Chapter 243 scheme Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that felt in her words has the words, his puzzled look at Laura said : what is this?” Laura looked at Zhao Hai one, seizes to smile said : meaning in other words, these swindlers are not true Merchant, they have background, moreover background is very hard.” Zhao Hai said : your meaning is, do these swindler some people incite them to do? Is who? Why?” Laura smiles bitterly next step: Who can also be, these feared that Beastman Race formidable person, these have Purcell Family, there is a Aksu Empire Imperial Family person, now many Merchant on Beastman Prairie, are their informers, so long as they present had that Beastman tribe very formidable, they will find the way to make these tribes weaken, but wants to make a tribe weaken, has not compared uses to deceive this move ruthlessly, this move does not need to spend the who strength, does not need too many financial resource, not to need to resort to violence, on can achieve the point that they want, therefore many people in using.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really unexpectedly because of this, he gawked said : no wonder just Yale to interrupt the Wales words, Yale also regarded such swindler us evidently, blamed me, just spoke the words was too full.” Laura smiles said : this also no wonder you, you said that but truth, but Yale does not believe that when later contacts were many, they believe, was right, Elder Brother Hai, you thought that Wales their this camp is a little strange?” Zhao living expenses nodded said : „is a little strange, in this camp is Combatant, does not have a woman, this little cannot be justified probably.” Laura nodded said : I also to look, but looks at the Wales appearance, what important matter like does not have to do, how will they run up to here to come?” Meg open the mouth and said that had not spoken: Can be Wales is also comes out to gain experience, Wales is Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch seventh, on equivalent to is Prince, Noble of humanity will be exited by own child generally to gain experience, the Wales status is also Noble, he may also be comes out to gain experience?” Laura and Zhao Hai stare, Laura cannot help but chuckle said : „seemed like we was too then complex, right, I who the matter thought have also heard, Beastman Race these big races Prince, will come out to gain experience, Wales evidently was also, but he was besieged this matter also to pass the fishy by Jackal Race.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this matter is somewhat strange, but this is not, we who we should care have achieved the point in any case, has solved these Jackal Race people, not? Moreover I also these Jackal Race people received, what what a pity was, has not lived, but Mount of Jackal Race person to was also two lives, now in Warehouse.”

Zhao Hai after the fight, received in the corpses of these Jackal Race people Space, feared that Yale they begin to have suspicions, Zhao Hai also specially used the Dark mist technique to cover battlefield there, was receiving the corpses of these Jackal Race people, he sharply has not been turning into Undead Creature the Jackal Race person, he also wants to obtain some situations from the mouth of Jackal Race person. However he cannot let Wales and Yale knows, therefore he used the Dark mist technique to cover the battlefield, when the Dark mist technique vanished, the corpse of that Jackal Race person also vanished, this will also make Yale they think that Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature the corpses of these Jackal Race people, received in own summon Space. This is also on Continent the Dark Magician ordinary procedure, they generally after killing enemy, will turn into Undead Creature the enemy, then receives to own summon Space, as the matter stands not only can deter the enemy, but can also increase a strength for oneself. Therefore before Zhao Hai, does, Yale and Wales had not suspected. Laura nodded said : we when evening's time is handling these Jackal Race matters, when don’t know Wales looks for us, we do not enter Space.” Zhao Hai also nodded, he has not thought must enter Space at this time. Zhao Hai their don’t know, now Wales and Yale are also discussing them. Saw Zhao Hai their leave tent, Wales on puzzled to Yale said : teacher, why didn't make me then discuss with Zhao Hai? If his has plenty grain, is very cheap, then to our Hercules Tauren Clan, but good deed.” Yale looked at Wales one, shook the head said : I to think Zhao Hai said like, his in hand doesn't have the grain really really? Do not forget five years ago the lesson of Black Bear Clan.” Five years that ago Yale said lesson of Black Bear Clan, refers to that deceived event, at that time had Human Race Merchant that has cooperated repeatedly with Black Bear Clan, complying with Black Bear Clan must prepare to winter the grain that to them, because the beforehand several times cooperation is very happy, therefore Black Bear Clan has not thought the opposite party will deceive them, finally the Black Bear Clan person has not bought the grain that winters in other Merchant there. However finally that Human Race Merchant actually vanished, in does not have appears on Prairie, when Black Bear Clan presently was swindled, late, that in the winter they have not been left over the grain, is adding on the snow to be big in the winter, does not dispatch troops to plunder easily, entire Black Bear Clan is facing the danger of running out of food unexpectedly. Finally Black Bear Clan has to eat the Argali and other Magic Beast pass through difficulties, even if this, Black Bear Clan many slaves have also starved to death, powerful temporary Black Bear Clan, becomes feeble gets up, their fighting strength formidable words, feared that was given to extinguish. At that time this matter directed the giant echo in Beastman Prairie, even for sometime, all races on Beastman Prairie, have not been doing business with Human Race Merchant, many Human Race Merchant for this reason loss.

