Chapter 244 estimated Wales since childhood with the Yale study, but after Yale since has become Wales teacher, his body on deep ironing Wales branding, he must help Wales become Patriarch, therefore he teaches very attentive. Yale such attentive teaching Wales, because besides he is Wales teacher, was for a water buffalo clan, although said that a water buffalo race's status in Tauren Clan was very high, left famous Prophet, but if in this time struggle position, Wales were defeated, that will certainly be suppressed by Gasol, when the time comes the Yale day will not feel better that to go, but the water buffalo clan of Yale family background, feared that was does not fall to well. For this reason, therefore Yale must help Wales mount the imperial throne, only then he can ensure the Water Buffalo Clan benefit like this. Water Buffalo Clan is in Tauren Clan the first intelligent race, is adding on the Yale age not to be small, rushed the matter of position to see regarding this brothers a lot, therefore he talked about these matters since childhood to the Wales hear, was adding on Wales very intelligent, Yale just a saying these time by the attack strange place, Wales immediately understand the meaning of Yale. Yale looked that Wales did not speak, he has not said anything, he knows that Wales does not want no consideration for face with Gasol, young of although Wales, that but was educated since childhood let his understand, he with the Gasol fight, no matter who won, Hercules Tauren Clan that finally suffered a loss, therefore he does not want with the Gasol fight. Because Wales since childhood performance extremely in intelligence, therefore Gasol has regarded a match him, everywhere feels embarrassed him, for own security, their these follows for Yale in his person, Wales has to counter-attack, as the matter stands he and Gasol war unconscious started. Gasol has the prestige and personal connection that many years accumulate, therefore was in the upper hand in the battle, but Wales had the clear(ly) of talent since childhood, was adding on him to have his father's support, therefore does not drop the wind now. But their battles, have placed the hidden place, has not put on outwardly, moreover their battle also very has the discretion, has not done goes too far, is threatens the opposite party life likely the matter, they have not done, this time matter is somewhat strange. Thinks of here, Wales cannot help but frowns said : I to think that this time matter somewhat is probably strange, according to teacher your meaning, this time matter possibly is Gasol makes, but does Gasol want my life now? Can't? Now father's body is just right, if he dares to begin to me, the father will not let off his, such he did not have to hope to regard Patriarch, although said Second Brother not suitable, when Patriarch, Fifth Brother also not suitable, but the Sixth Brother these years performance also calculated, small eight small nine also had one day of growing up, cannot regard Patriarch except for our two on nobody, didn't he have except my advantage at this time?” Yale one hear of Wales said that also felt that very puzzled, he frowns said : „, if this matter is he is done, only if he has confidence you, immediately can regard Patriarch, otherwise Patriarch will not let off them, but now Patriarch is very healthy, he thinks that is becoming Patriarch not to be impossible, he does not dare to begin to Patriarch, after all these Supreme Elder will not comply, such looks like, isn't this matter to like his writing skill, has others to cope with us really to be inadequate?” Wales also frowns, this matter place of fishy are too many, he also thought understand for a while, suddenly Wales has not thought a point, he turned the head to Yale said : teacher, you said that this matter can have relationship with Zhao Hai?” Yale thinks that shook the head said : not, Zhao Hai is Human Race, Human Race impossible command(er) to result in Jackal Race, moreover just you also saw, these Jackal Race people truly died, if Zhao Hai with the Jackal Race person is one group, he impossible under that heavy extreme methods.”

