Chapter 240 Prophet Laura take deep breaths, carefully looks at War flag that on a that tent inserted, truly is Tauren King's Flag, not wrong, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, truly is Tauren King's Flag, what to do?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he also somewhat is in doubt now, Jackal Race dares attack Hercules Tauren Clan unexpectedly, this itself very unreasonable, Zhao Hai always felt that this matter has the strangeness, but this strange in there, he also somewhat cannot say. Zhao Hai looked at battlefield one, sighed said : uselessly, now we left the battlefield to be too near, they already presently we, then advancing.” Laura looked at battlefield there one, really presently there some people noted them, at this time they want to make a turn also without enough time. They to did not fear that the opposite party will be what kind of them, but do not forget, on their vehicles is also inserting Big bellied Pig Race Friendship flag, they can be inescapable, will bring not the small trouble to Spier, after all in this world does not have the wall that does not ventilate, no matter Hercules Tauren Clan or Jackal Race, are not Spier they small Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe can stir up. Zhao Hai their slowly walks toward battlefield there, but they responded like this that obviously has stemmed from the anticipation of fight both sides, now at attacking side a person of Jackal Race, but at defending side a person of Hercules Tauren Clan. Manpower that this Jackal Race sets out are really many, about 2000 people, gather round that only to live in the attack that several hundred people of small camp keep. But at defending a Hercules Tauren Clan person of side, only then about 300, but actually is the gentleman of Elite, they put on leather armor, in hand are taking the double-edge heavy axe, has not actually ridden Mount, their Mount stop in camp, is one type of height over three meters earth yellow Big Cow, on this Big Cow is only growing the one layer small fine fur, but actually extremely strong, the muscle reaches, uneven, pair about one meter big ox horn, very incisive, now these Big Cow stands in camp, restless the hoof, is wishing one could immediately to rush the fight to be the same probably, but Zhao Hai also finally understand Why they were called Hercules Tauren Clan. This Hercules Tauren Clan person, the height foot 2.5 m, muscle has reached may compared with healthy mister, if they must attend the body-building contest to Earth, even if Schwarzenegger must stand out of the way. Their skins become golden, is flashing the one type of metal type gloss, probably on Earth these develop ten eight Copper Statue, rubs the gold powder actor to be the same on the body.

Huge Ox-head, fifty-fifty rice ox horn, in hand that is counted including the handle, three meters huge double-edge tomahawk, the light has looked at the head of that axe, crosses 200 jin (0.5 kg) absolutely. Their population although are few, but encircles a circle, defends around camp middle big tent, such as copper wall, iron bastion is ordinary, actually does not have a Jackal Race person can attack, in their front, already the corpses of many Jackal Race people. But reviews their opposite Jackal Race people, actually missed, these Jackal Race people rode on their Mount, their Mount were the one type of likely wolves, animal of dog, on Jackal with Earth looked like likely very much, but the build was much bigger, a about two meters height, the sharp lackey, the callous eye, demonstrated their uncommon attack abilities. Jackal Race person actually few put on leather armor, what they put on is only Beastman most often wears that ordinary leather clothing that the height only then about 1.7m, in hand weapon is also all kinds, what has, their heads are also same as Jackal, in the eye is flashing savage radiance. Zhao Hai really has not thought that this Jackal Race person, the figure is not unexpectedly tall, even is shorter than general Human Race, at their such statures, can become on unexpectedly Beastman Prairie the most outstanding robber, but also is makes him feel really very accidental. Both sides that at this time battled also saw them, Zhao Hai not in advancing, but made horse carriage encircle one circle, appearance that has exhibited repulsing. Reason that Zhao Hai such does, is probing, he wants to have a look at the Hercules Tauren Clan person to be able like him to request reinforcements, if Hercules Tauren Clan person looked like him to request reinforcements, he can make a move help them, if did not request reinforcements like him, he died in here. But Zhao Hai they display like this, made both sides of battle both be shocked, Human Race Merchant they saw a lot, but looked like Human Race Merchant of Zhao Hai such big courage, their first meeting. Generally comes Human Race Merchant on Prairie, on the situation to Prairie will carry on to understand beforehand that achieves to know in heart, but the situation of like their this types fought, if makes other Human Race Merchant meet, that will certainly have many hides far, that like Zhao Hai them, will arrive around them unexpectedly, appearance that has exhibited then also repulsing, in their caravan how many people, but can also repulse? Also no wonder Jackal Race person and Hercules Tauren Clan person will have such idea, now Zhao Hai the person of their caravan, altogether more than 50, 50 the cart drivers of driving a cart, in adding on Zhao Hai their four, such a population of playing cards, dares to exhibit the appearance that repulses in there, faces one is being force race Hercules Tauren Clan, one is on Beastman Prairie most evil reputation robber bit by bit, this gives the feeling of person, was really the head makes the mosquito kick.

