Chapter 235 sleeps with the account Has marched on a day of road, Laura they really somewhat were tired, one bowl of steaming hot tea with milk got into the stomach, they felt immediately. Spier looks at several people of appearances, is a happy expression of face, mouth originally of pig is big, this smiles, that big mouth on even bigger, having made Laura they unable to bear want to smile. After several people put down the bowl, the Spier wife has filled to the brim the tea with milk to them, Spier then open the mouth and said: Beautiful young lady, how much grain your time has brought, is what price?” Beastman works to like directly, therefore Spier has not beaten around the bush, directly asked the issue of Laura price, just Spier noted, Laura they draw is the grain, but the grain regarding any Beastman tribe, very needs. Laura smiles said : respect Patriarch, this time we altogether have brought a fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain, is Bamboo rice, to feel your entertainment, I am willing to trade Argali with 2000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, you look?” Spier some indefinite look at Laura said : you were said that 2000 jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice did trade Argali? Haven't you spoken incorrectly?” This is Spier in process that in spoke with Laura, the first time has not added on beautiful young lady several characters, thus it can be seen he was shocked. Laura smiles said : is Spier Patriarch, what I said is 2000 jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice trades Argali, I have not spoken incorrectly, you have not misunderstood.” Spier one excited, one that he shouted has stood, after Laura good very serious held the chest ritual said : beautiful Miss Laura, your generous like the beautiful Nha river, starting today, you were the Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe most honored guest.” Laura smiles said : respect Spier Patriarch, we now are the friends, among the friends should not be so polite, I give you to introduce, this is my fiance Zhao Hai, he is Magician, in fact these grain are in his territory produce, this price is also he subscribes.” Laura in this time such introduction Zhao Hai, was because she does not want to snatch the Zhao Hai crest of wave, simultaneously she also looked, Spier did not like Zhao Hai probably, Laura does not think that Zhao Hai received any desolation, therefore she introduction Zhao Hai like Spier. Really, one hear of Laura such introduced that Spier immediately/on horseback good held chest ritual said : to Zhao Hai respect Magician mister, please before forgiving me impoliteness.” Zhao Hai returned the salute said : does not need polite Spier Patriarch, I to know hastily that my status was not liked, but I hope that can become the friend with you.” Spier one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion Righteous Path: Respect Mr. Zhao Hai, your mind like the Prairie same broadness, I must entertain you with best thing today.” Zhao Hai has complied with said : with a smile that my impolite, but please allow me to give your adorable son gift.” Said that a hand revolution, in hand were many an iron shield. This iron shield is not very big, is only at the same time the round shield, is not the tower shield, is Zhao Hai they, when the Purcell Duchy big purchase buys, the work energy is only general, but regarding lacking iron Prairie, this absolutely is a very extraordinary gift.

Spier happy received round shield, expressed gratitude to Zhao Hai, but takes this round shield regarding Zhao Hai suddenly, Spier does not have what idea, their these Beastman are in the one type of edge Beastman small tribe, the contact with Human Race are not many, regarding them, Magician is very mysterious profession, the human Magician prestige by Beastman unlimited exaggerated, therefore Zhao Hai this false Magician, displays in front of Spier is losing face, regarding Spier, does not have accidentally what. At this time the weather early, Spier did not turn the head to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, outside bonfire lit, Argali has put in the fire, exited to enjoy a love Beastman enthusiasm with my together.” Zhao Hai had picked Magic Hat at this time, here also nobody knows him in any case, he also with a smile stood got up said : good Brother Spier, I regarding Beastman roasted Argali, but greedy was very long.” Said that was left the tent by Spier pulling. Several people arrived at outside of tent one to look, in the campsite open area has selected the bonfire, several huge Argali were being placed in the fire to roast, straight bleeding that incited, Pig-headed Man is rotating Argali in there, another was paying attention to catch fire, some pig women were carrying out a altar|jar altar|jar Milk Wine, was discharging toward bonfire all around. Spier pulling Zhao Hai sat side of bonfire, their front immediately were displayed two tray and a liquor bowl, these two trays, in a tray thought of the careful salt surface, another tray was spatial, but in liquor bowl actually to filling liquor. These Pig Race people looked at Spier to come out, immediately had two Pig Race guys to walk, in front of that spatial tray Zhao Hai and Spier took away, the two arrived at Argali, has extracted own dagger, has cut two mutton, put the tray to give, the end has given Zhao Hai and Spier. The Spier wife has also put out a dagger, has put the Zhao Hai front, Spier