Wales one hear of Yale said that also cannot help but said : „, I will not look at Zhao Hai not like the person, moreover he is also taking Beastman Race Friendship flag, did teacher consider thoroughly?” Yale shook the head said : careful point to be always good, the lesson of Black Bear Clan we must forever remember, no matter Zhao Hai has these grain, we cannot all press the treasure on his body.” To had not opposed regarding this point Wales that all presses the treasure on a body of person, this procedure too has take risked, he will not do, therefore he to has not opposed the Yale words. Yale look at Wales then said : Wales, don't you think us today by attack very strange? When these stray dog have such big courage, dares to come attack we?” Wales said : „is that teacher your meaning?” Yale said : this matter has the strangeness, although reaches an agreement some stray dog who to dare to snatch, but before them, robs, in the team has old person and woman, generally is a tribe overall motion, is today attack our these people, they all are youngster, does not have old person and woman, moreover you had heard has that Jackal Race tribe one two thousand youngster to carry on to rob? said it, our these time comes out to travel, has not brought too many belongings, 300 soldier guards, our such strengths, compared with common small tribe don’t know many, have been able these stray dog or the direct impacts we came, this not like their styles, therefore I said this matter very strange.” Wales listens to the Yale words, to fluctuate, he who the expression on face keeps is not a fool, understand Yale this saying is any meaning. Wales although is Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch seventh son, son that but actually most his father likes, moreover Wales is very since childhood intelligent, this cannot possibly be regarded in Human Race there anything, however in Beastman Race here, is actually an extraordinary merit. The Beastman temper is straight, generally not too intelligent person, is silly in others opinion, is very easy to be deceived, therefore Beastman to intelligent child attach great importance to, will choose Prophet to them since childhood, when teacher, taught them, but such child often was also that race next Patriarch. Wales displays since childhood very intelligently, therefore his father, when his five years old, have chosen Yale when his teacher, this is almost one regards on equal to darkly, tells all people, he prepared to regard the successor to train Wales. If Wales other brothers, ability is ordinary, that arrives does not have anything, Hercules Tauren Clan can successfully complete their new and old connections, but the issue is, Wales several other brothers, ability also very strong, this had troublesome.

Wales Big Brother Gasol, follows to be in his father since childhood, is the Hercules Tauren Clan fight, has the Ox-head Wargod laudatory name in the Beastman circle, his strength can fully with Human Race 8th level Expert one high, in advocating Expert Beastman, Gasol fame very big, in Hercules Tauren Clan, Gasol prestige also very high. although said Gasol performance is inferior to Wales to be intelligent, but these years he has helped the Wales father handle the thing in clan, the performance is also remarkable, therefore in Hercules Tauren Clan, many people supports him, wants to make him next Patriarch. Wales Second Brother Paul, does not deserve consideration, because Paul is a temperament very hot tempered person, although said that his strength is also very strong, is very militant, but his obvious not suitable works as Patriarch, but Paul is very good with Gasol relationship, he has supported Gasol, when Patriarch. But Wales Third Brother and Fourth Elder Brother, actually when several years old, died in battle, now in the clan the energy remembered the people who their name are not many. Wales Fifth Brother Hales, is not quite good from the small body, one year of a half year of times is falling ill, is the forgotten person in the clan, without any minacity. Wales Sixth Brother Mendes, to is very good with Wales relationship, looks after Wales since childhood very much, however his now is not old, cannot help. Wales also two Younger Brother, but is now young, did not have including the qualifications of to gain experience, do not say that helped. Wales is four Elder Sister, but got married, marries is also Tauren Clan another fighting strength not weak race, Bull clansman, Wales very gets along with his sister and sister relationship, but his Big Sister and sister are good with Gasol relationship. Therefore must, Gasol, when the Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch surface, wants to be bigger than Wales.