Chapter 239 Tauren King's Flag Zhao Hai tight is staring at Blood Hawk of space, Blood Hawk in spatial is circling that keeps, Laura their also look at this only Blood Hawk, they want to know that what information really this only Blood Hawk can have. Non- little while Zhao Hai looked at understand, the Blood Hawk upper air scout ability is very strong, because their vision are very good, in adding on them meaning of understand Zhao Hai, therefore made them come Scouts should better not to have in the sky. Situation that this only Blood Hawk has regarding Zhao Hai is very important, information that because this only Blood Hawk has, is actually has two Beastman tribes to battle, a side of battle is Tauren Clan, but another side is Jackal Race. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, his don’t know in this case should make a move, because Human Race, if braves rashly meddles the fight between Beastman tribes, possibly is not quite good. Information that Laura their also understand Blood Hawk passed on, regarding this situation, Laura is also quite awkward, Beastman Race regards the fight is the one type of honor, both sides that if optional meddling, will possibly offend the fight, even if will be the person who you will help will not thank you. Has thought some little time could not find out all however, Laura turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do did you look to?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : we have a look, pretended to pass by, first do not turn the hand.” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) horse carriage is walking in the battlefield direction. The battlefield is not near to their present positions, otherwise Blood Hawk one will not pass on information in the morning, for as soon as possible rushed to battlefield there, Zhao Hai receives returned to all grain car(riage)s in Space, only rushed for Laura the car(riage) to proceed to run, like this will be quicker. After two hours of hurrying along, they soon arrived at the battlefield direction that Blood Hawk saw finally, front hears the intermittent war cry, but can also be possible to hear clearly. Zhao Hai has not thought that the fights between this two tribes can continue such long time unexpectedly, now is noon, when Blood Hawk presently they, both sides have been fighting, in other words from Blood Hawk presently they to the present, Tauren and Jackal Race person has hit minimum to have three hours, this time is not short.

Zhao Hai slowed down, grain car(riage) let out again, then leisure hurries to toward battlefield there, knows in any case both sides are still hitting, he does not worry. Quick Zhao Hai they approached battlefield, distant seems, there should be piece of camp, this piece of camp scale should also not be big, with Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe almost big or medium, top in camp middle big tent, set up a Ox-head flag, Laura was looking at a that Ox-head flag, was actually complexion changes said : Tauren King's Flag, how can be Tauren King's Flag?” Zhao Hai surprised said : Tauren King's Flag? You were said that was Tauren King's Flag?” Reason that Zhao Hai is so surprised, has the reason, because Tauren King's Flag is not casual who can use, that is Tauren Clan Royal Family Hercules Tauren Clan can use. On although Beastman Prairie race many makes Beastman don’t know have many, but first big race Royal Family, for example looks like Tauren Clan, although their has plenty race, for example race, rhinocero Ox Clan wait / etc., but these races with being a large clan, Tauren Clan. But Royal Family in Tauren Clan is Hercules Tauren Clan, the men of Hercules Tauren Clan entire clan inborn are the soldiers, they do not have any wool all over the body, the skin is also golden, the skin of this golden, defense capability very strong, has bloodline innate skill Innate Divine Strength blessing/additional support, can say that their fighting strength, in these most famous War Clan compared with Beastman Race are also not the least bit off. If not in Ox Clan has plenty ordinary Ox Clan fighting strength is not really high, Ox Clan can also be one of the War Clan, on Prairie, evaluates a race is War Clan, looks is not in this race 1 or 2 branch fighting strength, but must look at the entire race fighting strength, but in Ox Clan numerous branch fighting strength was very very low, has drawn back leg of entire clan, finally they can only be a nationality, but was not War Clan. No matter nationality or War Clan, is divided into various grades and ranks, in Lion Race like War Clan, Tiger Race, these is in most top layer War Clan, because their fighting strength are formidable, but Ox Clan the status in nationality, with Lion Race, status of Tiger Race in War Clan is similar, is in nationality existence of most top layer, even if some low grade War Clan, does not dare to be impolite to Ox Clan, especially Hercules Tauren Clan. Hercules Tauren Clan fighting strength very formidable, super strong, defense strength is very strong, moreover their beast soul take possession to fight the technique, very strong, this makes any race not dare underestimated they, does not dare to provoke them easily. Beastman and Human Race are different, Human Race practice Battle Qi or Magic, but Beastman practice is actually Beast Soul Technique, so-called Beast Soul Technique, actually is also Beastman unique one type of practice method, each Beastman Race youth, when his ten years old, will hunt and kill Magic Beast alone, then use Beast Race Secret Technique, absorb their within the body this Magic Beast beast soul, each fight time, this only Magic Beast beast soul can help the Beastman fight. However this Beast Soul Technique also has a limit, this limit is the limit of bloodline, is the race difference that the limit of bloodline refers.