with a smile to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, this dagger is thing that I most like, today delivers give you him, making you use him to taste our Beastman Race roasting Argali.” Zhao Hai look at this dagger, dagger is the curved shape, looks like looks like small size Scimitar, makes with the sheep's horn with the sheath, above is carving the beautiful pattern, looks like looks like a fine artware. Zhao Hai has extracted the dagger gently, presently this sparkles dagger cold light, very sharp, obviously is rare high-quality goods, but he also remembers the Laura words, no declining, but is joyful extraction dagger said : thanks Brother Spier, this gift I like very much.” Spier laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, almost patting lies Zhao Hai on the ground, this let the even bigger sound that Spier smiled, all around Pig Race person has smiled. Zhao Hai is also helpless, his body was really too bad, but Beastman Race greatly was also famous by the strength, even if were not War Clan Big bellied Pig Race, was much more powerful than general Human Race, Zhao Hai that could bear this. This entered the roasted lamb meat to put the Zhao Hai front, Spier has taken up the dagger, has sheared the a piece barbecue, has moistened the salt surface, stuttered. Zhao Hai also follows the example, the hand with according to the sheep is using, to cut a piece, moistened the salt surface then to put the mouth, first was the salt surface melted in the mouth, you felt that mouth salty, was then passing a fragrance of barbecue. Barbecue that like this roasts, with the barbecue that Human Race roasts completely is two flavors, such barbecue is very fragrant, is adding on the atmosphere, made this barbecue many three points of flavor, Zhao Hai only thought that this was have eaten the best barbecue. After swallowing this barbecue, Zhao Hai is still tasting that flavor, fragrant, is very fragrant, is different from the tea with milk, tea with milk although is fragrant, but does not have the rank odor, but the flavor actually very mutton smell of this barbecue, but this rank odor actually increased the barbecue flavor, making the person want to stop but cannot.

In Zhao Hai still when tasting that grilled meat flavor, Spier has actually carried the liquor bowl, said loudly: My clansman, making us carry the mellow good wine, friend who welcome to come from far away, our Brother Zhao Hai, come, dry!” The people have sound shouted: Dry!” Said that in raised one's wine cup Milk Wine to drink up, Zhao Hai looked at this, must do the liquor in bowl. However is good because of this Milk Wine number of degree is not very high, is adding on that milk fragrance, the flavor also is really very good, is not difficult to drink, Zhao Hai at the scene has not then made a boner. After having done one bowl of liquor, Spier has not cheered in proposal, but was chatting with Zhao Hai, but each drinking time, did not forget to call Zhao Hai, before long they have drunk three bowls of Milk Wine, but the roasted lamb meat has also eaten up two. Said honestly the Zhao Hai capacity for food is not big, but how today also don’t know was, possibly was this roasted lamb meat was too fragrant, was this Milk Wine was too possibly tasty, two bulk roasted lamb meat ate, he presently can also eat unexpectedly, this may somewhat stem from his anticipation. At this time also had in Pig Race person young girl appearance to sing the Beastman unique song, the melody was long, the very good hear, Zhao Hai they could not bear cheer. The bonfire barbecue, places in boundless Prairie, this atmosphere will be very really good, making person unconscious excited get up, the atmosphere in field warm. Drank many Milk Wine to Zhao Hai simply don’t know finally, has eaten many barbecues, how even he was the returned to tent his don’t know, because unknowingly, he unexpectedly drank. Laura they to have not drunk many, Beastman Race one will not urge to drink to the woman likely, can drink drinks, cannot drink to drink the tea with milk, so long as eats to the full, happy that the happiness of eating, eats is good. Zhao Hai by the Pig Race person returning to tent, because Zhao Hai been drunk the awaking human affairs, Laura they naturally cannot in returned to Space, have to live in the tent. Zhao Hai they, because tomorrow wants leave, therefore does not have the multi- tents, has only built a tent, wants to put on an act, now can only be used for the person, but standing of these Undead Creature each and every one by horse carriage, they will not be in any case tired, will not be cold, stands on the station. Next morning, Zhao Hai awoke, although his yesterday has gotten drunk, but has to recognize, the Beastman Race Milk Wine flavor really be very good, moreover above, Zhao Hai did not feel that very thirsty, has not had the headache, but felt that the dizziness is dizzy. Felt that in own esophagus caught fire probably, Zhao Hai immediately caused Spatial Water to drink, this felt that good, the brains were also more sober. This sober Zhao Hai present, Laura they all rest unexpectedly in the tent, his left side is Laura, the right is Meg, in Laura behind is Ni'er, he in his don’t know situation, slept with three beauties unexpectedly. Zhao Hai dull look at this situation, how don’t know must handle at once, he naturally impossible at this time forcefully they gave to manage Laura, but now this situation, made his mood surge.

