Chapter 231 is strong although these Blood Hawk will not speak, but they can actually be able to understand the Zhao Hai words, therefore Zhao Hai they have used the several days time, has taught these hawks, if with own flight position and cry, transmits some simple information to them. Compared with flying, executes several in the spatial central disk, many people, calling several to represent many Cavalry and so on, therefore these hawks could be simplest airborne Scouts now. Zhao Hai carefully looked at these hawks, after these hawks fly away, Zhao Hai then turns the head to Laura said :east side to have the situation, thousand people of Cavalry are catching up toward our here, but evidently probably is not Beastman. Laura has gawked, then complexion changed said : I knew, was Iron Wall Fortress Ben Niuwei, about their every other half a month, will arrive around this to go on patrol one time, it seems like we unfortunately, happen to catch up today.” What to do did Zhao Hai wrinkle brow said : that? Or in our advanced Space hides?” Laura shook the head said : that to arrive does not use, but was gives them a money to hit, after all bought the grain toward Beastman here, this was also the matter that everyone/Great Clan was well aware, moreover Purcell Duchy also hopes that everyone/Great Clan can come Beastman here to buy the grain, Beastman, so long as did not lack the food and drink, near the buckle, these Cavalry main points will not have a look to have the Beastman tribe to run up to here to come.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head you to be experienced to this matter to Laura said :, you looked how much money we must pay, can smooth cross the border?” Laura shows a faint smile said : this to fear that must have thousand gold coins, moreover cannot I hand over, should better let Grandpa Green make a move, Grandpa Green is 8th level Expert, these Knight do not dare to be too awkward, if I go, they look at me are the women, not that easily lets off our.” Zhao Hai does complexion change said : what? they also dares impolitely inadequate?” Laura forced smile said : where do not forget this are, if they want to be impolite to us , under meets Assassin, kills off all our people, like this they can advance on Beastman to go the crime, here is also not the Beastman Prairie deep place, turns over to the Iron Wall Fortress control area, these Ben Niuwei momentarily can change the body becomes the robbers.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Grand Duke Evan no matter tube?”

Laura forced smile said : tube? How to manage? Iron Wall Fortress here soldier, must maintain some wild nature, because their here and Beastman Prairie are neighboring, the commodity is deficient, these soldiers when here guarding is several years, is at heart depressed, needs the one type of way to release, therefore to this matter person in power looks like is opens the eyes, not only the eye shuts an eye, said it, Merchant that coming Beastman Prairie here to do business, to put it bluntly smuggles, supports the enemy, is illegal, therefore these soldiers have killed, nobody dares to say anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, personal appearance flashes entered Space, then called Iron Mountain Fort there Green, said to Green the matter. Zhao Hai has also put out an ordinary pocket, installed 1000 gold coins to give Green, then with Green together appears on horse carriage. Then Zhao Hai release a Herd car(riage), having made Green ride, caravan has not actually stopped, then proceeds. Zhao Hai also knows that they are impossible to run these Ben Niuwei Cavalry, here was too spacious, moreover these Ben Niuwei leave their here not to be far, quick. Really, less than one hour of time, their east side have transmitted one lightly bang the sound, the experienced soldier listens to know that this is Battalion Cavalry is moving, Zhao Hai they turn the head to look, one team of thousand people of Cavalry are positive, is catching up from their east side, is quick. Zhao Hai their immediately stopped, but they like other caravan, have not encircled a circular to come against resist the enemy person horse carriage, because cannot use. Laura her three people hide in the car(riage) have not come out, three people may be the rare beautiful women, if makes these Cavalry see that may cause greatly troublesome. Zhao Hai on Earth has heard a few words, becomes a soldier the entire three years, the sow matches Diaochan, these in Cavalry that Iron Wall Fortress is stationed, possibly time not only three years of guarding, if made them present Laura their these three not compare the genuine Diaochan's bad beautiful woman, they can change the body become Beastman, did not say. walked out of Zhao Hai from horse carriage, to horse carriage in front on that slow stage, static standing in there, black Magic Robe, in hand was taking Ghost Staff, but also very throws a bluff on. Green stands in horse carriage side, he has not put on full body armor, is only simple warrior cloth, on the face has not brought the mask, combing neat of , the spirit wind sword steps in the waist, typical General Manager manner. Zhao Hai wants is this manner, the garrison of Iron Wall Fortress there, is impossible to know Green, but Green now the manner is so full, will only make these people unable to find out their details, does not dare to act unreasonably, otherwise, they will possibly have a war. Zhao Hai does not fear these Cavalry, he does not want to live the conflict with these Cavalry, no matter what, Evan is good to them.

