Chapter 230 Enters Prairie This possibly was the last chapter of public chapter, in the afternoon possibly the top carriage, hopes that everyone/Great Clan can also support obviously. Next morning, Zhao Hai according to the plan that their yesterday reached an agreement, release two Blood Hawk, gave Blood Hawk Ghost Staff, making Blood Hawk fly directly in the Iron Wall Fortress direction. Iron Wall Fortress is very far from Black Wasteland here, if travel on a horse carriage, results about half a month, if rides a horse, must step onto about ten days, naturally, this is normal, does not hurry along. Iron Wall Fortress is the first defense line of Purcell Duchy to Beastman Prairie, is a firmest defense line, Purcell Duchy year to year has twenty thousand Elite Ben Niuwei to garrison in there, this twenty thousand Ben Niuwei, if Beastman comes is not the Elite army, even if comes the hundred thousand person, they can also go against several days. What most important is, in Iron Wall Fortress here, Purcell Family kept a Magician regiment, this Magician regiment, cannot call the regiment actually, can only consider as finished a squad, altogether 50 Magician, are 4th level to the 6th level strength, the population about 200 arrives at 3rd level Magician, on Continent, arrives at 3rd level Magician has plenty, such Magician can only drift along in some Mercenary Group generally, the day does not feel better very much, therefore the looks like defends the Iron Wall Fortress matter, they like, Iron Wall Fortress here allowance is very good, so long as does not go to war, be very safe.. Population although of this Magician army are not many, level is not high, but really to war time, Might that they can wield is very strong, common ordinary soldier, strong will not go to that but Magician will use some wide scopes attack Magic, this regarding the fight was really too useful. Can such draw an analogy, an ordinary soldier, seems like taking the soldier of millet plus rifles, his attack can only come, like single rifle, but Magician, looks like a very mechanism spear|gun, he is the successive, can complete killing of large-scale, this is the difference. Reason that Iron Wall Fortress here called Iron Wall Fortress, was because before Purcell Duchy Ben Ox protected, has created a very magnificent success when here, they used the fifty thousand person, blocked the attacks of five hundred thousand Beastman army to reach of half a month stubbornly, when finally Aksu Empire reinforcement arrived, Ben Niuwei of fifty thousand person, remaining less than 5000 people, entire Iron Wall Fortress was been only incarnadine by the blood. Ben Niuwei also after this service, a war becomes famous, but Purcell Family, after this service, obtained the Grand Duke title, has established present Purcell Duchy. It can be said Iron Wall Fortress, not only in Human Race very famous, name very in Beastman Race, the Beastman Race has plenty invasion plan, reaches a deadlock in front of Iron Wall Fortress. Zhao Hai they sit in the living room, the scenery on look at screen, to be honest, Zhao Hai now to the Purcell Duchy here understanding are really not many, he arrived at Purcell Duchy these days, had only understood filled the situation on Casa City this section of road from Black Mountain, regarding base its city, his simply did not understand.

Now happen to can taking the opportunity look, although can only giving a cursory look and gaining shallow understanding has a liking for one, is better than in not having. Weather blackout time, Blood Hawk departed Purcell Duchy within the boundaries, official entered Beastman Prairie, here to the Iron Wall Fortress also several hundred li (0.5km) distances, but has not seen the Beastman tribe now. This point is not strange, the Beastman tribe will not approach Iron Wall Fortress, such words Iron Wall Fortress garrison troops will come out to eliminate them, because the fortress garrison troops feared that these Beastman are pries the military situation. Regarding this situation, Beastman is also acceptable, looks like Human Race cannot optional sending out too many arming staff enter Beastman Prairie to be the same. Now they to the Iron Wall Fortress also several hundred li (0.5km), Zhao Hai received Blood Hawk, their tomorrow sits horse carriage to leave on the preparation, after all present to Beastman Prairie, they , to do business with these Beastman, only depends on eagle flying in the sky is incorrect. In the evening looked for time Zhao Hai to arrive at Black Wasteland there to improve the land, because of Space Level Up relationship, the land that his present everyday can improve were more, a natural feet can improve thousand mu, this was not a small digit. Land that however Zhao Hai also very careful, he improves in poisonous mist, outside poisonous mist he has not moved. Now after the Spatial Water irrigation of long time, outside Iron Mountain Fort these bulk vegetables has been able to receive, but these corn in Iron Mountain canyon, was soon mature. This regarding Zhao Hai is really good information, Spatial Water to be also used to irrigate, can speed up the crops mature time unexpectedly, this regarding Zhao Hai is very important. Laura is very also busy, she had not come Black Wasteland here before, now knows that later here was her family, Laura naturally has understood Black Wasteland. This understanding Laura knows that Black Wasteland really has such in a big way, these has stirred up the Laura enthusiasm, she starts to carry on gauge to entire Black Wasteland, prepares to go all out. Zhao Hai also very much not bears regarding the Laura enthusiasm, but does not have the means that Laura looked like obtained the new and odd toy now, child who was manipulating keeping, at this time words that wanted not to make her make, she definitely will not comply. Was good because of next morning, Zhao Hai they came out from Space, these time with is only three people who Zhao Hai came out, Laura, Meg, Ni'er.