Considers, on Earth Zhao Hai is nerd, that has tried like the present, sleeps with the account with three big beautiful women, although anything has not done, but regarding Zhao Hai, actually is also the rare experience, especially now in the account that faint fragrance, is makes the Zhao Hai god swing intent to move. Zhao Hai look at Laura that white and tender skin, at heart itchy, stooped to think that own Laura, but at this time Laura actually turned a lower part of the body, Zhao Hai one is awakened, hastily take deep breaths, deep looked at Laura and Meg, this softly has stood, walks toward the tent outside. Zhao Hai has not actually noted, in he goes out of that flash of tent, Laura and Meg simultaneous has opened the eye, they looked at tent gate one, looked at one mutually, saw a happy expression from the opposite party eye, is very obvious, they awake compared with Zhao Hai must early, but they have pretended to be sleeping. Just Zhao Hai acted they naturally also to note, Laura turned a lower part of the body specially, looked at the Zhao Hai probably frightened rabbit same performance, they almost smiled to make noise. However they somewhat are also affected, Zhao Hai such performance, stems from their respect, is one type of because of loving, but respect. If just Zhao Hai in that case, but also has kissed Laura firmly, that cannot express that he loves Laura, conversely, that possibly represents him is being wants to be bigger than to Laura loves. Regarding the love, the turn of expression of everyone is different, understood that is different, but a little is actually very important, you love the opposite party, must respect the opposite party, other to take lightly the opposite party, if Zhao Hai has kissed Laura forcefully, Laura possibly not rebel, but she will be disappointed to Zhao Hai, because that represents Zhao Hai not to understand her. Laura is a very autonomy girl, she hopes that her other half can respect itself, if Zhao Hai kisses her, her not rebel, but will not coordinate, because in the tent also has Meg and Ni'er, if she coordinates the kiss of Zhao Hai, by Meg and Ni'er present, may think her to be frivolous, this to autonomy Laura is unacceptable. If Zhao Hai loves her, forcefully will not kiss her, kisses her to represent Zhao Hai not to understand that forcefully her disposition, does not care about her feeling, such Laura will be very sad. However is very obvious, this Laura was worried in vain, Zhao Hai also does is very good, his not own Laura, but went out of the tent, this is the result that Laura most wants. But the idea of Meg is a little different from Laura, she to is not jealous, Meg knows that Zhao Hai likes Laura, she also knows that Zhao Hai likes her similarly, but if Zhao Hai has kissed Laura forcefully, Meg will also be very disappointed, because Meg thinks that has not gone to Black Wasteland beforehand Zhao Hai. Before has not gone to Black Wasteland what is Adam, is not Zhao Hai, but Meg don’t know, if Zhao Hai has kissed Laura, Meg thinks that has not gone to Black Wasteland beforehand Adam, that time Adam with present Zhao Hai, but complete is different, the lingering flowering shrubs, simply did not understand that what is the love, if he has kissed Laura, that expressed that in his bone that regards the woman such as not to have playboy Adam, such Meg will be sad than Laura.