Chapter 241 waves to extinguish the enemy Zhao Hai stares, then shows a faint smile said : to thank your Beastman friend, but does not need, we can solve.” Said that Zhao Hai Jackal Race person who turns the head look at these to clash. These Jackal Race people are taking weapon, moreover appearance that they do not reduce, evidently was the preparation directly striking to kill them at the scene. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, in hand Ghost Staff has then wielded, more than 100 Undead Creature appears in laager outside, these Undead Creature are not human-shape, but is Undead Creature of Magic Beast shape, moreover is not Zombie, is the skeleton. Zhao Hai such does, does not want to hide their identity, they later walk on Beastman Prairie, certainly will bring to the attention of these Merchant, these Merchant will certainly look up their status, Zhao Hai revealed own Dark Magician status, must these to know that his Zhao Hai arrived at Beastman Prairie. These Undead Creature were yesterday Zhao Hai received Space to come, for dealt with this situation, so long as Dark Magician did not use human-shape person Undead Creature, generally too will not be disliked, especially in Beastman Prairie here was so, in Beastman Prairie here, all depended on the strength to speak, that feared that was you uses Human Race to compose Undead Creature army, these Beastman will not feel too dislike, so long as your strength sufficed, they will not provoke you. In Zhao Hai Space is saving Undead Creature of 1000 beast shapes now, this scene, so long as 100 sufficiently have dealt with, therefore Zhao Hai not entire release. But is this, lets these Jackal Race people have been surprised, these beast shape Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, the build may be very enormous, Jackal Race person in these great in front of Undead Creature, looks like a less than ten -year-old child, stands is the same in front of giant. These Undead Creature currently have the 7th level strength, such strength itself compared with these Jackal Race people, in adding on the disparity on build, these 100 Undead Creature unexpectedly that 200 Jackal Race person surrounding, when other these Jackal Race people have not responded, these Undead Creature two charges, eliminated that 200 Jackal Race person in there. although said Beastman Prairie here, if Human Race kills Beastman, will be chased down by Beastman, when Human Race is at the self-defense condition the words, that situation is different, Beastman Race will not manage. When Zhao Hai release these Undead Creature, Hercules Tauren Clan young man of that lead knows that Zhao Hai can solve these Jackal Race people, but he has not thought that such will quickly have solved these Jackal Race people. Is Hercules Tauren Clan Prince he, regarding the understanding of Magician, must be much more than general Beastman, but he personally has not actually seen Magician make a move, on Beastman Prairie that after all he has lived, Human Race Magician to Beastman Prairie on, was unable at will make a move. Zhao Hai looked to solve these Jackal Race people, cannot help but turned the head look at that Hercules Tauren Clan young man said : dear Brother Beastman, we collaborated jointly to solve the enemy, then drinking well two cups how?” Zhao Hai to the person impression of this Hercules Tauren Clan is good, the opposite party when saw that they have the danger to be willing to help them, Zhao Hai feels grateful regarding this point.

