Chapter 234 expensive gift Laura good held chest ritual said : on the vehicle to that several Big bellied Pig Race people at this time hastily fellow Pig Race friends, we are only Human Race Merchant, to everybody any evil intention, please have not let your faithful sheepdogs, returned to his Master side.” These Big bellied Pig Race people naturally also saw Laura behind caravan, a Pig Race person who leads has put down oneself in hand sheep skull hammer hastily, respect Human Race female Merchant to Laura gave a salute said :, please forgive our impoliteness, you are know that in Prairie here, I must assure the clansman security.” Said that shouts out two, returned to of that several dog immediately/on horseback little darlings their sides. At this time Laura also from horse carriage, but that several Pig Race people have also jumped down their Mount, they walked to Laura. Both sides were distanced two meters to stand firm, Laura saluted said : to that Pig Race person Haven Merchant Union President, Laura has seen the Pig Race brave warrior.” Zhao Hai they are also busy at saluting to that Pig Race person. That Pig Race person to is very polite, he also bows to Laura said : Big bellied Pig Race, Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe Patriarch Spier has seen beautiful Miss Laura.” This Spier height has more than 2 meters, 1.8 m ten centimeters high Laura stands in her front, looks like a child, but currently he to is very polite, making Zhao Hai unconscious has had a favorable impression to him. Laura smiles said : respect Spier Patriarch, I and my caravan, want to pass the night in your camp tonight, doesn't know to be able?” Spier laughs said : beautiful Miss Laura, this is the matter that we wish for earnestly, please on horse carriage, go to my camp along with us, I will kill Argali, makes the tea with milk, carries Milk Wine, entertains you with we best food.” Laura smiles said : to thank natural Spier Patriarch, Patriarch invited first.” Spier to Laura gave a salute, on turn around Mount, hurried to toward camp, but Laura they returned to on horse carriage. Will the Pig Race person who Zhao Hai look at goes far away, turn the head they to kill the sheep to Laura said : really we?” Laura smiles said : certainly will, Beastman on Prairie, regarding Merchant welcome, so long as does not have the hostility to them, they are very hospitable, Elder Brother Hai, comes out with some vegetables, regarding them, not compared with a vegetables better gift.” Zhao Hai nodded, puts out some vegetables to put on horse carriage, because these vegetables have been putting in Space, but also very fresh, looked like just picked to be the same.

After being ready, Laura their caravan on slowly hurries to toward Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe camp, regarding Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe this kind of strange name, Laura has not felt surprised, on Beastman Prairie, what strange name has, do not say that called the sheep's head to hammer, even if called the sheep the excrement tribe, Laura will not feel strange. They have not waited for the village, runs several Argali to come from camp of tribe, these Argali are grown Argali, but in carrying on the back of Argali, is sitting the children of several Big bellied pig people. These children look like also over ten years old, each and every one wears the leather clothing, the big belly, the gruff young pig head, looks like very adorable. These children run up to by Laura horse carriage, curious look at Laura and Magic Robe Zhao Hai, a stature highest child has arrived by horse carriage, Miss Merchant of respect to Laura gave a salute said :, my father makes me draw you.” Evidently this child was the Spier child. Laura immediately/on horseback smiles said : adorable young brave warriors, please front guide.” Perhaps Laura this young brave warrior, lets these young pig very happy, a person is supporting own small belly, walking that high happy is popular in horse carriage front. Beastman Race heaviest brave warrior, you, when commended the opposite party, called his brave warrior, his very much happy, Laura is also first time will certainly contact the Beast Race person, has tried with these children, evidently really effective. Laura look at these children, turn the head to commend to Zhao Hai said : in a low voice they must call their brave warriors, no matter that child is lovable, cannot touch their heads, otherwise they will be angry, has no alternative but to drink to here, the liquor that Master respects has no alternative but to drink, such will be considered as to Master will not respect, if they will give any gift, must accept, otherwise Master thinks that you will look down upon him.” Zhao Hai they nodded, these are Beastman comparison taboo some thing, they naturally must remember, they do not want because of this minor matter, to have the conflict with Beastman Race. Quick they arrived in Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe camp, Spier is standing in there is waiting for them, in Spier, with three Big bellied Pig Race young girls, her in hand is carrying one bowl of liquor. Zhao Hai first time sees the Pig Race person young girl, these three statures of Pig Race person young girls are not many with Laura, their bellies to are not big, stature very plentiful, wears the leather skirt, although is also growing the pig head, however her head wants to be smaller than Spier, looks like very adorable, especially is very long in their heads, the head is also bringing the accessory, although is the pig head, is not loathful.