For example Slave Race in Beastman, they can also practice Beast Soul Technique, but they are impossible to attract the too strong ability beast soul, if they absorb forcefully, finally instead attended the meeting by beast soul backlash, light, then the beast soul exsomatize, the body is damaged, heavy by beast soul control, becomes complete wild beast. But a Magic Beast strong and weak of Beastman attraction, has decided his fighting strength strong and weak, but Magic Beast whether wild, has decided this only Magic Beast Expert similarly. For example domestic 5th level Magic Beast, is regardless of not to be how impossible to defeat wild 5th level Magic Beast, wild 5th level Magic Beast, from the birth starting from, has been fighting at that moment, fights with the beast, fights with the person, fights with the nature, their technical combat capabilities compared with domestic 5th level Magic Beast don’t know many. But Beastman after absorbing Magic Beast beast soul, will obtain the fight experience of part of Magic Beast, this regarding Beastman is very important. But some strength weak Beastman, their simply does not have the ability to go to capture and kill Magic Beast, only then serves as a stopgap with some domestic Magic Beast, such fighting strength is naturally weaker. But general War Clan and national biggest difference is, War Clan beast soul generally is carnivorous nature animal, is the hunter, but national majority of beast soul is actually some herbivorous nature animal, hunted for object. The absorption of beast soul does not act unreasonably casually, for example you are Ox clansman, if you want to absorb lion Magic Beast beast soul, the successful probability is very low, even if attracted successfully, will not have the too big help to the enhancement of own strength, because counter- beast soul compatibility will be insufficient, but will have some not good influence. beast soul of Ox clansman absorption, should better is also Ox Xing Magic Beast, if really does not have cow Magic Beast, should better on other attraction herbivorous Magic Beast beast soul, but do not attract carnivorous animal beast soul, this is Beastman after many years of fumble, lessons that learns. But Hercules Tauren Clan, their beast soul almost can be unified, is one type of Earth element 6th level Magic Beast, Stoneskin Cow. This Stoneskin Cow one hear of names on understand, are one type of defense strength very strong Magic Beast . Moreover the strength returns very enormous, in Magic Beast, can get up Stoneskin Cow Magic Beast really not to be many in the strength.

Hercules Tauren Clan through many years of experiment, has decided as this Stoneskin Cow their absorption beast soul Magic Beast finally, because this Stoneskin Cow and Hercules Tauren Clan attribute is almost same, after the absorption, beast soul compatibility is highest, therefore Hercules Tauren Clan on use own strength, this Stoneskin Cow rearing in a pen. Naturally, this so-called rearing in a pen has not raised, but rushed to a piece pasture there these Stoneskin Cow, then does not make these cows run away, these cows can in the pasture there free activity, encounter any danger, the Hercules Tauren Clan person will not have helped, making Stoneskin Cow face, this is also wild. This is also some Beastman force War Clan universal procedures, they through the experiment of long time, will find most suit oneself race to absorb beast soul Magic Beast, is raising this Magic Beast with the way that this type partly breeds, in the clan some people need to attract beast soul time, in there hunting and killing Magic Beast voluntarily, absorbs beast soul. As the matter stands can guarantee that their race fighting strength, after these many years exhibitions, currently in Beastman these quite famous War Clan, had oneself one set of very perfect training system, entire race fighting strength compared with before, on strong many. But some small tribe or the strength weak race, has not managed Law Image these big War Clan such breeds Magic Beast, therefore fighting strength of their race has not obtained too many promotion, this has also created in Beastman, formidable War Clan is getting more and more formidable, but small and weak race become weaker and weaker is small. Hercules Tauren Clan, by a status of nationality, can actually breed Magic Beast, this fully explained their strengths, even if were these big War Clan did not want light intent provokes them. For this reason, therefore Laura saw that Tauren King's Flag so will be surprised, the Jackal Race person one like is sorts the soft persimmon to pinch, the force race like Hercules Tauren Clan, they will not provoke, today can suddenly attack have Hercules Tauren Clan to come? Also, this will Hercules Tauren Clan rush to this place? here is not far from Iron Wall Fortress, in Beastman Prairie, was the border land generation, should not be the place that their this force races came. Zhao Hai and Laura look at that Tauren King's Flag, relatively is speechless, saw Tauren King's Flag in here, the matter had feared that did not have simplicity that they imagined, at this time they passed, will have any consequence really is very difficult saying that if came Hercules Tauren Clan to here, had any important matter, they such braved overrunning rashly, even if were Hercules Tauren Clan has repelled Jackal Race, feared that will turn also the head to cope with them, coming to silence a witness of crime.