Chapter 223 With Light Element Magic Undead Creature After Zhao Hai said that turns the head to Laura said : Laura, you said that like this is good? If Dark Magician, sits in horse carriage that in the Saint light wooden becomes, what pulling a cart was turned into Undead Creature Moonlight Lion, what driving a cart was turned into Undead Creature White-clothes Bishop, that walked certainly eye-catching.” Laura they were shocked, although Laura is very confident to Zhao Hai, but one hear of Zhao Hai said that they feel being startled. do not blame they are startled, was the Zhao Hai words was too astonishing, if Zhao Hai did , was in front of entire Continent person on equal to, will slap Radiant Church maliciously, Radiant Church will certainly not give up. But these most surprised must be Marut, Marut is earliest a batch join Dark Magician Alliance, these years they in have resisted with Radiant Church in secret , because of this, therefore his completely understand Radiant Church strength, to be honest, on this Continent, but also few individuals dare to make like Zhao Hai said the matter really come, even if 9th level Expert, feared that does not dare, Radiant Church may more than one 9th level Expert, naturally, general 9th level Expert not bored handles this matter. However Marut is also very excited, these many years, although said that Dark Magician Alliance has been resisting with Radiant Church, but continuously in secret, suspicious carries on, on Continent majority of people and don’t know, moreover feared that was retaliated by Radiant Church, they do is also some small-scale matters, like that Zhao Hai said the way of coping with White-clothes Bishop, they want not to think. That several White-clothes Bishop have also tarried, following is actually the boundless anger, did not have that Dark Magician to dare such to speak to them, to Light Magician of White-clothes Bishop rank, its authority on no less than Continent medium grade Noble, unexpectedly some people have dared such to speak to them now, does not pay attention to them completely, this is really makes them feel the vitality. The whole body of that White-clothes Bishop air/Qi shakes, shouted: Dirty Dark Magician, your thought had been poisoned by the devil, comes to accept the baptism of god.” Zhao Hai laughs, look at that White-clothes Bishop said : „were you head just made the gate clamping? Like this can also say? You find a person to ask to Continent on casually that having a look at him to extend to make you chop the head? Is Radiant Church this idiot in Steward?” The eye of that Bishop air/Qi was red, was saying anything, by him Bishop actually deep voice said : we were not Radiant Church, we just could not get used to seeing Dark Magician to make wicked mercenary.”

Zhao Hai looked at that Bishop one, with several other Bishop indignant different, this Bishop air/Qi calms down the idle appearance, has probably not been angry because of the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai looks at this person of appearance, knows that this person is the plans deep generation, such person compares beforehand that several is not affable, but he has not cared, but smiles said : in front of sighted person not to tell the lie, you are who, we are clear, did not use in there said that anything did evil did not do wickedly, your Radiant Church not necessarily was also clean to that goes, let alone that many wasted breath, under the hand saw the true facts.” Said that waves, before several made the Magician appearance Undead Creature to stand White-clothes Bishop horse carriage. These Undead Creature Drunk they, Zhao Ga, Zhao Shi, Zhao Jie, Lycra three people with Buffy. These 15 Undead Creature Magician, toward a there station, but also is very scary, Zhao Hai feared that some people recognize their identities, therefore they now are the appearances of skeleton, is not Zombie. These White-clothes Bishop look at the Zhao Hai appearance, was angry, they are Light Element Magician, is Undead Creature nemesis, now Zhao Hai makes Undead Creature cope with them unexpectedly, this despises simply. Could not be bearing with that White-clothes Bishop that Zhao Hai spoke first, shouted angrily said : junior, today makes you know, the glory of god, everywhere.” Said that held up in hand Magic Staff, in the mouth Incantation read continually, then a white light they shot toward Drunk, this unexpectedly was 6th level Light Element crowd-attack Magic, Holy Light Descent. Marut static sitting in Zhao Hai side, just Zhao Hai bickered with White-clothes Bishop, he does not vent spleen very much, but looked that Zhao Hai makes these Undead Creature Magician cope with White-clothes Bishop unexpectedly, cannot help but also somewhat was worried that thinks Zhao Hai extremely Yu Tuoda, must know White-clothes Bishop is not affable. However let all person surprised appears , saw in that several Undead Creature Magician, suddenly walked one, on this skeleton Magician also put on white Magic Robe, in hand is also taking white Magic Staff, then did not see him to have too big beginning, a Light Element Magic light protection on let out, kept off nearby several skeleton Magician. Except that Laura they, that several White-clothes Bishop been startled has forgotten the movement, but Marut is startled one has stood, they think that skeleton Magician, will use Black Magic to resist the Light Element Magic that White-clothes Bishop release comes, has not actually thought that he uses unexpectedly is also Light Element Magic. This skeleton Magician naturally is Zhao Ga, Zhao Ga is in itself Light Element Magician, after Space improves, his Magic was preserved powerfully, therefore use naturally is also Light Element Magic. But this is Marut they most surprised place, they have not seen, that Undead Creature can use Light Element Magic, that simply is cracking a joke, this probably is saw that a person chops to be the same toward own body with the blade, is purely the suicidal behavior.

