. Marut is Magician, he to the Magic element itself very sensitive, in adding on these thing of Zhao Hai preparation, is the Space products, that beef is, this is on one type of Continent the common meat uses the cow, named raging bull. raging bull is one type of very unusual Magic Beast, the body does not have the wool, thick-skinned meat are many, the strength is also very big, this stud bull can be used to plant crops, can be used for carnivorous. Laura had raised also several raging bull, but she raises raging bull not for the farming, but to eat the meat. Before Laura here was raising many Wind Falcon, Wind Falcon ate the meat, had raised afterward several hawks, the appetite of hawk was also very big, to provide the meat to Wind Falcon and hawk, her here will be raising several raging bull throughout, afterward was received in Space by Zhao Hai. level of this raging bull in Space is not very high, only then 4th level, this is level that in Space evaluates, on Ark Continent, raging bull level has 1st level. animal in Space, highest has 50 multistage, but Ark Continent here Magic Beast, most level is also 9th level, Level 10 looks like the god is the same, only exists in the legend, therefore in Space regarding a level evaluation of Magic Beast is different from Space outside. Reason that Zhao Hai must raise raging bull, to eat the meat, one, but eats these meat that in Space has produced, in eating outside meat, always feels not to the taste, therefore Zhao Hai their present things to eat produce by Space. The Space product, must be the high-quality goods, the food is good, the meal flavor that makes is also naturally better, in adding in method cookery good food of Earth, is makes the appetite that Marut eats open greatly. After having had the supper, several people arrived at the living room, Ni'er and Meg send to sub to them, Zhao Hai have drunk a sub, looked at Marut one to smile said : mister to think that tonight meal is delicious?” Marut smiles said : deliciously, was too delicious, is this Haven product that on present Continent became famous? Really uncommon, but also has not thought really that Mr. Zhao Hai in hand really has good thing, no wonder Boris they keep thinking.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, some good thing always people to keep thinking.”

Was saying, Zhao Hai facial expression suddenly moves, turns the head to smile said : to Marut not to think that just finished eating food this to act in a play came, interesting.” Marut one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows the good play must perform, he also smiles said : just right, finished eating the food to be good to see a play, he he, hopes to develop splendid.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head doorkeeper to open to Laura said :, the people of acting in a play went on stage, person who our these see a play, comfortable also has no alternative but to show due respect for the feelings is not.” Laura shows a faint smile, nodded, Ni'er and Meg run, opened the gate and window of living room. Marut presently, when don’t know, in entire courtyard has then stood Undead Creature, these Undead Creature some makes the Warrior appearance, some are makes the Magician appearance, standing that each and every one decides in courtyard, moves also motionless, probably statues. Moreover entire courtyard had been covered by one layer Dark mist, simply cannot see the situation outside institute, but can actually hear outside the institute to hear an intermittent slight sound of footsteps, population probably also many. Marut surprised look at Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature are Zhao Hai release comes obviously, was just Zhao Hai continuously with him in together, how he does not have presently Zhao Hai is comes these Undead Creature release, a sound does not have, moreover he had not felt that slight Magic fluctuation, this made him feel really surprisedly. In Dark Magician the has plenty person, will study hides the method of Magic fluctuation, after having studied this method, uses some Inferior level Magic, even if Magician, is very difficult to feel that Magic fluctuates, is used for the sneak attack only way. However this must make the user in a Magician protection no situation, if Magician noted you, you in want, is very in this way difficult. Hides the method of Magic fluctuation, cannot achieve to let Magic fluctuation complete disappearance, but weakened, when the person does not pay attention, presently Magic fluctuation of this weakening, so long as a attention, can presently. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, when summoned, Marut does not have presently any Magic fluctuation, this was he most surprised place. Naturally, Marut is impossible to know that simply of Zhao Hai use is not general Darkness Element summons Magic, if makes him know, he so will not be surprised.

