Chapter 238 strange prompt sound Because Ni'er continuously very pure, therefore Zhao Hai they unconscious regards the youngest sister same painful love her, Zhao Hai will have this expression to speak with Ni'er. Ni'er is crooked the head to think that finally nodded said : well, when they lived the young pig, Young Master must give me two.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, he knows that Ni'er likes raising Magic Beast, therefore does not have what accident regarding Ni'er such request. Zhao Hai turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, presently they currently had one to be away from Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe, all around does not have others, he made Laura stop horse carriage, then Argali, Water-spraying Pig, received in Prairie Mastiff Space. Then their several people also entered Space, now these animal also in Warehouse, after Zhao Hai must they attain Ranch, Ranch there will give the appraisal. Zhao Hai they just entered Space, heard in Space to hear intermittent knock, Zhao Hai has gawked, looked, presently Green they are standing in Iron Mountain Fort there, a face anxious knocking tread. Zhao Hai stares, immediately understand what's the matter, simultaneously he also felt that guilty, yesterday he drank, naturally did not have chapter of Space, did not have chapter of Iron Mountain Fort there, Green their certain extremely worried he, feared that was yesterday has not had a good sleep in the evening. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai cannot attend to Level Up Ranch, immediately they met Space Green, Green they, as soon as entered Space to see Zhao Hai face guilty standing in there, Green moved forward to meet somebody hastily, careful was sizing up Zhao Hai said : Young Master, were you all right? yesterday don't you have chapter of Iron Mountain Fort? One that we are worried about has not rested in the evening.” Zhao Hai guilty said : was unfair to Grandpa Green, yesterday we have met a Big bellied Pig Race person tribe, you should also know that these Beastman drank dead, yesterday I drank, therefore did not have chapter of Space, sorry.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that to relaxed, smiles said : originally to drink with Beastman, that no wonder, these Beastman, if did not drink to fall face down the person, is will not release people absolutely.” With Kun that Laura spoke, one hear of Green said that also smiles said : „, these Beastman saw the liquor dead, Little Hai was drunk to fall face down by them is also normal, right Little Hai, what good thing your did time trade?” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Laura smiles said : these time also really to trade several types of good thing, good Beastman system wool blanket five, carpet five, ten Argali, two Big bellied Pig Race unique Magic Beast Water-spraying Pig, two Prairie unique Prairie Mastiff.” Kun they know that this time they have carried off how much grain, therefore one hear of Laura said that Kun also nodded said : well, compared with normal price, could not miss many.” Laura smiles said : not to have these many, but Spier thought that Elder Brother Hai is his genuine friend, therefore has given these, should not be good, he he, actually these thing are not anything, what is most important, we also obtained three Magic Beast.” Kun the meaning of their understand Laura, this time they obtained three Magic Beast, in other words Ranch there might want Level Up very much.

