Chapter 232 Star Grass Did not have the shade to these Cavalry, Laura they walked out from the carriage, several people looked at these Cavalry one, Laura then turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, just your manner strong words, these fellows feared that will not let off us easily, real that was close.” Green shows a faint smile said : to be all right, this matter I saw a lot, they were put on an act, did not have anything to be great.” Laura shows a faint smile said : to enter Beastman Prairie, such matter frequent meeting, general Beastman, even if snatches, will only snatch the grain, so long as rebel, they will not offend somebody, this is also Beastman Prairie one type of unwritten regulation, they will also hope us next time in bringing the grain, if has all killed us, nobody delivered the grain to them, moreover in the Beastman eye, our these Human Race appearances was similar, later did not use in being worried about us, if Grandpa Green had the matter, can return to Black Wasteland.” Green smiles said : to go back also nothing, now Black Wasteland there also prepares winterring some thing, has Kun they, also nothing, I with you, if there is any matter, I also well act to solve.” Laura smiles said : well, the here scenery truly is not much, in can't compare with Space, senseless.” Green he he chuckle said : „the grass in Space almost long equally high, looked like was certainly more attractive than here, but was looks like somewhat inflexible, is a type, Beastman Prairie here will have some changes everywhere.” Laura smiled, Green said also right, Space there, no matter the Farm back or Ranch there, almost will not have the too big change, all thing are digitization, the grass is a type, the length, the long several leaves are the same, look like truly do not have any change. Was saying, Green suddenly saw that in the front thick patch of grass is opening several Little Flower, he has cannot help but gawked, then showed a faint smile, hits the horse to run, then jumped down from the horseback, puts out the spirit wind sword, that several Little Flower even/including Genwa. Looked at the Green appearance, Zhao Hai they have cannot help but gawked, then immediately understand the meaning of Green, before long Green took several to bring soil Little Flower, returned to by horse carriage, has given Zhao Hai said : Little Flower Young Master, this was on Beastman Prairie the most common one type of flower, Star Grass, this Star Grass was on Beastman Prairie unique, was most common one type of stop bleeding herbal medicine, general Beastman will pick this grass, seasoned him, on using this grass stop bleeding in injury, was effective very much.” Zhao Hai look at in hand the Little Flower, entire plants, only then about 30 centimeters high, the specially extraordinary place, has not looked like on a grass is opening Little Flower, Little Flower has five flower petals, looks like looks like a small star. Zhao Hai hands over, took in Space this Star Grass, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently new plants, appraises plants, plants is grass undergraduate course stop bleeding kind of herbal medicine plants, the stop bleeding ability is low, Life Force is strong, evaluates level, plants level is 5th level, season plants, ten hours of maturity, plants digitization, may purchase in Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Laura their several people of eyes, several people of also look at he, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not anything, the Space evaluation is 5th level plants, ten hours of mature that cannot Level Up.” Green their although feels somewhat regrettably, actually also in expected, if casual can let Space Level Up with a grass, that Space now not only two Level 10. Laura actually two eyes shines looked at all around one, probably is seeking for anything, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, by in first time encounters this situation Laura, truly will feel very curious, goes along with her. Ni'er is also very curious, but she is not interested in plants, regarding Magic Beast to is liking especially. Compares Laura to come, Meg was calmer much, Meg has experienced too repeatedly Space Level Up, this Space did not have including Level Up, she also had something happy. However this arrives had a good start, Space in no plants to these Space will only carry on to evaluate level and additional experience, but they just entered Prairie, had found in one type of Space original no plants, this was also the grand opening. Green looked at Laura one, smiles said : actually the plants has plenty type on big Prairie, but we are not Beastman, too did not understand that I heard, probably is Beastman Prairie here, is only the grass is divided into many types, the grass of some places suit the cow to eat, some places suit the sheep to eat, some special suitable horses to eat, he he, must mention the understanding Prairie, our can't compare with these Beastman.” Laura smiles said : that is natural, Beastman lived for generations in here, Prairie is their families, they naturally understood, but, so long as we can buy some Beastman slaves, can solve this problem.” Green nodded, Laura this saying said to was, must say that the understanding Prairie was deepest, was not these War Clan, but was these slaves. The slave on Prairie, with the Human Race slave, the Human Race slave do not get the mark to be good, but the slave on Prairie divides the race, Slave Race person can be recognized, simply does not need to get the mark. Moreover the slave on Prairie, is much more free than the Human Race slave, they many are attach to some War Clan to survive, is the War Clan person herds, works for them , because of this, therefore these slaves' on plants completely understand regarding Prairie, knows that the there grass is good, the there water is good, there suits raises any Magic Beast. These slaves such do have the reason, regarding Beastman, Magic Beast is their entirety, no matter Beastman War Clan how formidable, weighs their wealth with their Magic Beast quantities, but these War Clan Magic Beast almost all turn over to the slave to raise, good that so long as the slave raises, Beastman will reward to them, therefore these Beastman slave also going all out.