Laura took the lead in going down horse carriage, arrived at the Spier front, Spier has smiled said : beautiful young lady, please drink to represent the Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe friendship good wine.” Said that waves, that three Pig Race person young girls, immediately walked. Laura not polite, she received a young girl in hand liquor bowl, has drunk one, this raised one's wine cup to sprinkle the ground, this was also Beastman Race regarding the one type of special accommodation of woman, the woman can in each liquor bowl drink liquor, then raised one's wine cup sprinkles on the ground, but the man actually must raise one's wine cup to drink up. Has drunk liquor in three bowl in turn, on the face of Laura appears red cloud, obviously gorgeous, but except for Zhao Hai they, Spier they actually does not understand the appreciation, in their eyes, Human Race woman long similar, reason that Spier called the Laura beautiful young lady, stems from the one type of politeness. Beastman proposes a toast one like the person who respects to lead, other people do not have allowance, therefore Zhao Hai they have not drunk the liquor that Spier respects. After having drunk, Laura turns the head respect Patriarch to Spier said :, please allow my servants to establish the tent, moreover asked Patriarch do not prepare too much food, my servant was Undead Creature, they do not need to eat thing.” Spier has gawked, looked at these to stand in horse carriage nearby Zombie, quick on present the differences of these Zombie, but he has not cared, but nodded said : well, the beautiful young lady invited.” Laura turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai nodded, waved, these Undead Creature immediately constructed camp, they constructed the camp place not to be far from Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe camp, moreover this Zhao Hai bring out these Undead Creature, were these that led, was bringing these Undead Creature, although had some are Dead-soldier, but also has plenty was the cart drivers and partner/shop assistant in ordinary caravan, therefore regarding establishing camp this matter they were not strange, Zhao Hai one ordered, they on can do well. Spier also looked at Zhao Hai one, to be honest, Spier does not have what favorable impression regarding black Magic Robe Zhao Hai, he always felt that Zhao Hai is gloomy to the feeling of person, this feeling makes him dislike. At this time several Undead Creature actually held big pile of green goods to walk, Laura smiles said : to Spier respect Patriarch, please accept I small gift.” These vegetables are fresh, moreover each type are many, thinks of the basket, appears the young and fresh-looking is lovable, the eye of Spier one has shone, this is the green goods, regarding Beastman Race, this is rare good thing.

Spier not polite, with a smile thank you beautiful and natural the young lady to Laura said :, these vegetables regarding us, was really too precious, welcome to my tent, my wife have made the spicy tea with milk to you.” Laura not polite, walks toward middle that biggest tent with Spier, but these vegetables, already sent for giving to receive by Spier, looks at their appearances cautiously, Zhao Hai wants to smile, but is some ordinary vegetables, is insufficient this. His there knows, because Beastman here on Prairie, in adding on them is crossing by the life that the water plant occupies, therefore they almost do not plant the vegetables, the vegetables bring by Human Race Merchant, because the vegetables are not good to preserve, therefore they cannot see several pieces of vegetables all year round, the sometimes luck is good, can dig on Prairie to some wild herbs, then regarding them, is the rare good food. Now Laura one gives them these many vegetables, regarding Spier, is really very precious, therefore he respect to Laura increased a point. Several people under the leadership of Spier the tent, presently in the tent had two Pig Race women, these two Pig Race women also put on fur robe, stands in the tent busy. Saw that Spier they have come, these two women salute to them hastily, after Zhao Hai they return a courtesy, carefully has sized up this tent. The middle of this tent has a pillar, is supporting the roof, but all around account wall, is by beast skin, the felt makes the skin, makes made of bone with trees and beast bone becomes, maintaining warmth of ten points, the ground upper berth in tent carpet, is having a fiery pit in the middle of tent, inside ignites, in the fire puts copper pot, in the pot is braving the steam, the fragrance of tea with milk to brave outward from the pot. After Spier please several people sit down, to several people of one person one bowl of steaming hot tea with milk, Zhao Hai they have drunk one but actually, is really very fragrant, in this tea with milk puts probably is not the tea leaves, but is one type of Zhao Hai don’t know plants, the flavor is not quite same as the flavor of tea, but Ye [say / way] of this tea with milk is actually very good, does not have the rank rank odor, inside also added probably don't thing, drinks to be a little salty, is actually passing a thick fragrance, lubricates deliciously, the flavor is good.