Chapter 224 Finally strikes Marut also present these people, these person of although makes the mercenary appearance, however their movement very neat, have the good coordination, understood at a glance that is not ordinary mercenary, has received the army of regular military training. Zhao Hai also saw these mercenary, these time mercenary that turns from fence there has several hundred people, these people entered courtyard, does not have immediately/on horseback to look like Zhao Hai they to attack, moreover stands in same place slightly put in order dressing ranks, although has only used time, but this point time made them have a square-shaped formation lineup quickly, then they attacked toward Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai has not worried, his all around also has many Undead Creature, now he uses is also only human-shape Undead Creature, Undead Creature of these beast shapes he has not moved. From Knight of Faith Mansion main entrance there attack, Zhao Hai has counted to cross, altogether 18 ride, 18 coordinate incomparably tacit 6th level Knight. Quick, no matter Marut these White-clothes Bishop, they present a situation, was Zhao Hai these Undead Creature was too special, simply did not fear the charges of these Radiant Knight unexpectedly. Must know that these Radiant Knight weapon and full body armor were blessing/additional support Light Element Magic, was adding on these Knight fighting strength to be very strong, Zhao Hai has only used less than 100 Undead Creature, has withstood unexpectedly the attacks of these Radiant Knight, this simply was inconceivable. Knight and ordinary Warrior are different, in the cognition of many person, Knight compared with Warrior Advanced level, moreover Knight can in Noble with Warrior describe. Ordinary Warrior, most is leather armor, weapon, some are worse, so long as warrior cloth, weapon, cannot be called Warrior. However Knight, wants Mount first, is full body armor, is weapon, Warrior weapon is then impossible to have one type of, minimum must have Knight Spear, must have the tower shield, must have an heavy sword, this can be called Knight. Warrior, only needed to look after itself to be OK, that feared that was his weapon damaged, he only needed to trade weapon to be OK, the cost will not be high.

However Knight, he besides must look after itself, will also look after own Mount, their Knight Spear, is extremely easy damaged weapon, one, but damaged, must replace, but the Knight Spear price, wants expensively compared with ordinary weapon many , because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore looks like in ordinary Warrior, Knight although very formidable, but also is profession of fever money, is not Noble, is not the rich man, the simply means have not become Knight. Also because Knight is a rich man, therefore many Knight will have a Knight aide, this Knight aide is Knight handles the life in normally, looks after Mount, in the fight, will defend in the Knight side. Knight fighting strength is without doubt formidable, this also has relationship with their Mount, Mount is more formidable, Knight fighting strength is more formidable, naturally, Mount was more formidable, considers money that Mount spends to be also more. But these Radiant Knight, their Mount are uniform 5th level Magic Beast Unicorn, Unicorn is one type of 5th level Light Element Magic, heard that with Elven Race protection Sacred Beast, 9th level Magic Beast Unicorn has blood relationship relationship, fighting strength is very formidable, carrying a heavy load strength, is one type of very good Mount. But protecting of Radiant Church teaches Radiant Knight, mostly is uses this Unicorn to take own Mount, not only fighting strength is formidable, but also looks like formidable might. If ordinary Warrior, 100 possibly are not 18 6th level rewiring Knight matches, the Knight person borrows the horsepower, can very relaxed rips open Warrior to compose square-shaped formation that several charges can kill 100 Warrior. However this Radiant Knight meets is not ordinary Warrior, but the Knight charge that square-shaped formation comprised of equivalent to 7th level Warrior Undead Creature, they go smoothly everywhere, actually does not have the means to rip open square-shaped formation that these Undead Creature compose, this is really very rare matter. Radiant Knight copes with general Undead Creature, simply was too simple, on their weapon had Light Element Magic blessing/additional support, so long as bumped into these Undead Creature, can bring very big injury to these Undead Creature, Undead Creature that but this time they met, was actually not general Undead Creature, Undead Creature that this time they met, did not fear Light Element Magic. thing that Marut dull look at all these, although he sees today, he had also seen before, nothing but is the fight of Undead Creature and Radiant Knight, however today's fight actually left his cognition, Undead Creature and Radiant Knight resists directly, does not drop the wind, this in his opinion, is such is not real. All around these Undead Creature are still keeping off these to make the mercenary appearance person's attack, but Zhao Hai their actually each and every one old god in sitting in there, sees a play probably the same look at front fight. How Marut real don’t know Zhao Hai thinks that he really suspected that now Zhao Hai is Lunatic, who is not Lunatic is competent such matter to come, to let such Lunatic join Dark Magician Alliance, don’t know is to is wrong.

