Chapter 233 Big Bellied Pig-headed Man multi-colored flag, this is the sign of Beastman tribe, any Beastman tribe, no matter is greatly small, in their tribes will hang up multi-colored flag. multi-colored flag regarding Beastman, means stably, propitious, good luck, because multi-colored flag looks like in Beastman, looks like the rainbow, but the rainbow meets appears after the rain, regarding Beastman, the rain is very important, rains, the rivers will increase, they have from water available, rains, the grass in pasture on President luxuriant, such their Magic Beast on President is more stout and stronger, Magic Beast long good, their properties are many, therefore Beastman all tribes will hang multi-colored flag. On Prairie, you, so long as saw multi-colored flag, knows that you arrived at the nearby of Beastman tribe, this point is all the general knowledge of Prairie person, Zhao Hai, since he has read in these miscellanies knew. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, turned the head to align to sit hastily their said : I sees the colored flag in Laura that carriage chatted.” Laura naturally understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, her immediately/on horseback comes out from the carriage, looked following the Zhao Hai vision, really piece of colorful multi-colored flag appears in her line of sight. Laura shouted tone said : finally to see the Beastman tribe, fantastic, we could drink Milk Wine tonight, ate to roast Argali.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle, to be honest, in vast, probably simply did not have on big Prairie of habitation a day, suddenly to see that multi-colored flag, but also was makes people feel that the spirit really shook, looked like the people of life in Darkness, suddenly saw one luminously general. Before long Zhao Hai they saw a piece of tent, these tents live unfolds very much, top in a tent, is setting up a flag, what above draws, a adorable young pig. Zhao Hai blinked, determined one have not misread, on that flag picture truly is a adorable young pig, Zhao Hai puzzled turning the head look at Laura said : Laura, what tribe is this?” Laura also saw the young pig flag on that tent, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : you to look at the young pig on that flag? The belly of that young pig specially big? This Beastman Race Pig Race branch, Big bellied Pig Race, this Pig Race figure is not tall, most about two meters, in Beastman were the small fellows, but the belly was very big, their Big bellied skin year to year dew outside, but did not want underestimated their Big bellied skin, their Big bellied skins were on them the most tenacious part, this tribe was only a nationality, their fighting strength were not very strong, but they had a unique skill, this unique skill on was drinks water, then used their Big bellied skins, spurted to come out the water in belly, forms the water. The arrow offends somebody, the water that they spurt, can spurt 30 meters far generally, its strength equivalent to Human Race vigor arrow, is with this special ability, they have not degenerated into Slave Race.”

Zhao Hai to is very curious, he is felt really big of world, every possible strange thing, will really have such race, was too interesting. To Laura said : how does Zhao Hai turn the head that this clansman the disposition? Won't suddenly turn into the robber?” Laura shook the head, smiles said : not, their dispositions are very affable, belongs to a Fragrant Pig Race branch race, so long as does not bully them, they will not begin to snatch thing, they are also a very hospitable race, mainly takes breeding Argali as to live.” Zhao Hai knows that Argali is 1st level Magic Beast, is many one type of Magic Beast that Beastman Prairie here raises, the skin can be used for the clothing, the wool can be used for the system wool blanket, the meat can eat, the sheep's horn can make weapon, can say that the life of Beastman cannot leave Argali. But in Human Race living place, little saw that some people raise Argali, because Argali only adapts to the life of Prairie here, will have fallen ill to Human Race there, therefore looks like in Beastman, Argali is Beast God to they biggest gracious gift. Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, we rest in here today, if they need, we can buy these grain for them, was right, how can carry on the Beastman here transaction?” Laura smiles said : this not to be difficult, so long as our pulling grain in the past, their will take the initiative asks us to trade, but they will be will trade with in hand Magic Beast generally, will directly not use money to make the transaction, only then some big War Clan will draw with money trades, therefore we also need to trade to give our Magic Beast to turn into money them.” Zhao Hai said : how many Bamboo rice that does Argali need to trade?” Laura shows a faint smile said : 1000 jin (0.5 kg).” 1000 jin (0.5 kg)? Haven't you cracked a joke?” The Zhao Hai surprised [say / way], was really the price that Laura said makes him be startled.

