Chapter 242 you want many to have many Wales Zhao Hai please come in the tent, has compared the Spier tent, the Wales tent is much more magnificent, the tent small roadside shop purification wool carpet, inside is also placing the table and chair, this is rarely seen in Beastman Prairie. Moreover in the tent is suspending apparatus, mostly silver, this full demonstration the uncommonness of Master status. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in entire camp does not have a woman, does not have a child, in several hundred people of campsite, besides these soldiers, has Wales and these Prophet, in not other people. After the tent has sat down, immediately has a Hercules Tauren Clan soldier to them to offer the tea with milk, Wales has held up tea with milk said : Brother Zhao Hai, today must thank your help, otherwise these stray dog are very difficult to deal with, was right, forgot the looks like you to introduce, this was my teacher, Yale Prophet.” Zhao Hai stands to look like Yale to salute, regarding Beastman Prophet, must maintain the respect, this is to Human Race that Prairie comes up must remember a few words that. After Zhao Hai gave a salute, to Yale said : hello, respect Prophet, this is my fiancee Laura, this is also my fiancee, Meg, this is Ni'er.” Zhao Hai also looked like Wales and Yale introduced Laura and Meg, this was his first time introduced in the presence of everyone Meg was his fiancee. This is also Laura makes Zhao Hai introduce like this, Laura thinks that like this is fair to Meg. Meg one hear of Zhao Hai such introduced her, cannot help but face one red, but actually secretly rejoiced at heart, own status has determined finally, this also made the Meg only that worry completely vanish. Regarding Zhao Hai such introduction, Wales to had not felt that has any accident, not only Human Race there can a man marry many wife, Beastman here is also same, in fact in Beastman here, the situation is much more serious than Human Race there, heard that has horse clan Patriarch, he took more than 30 wife, the person has delivered the nickname to plant ~ horse. Shape Laura and Meg of Wales politeness saluted, then several people in time sitting down, after having drunk tea with milk, Wales look at Zhao Hai said : „do Brother Zhao Hai, you how obtain that Big bellied Pig Race War flag?” Zhao Hai smiles said : in the past, I have helped Big bellied Pig Race Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe slightly busy, Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe Patriarch Brother Spier have given my friendship War flag.” Wales just had not said that War flag is friendship War flag, wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to know that War flag significance, a Zhao Hai such saying, Wales on understand, Zhao Hai knows now that War flag is representing anything. Wales nodded said : looks like you have helped he not small busy, otherwise he will not give you friendship War flag, he he, do Brother Zhao Hai, I think you are Merchant? On your vehicle draws is the grain?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : is Brother Wales, I cannot be legitimate Merchant actually, I have the a piece territory, in my territory produces the grain, now my in hand has the massive grain to want make a move, are most by Bamboo rice.” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : my brother, your grain price how?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : 2000 jin (0.5 kg) grain Argali.” Wales stares, said : that then two eyes shines my brother, you were said that 2000 jin (0.5 kg) grain did trade Argali? You determined that you haven't spoken incorrectly?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in fact this is only the foreign price, if the friend, this price can also reduce, moreover be honest with you, my some people of elders, he liked research Magic Beast, therefore wanted is on some Prairie unique, special Magic Beast, I can pay the high price to buy, naturally, if you needed the grain, I can also trade with the grain, moreover my in hand also had the freshest vegetables, these vegetables looked like just picked same fresh, Meg, you took some fresh vegetables to give to Brother Wales, on considering our gifts on first meeting..” Meg has complied with one, walk outside tent. Wales and Yale is listening to the Zhao Hai words, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will even propose such condition, this stemmed from their anticipation. Wales looks at Zhao Hai said : my brother, how much grain can you provide? I meant how much grain you presently in hand does have?” Zhao Hai look at Wales said : you want many, I have many!” Crazy! What this saying said was really crazy to not side, Yale and Wales felt what Zhao Hai this saying said was really too extremely arrogant, must know that the Wales status was placed in there, if he must do the grain business with Zhao Hai , the grain of that need can be astronomical figures. Wales look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, I thinks that I just forgot the looks like you to introduce my status, I am Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch seventh son, if I must do business with you, grain that I need very many.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : it doesn't matter, my brother, I know that your status is not ordinary, you have Prophet teacher, can wear the magnificent cotton robe, your status will not be definitely ordinary, but invited your feel relieved, I have said that you wanted how much grain I to have how much grain, this was not boasts, you can calculate, your entire Hercules Tauren Clan needed how much grain, then we were discussing.” The Wales look at Zhao Hai appearance, is somewhat puzzled, his understand Zhao Hai is not the self-confidence that there comes, must know that the grain is Human Race to the Beastman Race volume of exports biggest commodity, similarly, is Human Race with pinching Beastman most powerful weapon , because of this, therefore the grain price has stayed at a high level in Beastman Race here.