At this time Laura looked at outside person one eyes, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, was similar, do not tow too long time, Grand Duke Evan not good explain/transfer.” Zhao Hai nodded, meets to begin to wield, in Faith Mansion suddenly appears large quantities of Magic Beast Undead Creature, these Undead Creature characteristics, are big, is very big, each Undead Creature two meters to three meters high, some have been five and six meters high, moreover all over the body is the dark green skeletons, skeleton above is growing the sharp thorn, looks is not affable. These Undead Creature appears , on them the sharp thorn fiercely flew, looks like only by the shoot out vigor arrow, attacks toward these mercenary, these mercenary one was shot upside-down a big piece. After bone spike, these Magic Beast Undead Creature immediately overran, but Marut actually notes, in these mercenary back, appears large quantities of human-shape Undead Creature, these Undead Creature probably are Dead-soldier, each and every one carries out the assassination specially, in these mercenary back, to these mercenary make a move quietly, has plenty mercenary simply presently behind has not had the person, had actually been killed. This accident comes was too quick, person simply of these mercenary appearance responded without enough time that had is killed most probably, but the remaining these also fell into during the encirclement of Undead Creature, eye look at could not be inescapable. But copes with these mercenary Undead Creature, is only few parts, majority of Undead Creature actually these Radiant Knight and that several White-clothes Bishop sphering. Marut don’t know must say that any was good, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so many Undead Creature, moreover fighting strength also strong of these Undead Creature one by one, this Radiant Church this owed is eats. That several White-clothes Bishop present matters are not wonderful, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such, they cannot be attending to now vividly, each and every one also starts to go all out, they know that in did not go all out to keep this today. Zhao Hai had actually stood at this time, he moves also motionless look at that five White-clothes Bishop, he knows that these five White-clothes Bishop are the hosts, everyone can run, but these five White-clothes Bishop cannot run. Zhao Hai has given Cai'er to order in secret, so long as presently that five White-clothes Bishop have any sound, her immediately begins, must leave behind that five White-clothes Bishop. Reason that Zhao Hai makes Cai'er prepare , because Zhao Hai had was extremely calm, when his release Magic Beast Undead Creature that White-clothes Bishop he displayed, other White-clothes Bishop changed color, only then an exception, was that with Zhao Hai spoke the time, was very calm, Zhao Hai thought his plans deep that White-clothes Bishop.

That White-clothes Bishop was extremely calm, his calmness does not originate from his strength probably is strong, Zhao Hai has looked, that White-clothes Bishop strength is ordinary, in that five White-clothes Bishop, can only be the medium grade level, but this person was extremely calm, simply has to hold not fears. Such person he has certainly subsequent party, like this plans deep person, will certainly leave behind the last card in a hand to oneself, moreover everyone don’t know card in a hand, therefore Zhao Hai pays attention to him specially, making Cai'er prepare to cope with him at any time. look at that several White-clothes Bishop that Laura their also raise the spirits, all people decide, they know that these White-clothes Bishop is impossible to run. Marut don’t know, but they know, now their in hand, but two 9th level Expert, moreover momentarily can make a move 9th level Expert, have these two 9th level Expert to assume personal command, even if were opposite party in hand has the antiquity Magic apparatus, non-directional Transmission scroll they were impossible to be inescapable. In the war has been full of the fortuitousness, so long as you have been ready, can actually all accidentally turns inevitably, like Zhao Hai their this time, they have been ready, waits for the enemy to visit, the enemy did not come, so long as were impossible to be inescapable. As soldier getting down of these mercenary appearance but actually, in the battlefield already not any suspense, the motion of this Radiant Church and Boris, failed completely. But at this moment, suddenly three shadow appears when White-clothes Bishop horse carriage, in White-clothes Bishop has not responded, three Rapier have claimed three White-clothes Bishop lives. although these White-clothes Bishop have used Light Element Magic protective shield, but that Magic protective shield actually cannot block Rapier attack, three White-clothes Bishop in the blink of an eye died. At this moment, that White-clothes Bishop complexion of Zhao Hai attention finally changed, then he clenched teeth, looked at Zhao Hai one maliciously, puts out a hand into the bosom, wants in touching anything, at this moment, two vine suddenly extends from underground, pierced remaining that two chests of White-clothes Bishop directly, that puts out a hand into to remember fondly with thing White-clothes Bishop, when the vine punctures, body flash of white light, has kept off vine, actually cannot block, was assassinated at the scene, he to dying, facial expression that in the eye has not believed completely.