Reason that Zhao Hai is so surprised, Argali that because of a head of Argali, growing up, can as long as 1.5m about, the body weight may amount to 400 kilograms, even if carries on the back an adult not to be a problem, moreover a Argali time can produce the wool 100 kilograms, if transports returned to Purcell Duchy to go Argali, even if not raise, but killed to buy, Argali price minimum also in 15 gold coins about, but 1000 jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice, told the sentence truth, can buy one gold coin to be good, 15 times of profits, was this probably too high? Laura knows that Zhao Hai in surprised anything, she shows a faint smile said : this to sound probably is very high, actually you have not imagined is so high, must know that transports thing toward Beastman Prairie here, is smuggles, but in the process of smuggling, needs to arrange City Defense Force, breaks though each every link, this is not small expenses, will also possibly be snatched to Prairie here, if, 1000 jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice transports to Beastman Prairie here really became originally has achieved about three gold coins, in transported Argali goes back, this cost can also in time increase. Continent, a Argali cost price in seven to eight gold coins, these has not included is snatched, must know the person who Beastman Prairie here does business, cooperates with big War Clan except for these, almost will be snatched, if a ten times computation, in ordinary Merchant ten times will have three to four times possibly to be snatched, like this, last Argali they most can also gain to four to five gold coins, this is very good.” Zhao Hai nodded, this point he to is understandable, the cost is high, this price will naturally come up, if the cost is too low, some that people will not do this business, finally suffers a loss in a big way is not Human Race, but is Beastman, will not do well near the Beastman suspect. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura said : that you to think that what price we should with trade appropriately with them?” Laura shows a faint smile said : 2000 jin (0.5 kg) Argali.” Zhao Hai nodded, he may not have these Merchant that high costs, Bamboo rice is Space produces, but Argali he can also receive in Space, puts in Warehouse, does not need any arranging, almost does not have any extra cost, 2000 jin (0.5 kg) Argali, is almost money that he net gains, moreover 2000 jin (0.5 kg) Argali, on the grain price regarding entire Beastman Prairie will not have the too tremendous influence, this price is very reasonable. Ni'er and Meg stand in their, static listens to these words, Meg to not to feel anything, regarding her, so long as looks after good Zhao Hai on the line, the matters in these business, are always they act to be solved by Zhao Hai, therefore she does not have a point envy. although in bystander opinion, she with Laura is a love rival, however looks like in Meg, actually completely is not this, she does not want to struggle anything with Laura, but the hope can follow to satisfy in the Zhao Hai side, is adding on Laura regarding doing business, really very much has innate skill, is very strong, this point her can't compare with. Meg has subscribed the position to oneself long time ago, therefore she will not be jealous Laura, conversely, Laura is competent she is happy, because Laura more will be competent represents Buda Family to be getting stronger and stronger, this will be Meg desired. Walks while chats, before long they soon arrived at tent there, tent there person also present they, immediately has more than 20 person's shadows to clash toward their here, in the sides of these people with some dogs.

When these person nearer moment Zhao Hai present, more than 20 individuals, they are Cavalry, what makes Zhao Hai want to smile, their Mount unexpectedly are the pigs. Good, is the pig, the one type of body about two meters, the body weight over thousand jin (0.5 kg), is growing the pigs of two long buckteeth, but rides in pig Knight, one made Zhao Hai think of a person, Zhu Bajie. Has looked like, looks like puts on Zhu Bajie of Prairie clothing/taking, the heads of these people are bringing the fur hat, the body wears the leather clothing, but a big pig head, top on thick neck, the snow white belly dew outside, can see the one layer black wool on the belly. So long as changes the frock to them, with arrowhead, is Zhu Bajie, does not need to draw the makeup. Zhao Hai wants to smile, but thought this too not politeness, if ridiculed these Beastman, but caused the conflict the words, that is not beautiful, therefore he has borne, calm slowly own mood. In these Big Bellied Pig-headed Man Knight side, with several dogs, these dog very special, each about one meter high, wool is very long, however runs is quick, does not have casual inconsiderately shout, two sharp buckteeth have also revealed outside the lip, looks is not affable. Zhao Hai their immediately stopped, has not alerted, exhibits a friendly appearance, really these pig Knight also slowed down. At this time Zhao Hai present, these Big Bellied Pig-headed Man Knight in hand were taking weapon, their weapon can describe with the crudeness that was a big sheep's head, was installed a wooden handle, some were also not the wooden handles, handle that but made with beast bone. However Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated this weapon, these take weapon sheep's head very big, looked that is the component is heavy, if were pounded by this thing, meets bone breaking muscle tearing absolutely. At this time these Big bellied Pig Race people arrived in front of them the about fifty meters place, both sides stopped, but dog that these Big bellied pig people raised, actually already circuitous, Zhao Hai their left and right sphering, each and every one was staring at Zhao Hai they, in throat hum warning sound.