Chapter 236 Jackal The Zhao Hai don’t know two female such thoughts, he just in that atmosphere, in can certainly think that own Laura, came out from the tent now, naturally did not have that type to feel. Goes out of the tent, has breathed fresh air outside two account, has sized up one early, Zhao Hai then presently, originally the Pig Race women got up, they are busy at revealing in camp, some pushing sheep's milk, some are giving these lambs to nurse, some are cleaning up yesterday evening's aftermath, saw Zhao Hai to come out, saluted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also hastily returned salute. Has saying that the Beastman ordinary race, the life is very laborious, them the nationality like Spier, itself does not have the slave, all matters want to be done, moreover their main income one by buying Argali obtains, second is to buy some wool products. The wool product of Beastman Race manufacture on Continent is very famous, not only maintains warmth thickly, but also strong/sturdy is very durable, what most important is, the above pattern has strong Beastman Race characteristics, appears rough mysterious, the aesthetic sense of one type of foreign land, very popular. However these wool products may not have what unified production line, these all are Beastman Race use the ancient people according to legend handicraft, manufacture bit by bit, these sheepskin products is not only their main sources of income, similarly is their living necessities. Zhao Hai has not gone to look that these women work, he has aimed at Spier his vision their these Mount, on these Prairie dogs. These Prairie dogs has seen with on first Zhao Hai these Prairie Mastiff ten shapes, seems like fiercer than Prairie Mastiff, but after all these dogs Magic Beast. But Spier their these Mount made Zhao Hai feel curiously, these looked like wild boar the fellow of close relative's, was really too big, looked like in Zhao Hai, this simple was the mini version elephant, what was rarer was this thing returned very fast, was really one type of good Mount. Possibly is relationship that because yesterday he drinks with Spier together in the evening, no matter these dog these pigs, have not revealed the hostility to Zhao Hai, several dogs even swung tail to Zhao Hai.

In this time, the Spier sound is conveying said : Brother Zhao Hai, you get up happy that may early, yesterday drink really?” Zhao Hai turns the head to look is Spier, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Brother Spier, you get up is not late, yesterday in the evening is a happiest evening that I pass since birth, must the entertainment really thank you.” Spier makes an effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Brother Zhao Hai, you were too polite, entertains the friend is being honored of our Beastman, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai had a direct-viewing understanding regarding the straightforwardness of Beastman, but regarding the enthusiasm of Spier this racket person shoulder, he was somewhat cannot enjoy. Zhao Hai shook the shoulder of hemp, has smiled bitterly, this turns the head to smile said : to Spier Brother Spier, I was impolite with you, my this fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain of can you, but I want several Argali, is taking a dog, best to be able also to give me your Mount a head, you look?” Spier smiles said : not to have the issue, the dog I to give to you, this postpartum is our Big bellied Pig Race person unique Battle Beast, even if gives you you too could not use, but the just right couple of days ago pig has given birth to the young pig son, I can deliver you a young pig son, is giving you 30 Argali, how do you look?” Spier said look at Zhao Hai that also decides, he also really feared Zhao Hai did not agree, because in his opinion, such transaction Zhao Hai has suffered a loss very much. Zhao Hai shook the head said : Brother Spier, you were too polite, you deliver me a dog, a pig, is giving me two wool blankets, with ten Argali, this fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain was your.” Regarding Zhao Hai, this was enough, in his Space can many three Magic Beast, moreover he also obtained ten plate wools and two wool blankets, but he pays is just fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice, these thing that if obtains him attain Continent to come up the business, can obtain several hundred gold coins, he is profited. Spier actually does not think that in his opinion Zhao Hai is suffered a loss, he shook the head hastily said : Brother Zhao Hai, like this you have suffered a loss, Beastman will not suffer a loss by own friend, 30 Argali, you must accept, wool blanket anything, is we manufactures, gave to you to be good.”

