Chapter 229 Occupies the place Beast God City one hear on understand was any meaning, that was sacred land in all Beastman hearts, was earth of Beastman Race on with Prairie, in addition hay and putty made, but with the water of putty was actually not the ordinary water, but was the blood of various Magic Beast the beast in original raised, therefore was called beast blood earth. But because of Prairie there also same lacking lumber, therefore Beastman city there with the lumber place, replaces with Magic Beast beast bone , because of this, therefore there will be called Beast God City. Heard to construct the Beastman city, Beastman all tribes, lived simply and frugally for dozens years, Magic Beast completes with don’t know had many. there is in the Beastman heart forever sacred land, but position that Beast God City is, to North Polar Icefield is not very far, because Beastman thinks that Beastman has repelled the North Polar Icefield devil in there, had a today's Beastman clan, therefore they have constructed Beast God City in there, to commemorate Beast God. Moreover Beast God City there, does not have City Lord, does not have any city garrison, but the Beastman city is actually on Continent the safest city, entire Beast God City has Beastman about 1 million, in Beast God City radius of a thousand li(500 km), does not permit to resort to violence, does not permit to steal, one, but presently, execution. This is Beast God City from constructing the custom that starts booking to get down, anybody can not destroy, Beast God City there lives is some formidable War Clan, moreover is not a race, is each every race the place of gathering occupying, is most honest in there wild Beastman. After many years of show, Beast God City there has become on Beastman Prairie the biggest commodity collection and distribution center, Merchant of everyday person each every race does business in Beast God City, very lively. although Beast God City there does not permit to resort to violence, but if there is Merchant of other families to dare in there to deceive Beastman, he will certainly have bad luck, Beast God City does not permit to resort to violence, war between refer to tribe and tribe, if outside there is a person to dare in Beast God City here to act unreasonably, Beast God City here also has Law Enforcement Team, these Beastman not to be trifled with, they will kill people, moreover does without regard for the circumstances, if you dare to deceive Beastman, no matter that clan, does not give you any explanation opportunity, first killed in saying.

However regarding does not want to gain black money Merchant like Laura, Beast God City is the best destination, although Beast God City there does not have the shop front to buy, but they can establish a tent in there, does business specially. Before Laura also wants to go to Beast God City, but her then scale too small, simply went to Beast God City there to do business unqualified, did business in Beast God City there, if your in hand goods have been short, simply went , the person who went to there to do business embarrassed, the lowest transaction was more than ten million jin (0.5 kg) grain, or Magic Beast by the tens of thousands, Laura may not have such big capital at that time. However now is different, now has Space, if Zhao Hai entire Bamboo rice, a day can save 20 million jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice, this is not a small digit, had these many grain to make the bottom, Laura dares certainly to go to Beast God City there to do business. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Beast God City becoming famous of very on Continent, no matter the person of that clan, has heard, after all Beastman Race is also on Continent a big race, but Beast God City sacred land in Beastman heart. Kun hear of Laura mentioned Beast God City, immediately nodded said : I also to think that Beast God City there was most appropriate, wanted our doing business well in there, did not deceive these Beastman, did not worry that did not have the business to do, what most important was, can definitely have the guarantee in there our securities, in Beast God City there radius of a thousand li(500 km), did not permit to resort to violence casually, Beastman does not dare in there optional the dispute, do not say outside our these clansman, if some people dare to pay us to there, that they on were in courting death.” Green nodded said : I also to agree that I heard, Beast God City there, year to year five 9th level Expert sit, these 9th level Expert normally not Steward, so long as there is Expert to dare to run up to Beast God City to disturb, their immediately meets make a move to strike to kill, these five people are called Beast God City five Great Protector.” Kun nodded said : „, these five Expert are in Beastman Race famous Expert, fighting strength very formidable, moreover not only this, nearby Beast God City, year to year several big tribes live in there, in these big tribes also had 9th level Expert, if Beast God City there had any matter, these 9th level Expert almost can in the wink of an eye rush and ensure the Beast God City security, can say Beast God City true 9th level Expert quantity, feared that will not be less than ten.” Zhao Hai is somewhat surprised, he has not thought really that Beast God City there defense force such, ten 9th level Expert, will quickly catch up with the Flower City there defense capability unexpectedly. However this just right, Zhao Hai now no matter any status, to Beastman Prairie there equal to zero, Beastman will not have bought the Human Race account, even if in Human Race here kill people and set places on fire, has committed the dreadful big crime, to Beastman Prairie there, you is also Human Race, they will not manage you to commit any crime in Human Race here, so long as you in Beastman Prairie there honest on line.