As soon as that Hercules Tauren Clan person listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then changed mind thinks that his understand Zhao Hai this saying the meaning, Zhao Hai wants to help him, but feared that injured his face, will therefore say that their two groups of people collaborated to deal with the Jackal Race person. although his understand Zhao Hai good intention, however Beastman Race proud actually allow he such does not do, his said loudly: My Brother Human Race, Hercules Tauren Clan, Wales asked you to help to expel these hateful stray dog.” Zhao Hai stares, then laughs, he likes Wales, Wales is very honest, he was just feared that Wales did not make him help, therefore he said that took two people to collaborate, has not actually thought that Wales so was unexpectedly proud, asking him to help is asks him to help, is not willing to take a point advantage. But their dialogs, the nature was heard clear by Jackal Race these people, these Jackal Race people somewhat cannot help but flurried, these Undead Creature fighting strength that just Zhao Hai release came, they have experienced to cross, to be honest, they did not have the confidence to cope, if were adding on Hercules Tauren Clan that 300 soldiers, they feared that could not ask to be good. Is preparing to make the adjustment in them time, their all around suddenly appears massive Undead Creature, these Undead Creature was the same with that 100 Undead Creature that beforehand Zhao Hai release came, was the beast shapes, moreover giant beast, these 1000 Undead Creature, about 2000 Jackal Race Cavalry surrounding. What Cavalry most tragedy is what situation? Had been surrounded, lost charge Space, lost Knight of charge ability, might as well Infantry is often fearful. Reason that the Jackal Race person becomes on Prairie the most famous robber, because of their Mount, their Mount is Wind element Magic Beast Brilliant Wolf , Brilliant Wolf is beast relative of Jackal Race person, 5th level Magic Beast, by grows perceptibly, very flexible , because of this, therefore the Jackal Race person can achieve to go in Beastman Prairie like the wind, making the person unable to hold their traces. However now they were actually surrounded, the mobility that they most are proud lost, the stature thin and small Jackal Race person really turned into the ornaments on tea table now, thorough tragedy. However they quickly presently, oneself are not the ornaments on tea table, on the ornaments with tea table described that they are really some not too placard cut, should in the ornaments with kitchen describe that they are more appropriate, they when were surrounded by these Undead Creature, was doomed their result is a tragedy, miserably to incorrect tragedy. In these Jackal Race people also in hurried, how don’t know must cope with this aspect time, Zhao Hai has issued the order of attack, the people of 1000 tall Undead Creature to these Jackal Race had the attack. Wales sees this situation, cannot help but slightly stares, but he recovers quickly, he naturally cannot let off this to beat severely opportunity of don't hit a person when he's down, immediately/on horseback has issued the order of attack. These Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, have gathered round the attack by the Jackal Race person, at heart continuously aggrieved must die, now one hear of Wales issued the order of attack, each and every one like taking the excited medicinal preparation, has shouted out, called own Mount, turning over rode the cow to carry on the back, flushed away toward the Jackal Race person. Hercules Tauren Clan Mount is not Stoneskin Cow, the Stoneskin Cow strength is very big, defends very strongly, but is not quick, does not make Cavalry is best to choose, what therefore Hercules Tauren Clan Mount selects is another one type of Magic Beast, Earth Cow.

Earth Cow is one type of 5th level Magic Beast, their is not slow, defense strength can be also good, the strength is very big, is Hercules Tauren Clan most suitable Mount, Earth Cow is not Hercules Tauren Clan beast relative, Hercules Tauren Clan has actually thought that their beast relative are Stoneskin Cow, but they are killing Stoneskin Cow, absorbs the beast soul process, by them has been thought is own beast relative union in the together process, this in Beastman Prairie here is also an exceptional case. Beastman Prairie here Beast Race, their beast relative generally are their Mount, little has like Hercules Tauren Clan, regards as own Soul Beast is own beast relative. The charge of Zhao Hai look at Hercules Tauren Clan, he has to recognize, the charge of Hercules Tauren Clan very be really powerful, such charge even on according to legend Heavy Armor Cavalry compared with Earth also wants on the strong several fold, you can imagine, 200 jin (0.5 kg) heavy axe, in the process of charge, what concept has turned that is. Chinese Martial arts has a few words, the words that weapon turns, 1 or 2 hangs one jin (0.5 kg), time that also in other words, one jin (0.5 kg) thing, you turn with in hand, can make ten jin (0.5 kg) strength, but ancient China Cavalry, in the charge, their in hand hand sword will not turn , the blade generally is only the keep flat, according to above the saddle, taking advantage of the horsepower killing enemy , because of this, therefore nationality on the ancient China