The second hundred 25 chapters Destroying Marut look at all these, that 18 Radiant Knight have tarried, how regardless of they have not managed the Law Idol letter, five White-clothes Bishop such died unexpectedly. Especially that wants from the bosom with White-clothes Bishop that thing comes out, that White-clothes Bishop background is very deep, although these Radiant Knight don’t know he wants to put out anything from the bosom, but they actually know that the body of that White-clothes Bishop is bringing a Magic thing, Protection Ring. Protection Ring is on Continent the one type of quite common Magic thing, this type of Magic thing is some Magic Formation researcher, after long time research, uses Magic Formation to protect the Magic seal to acquire fame to the ring, Protection Ring also divides level, Inferior level Protection Ring is the disposable thing, the material of use is also some special points Blockhead or made of stone, seal is only some Inferior level protection Magic, the comparison is also cheap, the comparison is also common. Advanced level Protection Ring, what use is becomes about golden, can seal high level Magic, moreover can use repeatedly, is the one type of quite precious Magic thing. But that White-clothes Bishop father, is Red-clothes Archbishop, is 8th level Expert, to assure his security, therefore has given that White-clothes Bishop Advanced level Protection Ring, can block 8th level Expert five times attack, but broken. However that pitiful ring actually cannot block Cai'er strikes, the strength that but Cai'er 9th level Expert, strikes casually has the 9th level level, that White-clothes Bishop Protection Ring cannot certainly block. That 18 Radiant Knight know this White-clothes Bishop status, reason that this White-clothes Bishop with, for is a merit, does not want to fight, has not thought that will die in here. He died was unimportant, this died, their these Knight could not live, that White-clothes Bishop father, was impossible to let off their. The eyes of these Radiant Knight were instantaneously red, they know that today in any event must die in here, if they die in here, their family members will not have the matter, perhaps also will obtain some comforting and aiding a bereaved family, but if they are living going back, their family members also with bad luck. These Radiant Knight are Radiant Church trains, Radiant Church has elected some talent good children since childhood, starts to train, therefore their loyalty to the Radiant Church does not have any issue, moreover their detailed materials, have the archive in Radiant Church there.

Also because they are loyal, will not betray Radiant Church absolutely, therefore a lot in Radiant Church their very clear, they know that Radiant Church is unattractive like the semblance, inside dirty matter are many, but they actually do not dare to betray Radiant Church, can say, they, are throwing over Dead-soldier of Knight coat. These 18 people of Radiant Knight have made the same movement almost at the same time, they simultaneously discarded their tower shield, then inserted Knight Spear in the ground, then has extracted on the saddle was hanging the Knight heavy sword, then backhandedly has chopped own left arm. Zhao Hai stares, understand aren't they doing, Green actually said loudly: Young Master, has killed them, they want Sacrificial Offering.” Sacrificial Offering is the Knight unique skill, used this skill Knight in going all out, they gave to the god of Knight their blood and meat, obtained himself strength much stronger strength from, but after having used Sacrificial Offering, the Knight life also came to the end, the strength that Sacrificial Offering obtained, the time has only been able to continue for one hour, after one hour, the Knight life will vanish, therefore Sacrificial Offering was also called the suicide technique. Has used Sacrificial Offering Knight, generally can obtain the itself strength two-level strength, in other words, these Radiant Knight, after using Sacrificial Offering, can reach the 8th level big Knight level, on Continent, 8th level big Knight, is Expert, is almost under 9th level invincible existence. Zhao Hai coldly smiles, the hand wields, several vines drill from the ground, the straight thrust entered in the head of Knight, that 18 big Knight snort|hum did not have snort|hum one dead continually. Sacrificial Offering although very fierce, but actually needs some time preparation, that 18 Radiant Knight, have not waited to complete the Sacrificial Offering ceremony, by Cai'er killing. Zhao Hai was not waiting, has let Cai'er make a move twice in any case, does not care about multi- make a move several times, Cai'er almost in the flash, has killed remaining these mercenary, fought this to finish. This to did not say that the strengths of these people are too weak, because the Cai'er strength was too strong, these Radiant Knight were Sacrificial Offering has completed, was 8th level Expert, 8th level Expert in front of 9th level Expert, was really too weak, like Green, 8th level Peak Warrior, opportunity when facing 9th level Expert Buffy, actually continually hit back did not have, these to 8th level mercenary and Knight, impossible were not compared with Buffy must the fierce Cai'er match. Almost in flash, Faith Mansion here quiet, Zhao Hai waves, these Undead Creature, have held all corpses, then took in Space by Zhao Hai, naturally, living Unicorn and Moonlight Lion Zhao Hai has not received, this difference , after Marut walked, he can receive.