What Kun immediately/on horseback said : „is that also waiting for? Quick release comes, a bit faster Ranch there Level Up.” Zhao Hai smiles said :not to be easy, this three Magic Beast of bring, level high is less than that goes evidently, Ranch there not such simple Level Up. Green smiles said : not to have relationship, takes your time, we then just entered to Beastman Prairie not, I heard, Beastman each race, has own some lines to have Magic Beast, if we can collect these Magic Beast neat, feared that will be Ranch there will also rise to most Advanced level, I want to take a look at the Ranch there liter to be able really to be to most Advanced level any appearance.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hope, but these Magic Beast are not so is fond of playing jokes, if not I very hits it off well with one another with Spier, he is impossible to give to me Water-spraying Pig, moreover he gives my Water-spraying Pig or the pig son, is not grown Water-spraying Pig, can look from this point, Beastman very settles on to their these unique Magic Beast.” Kun forced smile said : I to this forgetting, Beastman called beast relative to these their unique Magic Beast, in their opinion, these unique Magic Beast, are their family members, you said that if you, you will see somebody off your family member?” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Kun saying that was also silent, regarding Human Race, they was very difficult to understand that regarded family member matter Magic Beast, however looked like in Beastman, that actually at normal matter. Zhao Hai actually thinks of some pets that on Earth some wretched old person have raised, these old person regard their family members these pets , will leave the big inheritance after dying to these pets, compared with these old person, Beastman apparently does not have that to arrive at frantic, but they work as family member's mood to be the same Magic Beast. Zhao Hai has not said anything, but had several people to arrive at Ranch there, then his Argali, Water-spraying Pig and Prairie Mastiff let out. These three Magic Beast just release came, Space prompt sound immediately has made a sound: Presently new animal, examines animal, animal is variation sheep class animal, the Space evaluation is 3rd level animal, replaces the Space original sheep, mature time eight hours, but produce eight times, seven times are the wools, the last time is the sheep son, may produce son eight each time, may the produce wool 100 kilograms, eat two grains of feeds each hour each time, Host can the Spatial Shop purchase.” Presently new animal, examines animal, animal is variation pig class animal, the Space evaluation is two Level 10, 20 hours of maturity, may produce son ten times, produces son ten each time, eats five grains of feeds each hour, animal digitization, Host may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Presently new animal, examines animal, animal is variation dog class animal, the Space evaluation is ten 5th level, 20 hours of maturity, may produce son five times, produces son nine each time, eats two grains of feeds each hour, animal produces son one time every time, 10% probabilities meet the appears new variation body, the variation body is three Level 10 Magic Beast, other data are invariable, animal digitization, Host can the Spatial Shop purchase.” Zhao Hai listens to these three prompt a little to hoodwink, these three prompt also calculate besides Water-spraying Pig that normally outside, Argali and Prairie Mastiff prompt sound a little issue. Argali that prompt sound too specially has also selected, but produce eight times, seven times unexpectedly are the wools, last time is Yang Zai, this matter Zhao Hai has not met. But in the Prairie Mastiff prompt sound actually 10% probabilities produce the variation body, is three Level 10 Magic Beast, this what's the matter?

Zhao Hai turned on the Ranch Space store page hastily, looked at one, above really appears these three Magic Beast pictures, just the Argali picture occupied in the original store page the position of sheep, other cannot look at anything. Zhao Hai looked at a Prairie Mastiff chart to look, what does not have different place, this what's the matter? Prairie Mastiff each will produce have why certain probability to produce the variation body? Zhao Hai is staring at the Prairie Mastiff picture, careful look at, in his head keeps is flashing nine, the variation inscription, he probably was capture anything, but that thought always flashes does not have, letting him to grasp completely. Laura arrived at Zhao Hai said : at this time Elder Brother Hai, what's the matter? That will Prairie Mastiff have the variation body? Moreover probably the fighting strength also not low appearance, listens to the prompt sound, probably fighting strength of this variation body equivalent to five arrived at 6th level Magic Beast.” fighting strength! Laura mentioned that fighting strength this word, in the head of Zhao Hai that several clues were linked finally in together, his understand why Prairie Mastiff will have the variation body. It is not all dogs can be called the mastiff on Earth, before Zhao Hai had heard a few words, calling nine dogs to leave a mastiff, in other words, even if were in the genuine mastiff class, every nine can also leave one truly to be called the mastiff the dog, the mastiff, not only one type of called, did not plant the symbol of fighting strength. But this can live nine puppies to Prairie Mastiff one time, is just