Chapter 226 blessing/additional support Magic Formation Zhao Hai returned to Space Villa time, Laura is sitting in the living room stays, obviously, her mood is not quite very good. Zhao Hai has not said anything, but has arrived at Laura side gently, extended make a move to come the link to live in her shoulder, static accompanied Laura to sit. Zhao Hai knows Laura is sad, the homeland that eye look at establishes, such has destroyed, her mood can good be strange. At this time said the words that anything comforted were unnecessary, so long as silently was accompanying her, gave her a shoulder of strong/sturdy to suffice. Laura gently by the shoulder of Zhao Hai, flowing that the tears could not stop, Faith Mansion there, not only a mansion was so simple, there had her enterprise, had her sweat, there is her tears, there was the family in her heart. Zhao Hai held the hand of Laura to tighten, then deep voice said : feel relieved Laura, our sooner or later will go back, when the time comes we were constructing even bigger, more attractive Faith Mansion .” The eye of Laura has not stopped, Zhao Hai said : was in a soft voice good, does not want to cry, to cry not to be unattractive, although you lost Faith Mansion , obtained Space, obtained Iron Mountain Fort, obtained me, you also had anything not to be dissatisfied.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that the tears in although eye have not stopped, has actually smiled, Zhao Hai looked at Laura to smile, then said : do not cry, if made Grandfather Kun they see, but also thinks that I bullied you, if made your father see that was more serious, he cannot my house exploding.” His voice just fell, hears with a bang sound, entire Space Villa shook shaking probably. Laura hears this sound, not only has not been startled, counter- smiles happier, tears class were more, the tears that but these time is to actually smile, Zhao Hai actually could not bear tap own head, muttered said : to come, Laura, didn't you get down to have a look at the uncle? This time explosion Might is not small.” Laura shook the head with a smile, rapidness that she now smiled has fainted, simply does not have the means to reply that Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai also not bears. Since Karen has regarded Laboratory the underground room in villa, several days will hear every other an explosive sound, sometimes will also hear several, Zhao Hai they have been used to this type to explode now.

Is a little Zhao Hai a little resentfully reads, Karen performs the experiment not to divide, when fragrance that sometimes Zhao Hai rests in the evening, by an explosive sound awakening, then his cup had. Zhao Hai on Earth, is a nerd writer, because of staying up late of long time, he a little slight nerve feeble, sleeping time one, but among awoke, is very difficult to fall asleep, therefore a Karen there explosion, Zhao Hai had on the cup, that night does not need to think was sleeping. However Zhao Hai cannot say anything to Karen, can only endure, but the present to was good, even if were in the evening in having the explosive sound, Zhao Hai only will also stand up from failure then rests, has to recognize, the adaptiveness of person very be really terrorist. Some little time Laura has stopped the laughter, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you have not processed these White-clothes Bishop corpses, should process?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to process, can look ask that any thing comes . Moreover the body of White-clothes Bishop is bringing probably also many good thing, happen to brings to give you to use.” Laura smiles said : „, if there is good Magic thing, might as well gives my father research one, perhaps really can research leave any good thing to come.” Smiling of Zhao Hai not bears, has arrived at outside of villa with Laura, these corpse let out that he receives, he first turned into Undead Creature these ordinary mercenary, only left behind two corpses of leads to turn into Advanced level Undead Creature, then asked these two took the lead. These mercenary are really Boris sends, they to are regular Mercenary Group, but they are Boris under the hand/subordinate, Mercenary Group is also Boris control. Except for these on the no big deal material, Mercenary Group like them, can only be the Boris surrounding influence after all, cannot contact too core thing. Has not obtained too useful thing from their bodies, Zhao Hai also gave up, he turned into Advanced level Undead Creature that 18 Radiant Knight, thing that this 18 Knight know to were many a point, but mostly Protector Knight group about Radiant Church, is people commonly used Radiant Knight Corps.