After the corpse receives, Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Marut said : Marut mister, our immediately may leave here, your also leave, call the darkness, should better quickly leave Casa City, Radiant Church has eaten such big owing, certainly will not give up, in the future, I will not have related with you, if had any matter, arrived at Stony Mountain there, in knocks three that in the Stony Mountain ground made an effort, then wrote the matter on the paper, put Stony Mountain in the room on to be able, at the appointed time I will relate with you.” Marut deep looked at Zhao Hai one, he presently on Zhao Hai also real has plenty secret, moreover strength strong his imagination, but he has not prepared to inquire, now Zhao Hai join Dark Magician Alliance, his strength was in any case stronger, is bigger to the Dark Magician Alliance advantage, why asked that did not do well instead to offending Zhao Hai. Marut take deep breaths, nodded said : well, after us, is relating, Mr. Zhao Hai, if there is any need alliance to help, should not be polite, must contact with us, this in Casa City here, the Dark Magician Alliance member, has any matter, you can look for them.” Said that has given a Zhao Hai small book, this small book already prepared very much obviously, but takes now. Zhao Hai not polite, received that pamphlet, nodded said : well, has any matter I certainly to relate your, I do not deliver.” Marut nodded, to Zhao Hai their ritual, personal appearance flashes, vanished in same place. Zhao Hai asked Cai'er, to determining Marut walked, Zhao Hai then received horse carriage that the Saint light wooden became, received Moonlight Lion and Unicorn. Then Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura, Laura also looked at Zhao Hai, then her take deep breaths, earnestly looked at Faith Mansion , this turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, began.” Zhao Hai nodded, Magic Staff toward ground, then he brought Laura they to vanish in Faith Mansion courtyard, but they just disappeared, the Faith Mansion ground started fierce swaying to study, but area of this shaking was very small, has not affected Faith Mansion nearby neighbor. not long after, Faith Mansion here besides fence, in not any complete has constructed, all houses but actually, in the Laura palace also really had Secret passage, under such fierce rocking, shadowless that Secret passage also vanished does not have the trace. This is Earth element Magic, was Zhao Hai they already reached an agreement, they such did, to eliminate the trail, although said that they walked from Space, will not have any issue, for was not suspected, they must destroy Faith Mansion here, this was also Zhao Hai thought reason that did a disservice to Laura. After entering Space, Zhao Hai first delivers to Ranch Moonlight Lion and Unicorn, Zhao Hai just area these two Magic Beast was entering Ranch, prompt sound immediately has transmitted said : presently kind of Unicorn shape animal, evaluated level, level was two ten 5th level animal, can raise in Space, the mature time was 36 hours, produced son one time every 12 hours, the communist son eight times, animal digitization, can purchase in Spatial Shop.”

Presently new type variation lion shape animal, evaluates level, level is three Level 10 animal, can raise in Space, the mature time 40 hours, produce son one time every 12 hours, the communist son eight times, animal digitization, can purchase in Spatial Shop.” Because of presently new animal, Space meets the Level Up requirements, Level Up to 6th level.” Zhao Hai, to be honest, Space Level Up he has not been surprised, he is only has not thought that level evaluation of Unicorn and Moonlight Lion in Space unexpectedly such low. Good, looks like in Zhao Hai, the level evaluation of Unicorn and Moonlight Lion lowered a point, must know these two Magic Beast, but Ark Continent here 5th level and 6th level Magic Beast, in Magic Beast, is small Expert existed, but actually has two ten 5th level and three Level 10 in the level evaluation of Ranch here, is really not very high. In Spatial Shop original animal, two ten 5th level are Red-crowned Crane, but three Level 10 were the hippopotamus, although said that Red-crowned Crane can fly, fighting strength of hippopotamus was not weak, but compared with Magic Beast has actually fallen far short, will Space so be how low regarding the level evaluations of these two Magic Beast? However this idea transferred in the head of Zhao Hai, he in thinking, in any case Ark Continent here Magic Beast many matters, when his level liter time, bought to compare animal in Spatial Shop to know. Now Zhao Hai must process, is that five White-clothes Bishop corpse, but these White-clothes Bishop the Radiant Church core member, they understood certainly that the Radiant Church matter, these information have regarding him in a big way use, no matter what, his two status, are has a grudge with Radiant Church now, he has to understand that Radiant Church, to achieve to know oneself and other side.