The second hundred 28 chapters Beast God City Did Merine actually knit the brows said : this? Must know besides Dark Magician, other Magician almost do not bring Magic Hat, if Young Master does not bring Magic Hat, the present status, although will speak of Rosen Empire there, we do not need to fear that Aksu Empire these Noble retaliate us, but Young Master drinks Water of Nothingness, this is all people knows that if made them present the Young Master Magician status, our troubles on even bigger, the water of nihility were known as the non-solution after all, if made the person know that we can solve, greatly troublesome, even if were Young Master said that he cannot the solution, be known accidentally Ghost Staff secret, was big. Troublesome, meets the has plenty person to snatch.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, I did not pretend to be Magician to be good, pretended to be Divergent Warlock to be good, Divergent Technique did not need to practice in any case.” Green knit the brows said : actually saying that the Young Master present is Divergent Warlock not wrong, just Young Master the Divergent Technique was really too formidable, therefore did not make them know to well, if Young Master revealed really their status, our thing sources had the issue, no matter Young Master by any status appears , cannot these to know the Young Master status.” Kun nodded said : this to arrive is, if made these people know the Zhao Hai status, then to us was one greatly troublesome, or this, bringing a mask to be what kind of? In any case on Continent many Divergent Warlock , appearance quite alternative, so long as Zhao Hai takes a mask, some people will not recognize.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „, but such one, I cannot put on this Magic Robe, but this Magic Robe Laura gives to me, I like very much.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that face of Laura one red, other people all have actually smiled, Laura is been more embarrassed, although that they smile is at heart sweet, actually extended with pinching Zhao Hai. The Laura movement naturally does not hide the truth from Green they, even bigger sound that they smile, only then the Meg facial expression is somewhat gloomy, this lets pay attention to her Laura to look clear. Merine smiles said : Young Master not to need to be worried that your Magic Robe, we can change the appearance to you, what Divergent Warlock puts on any case uses, so long as changes that Magic Robe style, nobody can see anything to come.” Zhao Hai then nodded said : belt mask to also to have anything, but I do not want to bring that type the mask that the entire face blocks, was too stuffy.”

The people have smiled, this matter looked like such has also decided that can say, Purcell Duchy matter, told a paragraph. When the people have stopped the laughter, Merine then said : we must go to Beastman Prairie, must the place be able to find a place to live, I have some business in Beastman Prairie there although, but the business is not very big, does business with me, is only some nationalities, is not the War Clan person, therefore the income is not very high, I keep Beastman Prairie there Steward, called Ah Tai, he to was very loyal, can complete feel relieved, but he was also in charge of the work of there, must know in Beastman there with don't the place was different, we general were reached an agreement with the buyer the business, then . The cargo transports, if all puts there goods, may be given to snatch.” Zhao Hai they do not have no research regarding doing business, does not have what contact with Beastman, therefore did not understand very much that therefore does not have what word power in this aspect. Kun nodded said : now we to do, is first with a War Clan relation, so long as we have made the business with War Clan, later to Beastman Prairie, almost nobody has dared to touch us, we move on Beastman Prairie, can insert War Clan War flag, nobody dares to move War Clan thing on Prairie.” Zhao Hai do not understand what's the matter, but Green actually knows that War Clan is the king on Prairie, actually entire Beastman Prairie, can say that is comprised of the innumerable every large or small robbers, the tribe is bigger, represents him is a bigger robber, the tribe is small, is the young robber, the big robber snatches the young robber, the young robber snatches the smaller robber, this is the Beastman Prairie survival rule. Also because of this, whenever Beastman does not go on living, they will snatch others, went on living by oneself, this is the reason that Beastman Race and Human Race battle against. But these War Clan, are in Beastman Race the fighting strength formidable race, is in Beastman Race the biggest tribe, biggest Bandit Group. Does business on Prairie, if you do business with some nationalities or some ordinary War Clan, will be unsafe, only then does business with some formidable War Clan, you will be safe. Each War Clan has own War flag, this War flag is representing that War Clan dignity, any dares to affront this War flag person, will receive that War Clan endless chasing down. But these big War Clan regarding very much respects with Merchant that they cooperate, to assure these Merchant securities, they will give these Merchant their War flag, enabling these Merchant to insert on own caravan, as the matter stands can guarantee these Merchant was safe, otherwise on big Prairie, the caravan probably will momentarily meet taking by force of some small tribes, will not be very safe.