right for nine dogs to leave mastiff these words, possibly also because of this point, therefore Space will have appears of this variation body, this variation body to put it bluntly is nine dogs leaves that mastiff in a mastiff. Has thought through these, Zhao Hai turns the head with a smile to Laura said : not anything, this variation body was ordinary Prairie Mastiff has produced variation, therefore fighting strength will stiffen, all right.” Laura oh, but her some happy said : three Magic Beast, Ranch here does not have Level Up, was a pity.” Zhao Hai smiles said : anything not to be a pity that will be in the future, Level Up is difficult, all right, walks, we exit, now we first do not raise the plate to raise, wait for later Black Wasteland there transform area to be bigger, we also do after the Rosen Empire there business is raising.” Laura to had not opposed that now they are still continuing with Purcell Family cooperation although, but they did not prepare to increase the cooperation effort, after , after they did business, was saying. Handled the Ranch here matter, Zhao Hai their returned to in the Farm villa, after several people sat down, how Zhao Hai contacted with Spier them, the Beastman War flag intent discussed wait / etc. these matters to tell Green them, these matter Zhao Hai thought or makes Green they know to well, because, they possibly with many Beastman contacts, these time with the experience that Spier they contacted, later possibly served a need. Moreover later they experience the matter time, may Green act to solve, therefore should better or lets Green a they better understanding Beastman situation, naturally also includes the Beastman War flag intent to discuss. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also told Green them, he wants to help Spier they except the Jackal Race matter. Green their static is listening, to be honest, if makes Green they go with these Beastman to contact, they cannot certainly achieve Zhao Hai this degree, they like Continent on other Human Race, finding the way to get the biggest interests from Beastman there, but Zhao Hai sincerely and won the Beastman friendship with this type generously, can say this transaction, obtains, not only thing on these materials, most important was he obtained the friendship of beast treasure, especially Spier gave his friendship War flag.

Said to Zhao Hai that Green let out a long breath, with one type of very complex look look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, is very good, compared with being better that also I who you do make, he he, Young Master, the person has grown up, can a person deal with all situations, like this I also on feel relieved.” look at somewhat excited Green, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Green, does not use that excitedly, my has plenty matter could not have left you, was right, you think that I did help Spier they extinguish Jackal Race this plan to be good?” Green nodded said : line, not to be how good, regarding us, copes with a Jackal Race tribe is not the difficult matter, moreover we can also obtain some advantage, what most important is, animal that Jackal Race these unique go, we must take, this comes Ranch regarding us is very important.” Kun nodded said : to be best we to leave a trace at the scene, making others know that this matter is we do, like this we will perhaps receive welcome of other Beastman Race.” Zhao Hai and Laura one hear of Kun said that has smiled, they such will certainly not do, Kun cracks a joke. Beastman although very repugnant Jackal Race person, but do not forget, how to say that Jackal Race is also one in Beastman, what matter regardless of the Jackal Race person has handled to other Beastman, that is the Beastman internal matter, if makes these Beastman present, had Human Race to kill Jackal Race on Beastman Prairie, what response latter will provoke not to say. Several people chatted, Green they wanted returned to Iron Mountain Fort there to go, now Iron Mountain Fort there matter although are not many, but were not few, Zhao Hai also specially release two Argali, had a look in Iron Mountain Fort there whether to raise, simultaneously he also has given Green them the wool blanket and carpet. After having completed these, Zhao Hai was leading Laura they returned to on horse carriage, horse carriage had not stopped, in proceeding, but on Prairie, all around seems like now same, if to not tidy up many plants, Zhao Hai has not been willing to stay outside. After these time comes out, Zhao Hai gave on horse carriage to pack the grain, their grain had in any case are, only then the car(riage) upper garment the grain, they met the Beastman tribe to guarantee that will be warmly welcomed. To be honest, the light such hurries along very not to have the meaning, but they in all directions is collecting plants in Zhao Hai well, to be will not be bored, but Prairie here plants will mention the incoming sample number well also really many, besides some specific places, other places almost all will be the grass, but these grass long almost will be the same, what Zhao Hai they really will also distinguish do not come out to have difference. Laura her to is good, three people of women collect in that together chatted call a liveliness, made that Zhao Hai was very depressed, don’t know her so many topic can chat. Quickly to noon time, Zhao Hai they prepared to enter to Space in have eaten meal, Hawk Cry in sky made Zhao Hai they also stay outside, they know that Jackal Race found.