Who did Wales nod said : that to be? Had not heard what that race and Jackal Race have to contact, name of Jackal Race on Prairie was too smelly, if the existing person contacts with them, the reputation of that race was also notorious, should not some people have such big courage is right?” Yale also nodded, this Jackal Race attack was extremely was really strange, Jackal Race on Beastman Prairie, always to only select the small advantage not to suffer a loss to become famous, saw the able hand, they touch will not bump, these time actually one sent out 2000 people to come rob and kill they, this let Yale and Wales really somewhat cannot feel the brains. They also discussed some little time, had to discuss that finally what result came, finally Wales shifted the body of Zhao Hai the topic, Wales look at Yale said : teacher, if Zhao Hai in hand real has plenty grain, moreover bought by that price for us, should we immediately/on horseback take over?” Yale thinks that nodded said : „should, but this matter our should better not makes the people in clan do, in the clan the present or the Gasol strength is stronger, I looked that first lets Water Buffalo Clan and Bull clan contacts with Zhao Hai, if the Zhao Hai real has plenty grain, that Water Buffalo Clan and grain question of Bull clan has been solved, because this matter is the start that you make, therefore they will feel grateful to you, this also has become your in hand univalent strength, if this Zhao Hai is a swindler, that loss is also Water Buffalo Clan and Bull clan, you when the time comes can act to help them solve, Like this their also will not blame do you, you look?” The idea of Yale is good, because Hercules Tauren Clan has Gasol, no matter Wales makes anything, some people of system elbows, therefore Yale makes Wales give the Bull clan and Water Buffalo Clan this matter does. The Bull clan is also a Tauren Clan fighting strength very strong branch . Moreover the Bull clan has the contact with Hercules Tauren Clan much, Wales four Elder Sister were marrying successively to the Bull clan, did well relationship with the Bull clan, regarding Wales, the advantage was very big, if can have the support of Bull clan, he will have very high hope to become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch. But status of Water Buffalo Clan in Tauren Clan is very special, water Ox clansman fighting strength is good, in adding on them has the Tauren Clan first intelligent race title, therefore Water Buffalo Clan in Tauren Clan is very influential, if Wales had the support of Water Buffalo Clan, then to him whether to win the Patriarch throne, will play certain doing to use. On Beastman Prairie, Royal Family of any large clan, wants to select own Patriarch, that is not a matter of their clan, but is this large clan all branch races matters, the words that these branch races spoke, sometimes can also affect the Patriarch ownership issue. For example Hercules Tauren Clan, they are Royal Family in Tauren Clan, they think that is selecting own Patriarch, not only their clan can say calculates that but must solicit the entire Tauren Clan other branch races suggestions. Reason that meets appears this situation, because of Royal Family of large clan, cannot order these branch races in normally although, when fights the major battle, this Royal Family actually must play Commander this large clan all branch races the heavy responsibility. For example, if Beastman Race made war with Human Race, Beastman Race by War Clan give priority to, they generally will certainly select a marshal to come Commander all Beastman, but Patriarch of major races, are each every generals, they are managing the major races, all branch races, are this general under the hand/subordinate all levels of military officer, at this time must listen to this Patriarch, therefore the major race Royal Family Patriarch positions, are very important. Now in the Hercules Tauren Clan interior, the Gasol reality fights vigorously superiorly, moreover was ingrained, if Wales in the clan with Gasol wrapped around continuous, that finally he may also end in failure, therefore Yale already wants to let Wales and Tauren Clan other branch races contacts, this Zhao Hai matter to has given them good opportunity.