This is Zhao Hai wants, Radiant Church is too strong in the Human Race here strength, he must avoid the point, but Zhao Hai Space can provide the grain, these are Beastman most need, so long as Zhao Hai makes contact with relationship with these Beastman, the Radiant Church person does not dare to move him. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : that just right, can only the Beast God City there security, we be able feel relieved has done business in there, I look at this, tomorrow we start to leave, first makes the hawk bring Ghost Staff to fly Beastman Prairie to come up, then we go to Beast God City in travel on a horse carriage, this not only can understand that these Beastman survival conditions, know the habits and customs of these Beastman, but can also understand that what thing they need, looks at terrain along the way while convenient, do you look?” Green nodded said : I to agree, in the final analysis, we now biggest secret or Space here, lets Space Level Up as soon as possible, is our wanting important matters, but Beastman Prairie there, not only Magic Beast extremely numerous, but also has all kinds of plants, even if these plants is not Magic plants, however many a little makes a mickle, is also very helpful to world Level Up, but Ranch there level was too low, I thought that we should let the Ranch level liter as soon as possible.” Laura nod of their simultaneously, regarding the Space mysterious ability, their these days was also have some understanding, this Space was really too mysterious, if can as soon as possible Level Up, regarding them, the advantage be very big. Laura nodded said : well, I looked that such has managed, as the matter stands although said with the time grew, but regarding us, the advantage is very big, such manages.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : that we should prepare the grain now, later must unable to be short with the Beastman transaction grain . Moreover the transform plan of Black Wasteland there must execute as soon as possible, must prepare some horse carriage, we must arrive at Beastman Prairie to come up, buys some grain when a tribe to them, this certainly popular.” Laura nodded said : to clear the way with the grain, this move should better, but, happen to can overcome a bottom ahead of time, making these big War Clan know us, like this will move into to us to Beast God City will have very big help, must know that wants to occupy the a piece place in Beast God City there is not that easy.” Before Kun nodded said : „, we want to go to Beast God City there to do business, because the background is too thin, finally gave up, but regarding the Beast God City there situation, we are have some understanding, the Beast God City there resident population about 1 million, were big city, but on beforehand Continent the major business had their shop front in there, the place that now can occupy was almost occupied, we in want to go to there to occupy a place, feared that not so was easy, if we can display in hand to have large quantities of grain to want make a move, we want to occupy a place to have confidence in there.” Laura nodded said : in Beastman Prairie there, Beastman that calculation that said that so long as makes Beastman think that we are the good people, we can occupy the a piece place in Beast God City, we can certainly be able to stand firmly in there.”

Kun looked at Zhao Hai one, smiles said : not to use that curiously, although Beast God City was constructs, the construction that but Beast God City there constructed truly with that beast blood earth was not many, the majority of places were a stretch of open area, there do not have what shop, mostly was some tents, therefore wants to open a shop in there, so long as occupied the a piece place to be OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, thinks is also, does not have the age of High level building in such one, a big city city of 1 million population, does that occupy a land area of area in a big way? But this city also all constructs with the beast blood and putty, how many Magic Beast does that need to kill? To be honest, Beastman can get up that urban construction, is miracle, can need big compelling strength to be able such to do? If in the city all places have constructed the construction, was needless saying that beast blood earth of that need was astronomical figures, Beastman feared absolutely could not build up. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes bright said : Space here can produce the Oil Fruit tree, we can also bring many Stone in the past, so long as we have occupied the place, we can construct a black and white work in there the house, wants to come in Beast God City there, but unique, when the time comes we cannot find out the famous metropolis to be difficult.” Laura nodded said : this to be also good with a smile, these Beastman handle the matter is very direct, wants to be respectable in Beastman Prairie there, we cannot cover-up, must show own strength, making these Beastman know that we have such ability, like this they will regard as important us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that such has decided that Cai'er, you arrange, first many Bamboo rice in Space, but the Oil Fruit tree cannot stop, wants many, we first by product give priority to of these low-end.” Cai'er complied with one to prepare.