At this time among that tent Hercules Tauren Clan suddenly walked a person, this was also a person of Ox-head clan, but the people of this Ox-head clan obviously were not Hercules Tauren Clan, this Ox clansman head length careful black hair, stature, only then about two meters, pair of ox horn was very not long, moreover was horizontally long, this person wore a black cotton robe, in hand takes Staff that root beast bone was making, Staff be only one meter was much long, seemed like a root walking stick. Zhao Hai has gawked, he first time sees to put on Beastman of long gown, general Beastman wears the leather clothing, but long gown actually likely Magic Robe that this Tauren puts on, what most important is, this about two meters high Tauren, is very probably emaciated to the feeling of Zhao Hai. At this time Laura suddenly said : „, here certainly had a Hercules Tauren Clan High level character mistakenly , will otherwise not have Beastman Prophet.” Zhao Hai stares, to did not say that he had not heard Beastman Prophet this profession, conversely, he has heard, moreover Beastman Prophet also very famous. Prophet, in Beastman one type of very respected profession, they cannot practice Beast Soul Technique, but can actually through roast beast bone with the fire, then comes to forecast from the above fissure, dominoes that but can also make with some specially-made Magic Beast Bone, the use summons the soul technique, summoned beast soul to carry on attack, status of Prophet in Beastman, in Human Race was higher than status of Magician. Because of Prophet such status, therefore generally only then in big War Clan will have Prophet, moreover these Prophet, not only the ability is especially remnant, they are very intelligent people, in big War Clan, acts as character of military strategist generally. Does Zhao Hai turn the head to Laura said : that is Beastman Race Prophet?” Laura nodded said : that is Water Buffalo Clan Prophet, Water Buffalo Clan is called the Tauren Clan most intelligent race, Tauren Clan Prophet mostly comes in Water Buffalo Clan , because of this, therefore Water Buffalo Clan fighting strength although is not very high, but they are very high in the Tauren Clan status.” But that Water Buffalo Clan Prophet also saw Zhao Hai they, in that Prophet eye has flashed through puzzled first, then saw Zhao Hai on their vehicle roof is inserting Friendship flag of Big bellied Pig Race person, his look cannot help but shrinks. As Beastman Prophet, his naturally eyes looked that is representing Beastman friendship War flag, but Zhao Hai they can obtain this War flag, explained that they obtained a friendship of Beastman tribe, this regarding general Merchant, target that cannot achieve for a lifetime.

Obtains Beastman friendship War flag, not only represented you to obtain the Beastman friendship, but also represented Beastman not to work as the bystander you, in other words, Zhao Hai they moved on Prairie, has been able to calculate that did is Beastman. Regarding this point Zhao Hai is don’t know, even if were he knew, he will not have anything to respond, so long as this War flag useful on line, he does not want to annoy troublesome. That Beastman Prophet sees the flag on Zhao Hai vehicle, has gawked, turn around returned to in the tent, before long went out of a Hercules Tauren Clan person from the tent. This Hercules Tauren Clan person looks like is very probably young, the height only then two meters about three, muscle that has not exaggerated, moreover on him has not put on leather armor, but wears a black cotton garment, style although of this cotton garment looks like simple, but can look, the clothing material of clothes is very good, must know that Beastman do not produce the cloth, therefore the cloth in Beastman Prairie is also one type of in high demand thing, person who only then some have the status will wear the cotton garment, but cotton garment that uses such good clothing material to make, the status in Beastman keeps certainly. Zhao Hai carefully observed that Hercules Tauren Clan person, he presently in that person of two angles, is bringing two [gold/metal] bands, by a sunlight photo, was being flashed golden radiance. Looked that this situation Zhao Hai knows, these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, continuously in protection certainly is this person, only looked that Prophet stands in this person, knows that the status of this person is not low. The Zhao Hai look at that Hercules Tauren Clan person, that Hercules Tauren Clan person also in look at he, Zhao Hai that black Magic Robe, was really too conspicuous, that person thinks that did not pay attention to him to be difficult. In this time, the suddenly Jackal Race there person was moving, one team of 200 people of Jackal Race Cavalry their here clash toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not have what movement, he wants to have a look at these Jackal Race people to do, if these Jackal Race people do not cope with him directly, but threatens him, he will not counter-attack, but if these Jackal Race people come attack without demur he, he will be impolite. Has not waited for these Jackal Race people to run up to by the Zhao Hai laager, that Hercules Tauren Clan leader on open the mouth and said: „The Human Race friend, depends toward our camp, I will assure your securities.”