Zhao Hai has not paid attention to Marut, he is only look at Faith Mansion big gate, he wants to know really very much that the opposite party enters Faith Mansion to come with any method, bursts, turns the wall to enter. In this time, suddenly out of the door has been hearing a knocking on a door sound, Zhao Hai and Laura they stares, at this time did some people knock on a door? Zhao Hai cannot help but smiled said : „that family's people have rested, had matter tomorrow to come.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they have smiled, at this time knocked on a door, did not need to ask that certainly was Boris sends to deal with their people, but the opposite party with the way of this knocking on a door, wants to make them tight, wants to make them feel that was despised. However Zhao Hai with this joke same reply, making the plan of opposite party go bankrupt completely, instead to by the object who Zhao Hai they ridiculed. Really, one hear of Zhao Hai said that outside immediately/on horseback transmits sound speaking sounds: Junior, good balls.” Said that Faith Mansion big gate there transmits with a bang sound, two leaves of Atsugi big gate, have fallen down. Zhao Hai they have not paid attention to that to pour in ground big gate, but looks toward out of the door, they want to know that what these time comes is who. Out of the door is standing five people, five wear white Magic Robe, in hand is taking the white Magic Staff person, looks at their appearance, Zhao Hai knows that these five people are Light Element Magician, moreover level is not low. These five Light Element Magician stand, in looks like on very luxurious vehicle, this car(riage) all over the body is the white, in night probably glistening white light. Pulling a cart is not ordinary horse shape Magic Beast, but is two lion shape Magic Beast, these two lion shape Magic Beast, is the white, looks like, not only formidable might, a holy feeling. Laura in a soft voice to horse carriage that Zhao Hai said : Saint light wooden becomes, it seems like it is the Radiant Church person . Moreover the status is not low, looks at their appearances, should be White-clothes Bishop, what pulling a cart is Light Element 6th level Magic Beast, Moonlight Lion, fighting strength is very strong, will use Light Element Magic.” In that five White-clothes Bishop, is standing Knight of big platoon, appearance of these Knight very has the characteristics, they cross under uniform white single horn warhorse, the body of warhorse is also throwing over bright Ginko, on each Knight puts on bright silver whole body Knight armor, the right hand is taking about four meters Knight Spear, the left hand is taking a near person high tower shield, on full body armor is inserting Thunder Bai the feather, under their Knight Spear lance point, is flag of triangle, the lance point is referring to the day, flag flap flap does to make a sound in the wind. The Zhao Hai look at these Knight formidable might appearances, muttered said : „to say that the appearances of these fellows were really good, but was in don’t know that Knight armor, installed was the person or the cleverness.”

The Zhao Hai voice just fell, are deep voice in that five White-clothes Bishop to Zhao Hai said : you Zhao Hai? Dirty Dark Magician, lets you today under the glory of god, forever disappearance.” Zhao Hai look at these five did White-clothes Bishop, how many this lines show a faint smile said : always to say? Said Shunliu? For today's motion, don't you have little accept the Purcell Family condition? Mentioned listens, the condition that if you pledged let my heart movement, possibly did not need you to begin, I first have committed suicide, avoid also you took time.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that threw one to smile, her also really don’t know Zhao Hai unexpectedly weary rascal such time, can say such words unexpectedly. Zhao Hai disposition is quite open, but his dwelling at home too long time, therefore appears somewhat sad, but after Ark Continent here, because must face the life the pressure, therefore he did not have the mood to chat, today his join Dark Magician Alliance, moreover prepared leave Purcell Duchy, at heart instead to letting loose, could not bear say several jokes stimulated that several White-clothes Bishop. That several White-clothes Bishop have not thought obviously Zhao Hai sees their such lineups, can unexpectedly so relaxed, stands in middle that White-clothes Bishop cannot help but angry-looking said : junior, daring talks nonsense, dirty life like you, was purified under the glory of god is sole way out.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to arrive is the good choice, but you come is not the time, the glory of god can purify others in the daytime, to the evening, the glory of god had been replaced by Darkness, he he, I settled on your horse carriage, the big cat of pulling a cart, your behind Knight are also good, I thought my pushing someone take on a difficult job turns into my slave you.” Marut has sat in Zhao Hai side, to be honest, his present is very nervous, must know that Radiant Church White-clothes Bishop, is next to existence of Pontiff and Red-clothes Archbishop, each minimum has the 7th level Magician strength, is adding on their in hand Magic Staff, the car(riage) that rides, pulling a cart Magic Beast, clothes, these are the Magic things, can their Magic superimposed layers, if hits, their strengths are not lower than 8th level Expert, five 8th level Light Element Magician, were adding on behind these to put on by blessing/additional support Light Element Magic Radiant Knight, fighting strength like this, may not be is saying. Plays. Light Element Magic is Black Magic nemesis, these words is not false, Dark Magician, in the Light Element Magician front, Innate suffers a loss, the opposite party one sends out such strong strength to cope with Zhao Hai, this has thought highly of Zhao Hai very much, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai can also so not completely indifferently deal with them, is makes Marut admire really very much.