Chapter 237 helps him solve troublesome Jackal Race is relying on this all sorts of behaviors, became on Beastman Prairie most evil reputation robber bit by bit, was called the most shameless robber and thief by Beastman, was called sly stray dog by Human Race. Therefore Zhao Hai heard Spier saying that this nearby had Jackal Race lurking, was one startled, then quickly said: Brother Spier, you know that this nearby has Jackal Race lurking, how also in here? You should leave here as soon as possible.” Spier nodded said : my brother, I know, we over the two days on preparation leave, because heard that has Jackal Race lurking, when presently you, I that anxious.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my brother, for the safety of Pig Race person, we must trade as soon as possible, you must leave as soon as possible, wait a while to have the breakfast, we will leave behind to you grain, thing that so long as you want me prepared on the line.” Spier look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, do you want to go to there? Is the returned to Human Race Stone City city, can enter toward the Prairie deep place? If you want to enter toward the Prairie deep place, you are certainly careful, see the strange tribe, must have a look first is any race, was depending on the past.” Zhao Hai is somewhat affected, he has not thought that an looks like is very careless Pig Race person, actually will think of these many for him, he smiles said : my brother, your feel relieved, do not forget, I am Magician, such as is these Jackal Race people dares to come attack really I, I will give them a lesson.” Spier laughs said : my brother, I almost forgot that you were omnipotent Magician, HaHaHa, hopes that these hateful thieves will not run into you.” Zhao Hai also laughs, they walk toward the camp middle, at this time a Pig Race person young girl took two large bowl sheep's milk to walk, Spier to Zhao Hai said : my brother, tastes with a smile, this was on Prairie the freshest sheep's milk, was the best breakfast.” Zhao Hai look at that two bowls of sheep's milk, were a little speechless, this sheep's milk has not undergone the heating, but pushed to carry directly, Zhao Hai first time saw drinks the sheep's milk like this. although is first time sees drinks the sheep's milk like this, but Zhao Hai also embarrassed rejects the Spier good intention, received that Pig Race young girl in hand that bowl of sheep's milk, drank the mouth. The mutton smell, the mutton smell of difficult imagination, has not undergone any processing, any sheep's milk of blending flavors, you do not have the means to imagine some of his multi- mutton smells, even if Zhao Hai one does not refuse to eat the mutton smell likely, now also felt that the mouthful the mutton smell air/Qi, fumigated him to be about to feel nauseated.

However endured the air/Qi of this mutton smell air/Qi, then is actually a fragrant sweet taste, is not the fragrant sweet taste of any one type of seasoning, the natural milk is fragrant, that flavor suddenly makes Zhao Hai shut up, he wants to taste well. Spier looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but laughs said : my brother, I really suspected now you are Human Race are Beastman Race, must know, many Human Race when drink the fresh sheep's milk, has spat, later in does not dare to drink, but you actually probably very much taste, HaHaHa, Brother, won't you have Beastman bloodline?” Zhao Hai turned the head look at this top a fellow of big pig head, suddenly was seeing a slyness from the small eyes of this fellow, he has cannot help but hammered Spier arm next step: Good, your this fellow wants to visit me to laugh unexpectedly, HaHaHa, to be honest, this fresh sheep's milk is very fragrant.” Fist of Zhao Hai regarding Spier, without doubt with flexure itchy almost, but he to likes the Zhao Hai present performance very much, laughing, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, what the Zhao Hai racket is contorts one's face in agony. At this time Laura they also walked out from account seam, her originally awoke, reason that comes out to the present, is feared that Zhao Hai suspected them, therefore has endured now. Looked that Laura they also came out, Spier immediately made her wife prepare to serve a meal, the breakfast was very simple, sheep's milk, hand pilau. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai made these Undead Creature move the grain on vehicle, has put in Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe camp. But Spier has also put out five best wool blankets, five best carpet, ten strongest Argali, two strongest young pig sons, two best Prairie Mastiff, have given Zhao Hai these. Zhao Hai thinks to decline, actually put on a serious face to reject by Spier, Zhao Hai must receive, then said goodbye to Spier, leading caravan to leave toward the Prairie deep place. although comes Prairie several days, but Zhao Hai actually presently, oneself liked here, liked Beastman, these Beastman were pure, adorable, good to not having the words said to the friend that they did not have Human Race that many flowers the thoughts, compared pondering of Human Race, they were purer, was more direct, the friend was the friend, the enemy is an enemy, this was also they in the contact of Human Race, reason that always suffers a loss. Laura actually look at inserts Big bellied Pig Race War flag on vehicle roof now is dull, she regarding Beastman Race War flag is also not completely understand, believes that many Human Race Merchant do not understand Beastman War flag secret, therefore Laura gives Zhao Hai War flag to be very surprised regarding Spier.

