Chapter 227 Radiant Church strength Zhao Hai, Laura, Green, Kun they static sitting in the living room in villa, is listening to the report of Lindsey Becker about Radiant Church. Zhao Hai just after processing these White-clothes Bishop thing, asked the matter of that several White-clothes Bishop about Radiant Church, does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, most detailed that knows is Lindsey Becker, therefore Zhao Hai kept Lindsey Becker, they called Green, making Lindsey Becker about Radiant Church tell Green the matter that he knows them. Radiant Church is more formidable, now on Continent that Zhao Hai they imagine had the big size small table ten duchies by them control, but Great Noble in several big Empire, there are much enrolls in Radiant Church, became Radiant Church Protector Knight or the elder. However what is a pity, because Lindsey Becker is only White-clothes Bishop, although has a Red-clothes Archbishop father, does not have the means to know that too many contents, he only knows part of join Radiant Church Grand Duke or Great Noble, other he and don’t know. Besides these Great Noble, Lindsey Becker also knows that in several Mercenary Group and several caravan of shape is Radiant Church, several Mercenary Group and caravans turn over to him to manage. Besides these, are not many, but is this that other Lindsey Becker know, Zhao Hai they are also profit significantly, to the Radiant Church strength, they also had a more direct-viewing understanding. Radiant Church was really too formidable, before Zhao Hai heard that after Dark Magician Alliance had more than 10,000 Black Magic allied, but also thought that the Dark Magician Alliance strength was good, but compared with Radiant Church, missed far. When Radiant Church this Great Noble Protector Knight and procedure of Protector elder, was really too intelligent, this drew Radiant Church on the ship these Great Noble and Grand Duke, Radiant Church had any matter, they naturally can help handle, did not want the strengths of underestimated these people, these people visibly will not help, so long as a few words, below these flattered their small Noble, immediately will hold the matter.

Because of this, therefore the talents of Radiant Church these year of exhibitions so will be quick, moreover Radiant Church, not only draws these Great Noble join, same join also the show of own influence, with all kinds of benefits, has given tight tying up these Great Noble above their War Chariot/Tank. Because there are help of these Great Noble, therefore on Continent will repel Dark Magician, Dark Magician will have within the short time by the entire Continent person isolating. Compared with Radiant Church, Dark Magician Alliance must fall far short, Marut had not said that in Dark Magician Alliance has many Noble join, this obviously is Dark Magician Alliance weak spot. Must know Dao doctrines governs Continent these Noble, these Noble manner will affect commoner that he governs, one, but these commoner have one to enter the idea of give priority to first, in wants to make them change, was very difficult. But compared with Dark Magician Alliance and Radiant Church, biggest mistake is, since Dark Magician continuously not unified command(er), but Radiant Church actually is almost the Light Element Magician supreme headquarters, all Light Element Magician are the Radiant Church members, they have unified command(er), goes into action naturally has point, in a state of disunity fights with Dark Magician, naturally takes completely the advantage. Now although said that Dark Magician has established Dark Magician Alliance, but this alliance is loose, wants to achieve Radiant Church degree, several degrees are impossible. However Zhao Hai to does not think Dark Magician such by Radiant Church suppressing, Dark Magician Alliance is a loose organization, the degree of freedom is very big, because of this, therefore they can spring up everywhere, if Radiant Church is at the height of power Sun, that Dark Magician Alliance is dark clouds in night sky, in place that Sun cannot illuminate, will always have Space that they survive. Moreover Radiant Church is not a crisis does not have now, quick that they unfold, but also goes all out includes these Noble, this regarding any big Empire, is a unstable factor, said when does not permit, these big Empire will possibly get angry with Radiant Church, Radiant Church so will not be at the appointed time overbearing. Zhao Hai thought that if these big Empire starts cope with Radiant Church, perhaps to Dark Magician opportunity, Great Noble never hope to see a monopoly of a single clique, they must play is balanced. Must cope with Radiant Church, not compared with Dark Magician more appropriate, Radiant Church one, but threatens their rule, these big Empire started to play to keep in balance, held an influence and Radiant Church Fighting Technique, but Dark Magician was just appropriate.