Because of this, so long as Zhao Hai they buy some Beastman slaves, they on plants to Prairie fully have understood, but in fact, many Beastman, had not realized that now this knowledge to their importances, Beastman although on Prairie has own writing, but does not have any record about this aspect. But in Beastman Prairie here, the common nationality does not have Slave Race, because fighting strength of nationality is not very strong, if they had the massive slaves, will be snatched by these War Clan, does not do well will exterminate the clan, this in Prairie is also the normal phenomenon. has plenty people clansman , because the property were too many, weak preserving, was eliminated by War Clan finally, the nationality also degenerated into Slave Race, this is the survival rule on Prairie. Green nodded said : to buy Slave Race to want, but do not worry, we must slowly comes, first an understanding Beastman Prairie situation on well was saying.” Laura nodded, smiles said : I to understand these that is Ah Tai tells me, before , some acquired materials, are not comprehensive, wants to understand well is good.” Green nodded, looked at all around, does not have the trace of existing tribe, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we a bit faster hurry along, this section of road only then Iron Wall Fortress Cavalry lurking, Beastman will not come, we must find the Beastman tribe as soon as possible, seeks lodging for the night to be quite good in there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : also well, if meets the tribe, happen to trades to have a look with them, he he, what I to have a look at Beastman long.” Laura has also smiled, Beastman generally little place that goes to Human Race to live, the people in some small places, have not seen Beastman for a lifetime. Because must hurry along, their has raised slightly, but they do not have to meet who on this day, this is also very normal, Beastman Prairie here was too big, the place that adds on them to be at now, is Beastman and Human Race cushion generation, originally is sparsely inhabited. To evening's time, they have not met the Beastman tribe, can only receive returned to all thing in Space, passes the night in Space. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai they will walk toward the Prairie deep place, but this Zhao Hai also took easy, walks is very slow, the look at all around situation of all the way keeping, but also has dug many grass and Little Flower puts in Space, was a pity, these that they meet were some most common plants, although have are received by Space, but actually steadily many experiences, now Space crosses two Level 10, is thinking that Level Up was very difficult.

However Zhao Hai has not given up, the truth that his understand many a little makes a mickle , can only now slowly came, worries to be also useless. Must, Carrion Swamp there plants definitely be really more than Beastman Prairie here, but similarly, Carrion Swamp there also very dangerous, Zhao Wen join is adding on Cai'er, if these made Carrion Swamp there 9th level Expert know, certainly not with their friendly Ba Ganti, therefore Zhao Hai wants to place Beastman Prairie here the main energy now. That noon time, in a day hawk called to attract Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked up, saw Blood Hawk in sky to circle, once for a while two cries. Zhao Hai looked some little time, this turns the head front not far away to Laura said : to have a small tribe, has probably several hundred people, our evening's times almost can rush, tonight rests in there.” Laura to had not opposed that nodded said : well, but we must be careful, these Beastman may turn into the robber very much, I looked, or we call some Undead Creature, such these Beastman do not dare to act unreasonably.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use, do not forget me now is Magician, believes that is these Beastman do not dare casually annoys us, feel relieved was good.” Was saying while sped up advancing, after three hours, stands Zhao Hai presently front not far away on horse carriage has the colored flag to flutter, he knows that went to the place.