although Human Race transports to Beastman Prairie here grain has plenty, but to the Beastman that enormous population digit, these grain is insufficient, does not get the long time eating mutton to come the pass through grain to be hurried every year of has plenty Beastman. The long time eating mutton, regarding Beastman and not necessarily is any good matter, words that the sheep eats, compared with trading the grain comes suffering a loss, because the want grain they have to such do. Actually This to is not Human Race does not transport the grain to come to Beastman Prairie specially, looks like in Human Race Merchant, transports Beastman Prairie the grain, can trade Argali, that is money that why has such business not to do? But the issue is, Human Race does not have that many grain. Now on Continent various great nations, regarding sell on the grain Beastman Prairie, adopts to open the eyes, not only the eye shuts an eye manner, you must sell, but cannot go too far, cannot affect the Continent grain price, otherwise Imperial Family will be impolite. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Beastman Prairie here has the massive grain shortfalls every year, even if they give up with Argali trades, does not have the means that because does not have the grain. Wales a little does not believe the Zhao Hai words, even if Zhao Hai has a territory, he all plants Bamboo rice in the territory, is impossible to stop up the Beastman Prairie here grain shortfall, is he so why crazy? Compares Wales, Yale is felt that matter some are not right, the Zhao Hai appearance was extremely self-confident, this lets Yale cannot help but one suddenly, his suddenly has thought of some not good matter at heart. Before also had Human Race Merchant to say in front of Beastman such words, finally showed that these Human Race Merchant are the swindlers, they had that many grain, was their simply is takes some grain of mildew to deal with them, if were the rice of mildew, that said fortunately that washed several times, exempted can eat, but if he did not have that many grain, but the Beastman tribe counted on that these grain winterred, that result on was very pitiful. Yale clear remembering, five years ago, big War Clan, because of a such swindler, but the appears grain is hurried, finally has starved to death unexpectedly the person . Moreover the losses that tribe because of massive eating Argali, causes are also very big, has not restored to the present. Yale feared that Zhao Hai is also such person, if Zhao Hai wants to cope with Hercules Tauren Clan with this method, his appears in here was not a coincidence. Thinks of here, Yale cannot help but deeply looked at Zhao Hai, before Wales has not spoken, he has coughed first, then to Wales said : Wales, today had been lucky help of Zhao Hai, we can defeat these stray dog, should we entertain Zhao Hai well they? Moreover Zhao Hai they must establish camp to be good.”

Wales one hear of Yale said that knows Yale had the words to tell him alone, he did not have to say the issue of grain to Zhao Hai, but only nodded said : right, you had a look at me, patronized this to say some, Brother Zhao Hai, you established first camp, then we in drinking well two cups.” Zhao Hai also looked, therefore he has not said the meeting, but showed a faint smile, stood got up said : good Brother Wales, I construct camp first, a while will deliver the vegetables.” Said that Zhao Hai was leading Laura Ni'er to Wales and Yale gave a salute, turn around walked the tent. At this time Meg also brought several Undead Creature to take several basket vegetables to the tent outside, these vegetables were Zhao Hai just put on horse carriage, after all these vegetables cannot put the too long time on outside, otherwise is not fresh. Zhao Hai has not made Meg in entering tent, but made Meg give the dish has stood guards the Hercules Tauren Clan soldier of tent outside the tent, was leading Meg their returned to by caravan. Today they established camp very convenient, originally these car(riage)s have encircled a circular laager, so long as made contact with a tent in the car(riage) in the formation surface constructs camp. When their returned to own camp, the tent has constructed, Zhao Hai and Meg their returned to in the tent, in Zhao Hai their tents was also very simple, what ground upper berth is the rabbit skin, inside does not have too many ornaments, appears very spacious. After several people to the tent sits down, Laura to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you was too with a smile impatient, I think that Wales and Yale regarded certainly the swindler you.” Does Zhao Hai smile said : what? Beastman often to run into such swindler?” Laura complexion Righteous Path: That must have a look at this tribe to be worth deceiving, if a Beastman tribe strength is too strong, might run into this swindler very much.”