Three beauties are accompanying, Zhao Hai naturally is happy, in the past Zhao Hai after Laura has determined relationship, Meg some not too happy appearance, but the Zhao Hai matter were just at that time many, does not have the means to go with Meg to talk openly, afterward also don’t know Laura said anything to Meg, now Meg to was happy, although Zhao Hai don’t know why, but Meg can be happy well, he also on feel relieved. Now four people sit is Laura original that horse carriage, the snowflake marvelous horse of pulling a cart, behind their horse carriage, with horse carriage of big platoon, these horse carriage is the property in original Laura shop, Laura walks, naturally also these horse carriage has taken, these thing have in a big way uses. Now they must go to Beastman Prairie, these horse carriage used certainly, on the vehicle thought of the grain, because wanted long time to hurry along, the grain that therefore installed was not many, each car(riage) 1000 jin (0.5 kg), altogether 50 car(riage)s, altogether fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain. A fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain, regarding the common small tribe, are not really few, but regarding some medium grade tribes, did not calculate many. Person who these 50 horse carriage drive a cart is Undead Creature, they driving a cart, but can also be used to protect the horse carriage security, but other Undead Creature, were lost Black Wasteland there by Zhao Hai. Four people of appears on Prairie, to do not have too many surprised, because the scenery in this Prairie has looked like with Space in, in Space now is also the Prairie scenery, moreover is more beautiful than Beastman Prairie here, therefore Beastman Prairie here scenery, to they really not too many attracting gravitational force. Besides Undead Creature that these drive a cart, Zhao Hai release 100 Blood Hawk, these Blood Hawk have not been used for attack, most important to monitor all around situation, Beastman Prairie here is unsafe, there are these Blood Hawk to stare can insure. Zhao Hai look at all around Prairie, but Meg in look at Zhao Hai, in the eye is having one infatuated and charming. Looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, Meg remembers the words that couple of days ago Laura asked her to speak. The day of Laura presently Meg looked after the she and Zhao Hai pro- secret between display, the facial expression on face on non- nature, intelligent Laura changed mind one to want on understand what's the matter, Meg was worried. Therefore Laura afterward looked for Meg independent to discuss one time, Laura knows from Zhao Hai there, Zhao Hai feels emotion to Meg, moreover is impossible to forget that this sentiment, but she decided to marry Zhao Hai, naturally hopes that side Zhao Hai all can be good, the appears anything not happy matter, especially the backyard cannot be on fire. Now their background is too thin, the matter are too many, if the backyard fire, that Zhao Hai anything did not need to do, daily fought fire is good. Therefore as the Zhao Hai wife, Laura thinks that she must this unstable factor, eliminates in the embryonic stage, therefore Laura driving looking Meg, talked over thoroughly one time with Meg.

Laura has not said too, but told Meg, Zhao Hai when looked like her to propose, told her, he will certainly marry their two, making Meg not need to be worried. Meg has not thought that really Laura so will be unexpectedly direct, this instead to letting her is somewhat embarrassed, but Meg also already accepted Laura, therefore after two process that times, relationship to was instead better. These two women same is loving a man, what they naturally also in wholeheartedly is this man considers, but Ark Continent here, the man has the right to have the potential, marries several wives is very normal, they have not been jealous, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be short of lots of troubles. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, to be honest, he to sentimental aspect, is really obtuse suffices, has Laura this virtue endostyle luckily, otherwise is really also a problem. Because of that talk, therefore the heart of Meg tied has untied, her last worry vanished, therefore she such happy. Regarding Meg, status anything, is unimportant, so long as makes her follow because of the Zhao Hai side to be good, therefore one hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai will certainly marry her, that other is unimportant regarding her. Laura also noted the performance of Meg, she to has not said anything, was only at heart slightly somewhat sour, this did not have the matter of means that Meg to know that Zhao Hai compared with her must early, she was the vitality is also useless, who let her heart, already department firmly on Zhao Hai. In this time, Zhao Hai is putting east stand guard hawk suddenly to fly, in circling that the head of Zhao Hai keeps, Zhao Hai one knows that east side has the situation to live.