Quick, that team of Cavalry arrived at Zhao Hai their front hundred meters places, but they do not have attack Zhao Hai they, but stopped, stands is sizing up Zhao Hai in there they. Zhao Hai also in taking a look at these people, they cross under are riding 3rd level Magic Beast flame horse, on horse is throwing over Heavy Armor, all people put on rewiring Cavalry armor, the head brought to have two ox horn fighting helmets, the iron mask on hard helmet received the hard helmet, has not put. These Cavalry although passed through running of long time, no matter the person or the horse, have not displayed a point weary condition, full body armor although is not very clean, some place even a little damaged, but actually does not affect their imposing manner. The bodies of these Cavalry have imposing manner, threatening imposing manner, Zhao Hai of murder knows that is killing aura, is experiences on soldier of life and death to have killing aura that. Lead Cavalry is a full beard, body very tall and big, on the face is bringing together Scar, this makes him look like very fierce. Now this person of coldly look at Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai has not made noise, but waved to Green, Green to his gave a salute, then rides a horse toward that team of Cavalry walks. To that team of Cavalry front 20 meters places, Green good standard Noble ritual said : fellow armed forces masters was inviting to that team of Cavalry in immediately/on horseback, side my family mister knows everybody to patrol laborious, special order small offers a meager gift, please smile to mend.” Said that put out that to think of a thousand gold coins cloth sack, swung swinging gently. Green such does to be possible not to insult the meanings of these people, side these patrol the soldier, such matter meets were many, so long as swings the purse, as soon as they hear the sound to know what in installs is gold coins or silver coins, so long as puts in the cloth sack their hands, they heft to know that inside has how much money, therefore Green this gently swings the cloth sack, on is must be known by these person, in this bag installs, but gold coins. What that Cavalry long was listens to the bag obviously the attire was gold coins, his two eyes fan, look at Green said : oh, your house/family Master to understood the custom, the routine inspection wanted.” Green complexion changes, he listened to Laura saying that so long as made a payment, these Cavalry should not inspect, now can also inspect? Do they want to find fault? Thinks of here, Green cannot help but complexion one coldly, the body sat straight on the horseback, look at that Cavalry long said : that two eyes cold light sparkles oh, the armed forces masters such do, probably didn't gather well-mannered?” Green this saying said is not loud, but these Cavalry actually all hear clearly, is adding on Green imposing manner, because of these words, but fierce changes, looks like very ordinary old person from one, one turned into 8th level big Warrior some that astonishing imposing manner, this makes that Cavalry long complexion also change. That Cavalry long is also 6th level Knight, just he was because has not seen the Green strength, therefore spoke to try, this tried present, originally Green unexpectedly was 8th level Expert, moreover was not ordinary 8th level Expert, the body of Green was also having the thick soldier taste, this let that Cavalry long understand, the opposite party was not affable, cannot annoy.

That Cavalry long immediately/on horseback said : he he, cracks a joke with mister below, since mister knows the custom, that naturally is all according to the custom, mister invited.” Green one hear of he said that imposing manner vanishes instantaneously, but shows a faint smile said : to that Captain so, below on apologizing armed forces masters.” Said that bent the waist, has put the ground purse, turned the horse around, returned to by Zhao Hai horse carriage. Waits for Green returned to horse carriage side, Zhao Hai then to wave, car(riage) toward slowly walks toward the Prairie deep place, but that Cavalry long does not have immediately/on horseback to sort that purse, but is the look at horse carriage direction looking pensive. That rides long side Knight in a soft voice Captain to his said :, What happened? That Cavalry long one recovered, looks at that Knight said : what not to have, has remembered a matter, I remember that in the past transmitted information from Casa City there , helping that Magician that our Purcell Family broke through, probably was Dark Magician, the side also with 8th level Warrior?” This Cavalry long is also the Purcell Family person, therefore he will say our Purcell Family, but that Knight of his side, same is the Purcell Family person, one hear of Cavalry long said that cannot help but has gawked next step: Captain, are you meaning are? Just that was caravan, that Magician that helped our Purcell Family break through?” Cavalry long nodded said : eight layers is, was good, do not think that many, money Na, we walked.” That Cavalry has complied with one, clamps horse belly, proceeds to run, turns circle in purse there, the body downward searches, took the purse in in hand, returned to by Captain, to Captain said : Captain, should be thousand gold coins.” That Cavalry long nodded, turns the head said loudly: Brothers, these has not come out in vain, after going back, has a everyone/Great Clan day of vacation, everyone/Great Clan well Le Le.” These Cavalry applaud loudly, that Captain clamps horse belly, proceeds to rush, the people run hastily.