Zhao Hai has not actually moved, he wants is this effect, he must make Marut have a look, I do not fear Radiant Church these fellows. At this time Drunk they also moved, Drunk they are true Dark Magician, this make a move is Black Magic, blotting out the sky attacked toward that several White-clothes Bishop. Zhao Jie they also moved, Buffy they, Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie are Earth element Magician, but Buffy is actually Wind element, is adding on Drunk they, these is Magic of three departments, attack gets up magnificently incomparable. Drunk their this moves , the soul of people calling, a Marut face shock to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, this, what's all this about? Why your can Undead Creature use Light Element Magic?” Zhao Hai smiled said : Marut mister not to worry, sits down to listen to me to say to you slowly that this will use Light Element Magic Undead Creature, was the past attack my garden, after he I have killed, him turned into Undead Creature, whose think of it, his actually suddenly lived variation, has become meeting Light Element Magic Undead Creature, I also felt being startled most from the beginning, actually did not make understand what's the matter.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Marut to has felt relaxed, must know Dark Magician, when manufacture some Undead Creature, sometimes also will live variation, therefore Zhao Ga ability although very strange, is actually not the complete explanation does not pass. although has somewhat felt relaxed, but Marut felt that very inconceivable, Undead Creature will really have Light Element Magic, personally sees, even if were others said that listened to him, he will not believe. Then Marut does not feel right, turns the head that other these skeleton Magician to Zhao Hai said :? They what's the matter? How is Advanced level Undead Creature?” Low level Undead Creature, is impossible to use Magic, therefore Drunk they use Magic, Marut knows that these all are high grade Undead Creature. Zhao Hai smiles said : „to say, but must be lucky Magic Staff that my this obtains, when this Magic Staff also don’t know makes, once I hunt and kill Magic Beast in the forest, obtains, this Magician has the one type of very mystical ability, so long as I use Bone-Forging Technique, he can become Spirit-Trapping Technique Bone-Forging Technique blessing/additional support, these Undead Creature that therefore I receive all are Advanced level.”

look at Zhao Hai in hand Ghost Staff that Marut two eyes shines, Zhao Hai is actually the psychology laughs in one's heart, he listened to Sir Wei Xiaobao saying that this said that hurried must have nine points of real, one point of vacation, therefore in this lie really really received the vacation, letting the person is unable to look up. At this time that several White-clothes Bishop could not withstand Drunk their attack, their behind these Radiant Knight also looked, shouted that these Radiant Knight in hand Knight Spear have set level, flushed toward Faith Mansion . Zhao Hai moves has not moved, these make the Warrior appearance Undead Creature, actually arranged square-shaped formation, kept off in palace in front of the door, at once, Faith Mansion in front of the door turned into the battlefield. Zhao Hai had not been worried that these Radiant Knight in fierce, the population is also placed in there, but his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, may all have the 7th level Warrior strength, such strength places there also to let the person to look down upon, he believes that these Undead Creature can block the attacks of these Radiant Knight. Faith Mansion here hits is so lively, surrounding others actually probably all rested the dead past to be the same, a sound did not have, no matter what they hit to live to kill in here. If normally makes such big move, the City Defense Force person already came, but the City Defense Force person had a vacation to be the same today probably collectively, a person's shadow cannot look, it seems like that the Radiant Church person hit to call with Evan. Regarding the response of Evan, Zhao Hai is also understandable, Purcell Family although is Great Clan, but these time is actually Boris and Radiant Church together goes into action, such strength is Purcell Family, has to give way to traffic, Evan can deliver a letter to them ahead of time, does right by they. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, these Radiant Knight, really by his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature keeping off in big gate there, have not been able to crash in Faith Mansion . At this moment, in Faith Mansion all around fence, actually suddenly braves the each and every one person's shadow, these people crawled in the fence, immediately jumped toward the partition, these people made the mercenary appearance, in hand are taking weapon, looked that was copes with Zhao Hai they.