The grain is thing that Beastman all races lack, regarding Beastman, how much grain does not dislike many, therefore Wales comes with the grain with the Bull clan and Water Buffalo Clan meets relationship, was does right. After having thought through this point, Wales nodded said : I look, Bull clan there has my Elder Sister, will relate this aspect not to have the issue, but Water Buffalo Clan there will be teacher your clan, will not have any issue, will wait a while we to exit, with Zhao Hai discussed that this matter.” Yale nodded, looks at outside weather said : outside also almost to prepare, our a while exits, was right, Zhao Hai also made the person send some vegetables, we had a look.” Wales nodded, regarding the person on Prairie, the fresh vegetables absolutely is the luxury goods, even if Royal Family like Hercules Tauren Clan, is not casual can eat, Wales thinks that Zhao Hai gives to him, is some vegetables of easy preservation like Magic Radish, has not cared. Wales walks toward the tent outside with Yale, now was just in the afternoon, outside weather was very good, they came out from the tent are one dull, because they saw have put that several baskets outside account, in each basket thought of the one type of vegetables, these vegetables on Continent were quite common, Wales knew certainly with Yale that did not have quite surprised what, what they were startled, these vegetables unexpectedly were really fresh, the new vegetables, looked like just picked was the same. They were looking at one mutually, saw a shock from the opposite party eye. Reason that they will go to this place, looks like such that Meg guesses, they come to gain experience, this is the process that each Beastman Race High level young man must undergo, Wales naturally is also no exception. Undergoes the discipline to outside, goes to there nobody to manage you, but regulation, cannot bring 500 people of convoy guards, this is in Beastman all races a total of regulation. Beastman Race here young man exits to gain experience, reason that lets the belt convoy guard, has relationship with the Beastman Prairie here situation, Beastman Prairie was too big, the danger were too many, the independent person, very difficult to survive on Beastman Prairie, to assure various clan young man securities, therefore makes them lead the guard to come out. Comes out to gain experience these young man, person who many are some big races Prince and so on has the status, these status are insufficient, their everyday must lend a hand to be busy with own department, but also has a need for to gain experience, the small age started in the Sirs with tribe to exit to fight, simply did not use to gain experience. Also in other words, this to gain experience lets these Second Generation Rich-Man in major tribes actually, officer second generation goes to have a look at this world, the grinding on them rich noble aura. This Wales comes to this place, its main point wants to go to Iron Wall Fortress there to have a look at the Human Race city, young of Wales, previous Human Race has the war between Beastman, he has not participated, is adding on Prairie here although to have Beast God City, does not have true Stone City, therefore Stone City very curious of Wales to Human Race, these time has wanted to call to gain experience opportunity has a look at Human Race Stone City. although beforehand Wales has not gone to Iron Wall Fortress there, but the distance he knows that his very clear, currently their position, has the several days distance to Iron Wall Fortress there, but Iron Wall Fortress there is impossible to produce these vegetables, in other words Zhao Hai these vegetables transport from a farther place to here come.

That is representing these vegetables minimum , on road minimum several days, several days time, these vegetables are actually maintaining fresh, looks like that just picked, this was too astonishing. Yale turned the head to look at Wales, anything had not said that turn around entered the tent, entered the tent, Yale to Wales said : Wales, it seems like our strength to this Zhao Hai must estimate again.” Wales nodded, then his puzzled look at Yale said : teacher, why can these vegetables be fresh? What maintaining freshness method have they used?” Yale shows a faint smile said : I to guess that his in hand should have Space equipment, Space equipment is one type of thing that Human Race Magician research comes out, in this thing the seal subspace, can be used to deposit Item, deposits Item in subspace, will put for a long time compared with Item that will deposit outside, Zhao Hai in hand possibly has such thing, but has not thought really that he will give up with Space Item unexpectedly puts the vegetables.” Wales also has certainly heard Space equipment precious degree, but Beastman here does not have Space equipment, therefore he also heard that are not many regarding the understanding of Space equipment. However wants to come in him, Space equipment is also very precious, otherwise that many Human Race Merchant, each one have not transported other grain and thing with Space equipment toward Prairie on, that also like the present, can only use horse carriage. Wales one hear of Ye Zheme said that two eyes cannot help but bright said : teacher, that said that Zhao Hai can have the means that transports the grain from Human Race there with a quicker method? If is really such, I thought before him, said his has plenty grain possibly also real.” Yale nodded said : looks like his strength is truly good, but we must be careful for on, now our Hercules Tauren Clan although is not in Beastman the strongest race, however our strengths are absolutely good, even if in War Clan, our Tauren clan can also suspend middle and upper reaches, if no several branches to tow back leg, we already were War Clan, such strength, will truly make many people be jealous, will be difficult to guarantee will not stare by the Human Race these swindler on.”