Zhao Hai yearns for looked at Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe camp one, this has taken back the vision, the look at Laura appearance, smiles said : why What happened? always to stare at that War flag to look?” Did Laura turn the head to look at Zhao Hai said : you not to think very strange? Why Spier must give us War flag, their Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe is only a small tribe, the Big bellied Pig Race person is also only a nationality, War flag that such tribe delivers, simply is useless, they will not give others generally War flag.” Zhao Hai told them Spier with a smile about is the War flag matter told Laura, after Zhao Hai said that look at Zhao Hai said : that Laura two eyes shone fantastic, I heard, one, but after Beastman Race real recognize Human Race was their friends, almost will not have Beastman in attack they, Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this time we have sorted one greatly cheaply.” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : I also think that Spier to us is really very good, but he told me a matter, he said that his nearest/recent heard person who this nearby has Jackal Race is moving.” Laura stares, then does complexion change said : Jackal Race? Really is Jackal Race?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „is really Jackal Race, this Jackal Race appears in here, was too big to Spier their threats, you looked whether we can help Spier busy, has solved this trouble?” Laura stares, she has not thought of this point, she just thinks person who has Jackal Race they do not need to fear that has not actually thought among Zhao Hai however must help Spier solve this trouble. The meaning of her understand Zhao Hai, currently their in hand has Blood Hawk, detection area is very big, so long as lets the effort that Blood Hawk strengthens to investigate, certainly can presently the Jackal Race person, by their strengths, certainly be able to eliminate these Jackal Race people, so long as eliminated these Jackal Race people, even if helped Spier they, otherwise them like Spier altogether had several hundred people of small tribes, can by Jackal Race person attack. Laura thinks that said : this is also good, Jackal Race person originally was been repugnant by all Beastman, we extinguished them, some people will not trace, these Beastman Race will perhaps thank us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : perhaps . Moreover the Jackal Race person also will raise some we have not seen Magic Beast, looks like the Water-spraying Pig that Spier they raise is the same.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura their vision cannot help but behind toward them on a vehicle look, on that vehicle is putting two young pig sons, is with Spier their Mount same Water-spraying Pig offspring.

This Water-spraying Pig only then the Big bellied Pig Race person raises, the Big bellied Pig Race person has believed that he has blood relationship relationship with this Water-spraying Pig, this in Beastman here is not the cursing at people words, but is the Beastman tradition, Beastman has thought one are person and Magic Beast descendant, therefore they manage some and their ability similar Magic Beast call beast relative, but this Water-spraying Pig, is beast relative of Big bellied Pig Race person, because under this postpartum also like the Big bellied Pig Race person, can drink many water, in the fight, can the puffing out wound enemy of water from the belly, the water that just they puff out compared with the Big bellied Pig Race person. Is far, can achieve about fifty meters, the Big bellied Pig Race person can continuously spraying of water five times, but Water-spraying Pig can actually spraying of water ten times. Because is very near to Spier their camp, therefore Zhao Hai not also has these Argali to receive in Space these these Water-spraying Pig and Prairie Mastiff, does not miss this meeting in any case. That two young pig sons were put on horse carriage, but Prairie Mastiff and Argali follow in horse carriage side, is putting the wool blanket and carpet on following horse carriage. The Laura look at ten wool blankets, smile said : to Zhao Hai this time we were gain really in a big way, did not say Argali and Water-spraying Pig, even if were these wool blankets on value a lot of money, must know that Beastman here pure manual wool blanket and carpet, in Human Race was very popular.” Zhao Hai smiles said : because of this, therefore I want to help Spier busy, there are these Jackal Race people to move in this, them was too dangerous regarding Spier.” Laura nodded said : well, then on go ahead, this matter also has the advantage to us in any case.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has issued the order like these Blood Hawk. But at this time Ni'er said : Young Master, making me raise that two young pigs to be good? They were too lovable.” One hear of Ni'er said that Zhao Hai is speechless, that two young pigs now also are really the coat colors of very adorable, black white bloom, a left eye has the a piece black mark, another right eye has the a piece black mark, seemed like collected leaves and grass the eye to be the same, seemed like very funny and adorable, no wonder Ni'er so much will like. Zhao Hai smiles said : Ni'er, these two kids must put in Space to raise, when they have raised, is having the young son, do I put out two to make you not recuperate well?”