Naturally, these present is also only the suspicion of Zhao Hai, these big can Empire such do, but must two say. Ark Continent here Faith is free, Faith anything has, these big Empire must cope with Radiant Church, can lift other influence, may not use Dark Magician. Suppresses Dark Magician from these big Empire to Radiant Church, but adopts in the manner of being concerned with look, they do not have what good impression to Dark Magician, therefore these big Empire must cope with Radiant Church, may not use Dark Magician. After having listened to the introduction of Lindsey Becker, Green their are very sad, the Radiant Church strength left their imagination, later they move on Continent, feared that was taking a step for difficult. Zhao Hai waved, received Lindsey Becker, this turns the head to Green their said : Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, how do you see?” Green has hesitated next step: „It is not affable, it seems like we must implement our plans, first arrives at Beastman Prairie to hide a while to well.” Kun also nodded said : Radiant Church strength although to be formidable, however their influences are impossible to extend to Beastman Prairie on, on Beastman Prairie only a Faith god, is Beastman, Radiant Church Faith Radiant God, to Beastman Prairie on, simply was unpopular, nobody buys their accounts, I thought that we first arrive on Beastman Prairie to stay some time, when for a while the crest of wave had passed, we are coming back and that's the end.” Merine nodded said : this to be also good, now Radiant Church also only knows Young Master Zhao Hai this status, and don’t know Buda Family status, otherwise we must face not only Radiant Church, entire Aksu Empire Noble, such words we only have been able to hide in Beastman Prairie for a lifetime, with its such, might as well said that now they do not have presently our status, we arrive on Beastman Prairie to hide first, does business with Beastman, like this they could not find out our details.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to Beastman Prairie, we must be careful, this time we bought that many commodities, the person with high aspirations looked up know that we must go to Beastman Prairie, no matter Radiant Church or Boris, suffered a loss in our hands, they will certainly retaliate us, feared that was we have hidden on Beastman Prairie, they will not let off our.” After Green shows a faint smile said : passed through this several times attack, these fellows want to retaliate us, has thought well, feared that was next time in copes with us to set out 9th level Expert.”

Kun he he smiles said : that not to be impossible, so long as we in Beastman Prairie there, they do not dare to send 9th level Expert to cope with us, Human Race 9th level Expert, is impossible to enter Beastman Prairie, otherwise Beastman Race 9th level Expert will strike to kill them at the scene, moreover might shoulder Human Race with the Beastman Race war, no matter Radiant Church or Boris, doesn't such big courage dare such to do?” Green shows a faint smile, this matter he also knows certainly that he had attended and war between Beastman in the past, Beastman is militant, if Human Race dares to send 9th level Expert to run up to Beastman Prairie really to come up to make wind and rain, that waited for Human Race is the Beastman Race myriad cavalries. Laura smiles were too a much less, although that just Lindsey Becker that said : actually we think said are many, but do not forget, he also spoke of several points, Radiant Church in the Rosen Empire strength not very formidable, Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, one is the powerful is likely incomparable, Radiant Church wants to win over Rosen Empire these Great Noble is very difficult, one, but made Rosen Empire King know, Radiant Church did not use in Rosen Empire mixed, therefore they in the Rosen Empire strength were inferior that several other strong country, this was also our opportunity, had Space, so long as we have set up in Rosen Empire there. Transmission Point, we can slowly at the Rosen Empire show, does not need to fear Radiant Church.” Kun shook the head said : we to be careful a point to well, Rosen Empire although powerful, but they do not like Dark Magician probably, if Radiant Church, taking advantage of coping with the Dark Magician name copes with us, to is is not quite easy to do.” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile said : actually we to say over and over again, is revolving my this Dark Magician status to say the matter, everyone/Great Clan do not forget, my Magician can also use Earth element Magic, Wind element Magic and Light Element Magic, Light Element Magician is the Radiant Church person, this I am not quite good to pretend to be, but Earth element Magician and Wind element Magician, I can actually pretend to be, some people will not always be observing, moreover Rosen Empire there so is far from Aksu Empire, how Aksu Empire did Great Noble know my Buda Family status to be able I? Rosen Empire with Aksu Empire is not the friendly neighbor, should they not help Aksu Empire Noble cope with us?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the eyes of people cannot help but one bright, they to this forgetting, Zhao Hai have now been able to use Magic of four departments, Black Magic is unusable with Light Element Magic, but can also use another two Magic, same can pretend to be Magician, this idea is good.