Zhao Hai laughed, pats the arm of Spier( he to be short, could not reach the shoulder of Spier), said : Brother Spier, you did not need to be polite with me, yesterday Laura did not say, these grain were in my territory produce, was I plants, was not buys, did not have what qualification, ten Argali, I have gained was many, my brother, I cannot make you suffer a loss yes or no? Spier look complex look at Zhao Hai, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Brother Zhao Hai, starting today, you are my Spier genuine brother disciple, to be honest, I am first time see like you Human Race, you Human Race are different from before I have seen, many Human Race look like vampire, but you are actually a generous natural person, I am willing to give you our clansman War flag, does not give that War flag of caravan, but gives brothers' War flag.” Zhao Hai stares, differently what puzzled does said : have? I heard that the has plenty big caravan, obtained War Clan War flag, these aren't War flag War Clan uses?” Spier smiles said : my brother, you understanding our Beastman were too few, our Beastman War flag has plenty type, one type is made the war War flag that used, this War flag cannot see somebody off, because that was representing our Beastman honor, another one type is gave War flag of caravan, this War flag although seemed with War flag that we used is the same, so long as were Beastman, can see the differences of these War flag, the third type was to give brothers' War flag, this War flag although was not we make War flag that the wartime used, but was actually representing the friendship, obtained this type. War flag person, same equal to obtained our Beastman friendship, so long as is Beastman, saw that this War flag knows this person is our Beastman genuine friend, no matter there, will earn the corresponding respect, although our Big bellied Pig Race is only the nationality, is not War Clan, so long as you obtained this friendship War flag, obtaining that War Clan gives Merchant War flag to be much safer, because of Beastman cannot attack own friend.” Zhao Hai then understand, originally Beastman War flag also so many exquisite, he not polite, smiles said : well, my brother, I thank you.” Spier laughs, said : my brother, you were too polite, Beastman does not need such politely, but the brothers, you may probably pay attention, I heard in the past that this nearby has Jackal Race person lurking, that is one group of genuine robbers, the thief, their simply should not even calculate that does is Beastman, you must be careful these fellows.” Zhao Hai nodded, regarding this Jackal Race, Zhao Hai is also knows that because all records in the Beastman book, will mention that this Jackal Race, this race is called compared with the Snake Clan cold blood, is slier than Fox Clan, compared with a Wolf Race crueler race, they , was not only not welcome by Human Race, together with is Beastman other races, does not like them. The Jackal Race person is the one type of very special race, they do not have the Lion Race person to be strong, without Wolf Clan, if said that they do not have Fox Clan to be intelligent, but they have these three race no characteristics, that is their survival capability is strongest. Jackal Race person living place, generally is on Beastman Prairie the condition most difficult place, to survive, they can only keep fights, hunts and kills, robs, because this to not do, they will starve to death.

Without thing that the Jackal Race person does not dare to snatch, no matter any race, so long as he thinks to have opportunity, he will snatch your, moreover Jackal Race is the most outstanding hunter, they most unite, they most have the patience, similarly, they have other Beastman Race no slyness. All these make them on Beastman Prairie the most famous hunter, is the most unpopular hunter. Beastman Race does not like them , because their who snatches, but Human Race does not like them , because they do not keep the means of livelihood, other Beastman Race snatched Human Race Merchant, generally will not offend somebody, will not make an arrest, because they need Human Race Merchant to bring grain returned to Prairie. But the Jackal Race person actually completely is not that a matter, they not only will snatch thing, they will also snatch the person, they also will grasp Human Race Merchant, when then the slave sells out, on Prairie the has plenty Human Race slave like this produces. has plenty Human Race Merchant after was snatched by other Beastman Race, grasping to sell out by these Jackal Race people, can say that this is one to survive, resorting to all means race. But reason that Jackal Race person such by welcome of Beastman, a reason, is not they did not have own War flag! War flag regarding Beastman Race, is their honors, is their symbols, but the Jackal Race person does not have own War flag exactly, but this equal to they do not have War flag, quite, what their in hand War flag are many, War flag that but the majority snatches from other race there. They will regard bait these War flag, for example, they will make some quite weak Beastman Race War flag, then waits for Human Race Merchant to come their there to seek lodging for the night, they can say that robbed. In entire Beastman Race, only then the Jackal Race person will do such, other races are most aggressive Wolf Clan, sliest Fox Clan will not do, because they have their honor, they disdain in doing this matter. But the Jackal Race person actually enjoys to this matter, because will do this will bring more income to them, many Human Race Merchant, like this will fall into Jackal Race trap, finally with goods swallowing.