Prairie will use Scimitar, because uses Scimitar in the Cavalry charge like this, has the lethality. But Hercules Tauren Clan their charges, are actually not putting the weapon motionless, but is true more than 200 jin (0.5 kg) axes turning, this is adding on the Earth Cow conflict strength, how many jin (0.5 kg) strengths of does this axe get down to have? Zhao Hai really cannot calculate. Zhao Hai is a armed forces fan, therefore he knows, reason that in the ancient times Cavalry will not turn the in hand weapon in the charge , because such words are very easy to create the shoulder dislocation, therefore ancient Cavalry in charge, what if they use is the length weapon, that this weapon cannot take with the hand, but with is hand-held, clamps under the arm. Moreover at that time general Cavalry use is the spears, they not real straight thrust enemy, but before hitting enemy that flickers, spear toward raising high, not compaction, but hits the mark, immediately is separated, will otherwise let the spear pole break. This was the charge of ancient China Knight, but the foreign country in the ancient times the charge of Knight was another appearance, they put on sincere full body armor, in hand are taking the straight lance, but must pay attention, their in hand lance, with one type of very crisp made of wood, in process of charge, so long as hit the enemy, their lances will break, if Cavalry riding skill were exquisite, his lance only met being cut off forefront part, other's part can use. But spear of China in manufacture, considered that this issue, therefore the pole of spear, is not by made of wood of integral root, but be made up of belittling strip, looks like the present steel wire is the same, not only tenacious is full, certain degree of hardness, when the attack enemy, will have certain cushion, Cavalry can with this strength, escape leave the spear, on is such, under 0.1 that just said likely, under the horse opens, the strength does not need dead, the pole of spear will not break. It can be said that Earth last ancient Cavalry, they in the charge, are not the strengths of person uses, but is the strength of horse, but the charge of Hercules Tauren Clan, they use, not only Earth Cow strength, is their strengths, the overlay of these two strengths, Might even bigger. Naturally, this on compared with Earth has also been better with the Ark Continent here person of physique a lot has direct relationship, Ark Continent here plants has the sufficient Magic element, the element ability of Space air/Qi are much more than Earth on, in this case, Ark Continent here life form, the physique naturally on much stronger compared with Earth, therefore they can achieve the matter that the people on Earth cannot achieve. Charge of Hercules Tauren Clan, if makes Zhao Hai describe with a character, that is beautiful! Zhao Hai can only think that this character, beauty that beautiful, the one type of brutal beauty, the beauty of one type of strength, one type of slaughters. A charge of three hundred Earth Cow Knight, the fight basically had ended, to did not say that they one eliminated all Jackal Race people, their this charges, one eliminated more than 400 Jackal Race people, but remaining these Jackal Race Cavalry actually all by Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release came eliminating.

After a charge, that 300 Earth Cow Knight returned to in camp, outside their look at camp the corpses of these Jackal Race people were staying. It is not they have not seen corpse, their these Knight were sent to protect the Wales security, that is not has fought many battles, they sighed, never expected, about 2000 Jackal Race Knight such were eliminated unexpectedly. At this moment, black gas of suddenly big group, one has covered the battlefield, when black gas divergence slowly time, in the battlefield anything did not have, these were stepped on, steps on the rotten grass, really do not believe that there once was a battlefield. At this moment, Zhao Hai horse carriage drove camp slowly, horse carriage had a about 20 meters far place to stop to Wales, under Zhao Hai and Laura they came from horse carriage, slowly walked toward Wales. These Earth Cow Cavalry, want to stop in the past, shouted at to leave by Wales. Zhao Hai led the Laura three people to arrive at Wales front two meters places to stop, to Wales good very standard held chest ritual said : my Brother Wales, hello, Zhao Hai offered the most sincere blessing to you!” Wales good held the chest ritual, then grasps Zhao Hai, laughs said : Brother Zhao Hai, you are really great Magician, has defeated unexpectedly Jackal Race with Magic, starting today, you were the friends in my Wales pro- secret.” Zhao Hai to does not adapt regarding the Wales this sudden enthusiasm very much, has broken free of the bosom of Wales with great difficulty, this puffs said : my Brother Wales, you did not want to hug me like this, I was almost given dying by you.” Zhao Hai said that directing in field all Beastman to laugh, they presently a little like Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai had anything to say anything, very sincere, not like they have seen Human Race false. Laura they have also smiled, her present Zhao Hai when facing Beastman, compared with facing Human Race must be able to let loose, but also is comfortable, this is their ten thousand never expected.