Radiant Knight Corps, is placed on person are not outwardly many, only then 500 people, but this 500 people have a large part of Mount are not Unicorn, but Unicorn 5th level Magic Beast, is not easy to obtain. But Radiant Knight Corps population in fact, actually 1000 people, in these 1000 people, 200 years of Unicorn Knight are Elite, this time to cope with Zhao Hai, one has sent out 18 years of Elite Unicorn Knight, obviously Radiant Church to this Dark Magician already attach great importance to. However these Radiant Knight also only know these many, they are not Radiant Church administrative staff, in secret therefore regarding the Radiant Church these influence, they knows is also not many. Zhao Hai although is somewhat disappointed, but has not said anything, these Radiant Knight, turned into Undead Creature now, looks like with did not have what difference, by the left hand that they chopped grow out, the strength compared with also wanted on strong some. After Zhao Hai received these Knight, also turned into Undead Creature that five White-clothes Bishop, but that wants to take thing White-clothes Bishop from the bosom outward, the name calls Lindsey Becker, one of his father Lundi Becker Radiant Church Red-clothes Archbishop. But this Lindsey Becker, his body also really has good thing, not only there is Advanced level Protection Ring, Magic scroll of antiquity, non-directional Transmission scroll. This scroll is not Lundi Becker to Lindsay, but is Lindsay obtains, he is inborn, although his father to his very good, but he after obtaining this scroll, has not mentioned this matter with his father, but is secret is hiding, but also belt momentarily on the body, feared to lose, but initially has seen this scroll person, was given to kill by Lindsay, now nobody knows that his in hand had Magic scroll of antiquity. Zhao Hai in hand was taking Magic scroll of that antiquity, actually in dull, wants to come in him, thing of antiquity, that many years passed, what also referred to erratically old become, have not actually thought that this thing was not only not old, instead sparkled to golden light, general that if yellow golden became, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that this scroll was not the metal. In this time, in Space suddenly is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently unclear Magic Item, analyzes the Item function, Item is simple Space is Magic Item, may produce non-directional, erratically is away from Space passage, exracting function, in function join Ghost Staff, uses Ghost Staff, can have the uncertain distance, non-directional Space passage.” Presently unclear Magic Item, analyzes the Item function, Item is independent violent protection Magic Item, when may in Host by suddenly attack, automatically be produced protective shield protect the Host, exracting function, strengthens the function, when function join Ghost Staff, Ghost Staff may in Host by attack, automatically be produced protective shield protect the Host.”

Present many Magic Formation, withdraw Magic Formation, stores in the Space file, by facilitating Host momentarily examines.” Presently blessing/additional support shape Magic Formation, withdraws Magic Formation, join to Space Cyborg-type object, strengthens the Cyborg-type object intensity, improves Magic, in Magic Formation join Elf kind of life form, strengthens the Elf kind of life form body intensity.” Zhao Hai and Laura is listening to these prompt, this time prompt sound is not short, but Zhao Hai and Laura actually all listened to understand, said simply is, Space this antiquity Magic scroll ability withdrawing, join to Ghost Staff, also has then withdrawn that Protection Ring ability , after enhancement, join to ghost Staff, but also withdrew to come out that several Magic Formation, put on file, has withdrawn coming out blessing/additional support Magic Formation on these Radiant Knight full body armor, blessing/additional support to Space Undead Creature on, this blessing/additional support Magic Formation join To like Stone Giant summoned creatures on, having made the Stone Giant body intensity stronger. Zhao Hai has not thought that Space currently really also has such ability, this was also too strong, now he can regard Protection Ring to use Ghost Staff, can regard non-directional lecture on doctrine scroll to use, these two may be used to maintain life. Moreover after there are these blessing/additional support Magic Formation, Undead Creature in Space, fighting strength also obtained enhancement, although don’t know strongly to any degree, but wants to come to compare certainly is, this is Zhao Hai happy. Zhao Hai shouted the tone lightly, calm one own mood, gave Laura said : this Protection Ring also to use that Magic scroll and that Protection Ring, you were taking, that Magic scroll, regarding us, the use was not very big, gave the uncle to make him go to research.” Laura has not said anything, nodded to receive, she will be impolite with Zhao Hai, this different thing ability, Space has withdrawn in any case, has put in Ghost Staff, Zhao Hai can use at any time, she in polite did not have the meaning. Zhao Hai looked at several other White-clothes Bishop one, their although are also bringing some thing, but these thing do not have good of Lindsey Becker belt, Zhao Hai only looks at one to throw into Warehouse not to manage. After processing these thing, Zhao Hai the vision image rotation that several White-clothes Bishop, to be honest, has compared these thing that he obtains, what Zhao Hai is interested, what information these White-clothes Bishop can bring to him, regarding him, the information is more precious than these thing.