Did Zhao Hai nod said : what goods on Prairie should better to sell?” Kun shows a faint smile said : grain, this is listed at first, second is the salt, third is weapon, these thing on Prairie are most in high demand.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : salts and iron these thing we not to have the means that but the grain is actually not a problem, arrived at Beastman Prairie there in any case, they will not manage our grain are there come, that feared that is snatches, regarding these Beastman that steals is also same, moreover we can be many in Space a type of grain, this can supply to Beastman.” Kun nodded said : this is also we thinks that now Beastman there grain price very high, if we can the low price buy the grain, certainly can become Merchant that War Clan most welcome, moreover these Beastman there, the vegetables are also few, we have Space, does not exist to transport the dish difficult issue, can transport some vegetables, believes that certainly will sell.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to say other is not good, but must say that this vegetables and grain, we can open wide the supply, but can also trade large quantities of Magic Beast, good deed.” Laura smiles said : thing your here to have is, I to do not worry, but I think that we should suppose first Beastman there Transmission Point, then in Rosen Empire there, supposes there Transmission Point, we Magic Beast that gets so far as from Beastman Prairie there, is impossible always to put in hand not make a move, happen to can buy Rosen Empire to go, such grain and Magic Beast can turn into money.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to be also good, right Laura, you in the Beastman Prairie there person, now in what position?” Laura quickly said: Now in three of Nha river curved neighbor, this Nha river is on Beastman Prairie one of the maximum two rivers, because three curved there river channel bends to acquire fame, the appearance of the water is gentle, to Purcell Duchy border Iron Wall Fortress is also not very far, has five days of distances.” Zhao Hai although has not gone to Beastman Prairie there, did not know about the there situation, but has certain finding regarding this Nha river, Nha river stems from North Polar Icefield, there with one of Continent five Great Forbidden Land Carrion Swamp shares the honor, this Nha river crossed entire Beastman Prairie, has entered Purcell Duchy, after entering Purcell Duchy, was changed known as Jade Belt River. Good, this Nha river Jade Belt River upstream, therefore Purcell Duchy here has the detailed record about Nha river. Nha river is also on Beastman Prairie the most famous river, is the Beastman mother river.

Beastman no matter herds or lives, cannot leave the water, but Nha river not only the water current quantity is very big, but also very gentle, Beastman not only can water intake in the river use, but can also launch to catch fish, regarding Beastman, Nha river really like their mothers, for generations is raising Beastman. Zhao Hai nodded said : there to Purcell Duchy to is not far, was right, what race are you with contact? Is safe?” Laura smiles said : safely, my business basically only has the contact with two races, one is raging bull Human Race, another is Fragrant Pig Race, these two races are the nationality, raging bull Human Race raise the raging bull skilled person, but Fragrant Pig that Fragrant Pig Race raises also is also very famous on Continent, these two Beastman Race very temperate, moreover is near to Purcell Duchy, Magic Beast that they produce , many are some carnivorous Magic Beast, passes through the income is also good.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to Beastman Race race understanding are not many, must know that the Beastman race far more than a lot, take Ox clansman, is divided into the rhinocero, the yak, raging bull, the longhorn, the water buffalo...... Waits for dozens races, wants to record these races clearly, with carrying large book is similar, Zhao Hai does not have that ability. Zhao Hai nodded said : that we first to go to there three curved there to have a look, then in walks toward Beastman Prairie, Beastman Prairie was too big, we suppose Transmission Point in there, must choose a good place to be good, has to be able in the inhabit region of big tribe.” Laura thinks that suddenly two eyes bright said : I to have thought a place, that place was too far, in the Beastman Prairie deep place, was sacred land in Beastman heart.” One hear of Laura said that the people in room know what Laura said was there, although they have not possibly gone to there, but all has actually heard, there was on Beastman Prairie the sole city, Beast God City. Beast God City in Beastman Prairie there becoming famous, Beastman Prairie there is the vast pasture, simply does not have the mountain, does not produce Stone, therefore there wants to construct the city is very difficult. But establishment of Beast God City, is actually miracle, Beastman creation miracle.